10 Best ADCs With Brand in League of Legends Season 13

Chris Lee
Chris Lee 17 Min Read

As a tactician in the vibrant world of League of Legends, you understand the power of the right ADC-Brand pairings. With Season 13 unfolding, it’s time to rethink your strategies. Our handpicked list of the top 10 ADCs to pair with Brand is poised to tip the scales in your favor.

Learn who’s leading the pack, who’s lagging behind, and which wildcard could redefine your game plan. The right champion awaits, ready to amplify your team’s prowess.

1. Caitlyn

Rolling out with Caitlyn and Brand in bot lane is like bringing a cannon to a knife fight. Trust me, as a seasoned player, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching the enemy ADC scramble under the onslaught of Caitlyn’s Headshot passive and Brand’s Blaze.

Remember, it’s not just about the DPS, it’s about controlling the pace of the game.

Take advantage of Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps and Brand’s Sear to corner your opponents. You see a melee champion advancing?

Lay down a trap and let Brand follow up with a Conflagration. Got a squishy enemy thinking they can farm in peace? Hit them with a Piltover Peacemaker and watch as Brand’s Pyroclasm turns their health bar into a sad memory.

And let’s not forget the thrill of chaining your ultimates. Picture this: Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole, followed by Brand’s Pyroclasm. It’s a beautiful sight, I assure you.

But remember, every bot lane duo has its counter. Against champions with high mobility, it’s more about baiting out their dodges before you commit to your combos.

This duo may require some practice, but once mastered, it’s a bot lane nightmare that’ll have your enemies pinging for help more often than not.

2. Ashe

Brand and Ashe, what a deadly combo! Their synergy isn’t just about freezing and burning – it’s a lot more tactical.

When you’re playing Ashe, don’t just spam Volley; use it strategically to slow the opposing bot lane. This setup allows Brand to land his Sear with ease, leading to a stun and amplifying his burst damage.

Now picture it, you’re in a team fight at the dragon pit. Ashe fires off her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, stunning the enemy ADC.

Brand quickly follows up with his Pyroclasm, bouncing between enemies and causing mayhem. It’s a beautiful sight, seeing the enemy team scramble as they’re slowed and stunned, their health bars melting away.

In my humble opinion, this duo outshines many others. The control and damage they offer are unmatched, especially against immobile enemies. Just remember to communicate and coordinate your abilities for maximum impact.

Not every bot lane matchup will be a walk in the park, though. Against high mobility champions like Ezreal or Lucian, landing your crowd control can be a challenge.

But hey, that’s where the skill comes in, right? Play smart, and this bot lane duo is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Aphelios

Aphelios and Brand, it’s a bot lane combo that’s like pulling off a successful Baron Nashor ambush – satisfying and game-changing. Aphelios’ chameleonic weapon arsenal is the perfect match for Brand’s fiery capabilities.

Whether Aphelios is poking with Calibrum or slicing with Severum, he can consistently trigger Brand’s Blaze passive, creating a constant threat to opponents.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Imagine an enemy Vayne tumbling towards you, thinking she’s an upper hand.

This is where Aphelios steps in with Infernum, dealing AoE damage and Brand follows up with his Searing Spell, activating his passive. The result? A Vayne running for her life, and a bot lane that’s yours for the taking.

Personally, I find this combo particularly effective against aggressive lanes. The constant poke and threat of Brand’s Pyroclasm bouncing between enemies keeps them at bay, allowing Aphelios to farm safely. But remember, always keep an eye on your mana, as Brand’s spells are quite costly.

Comparatively, this duo may struggle against high sustain lanes like Soraka and Ezreal, but with careful play and good communication, you can turn the tide. So, get into the Rift, and let this duo set your games ablaze!

4. Jhin

When you’re in bot lane as Jhin, pairing up with Brand is like a match made in the fiery pits of Summoner’s Rift.

Trust me when I say, this duo is a real game-changer. The synergy here is all about the art of control – controlling the lane, the enemies, and the tempo.

Brand’s zoning prowess is the perfect setup for Jhin’s long-range poke. Don’t just passively use these skills, make them count.

Force your opponents to dance to your tune. When Brand lands his Sear (Q), it’s your cue to strike with Deadly Flourish (W) for a stunning performance. The poke and stun combo is a sure-fire way to keep your enemies on their toes.

Imagine a scenario where the enemy bot lane is pushing aggressively. Brand could lay down his Pillar of Flame (W) to create a hazardous zone, and Jhin follows up with a Curtain Call (R) from a safe distance.

It’s a symphony of destruction that will have the enemy bot lane scrambling for cover.

But remember, every bot lane pair has its counters. Against high mobility champs like Ezreal, your aim and timing must be impeccable.

You have the tools to dominate, but it’s all about how you use them. Keep practicing and soon, you’ll be the conductor of your own victorious symphony.

5. Kai’Sa

When Brand and Kai’Sa pair up in bot lane, it’s like watching a well-choreographed dance of destruction. Now, imagine a skirmish around the dragon pit. Brand lands his Sear (Q) for the stun, and that’s your cue as Kai’Sa.

Dive in with Killer Instinct (R), and follow up with the burst damage from Icathian Rain (Q). Enemies vanish before they even know what hit them.

In my opinion, this duo shines brightest when they’re coordinated. You’ll need to keep an eye on Brand’s stun and seize those opportunities. If you’re playing Kai’Sa, coordinate with your Brand. Communication is key here.

Compared to other ADCs, Kai’Sa’s aggressive playstyle synergizes well with Brand’s crowd control. But remember, every bot lane duo has its counters.

If you’re up against a bot lane with strong poke, you’ll need to play the laning phase smart. Don’t worry though, once you get to the mid-game, this duo can turn team fights around with their high damage output and crowd control.

Just remember: positioning and timing can turn the tide of any skirmish or team fight. And when you’re playing Kai’Sa and Brand, it’s all about setting the stage for a killer performance.

6. Varus

Varus and Brand, a dynamic bot lane duo, can make your enemies ‘see grey’ in no time. Varus’ Piercing Arrow, with its long-range sniping capability, meshes perfectly with Brand’s combustible abilities to deliver devastating poke damage.

Brand’s Pyroclasm and Sear, with their area-of-effect damage and stun, make for excellent zoning tools.

Imagine this: you’re in the bot lane, Varus is ready to fire off a fully charged Piercing Arrow. Brand lands a Sear on the enemy ADC, stunning them in place.

That’s your green light. Varus lets loose the arrow, and just like that, you’ve got an enemy running back to their turret with half their health gone.

But what makes this duo shine is their ability to control the battlefield. In my personal opinion, there’s nothing more satisfying than boxing in your enemies with Brand’s Conflagration and watching Varus pick them off with Hail of Arrows. It’s like chess, but with more explosions and arcane arrows.

Sure, there are other pairs with more sustain or burst damage, but few can match the area denial and poke potential of Varus and Brand.

So, fellow summoners, don’t just focus on their individual abilities, think about how to weave them together to dominate the bot lane.

7. Jinx

Jinx, the Loose Cannon, and Brand, the Burning Vengeance, can be a real nightmare for their adversaries in the bot lane.

You’re not just tossing out spells, you’re tactically baiting your opponents into a fiery trap. Brand’s Blazing Inferno synergizes with Jinx’s Switcheroo, adding poke damage that can shred enemy health bars.

When a stun from Brand’s Sear hits, that’s your cue to lay down Jinx’s Flame Chompers, ensnaring enemies in a deadly lockdown that few can escape from. But remember, timing is everything in League. Misfire, and you’re just wasting mana.

Personally, I enjoy the thrill of seeing Brand’s passive, Blaze, amplifying Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching an enemy champion’s health bar deplete while ablaze, only to be finished off by Jinx’s rocket in a spectacular explosion.

Imagine you’re in a team fight at Dragon pit, the enemy team is low on health, and you’ve got the perfect setup. Brand’s Pyroclasm bounces between enemies, igniting them with Blaze.

The enemy ADC tries to retreat, but oh no, here comes Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket! Boom! The enemy ADC is down, and you’re ready to secure the Dragon.

This duo excels at turning fights in their favor, and I firmly believe they’re one of the best bot lane combinations out there.

Always remember, though, mastering this duo requires practice and understanding of their abilities. So, take your time, and soon, you’ll be setting the Rift ablaze with this fiery duo.

8. Xayah

The bot lane can be a treacherous place, but with Xayah and Brand at your side, you’re surely going to paint the river red.

When Xayah’s Featherstorm rains down a flurry of feathers, it’s Brand’s time to shine. His fiery area damage spells, especially Pyroclasm, will make your enemies think twice before stepping on your feathers.

My personal advice? Keep a sharp eye on Xayah’s E skill, Bladecaller. This move isn’t just about damage—it’s about control. Use it wisely to lock down enemies, leaving them vulnerable to Brand’s flaming onslaught.

Imagine you’re against a heavy poke bot lane. You’re under tower, trying to farm. Suddenly, Xayah launches her Featherstorm, scattering feathers beneath the enemy.

As they scramble, Brand lands his Sear, stunning an opponent. Xayah pulls back her feathers with Bladecaller, shredding their health bar. Brand then throws his Pyroclasm, securing the kill. Sweet, right?

But remember, not all bot lane combinations are created equal. Xayah and Brand might struggle against champions with strong disengage or sustain, like Janna or Soraka. So, always be prepared to adapt and overcome. That’s the League way, after all.

9. Draven

Draven and Brand, now that’s a bot lane duo that can be a nightmare for the enemy team. If you’re a fan of high-risk, high-reward gameplay like me, then this ADC and support combo will be right up your alley.

When piloting Draven, your primary objective should be to keep those Spinning Axes juggling. But just dealing damage isn’t enough.

You need to synergize with your Brand to dominate the lane. So, when Brand lands his Sear, it’s your time to shine. Land a Spinning Axe or two, and watch as the enemy’s health bar disappears faster than a Teemo in the brush.

Now, imagine you’re in the bot lane, and Brand manages to tag the enemy ADC with his Blaze. You’ve got two Spinning Axes at the ready.

Brand follows up with his Sear, stunning the enemy. This is your moment, let those axes fly. It’s plays like these that can make the bot lane a living hell for your opponents.

But, don’t get too cocky. Remember, Draven is squishy and lacks reliable escapes. If you’re up against hard crowd control or burst damage champions, keep your distance and play safe.

Sure, it’s not as flashy as a pentakill, but smart gameplay wins games. Just make sure to communicate with your Brand to land those skillshots. Mastering this duo might take some practice, but trust me, it’s worth it.

10. Miss Fortune

When it comes to bot lane synergy in League of Legends Season 13, you’ll find that Miss Fortune and Brand make a lethal combo. They’re like a rolling inferno, impossible to withstand.

Here’s what you need to do: focus on combining Miss Fortune’s AOE damage from ‘Make It Rain’ and ‘Bullet Time’ with Brand’s ‘Pyroclasm’ for crowd control and burst. Trust me, the results are devastating!

Let’s say you’re up against a slow bot lane duo, they’re pushing towards your turret. You’re playing Brand and your partner is Miss Fortune.

You start by landing ‘Sear’ to stun an opponent, Miss Fortune follows up with ‘Make It Rain’, slowing them even further.

Then, you unleash ‘Pyroclasm’, bouncing between enemies while Miss Fortune activates ‘Bullet Time’. The enemy bot lane duo is obliterated before they even know what’s hit them.

In my opinion, this combo outshines many others because of the control it provides in the bot lane.

The ability to punish overextensions and turn fights around with your combined damage output is a real game-changer.

Just remember, timing and positioning are key here, you miss a ‘Sear’ and the tide could turn against you. Keep practicing, and you’ll master the art of this bot lane duo in no time.

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