10 Best ADCs With Janna in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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As a Janna main, you know the importance of finding the perfect ADC partner to dominate the bot lane in League of Legends Season 13.

With so many champions to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right match. Fear not, we’ve analyzed the current meta and handpicked the top 10 ADCs that synergize best with Janna’s kit.

From the aggressive Draven to the elusive Vayne, we’ll help you understand their strengths, weaknesses, and how they complement Janna’s abilities. Get ready to breeze through the competition and climb the ranks with these powerful duos.

1. Draven

Draven’s high damage output and aggressive approach make him a formidable ally for Janna, reinforcing your command over the lane in Season 13.

While you compete in the bot lane, Draven’s ability to capitalize on Adoration stacks, combined with Janna’s defensive and disengage capabilities, gives you the opportunity to play with intensity.

Your actions extend beyond merely farming minions; you’re exerting pressure on adversaries, keeping them at bay, and taking advantage of their errors.

The defensive barrier of Janna’s shield, Eye of the Storm, also amplifies Draven’s already significant Spinning Axe damage. This partnership allows for more effective exchanges, often tipping the scales in your favor.

Her abilities, Zephyr and Howling Gale, offer the means to pursue foes or retreat from precarious situations, ensuring Draven’s continued participation and chance to gain momentum.

Additionally, Janna’s ultimate, Monsoon, provides a moment to reset during conflicts. It allows for a pause and a chance to reconsider, particularly when engaged closely with the enemy team.

Wielding Draven with Janna as your ally, you’ll find yourself with the opportunity to control the lane’s rhythm, making assertive plays that result in a strong presence and, with strategic play, a route to triumph.

2. Vayne

Teaming up with Janna in the bot lane allows you to take advantage of Vayne’s potential for a strong performance in later stages of the game while ensuring you can handle the early stages effectively.

Janna’s abilities offer the needed protection and ability to disengage, helping to counteract Vayne’s weak points during early encounters.

Her Eye of the Storm (E) skill gives a shield that not only protects against incoming attacks but also increases Vayne’s attack damage, improving her ability to exchange blows with opponents.

When considering how well this pair works together, Janna’s Howling Gale (Q) and Monsoon (R) can interrupt foes, giving you the chance to reposition using Vayne’s Tumble (Q) and push away threats with Condemn (E).

This combination allows for an offensive strategy while maintaining a backup plan. Significantly, Janna’s Zephyr (W) skill passively improves your movement speed, which works well with Vayne’s innate ability to chase down opponents.

Janna is crucial for Vayne to achieve her full potential in matches. Your aim isn’t only to perform well during the early game but to prepare for a commanding performance later on.

Utilizing Janna’s support capabilities allows for overcoming early game challenges and moving into a stage where you can control the later part of the match. The ability to choose your position and targets improves greatly with Janna’s assistance.

3. Tristana

With Tristana, her dynamic playstyle pairs well with Janna’s protective skills to take control of the bot lane.

This duo excels at combining aggressive offense with secure defense. Tristana uses her Rocket Jump (W) to engage, while Janna disrupts adversaries with Howling Gale (Q) and Zephyr (W), giving you a strategic advantage.

Your strategy with Tristana should be thoughtful but adaptable. Use her Rapid Fire (Q) to quickly damage turrets, and rely on Janna to disengage enemies with Monsoon (R) if they attempt to converge on your position.

Using Tristana’s Buster Shot (R) with Janna’s crowd control can swing any fight in your favor by singling out and taking down priority targets.

During the laning phase, take advantage of Tristana’s increasing range to harass and control. At the same time, Janna’s Eye Of The Storm (E) shields support your exchanges, helping you to emerge more successful.

Moving into team fights, your placement is key. Position yourself where Janna can protect you and watch for chances to reset your Rocket Jump after defeating opponents.

Adopting this partnership requires a playstyle that’s both active and relentless. With careful timing and teamwork, you can overcome adversaries, securing wins through smart offense and strong defense.

4. Kog’Maw

Although Kog’Maw may lack the ability to move quickly, Janna’s array of protective skills makes them an effective pair in the bot lane.

Her Eye of the Storm not only gives Kog’Maw a shield from incoming attacks but also increases his already powerful attack damage, making him an even greater threat.

When paired with Janna, you can concentrate on tearing down adversaries with Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage, secure in the knowledge that Janna will have your back with her Howling Gale and Zephyr to interrupt enemies’ aggressive moves.

When things become risky, Janna’s ultimate, Monsoon, provides a brief respite, pushing back foes and giving Kog’Maw the chance he needs to reposition or eliminate targets. This partnership isn’t solely about defense; it’s about enhancing Kog’Maw’s offensive capabilities.

With Janna’s assistance, you can control the laning phase and become a force in the middle game, as long as you’re smart about your positioning and make the most of Janna’s ability to disengage.

Your ability to cause damage depends on Janna’s skill cooldowns. It’s vital to communicate well and confirm she’s ready to intervene when you engage in combat.

This alliance can transform Kog’Maw’s weak points into advantages, instilling fear in anyone brave enough to confront you in the bot lane.

5. Twitch

Twitch’s unexpected strikes become even more deadly with Janna’s protective winds at your side, setting the stage for devastating surprise attacks in the bot lane.

As Twitch, you take pleasure in the art of the ambush, and Janna’s abilities complement that playstyle with precision.

Her Eye of the Storm not only increases your auto-attack damage but also provides a shield to absorb damage, ensuring your survival to unleash your lethal venom.

Janna’s Howling Gale and Zephyr create disruptions, allowing you optimal positioning with Ambush and Expunge.

Her ultimate, Monsoon, is a game-changer, repelling enemies and restoring your health in the midst of combat. This gives you the chance to either re-engage or retreat as the situation demands.

Your aim is to grow into a formidable force by game’s end, and Janna facilitates this with her ability to disengage and protect. Positioning is key; with Janna’s aid, you can move through team fights and isolate targets.

Welcome the disorder you both create – Janna’s orderly interference paves the way for your burst of chaos, crafting a symphony of destruction on the Rift.

6. Jhin

When crafting a strategy for dominating the bot lane, consider the combination of Janna with Jhin to be a brilliant tactic. Her shielding and crowd control skills work in harmony with his precision burst damage and artistic long-range shots.

The supportive abilities of Janna augment the already strong lane presence of Jhin, creating a duo that’s tough to beat. Jhin excels with the opportunity to use his Deadly Flourish and Curtain Call to their full potential.

Janna’s ability to disengage and provide protection allows Jhin to find the best position from which to take out his enemies with exactitude.

  • Customized Cooperation: Janna’s Eye of the Storm (E) adds bonus AD, enhancing Jhin’s fourth shot for impactful exchanges.
  • Control Combination: Connect Janna’s Zephyr (W) or Howling Gale (Q) with Jhin’s Deadly Flourish (W) to immobilize targets for straightforward eliminations.
  • Staying Power and Pursuit: Janna’s Monsoon (R) offers healing and a way to break free from conflict, giving Jhin the chance to either reposition or pursue with his passive movement speed increase.

An analysis of this pairing shows a strategic approach to controlling the bot lane: employing Janna’s abilities to protect and empower Jhin’s precise style of play.

The ability to decide when to engage and disengage means maintaining command over the pace of the lane, preventing rivals from throwing off your well-planned tactics.

7. Aphelios

Aphelios’s complex weaponry combined with Janna’s defensive breezes can take your bot lane performance to higher levels, providing a mix of adaptability and defense.

When you select Aphelios and Janna, you aren’t just picking two champions; you’re creating a partnership that takes advantage of their distinct abilities.

Aphelios requires careful positioning and precise timing, which are exactly what Janna’s skills for disengaging provide. Her Eye of the Storm not only increases his durability but also his already significant damage potential.

Looking closer at this pair, Janna’s Monsoon has the ability to reset skirmishes, which works well with Aphelios’s need for space to operate, enabling you to reverse unfavorable situations when adversaries come too near.

Additionally, her Zephyr and Howling Gale interrupt the opposition’s progress, giving Aphelios the chance to select his weapons carefully and find the optimal mix for the scenario at hand.

Utilizing Janna’s crowd control to protect Aphelios is crucial, ensuring he can safely achieve his strong points and lead the game to victory.

Together, Aphelios and Janna create a duo that respects your wish for independence in lane while giving you the means to execute influential actions.

If you become proficient with this pair, you’ll attain a level of dominance in bot lane that’s hard for many to oppose.

8. Caitlyn

You will notice that Caitlyn’s extensive reach and Janna’s protective breezes create an outstanding synergy in the bottom lane, which allows for assertive poking and territorial control in Season 13.

Caitlyn can utilize her extended reach to make use of Janna’s Eye of the Storm, enabling her to deal critical strikes from a position of safety. This combination pressures adversaries into a defensive stance or they risk being gradually worn down by persistent harassment.

  • Trap and Tornado Technique: Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap (W) in combination with Janna’s Howling Gale (Q) can immobilize foes for more prolonged exchanges or to potentially secure eliminations.
  • Endurance and Assault: Janna’s Monsoon (R) affords endurance, allowing Caitlyn to remain in her lane and apply continuous pressure to enemy turrets.
  • Escape Capability: Janna’s Zephyr (W) and her ultimate can interrupt enemy advances effectively, ensuring Caitlyn remains unharmed to maintain her barrage.

This duo thrives in creating a territorial advantage that’s challenging for many to counter. With Caitlyn’s traps and Janna’s tools for disengaging, you’re in charge of the lane’s tempo.

The strategic intricacies this combination introduces are significant; it hinges on smart positioning, managing minion waves, and delivering pokes at optimal times.

Accept the opportunity to push the limits and assert dominance in the bottom lane with Caitlyn and Janna.

9. Kalista

As an ADC, Kalista’s synergy with Janna uses her unique mobility to dance around threats while benefiting from the tempest’s protection in Season 13.

Your ability to capitalize on Kalista’s Rend stacks with Janna’s Eye of the Storm not only improves your trades but also allows for an assertive laning phase.

Janna’s Howling Gale and Zephyr provide crowd control to set up your Piercing Arrows, while her Monsoon offers a way to disengage should battles not go as planned.

Your tactical skill is crucial when pairing these champions. Janna’s abilities complement Kalista’s need for kiting and repositioning, a vital part of your gameplay.

With Janna’s shield, you’ll notice your Effective Health Pool is significantly larger, making trades more advantageous as you lead the assault.

The movement speed bonus from Janna’s passive, Tailwind, combined with Kalista’s Martial Poise, makes you an elusive target, moving across the battlefield with a fluidity that opponents find challenging.

Your freedom to move through team fights and skirmishes is greatly enhanced when these two work well together.

The duo’s synergy isn’t just about their combined abilities but the strategic freedom they provide you in the game. Be assured, when controlled with precision and foresight, Kalista and Janna are a formidable duo in Season 13.

10. Jinx

Transitioning from Kalista’s agile playstyle to teaming up with Janna as Jinx, you’ll notice your siege capabilities and effectiveness in team battles significantly improve.

Jinx’s ability to attack from afar using her Fishbones launcher, paired with Janna’s abilities to disrupt enemy advances, creates a strong lane presence that keeps rivals alert.

You two can manage minion waves with precision and apply constant pressure to enemy structures.

  • Rocket Reach: Use Fishbones to harass enemies from a safe distance, taking advantage of Janna’s shield for an increase in attack damage.
  • Chompers and Cyclones: Combine Flame Chompers with Janna’s Howling Gale or Monsoon for an effective chain of crowd control to immobilize adversaries.
  • Stormy Scaling: Both champions become more potent as the game progresses, making strategic positioning and timing increasingly crucial for winning larger encounters.

With Jinx, you thrive in the midst of conflict. Your role is more than just an ADC; you’re akin to an artillery piece with a knack for destruction.

Concentrate on finding the best spots during fights to capitalize on Janna’s ability to protect you. The combination of your abilities with her crowd control means with each conflict, you’re not just enduring—you’re excelling.

Keep this powerful partnership in mind when entering the queue, and prepare for action.

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