10 Best ADCs With Braum in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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As the heart of Freljord, Braum stands unyielding, a protector among champions in the League of Legends. But even the mightiest shield is only as strong as the warrior at his side.

In Season 13’s ever-shifting battlefield, pairing with the right ADC is more crucial than ever. Fear not, for our meticulous research into playstyles and win rates has yielded the top 10 ADCs to complement your steadfast Braum.

Here’s the knowledge you need to forge an indomitable duo in the bot lane.

1. Kog’Maw

Among the ADCs suitable for teaming up with Braum, Kog’Maw stands out for leveraging Braum’s protective strengths to deliver powerful ranged attacks. B

raum’s abilities are especially beneficial for guarding less mobile marksmen such as Kog’Maw, whose long-range combat style grows significantly more dangerous when supported by a reliable protector.

Braum’s Unbreakable (E) skill is key for reducing incoming harm, giving Kog’Maw the confidence to take optimal positions.

Additionally, the stun resulting from accumulated Concussive Blows (Passive) stacks creates opportunities for Kog’Maw to land his Living Artillery (R) with greater ease.

Tactically, focus on utilizing Braum’s capacity to break off engagements, employing Glacial Fissure (R) to disrupt enemy attacks.

Concurrently, Kog’Maw can use Bio-Arcane Barrage (W) to effectively cut down opponents, benefiting from Braum’s ability to control the enemy.

This partnership demands a well-coordinated strategy to establish a strong team fighting dynamic from the front lines to the back.

2. Twitch

Pairing Braum with Twitch on the battlefield enables powerful ambush tactics. Braum’s defensive abilities complement Twitch’s stealth approach, creating a combination that can surprise adversaries and gain advantages on the battlefield.

These strategic benefits should be considered:

  1. Engage Adaptability: Twitch’s element of surprise with Ambush works harmoniously with Braum’s Unbreakable, facilitating both unexpected attacks and retreats.
  2. Layered Crowd Control: Initiating with Braum’s Winter’s Bite or Glacial Fissure, followed by Twitch’s Venom Cask, can result in a sequence of slows and stuns that effectively ensnare opponents.
  3. Defense and Support: Braum’s Stand Behind Me offers protection, especially during Twitch’s Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat, which is vital for a vulnerable ADC such as Twitch.

To effectively utilize this pair, one must master the correct timing and positioning, ensuring Twitch can wreak havoc while Braum mitigates incoming threats.

3. Sivir

When you have Sivir as your ADC, the protective abilities of Braum can amplify her boomerang-driven attacks, transforming them into a powerful presence in the lane.

Sivir’s ability to clear minion waves, combined with Braum’s defensive skills, means your team can effectively advance lanes while staying shielded from enemy ambushes.

Pay close attention to the positioning of your adversaries – Braum can stun with his passive, Concussive Blows, which can provide Sivir with the opportunity to hit multiple foes with her Boomerang Blade.

Here is a strategic analysis of how well they work together:

Braum’s SkillSivir’s Advantage
Concussive Blows (Passive)Simplifies landing Boomerang Blade after a stun
Unbreakable (E)More secure minion clearing and poke deflection
Glacial Fissure (R)Enables hitting several targets with Ricochet (W)

Keep a watchful eye on your ability cooldowns; precise timing is key to fully utilizing the strengths of this pair in both lane control and team skirmishes.

4. Ziggs

Every Ziggs explosive becomes a looming threat for adversaries when combined with Braum’s unwavering defense and control over the crowd. Braum’s abilities naturally enhance Ziggs’ long-range combat style, presenting multiple strategic benefits:

  1. Combined Control Over the Crowd: Braum’s passive ability, Concussive Blows, works with Ziggs’ area damage to effortlessly stun opponents, making it challenging for them to evade the following onslaught.
  2. Area Denial: Braum’s Unbreakable skill can shield Ziggs as he controls space with his Hexplosive Minefield and Mega Inferno Bomb.
  3. Siege Capability: Jointly, they’re formidable at destroying towers; Braum provides defense while Ziggs employs his Satchel Charge for destruction.

To effectively use this pair, one must practice precise positioning and timing to take full advantage of their shared area control and damaging abilities.

5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s rapid-fire assault transforms into a formidable display when combined with Braum’s protective barrier and ability to control the crowd, allowing you to assert dominance in the bot lane with relative ease.

Engaging in combat as Miss Fortune, your main aim is to utilize her strong lane command and intense burst damage to your advantage.

Braum’s protective skills make sure you can gather minions and get into position to deploy your Bullet Time ultimate without undue risk.

The partnership between Braum’s passive, Concussive Blows, and Miss Fortune’s Love Tap deserves special attention.

With precise teamwork, Braum’s initial control over the crowd can create an ideal area for you to release your maximum damage capacity.

This pairing demands a deep understanding of timing and spatial awareness to fully utilize the capabilities of both champions. Becoming proficient with this team can lead to substantial lane pressure and equip your side with a notable edge during skirmishes.

6. Jinx

Although Jinx doesn’t have built-in abilities to control crowds, teaming her with Braum can elevate her to a significant threat on the bot lane. Benefit from Braum’s fight initiation and defensive moves to protect Jinx as she fires her powerful rockets and chompers.

Considering your strategy for control of the lane with this pair, pay attention to these crucial interactions:

  1. Braum’s Passive Synergy: After Braum marks an opponent, Jinx can quickly activate the stun with her rapid attack rate, particularly when her passive’s bonus speed is active.
  2. Peel and Protect: Braum’s defensive abilities and crowd control give Jinx the security to power up her minigun or switch to her rocket launcher for area damage.
  3. Ultimate Combination: Timing Braum’s Glacial Fissure effectively can create an opportunity for Jinx’s Super Mega Death Rocket, leading to eliminations or pressuring the opposing team to back off.

Mastering this partnership could make you an imposing presence in the bot lane.

7. Xayah

While Jinx benefits from Braum’s initiation and protection, Xayah can independently escape threats with Featherstorm, making her a powerful ally for Braum, enhancing both defense and counterattack capabilities in the bot lane.

Xayah’s distinctive abilities allow her to reposition with Bladecaller, assisting Braum in landing significant Winter’s Bite or Glacial Fissure stuns. When teamed up, they can effectively push back adversaries, manage minion waves, and secure eliminations.

Strategically, it’s wise to utilize their combined strengths during team engagements and smaller conflicts.

Deploy Xayah’s feathers to discourage enemy advances, and should opponents choose to engage, Braum’s shield offers the sturdiness needed to absorb the initial onslaught, affording Xayah the opportunity to deal her maximum damage. Together, they form an enduring and formidable presence in combat.

8. Ashe

Ashe’s ability to attack from a distance complements Braum’s protective tactics, allowing for a dominant presence in the lane. Her slowing attacks work well with Braum’s ability to control opponents, creating an impressive team.

When planning your strategy, keep in mind these points:

  1. Poke and Protection: Use Ashe’s W for long-range harassment while Braum guards you with his shield and stuns.
  2. Combining Ultimates: Link Ashe’s R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, with Braum’s Glacial Fissure for impactful initiation or counter-initiation.
  3. Map Awareness: Use Ashe’s E, Hawkshot, to gain extensive vision, which helps you stay informed and secure in your lane.

Your partnership thrives on a mix of offensive capabilities and resilient defense, allowing you to dictate the pace of the bottom lane.

9. Ezreal

How about pairing Braum’s steadfast protection with Ezreal’s arcane agility for a lane that is both hard to pin down and engaging? When you’re playing Ezreal with Braum, your goal is not just to get through the early game; you aim to outmaneuver and outplay.

The agility of Ezreal, paired with Braum’s defensive abilities, allows for assertive poking and disengage strategies that can frustrate adversaries.

Here’s a tactical analysis to take full advantage of this pair’s capabilities:

Ezreal’s agilityUtilize Arcane Shift for repositioning, to support Braum’s engagements or to evade dangers.
Braum’s defenseStand behind me – Braum can leap to Ezreal, providing immediate defense with Unbreakable.
Potential for harassingSynchronize Concussive Blows and Mystic Shot to chip away at enemies from a secure distance.

This combination excels with thoughtful aggression and precise positioning. You should combine spells and basic attacks smoothly, taking full advantage of each opportunity Braum provides.

10. Draven

Focusing on Draven, his formidable damage output, when combined with Braum’s defensive capabilities, results in a lane controlled by overwhelming power and tactical defense. Playing Draven alongside Braum, you should keep these key points in mind:

  1. Lane Aggression: Draven’s Spinning Axes enhance his basic attacks. Paired with Braum’s ability to stun and reduce incoming damage, you can engage in trades with more confidence.
  2. Kill Potential: The combined crowd control abilities and damage from both champions can secure early eliminations, allowing Draven to build on his lead through his Adoration passive.
  3. Teamfight Presence: During larger battles, Braum’s shield and his ultimate ability, Glacial Fissure, can interrupt opponents, granting Draven the opportunity to deal substantial damage.

Effective positioning and timing when initiating fights are key to capitalizing on your control over the lane and maintaining that advantage as the game progresses.

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