10 Best ADCs With Blitzcrank in League of Legends (Season 13)

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In the dynamic lanes of Summoner’s Rift, pairing the right ADC with Blitzcrank can make or break your game. Every League of Legends veteran knows the frustration of a mismatched duo in the bot lane.

But what combinations truly shine with Blitzcrank’s unique skill set in Season 13? Whether you’re looking to climb the ranks or just dominate your next game, understanding the synergy between Blitzcrank and the top ADCs is key.

Here’s a glimpse into the duos that can turn your bot lane into a battleground of strategic victories…

1. Draven

Have you ever thought about choosing Draven as your ADC while teaming up with Blitzcrank in the 13th season of League of Legends?

The combined power of this duo offers a strategic advantage that’s hard to overlook. When Blitzcrank uses his Rocket Grab, enemies are pulled towards Draven, making them easy prey for his barrage of attacks.

Draven’s Spinning Axes can indeed cause substantial damage, especially when working in tandem with Blitzcrank’s Power Fist.

A successful Rocket Grab by Blitzcrank sends the enemy flying, making them easy targets. This is the perfect moment to use Draven’s Stand Aside to hinder their escape, and Whirling Death to land the final blow.

Your game plan should revolve around using your abilities to manipulate the enemy’s movement. You aren’t merely participating in a game; you’re orchestrating a symphony of destruction.

Blitzcrank’s crowd control abilities combined with Draven’s high damage output creates an orchestra of chaos. You’re no longer limited by the traditional constraints of ADCs. You have the liberty to rule your lane, play aggressively, and control the flow of the game.

The freedom to strategize is a key aspect of League of Legends, and the duo of Draven and Blitzcrank brings this freedom to life. In a nutshell? Mastering the symphony of Draven and Blitzcrank can make you an unstoppable force.

2. Jinx

Transitioning to Jinx, you’ll recognize her as an appealing choice when teamed with Blitzcrank during the present season.

Jinx’s potent damage capacity and extended-range skills harmonize perfectly with Blitzcrank’s ability to control crowds, creating a formidable duo in the bot lane.

Let’s examine deeper why this pair might lead you to victory:

  • Unhindered Attacks: Blitzcrank’s pull and knock-up capabilities give you the liberty to release rockets and bullets without any obstacles.
  • Quick Disengages: Jinx’s Flame Chompers provide swift exits when situations become uncertain.
  • Potential for Devastating Combos: The combination of Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab into Power Fist, followed by Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket, is quite destructive.
  • Strength in the Later Stages: Jinx scales impressively into the later stages of the game, and with Blitzcrank’s protection, you’re free to dismantle opponents.
  • Dominance in Team Fights: The abilities of Jinx and Blitzcrank combined can cause mayhem in team fights, giving your team an edge.

Tactically, this duo allows you to play aggressively in the early stages, then transition into a force to be reckoned with during the later stages of the game. In a meta that values high burst damage and crowd control, Jinx and Blitzcrank are a perfect match.

Keep ahead, maintain your freedom, and control the bot lane.

3. Ezreal

If Blitzcrank is part of your strategy, Ezreal is an ADC you might want to consider. Ezreal’s unique abilities and playing style mesh well with Blitzcrank’s capabilities. The mobility Ezreal gains from his E ability, Arcane Shift, opens up an array of opportunities during the laning phase.

Ezreal can deftly move to capitalize on Blitzcrank’s rocket grab or evade sticky predicaments when Blitzcrank’s crowd control abilities aren’t available.

Another advantage is Ezreal’s Q ability, Mystic Shot. This long-range poke works in harmony with Blitzcrank’s zone control.

This allows you to press and reduce opponents from a distance, making them either forfeit CS or face the risk of being hooked by Blitzcrank.

Ezreal’s W ability, Essence Flux, is a significant advantage when coupled with Blitzcrank’s Power Fist. The attack speed buff it provides enhances Blitzcrank’s burst damage, enabling quick takedowns following successful grabs.

Ezreal’s global ultimate, Trueshot Barrage, has the potential for unexpected kills, particularly when paired with Blitzcrank’s Static Field.

The strategic potential of this duo is impressive. You can choose to play aggressively or concentrate on poke and disengage tactics. The opportunities with Blitzcrank when playing as Ezreal are almost limitless.

4. Caitlyn

Teaming up Blitzcrank and Caitlyn can significantly enhance your gameplay. This pair can utilize Caitlyn’s extensive poke range and Blitzcrank’s assertive crowd control to dominate the bot lane.

Here are some strategic advantages this pair can provide:

  • With Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, pulling adversaries becomes effortless, creating an opportunity for Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker and Yordle Snap Trap combo.
  • Caitlyn’s vast range permits her to maintain a safe distance behind Blitzcrank while inflicting substantial damage.
  • Caitlyn can ensure a hit with an Ace in the Hole when Blitzcrank lands a Power Fist knockup.
  • Silencing enemies is a breeze with Blitzcrank’s Static Field, allowing Caitlyn to inflict critical hits without any disruption.
  • Caitlyn’s 90 Caliber Net offers extra peel and kiting potential, enhancing Blitzcrank’s survivability during conflicts.

Mastering this pair enables you to control the bot lane, set the game’s rhythm, and guide your team towards triumph. Understanding their synergies and capitalizing on them is the key.

5. Miss Fortune

Why not consider the explosive pairing of Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune for a dominating bot lane duo in League of Legends Season 13?

This duo can transform any 2v2 skirmish into a swift double kill with the combination of Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time and Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab.

Blitzcrank’s Q ability is a game-changer. A successful Rocket Grab immediately gives your team an upper hand by displacing the enemy ADC, creating an ideal opening for Miss Fortune to maximize her damage.

Blitzcrank and Miss Fortune’s abilities work in perfect harmony. Her Q, Double Up, can ricochet off the grabbed target inflicting significant damage.

Her E, Make It Rain, can slow down the enemy, aiding Blitzcrank in landing his Q. The R, Bullet Time, can obliterate multiple enemies provided Blitzcrank can gather them using his Q and E combo.

6. Varus

Ponder on the idea of selecting Varus as your ADC when you team up with Blitzcrank for an invincible bot lane duo in the 13th Season of League of Legends. This powerful combination can rule the early game with strategic mastery and accurate moves.

The experience of playing Varus can provide you with a distinct feeling of liberty in the bot lane. His adaptable kit enables a variety of playstyles that can adjust to the game’s changes. Here are the reasons why Varus is an exceptional choice:

  • Piercing Arrow: This ability enables you to bother your rivals from a safe range.
  • Blighted Quiver: Use this to weaken your enemies and secure victories.
  • Hail of Arrows: A superior tool for controlling the battlefield.
  • Chain of Corruption: This impressive ultimate is ideal for aligning a Blitzcrank hook.
  • Ranged Advantage: The long reach of Varus can protect you while inflicting damage.

Varus and Blitzcrank can command the lane strategically, establishing victories and penalizing overreaching. From an analytical perspective, their synergy is unquestionable, creating a duo that poses a real challenge to counter.

Seize the liberty of choice and make Varus your preferred ADC.

7. Lucian

Changing the focus to Lucian, he’s a formidable ADC that pairs well with Blitzcrank in Season 13 of League of Legends.

Lucian’s agility, potential for damage, and adaptability all contribute to his effectiveness. He can aptly capitalize on Blitzcrank’s assertive style, turning the tide of battles to your advantage.

When Blitzcrank successfully employs Rocket Grab, Lucian can quickly respond with Piercing Light, inflicting serious damage.

His Relentless Pursuit ability allows for rapid repositioning, allowing him to evade threats while dealing damage. This combination affords you the ability to command the lane and secure victories.

But it’s not solely about offense. Blitzcrank’s Power Fist can disrupt enemies, giving Lucian the chance to escape danger with his E ability.

This mutual benefit creates a safe environment for Lucian to collect resources and grow stronger as the game progresses.

Simply put, the combination of Lucian’s high-damage capabilities and speed, along with Blitzcrank’s crowd-control abilities, forms a powerful duo in the bot lane.

As a Lucian player, you’re not merely surviving the laning phase, you’re controlling it. With thoughtful synergy and strategic tactics, you’ll become a formidable presence on the Summoner’s Rift.

8. Vayne

Intending to enhance your gameplay with Blitzcrank? Consider Vayne, an ADC to pay attention to in Season 13. Her unique mobility and stealth abilities make her a great match for Blitzcrank’s grab-and-knockup tactics.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when teaming up Vayne with Blitzcrank:

  • Vayne’s Tumble skill provides her with the ability to dodge skillshots, making her a challenging target.
  • Her Silver Bolts are useful in melting through tanks, providing you an advantage in the bot lane.
  • Her Condemn ability can stun adversaries against walls and when paired with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, it can be quite destructive.
  • The stealth provided by her ultimate, Final Hour, gives an unpredictability factor, allowing for more strategic gameplay.
  • Blitzcrank’s Overdrive will assist you in positioning for a successful Condemn, making the pair quite potent.

Leveraging these strategic aspects, you can control the game’s rhythm. Vayne and Blitzcrank form an assertive, strategic duo that awards skilled gameplay.

The ability to outmaneuver and turn fights around is substantial. Master these two, and you’re ready to rule the bot lane in Season 13.

9. Samira

As you’re getting the hang of Vayne and Blitzcrank, Samira should not be ignored. This ADC is making a strong impression in Season 13.

She is adaptable, resistant to crowd-control and often underestimated by others. Her abilities are designed for those who desire a thrilling risk-reward dynamic in their gameplay.

Samira’s uniqueness lies in her capacity to integrate into multiple team compositions due to her adaptable abilities.

Still, she shines brightest when teamed up with aggressive supports like Blitzcrank, who can efficiently assist her in securing kills.

Here’s a simple analysis of Samira’s strengths and weaknesses:

High burst damageRequires risky positioning
Crowd-control immunityLimited range
Excellent wave clearVulnerable to poke
Adaptable abilitiesHigh skill cap
Harmonizes well with BlitzcrankDependent on support

Before choosing Samira, always analyze your team’s capabilities and the opposing team’s potential threats. But don’t forget, she’s not just about flashy moves.

Truly mastering Samira requires knowing when to initiate attacks and when to hold back. This balance of offense and defense makes her a thrilling ADC pick for Season 13.

10. Tristana

After examining Samira’s skills, your next focus should be Tristana, another potent ADC to align with Blitzcrank in Season 13.

The combination of Tristana’s explosive attributes and Blitzcrank’s crowd control skills results in a formidable duo in the bot lane. This pairing allows you to manipulate the game’s dynamics, determining the timing and location of engagements.

Let’s analyze why Tristana is a top pick:

  • Tristana’s E ability, Explosive Charge, enhances your gameplay, offering strategic poking and siege potential.
  • Rapid Fire, Tristana’s Q ability, gives a considerable increase in attack speed, ideal for tearing through adversaries.
  • The W ability, Rocket Jump, encourages aggressive plays while also acting as an escape mechanism.
  • Tristana’s R ability, Buster Shot, brings an additional level of crowd control, working well with Blitzcrank.
  • The Passive, Draw a Bead, enhances her basic attack range as she levels, providing more safety and poking potential.

The strategic complexity of Tristana and Blitzcrank’s synergy is undeniable. It equips you with the power to dominate the bot lane, create opportunities for your team, and, ultimately, the freedom to triumph in the game.

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