20 Best Roaming Champions in League of Legends (All Roles)

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Looking to master the art of roaming in League of Legends? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we present the “20 Best Roaming Champions in League of Legends Right Now (All Roles).”

Discover champions from every role who stand out in roaming, helping you make significant plays across the map. Whether you’re new or experienced, these insights are your key to upping your game. Let’s get started!

1. Pantheon

Wielding his spear, Pantheon stands as an excellent choice for players who aim to roam in League of Legends. His ultimate ability, Grand Starfall, grants the power to influence not just a single lane but several, creating unpredictability and strategic advantages.

His presence isn’t limited to the top lane as he can quickly come to the aid of teammates, altering the outcome of fights or helping to secure vital objectives.

The character’s abilities are tailored for assertive play early in the game. Shield Vault provides a stunning attack, and Aegis Assault includes a blocking mechanism, making your ganks effective and potentially deadly.

Taking advantage of these early strengths is key to gaining control.

Maintain constant pressure on enemy lanes and make strategic moves into the opposing jungle to curtail the enemy’s growth and guide your team to triumph.

2. Shen

Shen’s unmatched presence across the map ensures you have support in battles, with his Stand United ability providing a protective shield and the ability to teleport to allies regardless of their location.

When you play Shen, careful management of your ultimate is key to maximizing its effects. Here are vital considerations:

  • Map Awareness: Keeping a watchful eye is critical for identifying chances to tilt battles in favor of your team.
  • Ultimate Timing: Using Stand United with precision can counter enemy tactics or help secure strategic objectives.
  • Split Pushing: Shen is adept at exerting pressure on alternate lanes, compelling adversaries to react and crafting beneficial situations for your team.

Evaluating when and where to activate Stand United is crucial. It involves grasping the rhythm of the game, anticipating the adversary’s actions, and weighing the balance of risk and reward.

Master these skills, and you’ll become a key player, influencing the outcome of conflicts and group battles.

3. Quinn

Mastering Quinn’s ability to dominate the skies, you’ll find her Behind Enemy Lines is vital for unmatched map control and quick ambushing opportunities.

Her ultimate not only enables you to cross the map at impressive speeds but also to surprise opponents. This mobility makes Quinn a strong roamer.

When playing Quinn, monitoring the map constantly is key, seeking out overextended enemies or exposed targets. Your objective is to create pressure not solely in your lane but across the entire map.

Vault’s interrupt and Harrier’s extra damage amplify your sudden attack potential, making your ambushes particularly lethal.

Always be mindful of vision control; wards can interfere with your roaming. With accurate timing and awareness of the map, you can use Quinn’s unique strengths to influence the game in favor of your team.

4. Aurelion Sol

Control the battlefield with Aurelion Sol’s cosmic might, gliding effortlessly and impacting fights from afar. With his roaming capabilities, he excels at surprising opponents by appearing where they least expect him, which is especially useful to apply pressure on different parts of the map.

What makes Aurelion Sol a preferred choice for roaming includes:

  • Starsurge (Q): This ability grows and stuns, initiating ganks effectively.
  • Celestial Expansion (W): This skill inflicts sustained damage, making it suitable for clearing waves and engaging in small battles.
  • Comet of Legend (E): This unique skill offers unmatched mobility across the map, ensuring your presence in crucial moments.

A thorough look at Aurelion Sol’s abilities reveals his strengths in controlling the map and denying opponents their territory. Utilize his capabilities to apply global pressure, support your allies, and surprise adversaries with your cosmic skills.

5. Talon

Dominate the map with Talon’s unmatched roaming prowess, as you rapidly move through terrain and surprise enemies with lethal precision.

His ability to leap over walls with Assassin’s Path (E) not only provides exceptional mobility but also opens up unexpected gank paths that can surprise opponents.

Your understanding of Talon’s mechanics can change the outcome of a game, as roams can lead to important picks and control over objectives.

Here’s a quick overview of Talon’s roaming capabilities:

AspectDetailsImpact on Roaming
MobilityAssassin’s Path (E)Crosses terrain
Burst DamageNoxian Diplomacy (Q)Secures kills
Map PresenceShadow Assault (R)Zones enemies

When you analyze Talon’s abilities, you’ll see that his strength lies in fast, decisive attacks that destabilize the enemy’s formation, making him a highly effective roamer in the current meta.

6. Twisted Fate

With Twisted Fate, you have the ability to influence every area of the map through his ultimate, Destiny (R), which provides immediate ganks and unparalleled map oversight.

His power as a roaming champion comes from his skill in altering the outcome of small fights and securing objectives by surprising adversaries.

  • Global Presence: Destiny enables you to react to dangers or forge opportunities anywhere on the map.
  • Pick A Card (W): A versatile skill that offers crowd control or additional damage, key for effective ganks.
  • Vision Control: His ultimate exposes enemies, providing critical information and removing areas of refuge.

Timing and awareness of the map are vital to make the most of Twisted Fate’s abilities. You need to predict where opponents will be and choose the optimal times to act.

As you improve your skills at moving around the map with Twisted Fate, let’s change our focus to Katarina, another champion with a strong roaming capability.

7. Katarina

As you familiarize yourself with Katarina’s mechanics, her remarkable ability to move swiftly across the battlefield and secure eliminations with her burst damage becomes apparent. Katarina’s skillset is crafted for an assertive presence on the map.

Her ‘Bouncing Blade’ and ‘Preparation’ skills set the stage for strong exchanges, while ‘Shunpo’ provides unparalleled mobility to cross the battlefield, evade incoming attacks, and take a strategic position for her ultimate move, ‘Death Lotus’.

When examining her approach to combat, the importance of precise timing and strategic positioning stands out. She takes advantage of opponents’ errors, and her ability to reset on eliminations or assists enables her to sequence her powerful attacks across several adversaries.

Effective roaming with Katarina requires a mix of caution and bold action, determining the right moments to conceal oneself and the right moments to launch an attack with deadly accuracy.

8. Galio

Galio excels in roaming, as his ultimate ability, ‘Hero’s Entrance’, allows him to join fights throughout the map with significant impact. His abilities are well-suited for team play and adapting quickly during combat.

Here are a few reasons for his strengths:

  • Map Presence: Galio can swiftly assist allies and alter the outcome of battles happening far away.
  • Crowd Control: His skills can interrupt several opponents at once, which makes him an excellent initiator.
  • Durability: He can withstand turret attacks, which helps in securing eliminations or provoking opponents to use their flash ability.

Analyzing Galio’s roaming capabilities, it’s clear that his presence and usefulness in team conflicts make him an omnipresent threat. When controlling Galio, you pose a threat across the entire arena.

Let’s continue and discuss another roaming menace of the Rift—Pyke.

9. Pyke

Harnessing Pyke’s unique skills, you’re transforming the support role into a mobile threat that menaces every lane.

His abilities are perfect for setting up ambushes and swiftly eliminating targets. With ‘Ghostwater Dive’, you move through the map unseen, orchestrating unexpected plays.

The ‘Bone Skewer’ isn’t merely for defense; it’s a formidable tool for catching off-guard adversaries, disrupting their team’s structure.

Your analytical abilities maximize the stun effect of ‘Phantom Undertow’, coordinating with teammates to apply pressure across multiple lanes.

Pyke’s ultimate ability, ‘Death from Below’, isn’t just for dispatching opponents with low health but also for rewarding both the player and an assisting team member with extra gold, tipping the economic balance in your team’s direction with each successful takedown.

Roaming with Pyke, you pose a dual threat—not only to the health of your adversaries but also as an economic risk, shifting the balance of gold with every successful execution.

10. Akshan

Utilizing Akshan, you unlock remarkable roaming capabilities due to his swift movement and stealth abilities. His distinct abilities allow for rapid travel across the battleground, giving you an advantage in catching opponents off guard and supporting allies.

When considering Akshan for your roaming strategy, consider these strengths:

  • Going Rogue: Akshan’s passive provides significant outmaneuver potential with its stealth after defeating an enemy champion.
  • Heroic Swing: This skill offers him outstanding agility to traverse obstacles and reposition swiftly during conflicts.
  • Comeuppance: Akshan’s ultimate can eliminate escaping adversaries, making sure a successful roam concludes with a strong outcome.

11. Bard

As a Bard player, you possess an impressive presence across the map, thanks to your ability to navigate terrain with Magical Journey and collect chimes, establishing you as an impactful roamer in League of Legends.

Your roaming is more than just movement; it’s a blend of strategic plays and significant interventions.

AweBard’s Magical Journey opens up surprising gank paths and escape routes.
ReliefGathering chimes strengthens you and alleviates pressure by aiding allies everywhere.
ThrillWell-timed Cosmic Binding stuns can change the course of skirmishes, providing an exciting display of skill.

Reviewing Bard’s strengths, it becomes evident that your influence reaches well beyond your own lane. Intelligent chime gathering and skillful ability use are central to directing the game’s rhythm.

12. Kled

Kled, the cantankerous yordle cavalier, excels at chaotic movement across the map with his ultimate, Chaaaaaaaarge!!!, to change the course of skirmishes. His rapid traversal ability and aptitude to join fights make him a strong roaming champion.

Analyzing Kled’s abilities:

  • Initiation: His ultimate acts as a strong engagement mechanism for initiating team fights or isolating enemies caught out of position.
  • Duel Potential: Kled’s abilities equip him to confront most champions directly, presenting him as a threat during encounters.
  • Survivability: With Skaarl, his reliable steed, Kled essentially benefits from a second health bar, which enables him to execute bold moves and engage in risky map movements.

Mastering Kled’s distinct mechanics is critical. Timing your movements across the map well can result in kills, objectives, and potentially winning the match.

13. Singed

Singed’s distinctive approach to gameplay enables you to create chaos within enemy ranks in League of Legends, establishing him as a prime candidate for traveling across the map.

His capability to spread his poison trail ensures you’re a constant menace, affecting not just your designated lane but adjacent ones as well.

The combination of his Mega Adhesive (W) and Fling (E) interrupts adversaries and assists in securing eliminations for your team during surprise visits.

Traveling with Singed means more than simple ganks; it’s about generating disarray and carving out space. Judging when your intervention can sway small battles or help claim objectives is key.

To excel with Singed’s traveling tactics, one must have keen map awareness and perfect the timing to take advantage of the disarray you create. Your objective is to keep the opposing team on their toes, preventing them from finding a steady pace.

14. Kassadin

Kassadin’s ability to move swiftly epitomizes unpredictability, allowing you to take advantage of gaps in the enemy’s guard with his Riftwalk ability.

As a roamer, your presence becomes much more intimidating after reaching level 6, with each Riftwalk stacking damage and range. This allows you to traverse the battlefield rapidly and materialize where opponents least expect you.

When roaming as Kassadin, keep these key points in mind:

  • Map Awareness: Constantly watch the minimap to spot opponents who are too far forward.
  • Mana Management: Riftwalk’s mana cost increases with each use; use it judiciously.
  • Objective Control: Use your swift movement to aid in capturing objectives and assisting in small battles.

Your objective is to surprise enemies, secure eliminations, and spread your influence across the battlefield. With strategic gameplay, you’ll dictate the tempo of the match and guide your team towards triumph.

15. Nocturne

Harness Nocturne’s Paranoia to cast a shadow across the map, altering the flow of skirmishes and securing crucial targets with his unmatched ability to surprise and isolate.

As Nocturne, you’re enforcing darkness, applying pressure with your absence from the enemy’s vision. Your ultimate’s global reach commands respect and can make opponents play cautiously, particularly when they anticipate your sudden, extensive dash.

Analytically, you must consider Nocturne’s power spikes and the enemies’ vision control. Use Duskbringer for efficient movement, and time your Spell Shield to counter crucial abilities.

Insightfully, choose your moments: your impact in turning a battle hinges on isolating a valuable target, tipping the balance in your team’s direction.

16. Vex

While you’re mastering Vex, the Gloomist, your ability to roam and disrupt hinges on utilizing her gloom-triggered dashes and powerful ultimate, Shadow Surge, to surprise enemies.

Strategic placement and map knowledge are vital when aiming to maximize Vex’s roaming capabilities. Keep these key points in mind:

  • Timing is key; take advantage of her passive, Doom ‘n Gloom, to induce dread and reduce enemy movement.
  • Utilize Shadow Surge to traverse the map swiftly, targeting solitary enemies for an unexpected attack.
  • Keep vision control to enable effective roaming strategies and ward off counter-plays.

An analytical approach to Vex’s ability to move around reveals the significance of anticipation and strategic placement.

Now, attention shifts to another terror of the jungle, Warwick, who brings a different skillset to the roaming strategy.

17. Warwick

As you become familiar with the terror Warwick brings to the rift, his predatory nature makes him an exceptional roamer, adept at tracking and swiftly dispatching his prey.

Warwick’s abilities are tailored for the hunt; his W skill, Blood Hunt, passively detects champions with low health, providing him an increase in speed toward them. This allows you to take advantage of enemies caught out of position across the map.

His ultimate skill, Infinite Duress, serves as a potent initiation tool for ganks, pinning a crucial opponent while your allies converge to secure the elimination.

Analyze the battlefield, target the most vulnerable, and utilize Warwick’s quickness to influence multiple lanes. Simply his presence can give a psychological advantage, as adversaries must continuously be cautious of his possible ambush.

Next, we’ll quietly move to Twitch, yet another champion whose roaming abilities can significantly influence the outcome of a match.

18. Twitch

The stealthy character Twitch employs his Q skill, Ambush, to move covertly across the map, unleashing unexpected strikes that can sway the outcome in any area you visit.

With the element of unpredictability on your side, you pose a threat not only to your direct opponents but to all adversaries on the map.

There are several reasons why Twitch’s ability to roam is highly effective:

  • His ability to become invisible sets up unforeseen encounters, which makes it challenging for foes to predict your attacks.
  • When he reveals himself from invisibility, Twitch receives an increase in attack speed, which assists in taking down targets swiftly.
  • His ultimate ability, Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat, is capable of hitting multiple adversaries, presenting him as a threat in group skirmishes even when distant from his assigned lane.

Your objective should be to take advantage of Twitch’s ability to go unnoticed to exert influence over the entire map, secure eliminations, and help your team establish a lead.

19. Taliyah

Harnessing the raw elemental power of the earth, Taliyah is an exceptional roamer, making her way across the battlefield with spells that disrupt and displace her adversaries.

Her abilities are designed for agility and impact, beginning with her passive, ‘Rock Surfing,’ which increases her movement speed near walls, crucial for swift rotations.

Her ‘Threaded Volley’ offers consistent poke and wave clear, enabling her to push lanes and move to assist allies. ‘Seismic Shove’ and ‘Unraveled Earth’ provide crowd control, disrupting enemy positioning and assisting in securing successful ganks.

Her ultimate ‘Weaver’s Wall’ is a game-changer, capable of creating large terrain to cut off retreats or facilitate unexpected engagements.

Mastering Taliyah’s roaming capabilities requires spatial awareness and precise timing, and it rewards with high-impact plays across the map.

20. Udyr

During your gameplay with Udyr, you’ll discover his ability to change forms makes him a powerful character for moving across the map swiftly and impacting various lanes.

His abilities are crafted for efficient repositioning, allowing you to apply pressure exactly where required.

Udyr’s capabilities for moving from place to place quickly come from several aspects of his kit:

  • Bear Stance: Provides a surge of speed for fast lane ganks.
  • Phoenix/Tiger Stance: Offers either area damage or single-target damage, aiding in controlling a lane.
  • Turtle Stance: Gives healing to maintain health during movements.

Udyr’s strength lies in his versatility with stance changes, enabling him to quickly finish jungle camps and then assist in lanes whether for attacks or defensive moves. You must keep an eye on the map and coordinate with your team to make the most of Udyr’s mobility.


You’ve soared through the skies with Quinn and prowled the jungle as Warwick, choosing champions as versatile as a Swiss Army knife.

Whether you prefer the stealthy ambushes of Twitch or the relentless pursuit of Udyr, each pick has the potential to turn the tides of battle.

Embrace their roaming prowess to outmaneuver your opponents and secure victory.

Remember, the map is your chessboard; with these champions, you’re always three moves ahead.

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