10 Best ADCs For Senna In League of Legends

Chris Lee
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In League of Legends, pairing Senna with the ideal ADC champion is key to bot lane success. Renowned for her dual role in support and offense, Senna’s effectiveness hinges on her partnership.

Which ADC champions best amplify her strengths? This season, certain picks stand out, seamlessly matching her blend of healing and damage. Dive into the top ADC choices that synergize with Senna, elevating your gameplay and strategy in each match.

10. Lucian

Strutting into bot lane with Senna, Lucian’s synergy as an ADC is as potent as a well-timed Smite.

The way Lucian’s in-your-face style dances with Senna’s long-range poke and sustain is something to behold. This dynamic duo’s goal? To make mincemeat of the early game, where Lucian’s power spike is at its zenith.

Now, let’s talk about Lucian’s flashy moves. His dash, Relentless Pursuit, gives him the mobility to weave in and out of fights.

As a Senna player, it’s your job to seize these moments. Follow up his dance with your own rhythm – use Senna’s crowd control abilities to lockdown enemies and set the stage for a killing spree.

It’s not just about supporting Lucian, it’s about creating a symphony of destruction.

And here’s a hot tip: keep an eye on your cooldowns and Lucian’s positioning. Going in for a kill? Make sure your abilities are ready to pop off and Lucian’s in a position to follow up.

You’re not just a support, you’re the maestro of this battlefield, conducting a concert of chaos.

Personally, I think Lucian’s ultimate, The Culling, is an absolute game-changer (and an absolute nightmare for your enemies).

Picture this: you’re in a team fight, enemies are scattered, and Lucian is ready to unleash a barrage of bullets. This is your moment.

Use Senna’s long-range support to cover him, allowing him to maximize his damage output. It’s like setting up the perfect alley-oop, and boy, is it satisfying to pull off.

Remember that in the League, synergy is the difference between a good bot lane and a great one. Lucian and Senna’s chemistry is unmatchable, especially when executed correctly.

It’s all about communication, timing, and a bit of style. So, if you’re a Senna main, finding a duo partner who can play Lucian like a fiddle could make your bot lane unstoppable.

In comparison to other ADCs, Lucian’s aggressive playstyle and high burst damage, when paired with Senna’s long-range abilities, presents a unique bot lane comp.

For instance, in a matchup against a Jinx and Thresh bot lane, Lucian’s mobility and Senna’s crowd control can effectively negate Thresh’s hooks and zone out Jinx, disrupting their synergy and giving you an edge in the lane.

Now, keep these tips in mind, summoners, and take to the Rift with a newfound confidence and strategic edge. I can’t wait to hear about the enemy bot lanes you’ll obliterate with this dynamic duo.

9. Kai’Sa

Let’s dive right into the synergy between Senna and Kai’Sa. I personally believe that they’re a match made in the bot lane heaven.

Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void, scales powerfully into the late game and when paired with Senna, the Redeemer’s supportive abilities, you’re setting the stage for a bot lane takeover. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!

Consider this scenario: You’re in the early game, and it’s crucial for Kai’Sa to survive and farm. This is where Senna’s Q, Piercing Darkness, comes into play.

Not only does it heal Kai’Sa, but it also damages enemies. As a tip, make sure you’re positioning yourself in a way where your Piercing Darkness can both heal Kai’Sa and poke the enemy laners.

Now let’s talk about Senna’s E, Curse of the Black Mist. This ability grants Kai’Sa temporary invisibility, which is a great tool for jukes, escapes, or even engaging.

Kai’Sa’s Passive, Second Skin, synergizes impeccably with Senna’s root ability, providing consistent plasma stacks on enemies.

Keep in mind, this synergy excels in extended trades, so don’t be afraid to play aggressively when you have Senna by your side.

In a mid to late game team fight, think about combining Senna’s ultimate, Dawning Shadow, with Kai’Sa’s ultimate, Killer Instinct.

Senna’s ultimate can provide a global shield, while Kai’Sa can utilize her ultimate to dive the enemy backline with a shield and a damage boost. Imagine the carnage!

When compared to other bot lane duos, Senna and Kai’Sa offer a distinct blend of poke, burst, and sustain. This isn’t your typical bot lane duo; this is a deadly combination that can swing the momentum of any game in their favor.

8. Ashe

Pairing Ashe, the Frost Archer, with Senna in the bot lane is like having your own personal glacial storm. Their synergy is a match made in the Freljord, and here’s why.

When you’re playing Ashe, remember to use her Frost Shot to slow down your enemies. In my opinion, this is where the fun begins. It’s like you’re telling the enemy, ‘You’re not going anywhere, buddy.’

Now, this is where Senna comes in. Once you’ve got them slowed, Senna can follow up with a Piercing Darkness.

It’s like having an ice-cold arrow with a shadowy follow-through. It’s a chilling combo that drains your opponent’s health while they’re stuck in their tracks.

As an Ashe player, you should always be looking for opportunities to use your Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

It’s not just a long-range stun; it’s a golden opportunity. Imagine this: you’re in the bot lane, the enemy team is pushing hard, and you spot a chance.

You let loose your Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and it hits, stunning their ADC. Now, it’s Senna’s turn. She fires her Dawning Shadow, and the enemy health bars drop like they’ve been hit by a Freljordian winter storm.

But that’s not all. Ashe’s Volley, when used right, can be a great tool for area denial. It’s like saying ‘This is our territory, step off.’

And when it comes to vision control, Ashe’s Hawkshot is a godsend. It’s like having a pair of hawk-eyes on the battlefield. This allows Senna to hit her targets even when they think they’re safe in the fog of war.

Now let’s talk strategy. When playing this duo, your game plan should be all about kiting and poking.

Ashe’s slow and Senna’s damage make it hard for enemies to engage. It’s like they’re caught in a perpetual blizzard, constantly slowed and taking damage.

However, it’s not just about using your abilities; it’s about timing and coordination. You need to make sure that your Frost Shot and Piercing Darkness are hitting the same target. It’s not just about damage; it’s about creating opportunities and setting up plays.

Now, I’ve seen some bot lane combos in my time, but Ashe and Senna are one of those pairs that just click. It’s easy to see why when you start breaking down their abilities and how well they synergize.

7. Caitlyn

Ah, Senna and Caitlyn. This bot lane combo is like a sharpshooter’s dream. With both champions boasting formidable range, they can poke and prod at the enemy from a safe distance, turning the lane into a real ‘kill zone.’

You’re going to love Caitlyn’s natural range advantage over most ADCs – it’s like having an extra-long arm to smack your foes around.

This gives Senna some breathing room to casually stack her passive and heal, without having to worry about the enemy’s counter-attack. In my opinion, it’s a match made in heaven.

In the laning phase, Caitlyn and Senna can practically declare the bot lane their own personal territory. Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap (W) and Senna’s Last Embrace (W) can chain-CC an enemy, locking them in a deadly embrace.

Imagine this: You’re Caitlyn. You lay down a trap, Senna follows it up with a stun, and boom! An enemy is caught, unable to move, like a deer in headlights.

Now’s your chance to land Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker (Q) and Senna’s Piercing Darkness (Q) for a massive chunk of damage.

When it comes to late game, Senna’s Dawning Shadow (R) can be a lifesaver, providing Caitlyn with a shield to weather the storm of team fights.

And let’s not forget Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole (R). There’s nothing more satisfying than sniping a low-health enemy trying to flee the battlefield.

This duo is all about control and dictating the pace of the game. With their superior range and crowd control, you should be setting the tempo, making the enemy dance to your tune.

Just remember, this isn’t a one-woman show – communication is crucial. Sync your CCs, coordinate your ults, and you’ll be steamrolling through enemies like they’re minions.

Compared to other bot lane pairs, Senna and Caitlyn bring a unique blend of range, control, and damage that can be downright terrifying when played right.

6. Jhin

Get ready to dive headfirst into the bot lane with Senna and Jhin, the dynamic duo that can turn the tide of any match. Trust me, if you’re a fan of champions who pack a punch, you’re going to love this combo.

Jhin, the Virtuoso, armed with his passive, Whisper, doesn’t shoot fast – he shoots smart. Every fourth shot is a guaranteed crit that deals bonus damage, and while he’s taking a breather to reload, that’s where Senna steps in.

Her Piercing Darkness isn’t just a skill shot, it’s your lifeline in the bot lane. It damages enemies and heals allies.

So, when Jhin’s reloading, Senna’s Q keeps him healthy, giving you the upper hand in trades. Remember, this isn’t just about dealing damage, it’s about outlasting your opponent.

Now, if you want to see a beautiful symphony of destruction, just combine Jhin’s Deadly Flourish with Senna’s crowd control abilities.

Let’s talk strategy. As a Senna-Jhin duo, your game plan is poking and zoning. Use Senna’s range to poke and Jhin’s burst damage to keep enemies at bay.

Don’t just whittle down your opponents’ health, make them fear every step they take. But remember, vision is key. Keep the river and tri-bush warded to avoid nasty surprises from the enemy jungler.

Now, picture this scenario: you’re in lane, the enemy is under their tower, thinking they’re safe. That’s when you strike.

Jhin, with his ultimate Curtain Call, can snipe enemies from a distance while Senna uses her Dawning Shadow for global support, dealing damage to enemies and shielding allies. It’s like they say in the Rift, ‘Nowhere is safe when the Virtuoso is on the prowl.’

In comparison to other bot lane duos, Senna and Jhin bring a unique blend of damage, crowd control, and healing.

They’ve the potential to dominate lanes typically controlled by aggressive ADCs like Draven or Caitlyn. So don’t be afraid, take the Virtuoso and the Redeemer to the bot lane and paint your masterpiece.

5. Draven

Pairing up Senna with Draven, the Glorious Executioner, can be like shouting ‘First Blood!’ in the bot lane before the minions even spawn.

These two champions can unleash a torrent of aggression that, if played right, can put your enemies on the back foot from the get-go.

When it comes to Draven’s Spinning Axes, it’s not just about the extra punch they pack. It’s about how you can juggle these axes while Senna showers the enemy with Piercing Darkness.

With every axe Draven catches, you’re not only refreshing your cooldown but also sending a clear message to your opponents: step off or get cut.

As a Draven main myself, I can’t stress enough how much Senna’s Last Embrace enhances Draven’s kill potential.

To truly harness the power of this duo, you need to keep the pressure on. Make sure Senna stays aggressive with her Absolution passive.

Not only will it keep you two healthy, but it’ll also keep the enemy cowering under their turret.

Now, let’s talk strategy. You’re not just looking to poke and prod here, you’re looking to dominate.

Wait for Senna to stack her passive, then go all in with Draven’s burst damage. When you pull this off, it won’t just be ‘Killing Spree’ you’ll be hearing, but ‘Legendary.’

In the right hands, Draven and Senna can make the bot lane their stage, turning each game into a performance that’ll make your enemies wish they’d dodged in champ select. So, grab your axes and light, summoners, and show them why they should fear the bot lane.

4. Tristana

Tristana and Senna’s bot lane synergy is like a well-timed Gank – unexpected, powerful, and game-changing.

With Tristana’s high burst damage and Senna’s supportive abilities, it’s like watching a masterfully played game of chess, where each move complements the other, leading to a decisive victory.

Now, let’s not forget about Tristana’s Explosive Charge. When combined with Senna’s Piercing Darkness, it deals a devastating amount of damage. It makes me think of Ziggs’ Satchel Charge detonating – a sight to behold in the middle of a team fight.

In the later stages of the game, Senna’s Dawning Shadow acts as a much-needed lifeline for Tristana. It provides a global shield that can be the difference between a narrow escape and a swift death. Trust me, it feels like having a Guardian Angel item on standby.

Meanwhile, Tristana’s ability to reset her Rocket Jump after scoring a kill or assist is like having a mini Katarina on your team.

Even after a tough fight, Tristana can bounce back into the fray, capitalizing on Senna’s poking and whittling down of enemy health.

Comparatively, this duo offers more flexibility than others like Lucian and Braum, where you’re more reliant on perfect skill shots. With Tristana and Senna, you have more room to play aggressively while maintaining a safety net.

However, it’s essential to remember that mastering this duo requires understanding their individual playstyles and how to optimize their abilities together. This isn’t an easy bot lane duo to pull off, but when done right, it’s a sight to behold.

3. Nilah

If you’re looking to steamroll the bot lane, look no further than the dynamic duo of Nilah and Senna.

This pair has the perfect blend of firepower and support capabilities, and if you ask me, there’s something satisfying about their synergy.

Nilah’s ability to dish out damage is perfectly paired with Senna’s healing and shielding abilities. Just imagine it: Nilah and Senna ready to face an onslaught of enemies in the bot lane.

Nilah powers up her ultimate, readying a devastating attack. At the same moment, Senna casts her own, providing a burst of healing that keeps Nilah in the fight. Now, that’s a power play that’ll leave your enemies reeling!

But remember, it’s not all about unleashing your abilities; positioning is key too. Keep Senna at a safe distance, using her long-range attacks and vision control, while Nilah takes on the heat in the frontline. If you pull this off right, you’ll maximize your damage output while minimizing risks.

Another tip, always keep an eye on the map and be ready to join team fights. This bot lane combo isn’t just about dominating their lane; they can change the game’s tide.

It’s this understanding and effective utilization of Nilah and Senna’s capabilities that will bring you closer to victory.

Consider a scenario where your team is behind, and the enemy is pushing mid. Senna’s long-range abilities can provide support from afar, while Nilah’s AOE damage can deter the enemy, buying time for your teammates to regroup.

This effective rotation can turn a losing situation into a potential comeback.

In the wide world of League of Legends, each duo has its strengths and weaknesses. But when you compare Nilah and Senna to other bot lane combinations, their ability to deal damage while providing support is a rare find.

They can hold their own against aggressive opponents, and their healing abilities provide sustainability against poke-heavy teams, making them a versatile choice regardless of the enemy lineup.

2. Twitch

Let’s talk about the deadly dance of Senna and Twitch, a bot lane duo that’s as menacing as they come.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of Twitch’s Ambush, you know how it feels to suddenly have a rattling, toxic-cursed crossbow bolt out of nowhere. Now, pair that with Senna’s Piercing Darkness and you’re in for a world of hurt.

Picture this: you’re Twitch, lurking unseen in the shadows. Your passive, Deadly Venom, is ready to wreak havoc.

Pop out of the shadows with the speed boost from Ambush, and you’re a high-speed, high-damage nightmare.

But here’s where the magic happens: Senna, your partner in crime, amplifies your strikes with her Piercing Darkness. Each shot is like a punch from a heavyweight champ, and it can quickly turn the tide of the skirmish.

But wait, there’s more! Senna’s also got your back with her heal from Piercing Darkness.

You, as Twitch, can keep your focus on pumping out the damage. It’s like having your own personal medic on the battlefield.

Now, let’s talk a bit about crowd control. Senna’s Last Embrace is a formidable tool in the right hands.

A well-timed root can give you, Twitch, a golden opportunity to unload Spray and Pray on your rooted adversaries. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

In my humble opinion, this duo can outshine traditional bot lane pairs when played correctly. However, mastering this synergy requires practice and coordination.

Twitch needs to master the art of stealth and timing, and Senna should refine her skill shots to land those crucial roots and heals.

For instance, during a mid-game dragon fight, Twitch can Ambush from the river, while Senna uses Curse of the Black Mist to shroud him.

This gives your team the element of surprise and can result in a swift dragon secure, or even a team wipe if the enemy team isn’t careful.

All things considered, a well-coordinated Senna and Twitch duo can be a real game-changer.

But remember, it’s all about timing and teamwork. So, ready to give this duo a try in the bot lane? Trust me, it’s worth the shot.

1. Swain

Peeling back the fog of war in the bot lane, it’s clear that the synergy between Senna and Swain isn’t just good, it’s ‘Ace in the Hole’ level of good.

With Swain’s crowd control abilities and explosive damage output, he’s like a Veigar on steroids when paired with Senna’s poke and sustain.

Let’s not just glance over Swain’s ‘Ravenous Flock’. It’s not just a passive, it’s a game-changer.

The way it yanks enemies towards him and restores his health is almost like a mini Thresh lantern for Senna’s ‘Piercing Darkness’.

Here’s the play: when Swain lands his ‘Nevermove’, you, as Senna, should already be prepping your ‘Piercing Darkness’. The result? A chunk of damage that’ll make your enemies think twice about engaging.

Now let’s talk about Swain’s ultimate, ‘Demonic Ascension’. It’s not just a frontline tool, it’s your ticket to creating chaos in the enemy ranks.

Think of it as a ‘Super Mega Death Rocket’ in the middle of the enemy team – while they’re scattering, you, as Senna, can be raining down damage from the backline.

In my opinion, the key to mastering this pair is communication and timing. You’ve got to keep an eye on when Swain is about to engage, and be ready to follow up with Senna’s abilities. It’s like playing a game of chess – anticipate your opponent’s move, then strike.

Just imagine pushing the bot lane with this duo. You’re up against a squishy ADC and a tanky support. Swain lands his ‘Nevermove’ on the ADC, you follow up with ‘Piercing Darkness’ and ‘Last Embrace’, locking them down.

Swain triggers ‘Demonic Ascension’, causing the enemy support to back off. The ADC has no choice but to retreat, leaving you free to press the attack.

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