10 Best ADCs With Morgana in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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Bot lane battles can hinge on the perfect partnership, and in League of Legends, combining Morgana’s enchanting support with a formidable ADC can secure your path to glory.

But with the ever-shifting sands of the meta, which marksmen rise to the occasion? This well-crafted guide shines a light on the top 10 ADC champions that harmonize with Morgana’s abilities.

Whether you prefer the might of a Draven axe or the precision of a Varus arrow, the key to your next victory awaits within these pairings.

1. Draven

Pairing Morgana with Draven in your bot lane can create an assertive and commanding presence during the early stages of the game.

Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) works well with Draven’s Spinning Axes, allowing for prolonged engagements and strong kill potential.

Morgana’s capacity to immobilize opponents presents ideal chances for Draven to capitalize on his Adoration stacks. Her Black Shield (E) plays a key role in defending against crowd control, ensuring Draven can maintain his assault without disruptions.

When examining the dynamics between the two champions, it becomes apparent that their collective crowd control and damage can be overpowering.

Draven’s aggressive style is a good match for Morgana’s abilities, making them a tough pair to contend with.

To maximize the effectiveness of this partnership, accurate timing and positioning are crucial, so be prepared to take advantage of any errors made by the opposition.

2. Ezreal

Another suitable choice for synergy with Morgana is Ezreal. His arcane shots and skillshot expertise enhance your lane’s poke and control capabilities.

Ezreal’s arsenal features a mystic skillshot Q and an ultimate that affects an area, which meshes well with Morgana’s ability to immobilize opponents.

You’ll notice that Morgana’s Dark Binding creates an almost certain opportunity for Ezreal’s Mystic Shot, allowing for steady harassment and gradual damage to adversaries.

Additionally, Ezreal’s Arcane Shift gives him the agility to change position. This can be used to capitalize on Morgana’s Soul Shackles or to retreat if the engagement doesn’t go as planned.

This agility, combined with Morgana’s Black Shield, renders you both a formidable pair. Together, you are skilled at dodging enemy crowd control and penalizing errors.

Perfecting the coordination and timing between Morgana’s bindings and Ezreal’s skillshots is crucial for commanding the bot lane.

3. Caitlyn

As an ADC, Caitlyn’s notable range and trap abilities make her a perfect ally for Morgana in bot lane. Their abilities work well together for several key reasons:

  1. Area Denial: By combining Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps (W) with Morgana’s Tormented Shadow (W), they can control space effectively, making it harder for enemies to farm and gain experience.
  2. Extended Crowd Control: A hit from Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) allows Caitlyn to easily land a headshot, and her traps can extend the duration of immobilization.
  3. Sieging Ability: The long-range damage from Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker (Q) along with Morgana’s ability to clear waves quickly provides them with a strong presence during sieges.
  4. Ultimate Synergy: When Morgana uses Soul Shackles (R) followed by Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole (R), they can often finish off opponents attempting to retreat.

Mastering these combinations can lead to bot lane domination, allowing you to control the area and capitalize on enemy errors with precision.

4. Miss Fortune

When Morgana accompanies you in the bot lane, the destructive power of Miss Fortune’s bullet-time barrages grows due to their shared area-of-effect skills and ability to control crowds.

This duo excels when coordinating their ultimate attacks; Morgana’s Soul Shackles can immobilize enemies just in time for Miss Fortune to launch her Bullet Time.

This strategy leverages Morgana’s capability to immobilize adversaries, upping the chances of executing uninterrupted ultimates.

When considering the effectiveness of this pair, notice how Morgana’s Dark Binding aids Miss Fortune’s Double Up, allowing for consistent harassment and trading dominance.

Their collaboration extends beyond powerful ultimate moves; it includes asserting control over the lane. Controlling the area with Morgana’s Tormented Shadow, you apply pressure on the opposition, making it risky for them to farm.

Thus, Miss Fortune alongside Morgana creates a lane where the threat of a decisive attack is ever-present.

5. Vayne

Pairing Morgana with Vayne, you’ll appreciate how her Black Shield is key in countering crowd control, allowing Vayne to tumble and condemn with no interruptions.

This synergy improves Vayne’s ability to make plays and her chances of survival during the laning phase and in team clashes.

Take into account these aspects:

  1. Engage Disruption: Morgana’s Black Shield cancels out engage tools directed at Vayne, permitting her to reposition with safety.
  2. Peel and Protect: Morgana’s abilities offer peel, which is something Vayne doesn’t have, making sure she continues to be a consistent threat.
  3. Offensive Plays: With safeguarding, Vayne can take aggressive positions for Condemn stuns without the risk of being incapacitated.
  4. Scaling Harmony: Both champions grow stronger as the game progresses, forming a pair that can control team clashes and capture objectives.

Grasping how this duo operates is vital for making the most of their joint threat in the game.

6. Tristana

Jump into battle with confidence when you pair Tristana with Morgana, as their combined burst damage and protective spells let you take command of the bot lane.

Tristana’s explosive approach works well with Morgana’s capability to immobilize opponents.

You can use your Rocket Jump (W) with more aggression when Morgana successfully hits an enemy with her Dark Binding (Q), ensuring opponents can’t elude your aggressive moves.

Also, Morgana’s Black Shield (E) is vital for negating crowd control, allowing you to keep up your offensive actions.

The duo’s intensified strength at level six is impressive, with both of their ultimate abilities having the power to reverse the tide of battles or secure eliminations.

Pay close attention to the enemy’s positioning and ability cool-downs to determine the best moment for engaging.

Grasping the dynamics of this duo can make you a force in the bot lane, feared for aggressive exchanges and committed attacks.

7. Jhin

Shifting your attention to Jhin, you’ll note his precise, artful sniping alongside Morgana’s binding skills forms a duo where elegance meets lethality. This pair excels through their combined efforts, and grasping the subtle nuances can significantly uplift your game play.

Essential points to consider include:

  1. Coordination: Align Jhin’s fourth bullet with Morgana’s Dark Binding to execute a high-damage, crowd-controlling attack.
  2. Area Denial: Position Morgana’s Tormented Shadow and Jhin’s Captive Audience strategically to discourage enemy advances and command the lane.
  3. Ultimate Combination: When used in tandem, Morgana’s Soul Shackles and Jhin’s Curtain Call can wreak havoc on adversaries in larger skirmishes.
  4. Harass and Isolate: Their synergistic long-distance harass can gradually deplete foes, allowing for strategic picks or decisive confrontations.

Careful examination of these elements will ensure you’re making the most of this lethal and artistic partnership.

8. Jinx

When you pair Morgana with Jinx, their combined control abilities and high damage can control the bot lane. Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) prepares the ground for Jinx to use her weapons effectively.

Thanks to the duration of Morgana’s snare, it’s easier to catch enemies with Jinx’s Flame Chompers (E), keeping adversaries in place.

This pair is adept at connecting control skills, which opens opportunities for eliminating opponents or causing them to use their escape abilities.

Your analysis should take into account Jinx’s growth into the later stages of the game. With Morgana’s Black Shield (E) to protect against control effects, Jinx can increase her attack speed with Switcheroo! (Q) and participate in battles for an extended time.

Capitalizing on this synergy requires accurate timing and strategic positioning, but if you master it, you can become a dominant force in the game.

9. Sivir

Pairing Sivir with Morgana in League of Legends creates a powerful lane duo that excels in pushing and harassing strategies. Here’s why this combination is effective:

Wave Clear:

  • Sivir’s Ricochet (W) and Boomerang Blade (Q), when used with Morgana’s Tormented Soil (W), can clear minion waves quickly, allowing for lane control.

Engage and Disengage:

  • Morgana’s Dark Binding (Q) enables Sivir to follow up with her own damaging skills.
  • Black Shield (E) provides immunity to crowd control, allowing Sivir to attack or retreat as needed.

Ultimate Synergy:

  • The combination of Sivir’s On The Hunt (R) with Morgana’s Soul Shackles (R) offers strong engagement or counter-engagement options during team fights.

Poke Potential:

  • Both champions have the ability to harass from a distance, reducing enemy health before a full fight.

This synergy leverages the strengths of both champions, leading to a lane that can control through pressure and strategic objective management.

10. Varus

Transitioning from the swift push-and-harass strategy with Sivir, you’ll find Varus, when teamed with Morgana, provides a lethal combination of long-range harassment and securing capabilities.

Varus can diminish opponents from a distance with his piercing arrows, and Morgana’s Dark Binding can make any hit significantly impactful.

Appreciate that Varus isn’t dependent solely on auto-attacks—his abilities Q and E cause considerable area damage, which works well with Morgana’s tormented soil for controlling space.

When considering Varus’s ultimate, Chain of Corruption, and its synergy with Morgana’s Soul Shackles, you’re looking at a terrifying challenge for opposing teams.

This pair is excellent at starting conflicts, linking crowd control, and clinching eliminations.

When you aim for precision in your gameplay, timing and positioning are key to maximizing the effectiveness of this combination.

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