10 Best ADCs With Milio in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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Struggling to dominate the bot lane in League of Legends? The arrival of Milio has reshaped strategies, and finding the right ADC to complement his incandescent support is key to victory.

This carefully curated list unveils the top 10 ADCs that synergize with Milio’s unique abilities, ensuring your climb up the ranked ladder is both swift and scorching.

With this knowledge, you’ll not only survive but also thrive in the fiery crucible of Season 13.
Embers of anticipation, prepare to be fanned into a blaze of glory.

1. Vayne

Vayne’s agility and combat skills make her a standout ADC when paired with Milio’s supporting capabilities in League of Legends Season 13.

With Milio’s Fired Up! passive, Vayne’s basic attacks gain augmented magic damage and a strong burn effect, making the most of her unyielding attacks.

Milio’s Cozy Campfire and Warm Hugs provide shields and movement speed, enhancing Vayne’s ability to survive, which is critical for a champion that excels in close-range fights.

The collaboration continues; Milio’s Ultra Mega Fire Kick can scatter enemies, perfectly positioning Vayne to pin an opponent against a barrier.

You’ll see that Milio is the perfect partner Vayne requires to take control of the bot lane, providing both the defense and the offensive power to allow her abilities to truly shine.

2. Kog’Maw

Switching from Vayne to Kog’Maw, you’ll notice how Milio’s supportive abilities enhance the void creature’s already formidable long-range capabilities, with the Fired Up! passive adding extra damage to each of his relentless attacks.

When you combine Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage with the additional damage from Milio’s passive, attacks do more than simple poking — they inflict sustained damage with each impact.

Milio’s Cozy Campfire and Warm Hugs provide Kog’Maw with shields and a speed increase, making it easier to move and kite enemies.

The significant healing from Breath of Life ensures that Kog’Maw can withstand battles and emerge victorious.

This partnership results in a pair capable of gradually wearing down adversaries from a safe distance while maintaining a deceptive level of toughness.

3. Jinx

When you pair Milio with Jinx, you take advantage of her wide-reaching abilities to maximize the Fired Up! passive’s damage output on numerous targets.

Jinx’s rockets from her Q, Fishbones, are effective for pushing waves and harassing enemy champions grouped close, making it ideal for Milio’s Fired Up! to distribute its bonus damage.

Her chompers (E) and Super Mega Death Rocket! (R) present additional AOE capabilities that benefit from Milio’s magical enhancements.

Milio’s Cozy Campfire (W) and Warm Hugs (E) offer Jinx extra protection, enabling her to maneuver and endure while delivering steady damage.

The pair’s synergy excels in both offense and defense; Milio’s Breath of Life (R) can turn the tides during intense fights, keeping Jinx active to continue her assault.

4. Twitch

Twitch’s ambush tactics and unexpected damage bursts are significantly amplified when you team him up with Milio’s fiery support. Milio’s Fired Up! passive works well with Twitch’s poison, tipping the balance during engagements.

You’ll find that Twitch’s Contaminate ability, when combined with Milio’s enhancements, becomes a tool of terrifying efficiency.

Milio’s Cozy Campfire and Warm Hugs provide the protection Twitch needs to get into position and make the most of his ultimate, Spray and Pray.

Synergy FactorImpact on TwitchEmotional Response
Fired Up! PassiveEnhanced BurstExhilaration
Cozy CampfireSustained ProtectionSecurity
Warm HugsPositioning AdvantageConfidence
Breath of LifeRevitalizing HealRelief

Strategically, this duo is about having the liberty to engage, retreat, and outmaneuver. With skilled players, you’re not just participating in the game, you’re commanding the battleground.

5. Ashe

You’ve observed how Twitch excels when paired with Milio, but now it’s Ashe’s opportunity to assert her dominance. With Milio’s assistance, Ashe’s precise volleys and crystal arrows turn into an even greater threat.

The combination of Ashe with Milio revolves around several aspects:

  1. Ranged Abilities: Ashe’s capability to attack from a distance works well with Milio’s ability to control space, providing a way to consistently harass opponents from safety.
  2. Control Over Opponents: Fusing Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow with Milio’s Ultra Mega Fire Kick results in the ability to incapacitate adversaries for considerable time periods.
  3. Defense and Support: The shield from Milio’s Warm Hugs skill enhances Ashe’s ability to stay in the fight, which is vital for a champion lacking inherent escape options.
  4. Increased Harm: Milio’s Fired Up! passive makes sure Ashe’s standard strikes deal amplified harm, which is crucial during smaller battles and larger team clashes.

Evaluating this pair, they present a mix of supportive abilities and offensive power, making them suited for players who value tactical play and the ability to dictate the flow of combat.

6. Xayah

Every individual feather plays a crucial role when Xayah enters the fray with Milio, as their combined abilities can significantly sway the tide of smaller conflicts and larger engagements.

The strategic value of Xayah’s feather placement is heightened when she teams up with Milio, whose Fired Up! passive allows her feathers to inflict additional magical damage and a burning effect, transforming her already lethal feathers into a fiery weapon.

Milio’s abilities, Cozy Campfire and Warm Hugs, provide Xayah with the resilience to take bold positions, while his Ultra Mega Fire Kick can reposition adversaries, perfectly setting the stage for Xayah’s Bladecaller to immobilize multiple opponents.

This pair excels at utilizing crowd control and maintains Xayah as a persistent, feather-hurling presence during battles.

7. Lucian

When you team up Milio with Lucian, the synergy between Milio’s Fired Up! passive and Lucian’s rapid abilities greatly increases their shared burst damage capability.

When planning with this duo, keep these points in mind:

  1. Lucian’s Lightslinger passive ensures that Fired Up! is applied often, maximizing additional magic damage.
  2. Milio’s Warm Hugs (E) provides Lucian with a shield and an increase in speed, which supports his need for quick movement and safety during exchanges.
  3. This pair is proficient in lane control and establishing dominance early in the game by using their collective harassment and self-recovery abilities.
  4. Milio’s Breath of Life (R) can change the direction of small battles, allowing Lucian to renew his offensive actions.

Utilize this combination to take advantage of assertive plays early in the game and to create a momentum leading to victory.

8. Tristana

When you combine Milio with Tristana, the potential for an explosive early game is immense, given Tristana’s high burst capabilities and Milio’s Fired Up! enhancement on basic attacks.

Tristana’s penchant for aggression meshes well with Milio’s abilities, especially his Fired Up! passive which adds magical damage and a burn effect to Tristana’s already powerful basic attacks.

This synergy becomes even more evident when Milio employs Ultra Mega Fire Kick to scatter adversaries, perfectly setting up Tristana for an impactful Rocket Jump.

Milio’s Warm Hugs and Breath of Life skills are key for Tristana to endure through aggressive exchanges and engagements.

Working in unison, you can adopt a strategic offensive approach during the early stages, which is difficult for many opponents to counter, allowing you to establish dominance early in the game.

9. Aphelios

Building on Milio’s support capabilities, Aphelios becomes a more formidable ADC with the protective and enhancing effects of Milio’s abilities, particularly when using Fired Up! to amplify Aphelios’ varied weapon skills. This partnership significantly improves Aphelios’ strategy:

  1. Milio’s Fired Up! augments Aphelios’ subsequent attack, meshing well with his ability to change weapons.
  2. Warm Hugs provides a shield and enhanced movement, which is vital for Aphelios’ positioning during confrontations.
  3. Cozy Campfire can restore health and provide Fired Up! to Aphelios, keeping him effective in battle.
  4. Breath of Life delivers essential healing, allowing Aphelios to remain active in combat for extended periods.

With Milio, Aphelios’ armament isn’t only varied but also gains in strength. You’ll control skirmishes, using Milio’s enhancements to take full advantage of Aphelios’ strategic weapon selection.

10. Sivir

When you pair up with Milio in your lane, Sivir’s boomerang blade and ricochet attacks become more powerful. Milio’s Fired Up! skill enhances each hit with additional magic damage and a burning effect, increasing Sivir’s impact in team battles and her ability to clear waves, allowing for relentless lane pressure and quicker objective control.

Milio’s Cozy Campfire also provides Sivir with added sustainability, making the duo a challenge to force out of the lane.

The shield from Milio’s Warm Hugs, along with a speed increase, improves Sivir’s ability to kite enemies and survive longer, giving you the means to effectively participate in team battles and avoid challenging encounters.

Using Milio’s Ultra Mega Fire Kick to initiate can lead to Sivir unleashing a powerful burst of damage, swiftly eliminating targets.

Together, they form an impressive force in the bot lane, combining strategic knowledge with sheer strength.

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