10 Best ADCs With Karma in League of Legends Season 13

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When it comes to mastering League of Legends, the right ADC can make all the difference, especially when paired with Karma in Season 13.

This isn’t just about winning, it’s about strategizing, about finding the perfect synergy.

That’s where this guide comes in.

We’ve meticulously researched and now present the top 10 ADCs to pair with Karma, a simple yet crucial step towards your next victory.

1. Ezreal

The ADC you might want to think about teaming up with Karma in your games is Ezreal, a character applauded for his high damage output and agility.

Ezreal, a long-distance poke champion, can inflict considerable damage safely with his Mystic Shot (Q) and Essence Flux (W). This strategy helps keep adversaries at a distance while slowly reducing their health bars.

Arcane Shift (E), an ability of Ezreal’s, provides him a personal flash, which provides him the liberty to enter and exit fights at will.

This skill synergizes well with Karma’s abilities. Karma’s Inspire (E) can enhance Ezreal’s speed, allowing for swift repositioning or the pursuit of weakened enemies.

Karma’s tether (W) also aids in immobilizing opponents, setting them up for Ezreal’s Trueshot Barrage (R) for optimal damage.

But be cautious of Ezreal’s mana usage. His skills consume a significant amount of mana, which needs to be managed wisely.

This can be somewhat mitigated when paired with Karma’s shield, as her mantra’d shield (R+E) offers an area-of-effect shield and movement speed bonus. This provides Ezreal the defense and agility required to excel in the bot lane.

They make a powerful pair, providing the flexibility to dominate games.

2. Jhin

Why not think about teaming up Karma and Jhin, an impressive ADC in League of Legends Season 13? This pair dishes out some of the heaviest poke damage in the game, making them a choice to consider for bot lane domination.

Jhin’s unique ‘four-shot’ mechanic perfectly aligns with Karma’s abilities. Her Q, Inner Flame, slows enemies, aiding Jhin in landing his lethal shots more efficiently. Karma’s shield (E, Inspire) gifts Jhin with speed, allowing swift repositioning and precise striking.

Jhin’s W, Deadly Flourish, syncs well with Karma’s poke and crowd control abilities. If Karma lands her Q or W on enemy champions, Jhin can follow up with his W for a sure root, setting them up for a lethal combo.

Karma’s ultimate, Mantra, when paired with any of her abilities, offers additional power that complements Jhin’s aggressive playstyle. Mantra-empowered abilities can give hefty shields, increased poke damage, or enhanced crowd control, adapting to the situation.

With strategic play and good coordination, the Karma-Jhin combination can bring a high-risk, high-reward playstyle that could be both liberating and fulfilling.

3. Caitlyn

If you enjoy the thrill of the Karma-Jhin duo, you might also find the Karma-Caitlyn pair an effective choice for controlling the bot lane in League of Legends Season 13. Fans of long-range poke and sieges could find this pair quite suitable.

Caitlyn, with her superior range and escape abilities, is a challenging ADC to play alongside Karma. Caitlyn’s Q ability, Piltover Peacemaker, along with Karma’s poke, ensures constant pressure on the enemy bot lane.

Caitlyn’s traps, or Yordle Snap Traps, combine perfectly with Karma’s snare, or Focused Resolve, resulting in lethal lockdown.

Karma’s E ability, Inspire, offers a shield and increases movement speed, improving Caitlyn’s kiting abilities. This will make it difficult for enemies to engage or flee, giving you more room during skirmishes.

Caitlyn’s ultimate, Ace in the Hole, can be a turning point in the game. With Karma’s assistance in removing enemies, Caitlyn can safely use this ability to potentially secure a kill. The focus of this duo is pressure, control, and strategic kills.

4. Zeri

One ADC that pairs well with Karma in Season 13 is Zeri. The dynamic nature of Zeri makes her a suitable partner for Karma because of her capacity to adjust to diverse play styles.

The adaptable kit of Zeri, when merged with the empowering abilities of Karma, has the potential to change the course of any match.

The ‘Song of the Isles’ ability of Zeri provides her with an increased attack speed and swift movement, making her a capable hit-and-run champion. When this is amplified with the ‘Inspire’ skill of Karma, Zeri can become a considerable threat.

Here we present a brief insight into their synergy:

KarmaInspireEnhances Zeri’s speed and shield
ZeriSong of the IslesIncreases attack and movement speed
PairingStrategyHit-and-run tactics

The ‘Whirling Seeds’ of Zeri can also be used as a tool for crowd control when in pursuit or escape. When this is paired with the ‘Focused Resolve’ of Karma, enemies may find it extremely difficult to evade their grasp.

5. Jinx

If you desire a truly explosive ADC to match with Karma, Jinx is an excellent choice. Her extensive range rockets from ‘Switcheroo!’ and crowd control capacity with ‘Flame Chompers!’ synergize superbly with Karma’s poke and shield support, respectively.

Jinx’s high damage potential and quick wave clear abilities make her a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. With Karma’s ‘Inspire’ shielding and speed enhancement, Jinx can’t only defeat enemies but also evade perilous situations.

The pair can establish a lane that’s challenging to suppress, enabling you to exert control and overpower your adversaries.

Also, Karma’s ‘Soulflare’ can aid in setting up Jinx’s ‘Super Mega Death Rocket!’, leading to a burst that can annihilate even the most resilient opponents. This combo can alter the outcome of a skirmish or potentially a team fight.

When it comes to the build, prioritizing attack speed and critical strike items on Jinx is suggested. A well-provisioned Jinx can tip the scales in a game, and Karma’s support plays a vital role in enabling that.

Thus, in the hyper-aggressive existing meta of Season 13, the Karma-Jinx duo can alter the dynamics of a game, providing a mix of safety, pressure, and when required, raw damage potential.

6. Draven

Looking for a gaming style that offers both risk and reward? Draven, combined with Karma, could be the perfect choice for Season 13.

This assertive ADC can capitalize on Karma’s support skills, transforming the lane into a danger zone for unprepared opponents. Yet, playing Draven demands a solid grasp of positioning and a sharp sense of opportunity.

The benefits and cooperation of Draven and Karma:

  • Powerful damage: Draven’s Spinning Axes, paired with Karma’s Inspire, can inflict severe damage.
  • Aggressive gameplay: Karma’s poke and crowd control provide Draven the chance to exploit enemy errors.

Potential difficulties:

  • Requires skill: Handling Draven’s Spinning Axes isn’t easy. Any mistake can have a hefty price.
  • Exposure: Without Karma’s protective shield, Draven becomes an easy target for enemy assassins.

Maintaining equilibrium is key. Risk-taking is vital, but knowing when to retreat is also crucial. The combination of Draven and Karma in Season 13 can provide an exhilarating, fast-paced gaming session.

If you aim for a duo capable of ruling the bottom lane and offering the excitement of high-risk gameplay, consider trying this pair!

7. Ashe

If you’re looking for a more strategic gameplay approach, consider the powerful combination of Ashe and Karma in Season 13 of League of Legends.

Ashe, known for her proficiency in long-distance strikes and crowd management, can slow enemies using Frost Shot and stun them with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, making her a formidable opponent in any battle.

Karma complements Ashe’s abilities with her multifaceted kit. Her Inner Flame can poke at adversaries while her Inspire increases Ashe’s speed, enabling her to kite or pursue opponents effectively.

Crucial to their survival in team fights is her Mantra-Empowered Inspire, which creates a protective barrier capable of absorbing substantial damage.

Additionally, Karma’s Focused Resolve can trap opponents attempting to target Ashe, providing her with extra protection.

The combination of their abilities supports a passive-aggressive playstyle, controlling the game’s rhythm while punishing those who overextend.

When you pair Ashe and Karma, you get a strategic blend of crowd control and defensive tactics. This power duo offers a secure yet influential presence in the bot lane, making them a preferred choice for players seeking a more tactical gameplay experience.

8. Swain

Moving forward, we come across Swain, a powerful champion who syncs incredibly with Karma in the League of Legends Season 13.

Swain, as an ADC, becomes more potent and controlling in team fights when partnered with Karma’s supporting capabilities. This duo offers a potent mix of crowd control, damage, and sustainability.

Let’s break down the interaction between these two champions:

Swain’s Abilities Interacting With Karma’s

  • Vision of Empire and Inner Flame: Vision of Empire, Swain’s E ability, exposes and slows down opponents, allowing Karma’s Q ability, Inner Flame, to hit without fail.
  • Nevermove and Focused Resolve: Swain’s W ability, Nevermove, immobilizes foes, which syncs flawlessly with Karma’s W ability, Focused Resolve, creating a lasting crowd control effect.

Tactical Gameplay

  • Lane Dominance: The combined abilities of Swain and Karma sanction assertive lane dominance, compelling enemies to adopt a defensive strategy.
  • Control Over Team Fights: During team fights, the amalgamation of Swain’s ultimate, Demonic Ascension, and Karma’s Mantra-E, Defiance, offers Swain a substantial shield as he drains life from foes.

Grasping these synergies and using them tactically will grant you the power to reign over the bot lane, have a firm grip over team fights, and in the grand view, win an increased number of games.

9. Samira

Once you have mastered the interactions between Swain and Karma, you’ll find that Karma’s effectiveness when combined with Samira during the bot lane battles in League of Legends Season 13 is just as compelling. Samira’s bold approach aligns well with Karma’s versatility and poking abilities.

Karma’s powered-up Q, Soulflare, acts as a superior zone-control tool, allowing Samira to engage without risk. Combined with Samira’s Daredevil Impulse, they can quickly deplete an enemy’s health bar, often catching them off guard.

Karma’s E, Inspire, can provide a protective shield for Samira during her attacks, and the acceleration from Mantra+E can aid Samira in pursuing enemies or making a hasty retreat.

When Karma utilizes her R+E, Defiance, she can offer Samira a substantial shield and acceleration, setting the stage for dramatic plays.

Samira’s ultimate, Inferno Trigger, can inflict substantial damage in a short timeframe, and Karma’s shields and acceleration can enable her to execute it without interruption.

Put simply, the dynamic of Samira’s daring attacks and Karma’s versatile spells makes them a threatening pair. They’re a duo who can control the rhythm of the bot lane, allowing you to play boldly and take charge of the match.

10. Lucian

In your search for the top ADCs to team up with Karma, you’ll find Lucian’s assertive play style and excellent mobility a suitable match. Lucian’s abilities allow for swift trades and total engagements, making him a great addition to Karma’s crowd control and poke skills.

Here are some synergies worth taking into account:

Lucian’s abilities:

  • Piercing Light (Q): This long-range poke is effective for chipping away at enemies, and it works well with Karma’s Inner Flame.
  • Relentless Pursuit (E): This is Lucian’s dash ability, which provides mobility and the chance to evade skill shots – a perfect match with Karma’s Inspire for increased speed and protection.

On Karma’s side, these abilities work well with Lucian:

  • Inner Flame (Q): This is Karma’s poke tool, which is perfect for setting up Lucian’s full-on engagements.
  • Inspire (E): This ability provides a protective shield and a speed increase, enhancing Lucian’s mobility and durability.

With these coordinated abilities, the combination of Karma’s crowd control and poke with Lucian’s excellent mobility and damage potential creates a formidable bot lane. The assertive play style is refreshing, leading to more control and dominance in your matches.

Hence, consider choosing Lucian as your ADC if you’re aiming for a swift, assertive bot lane this season.

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