10 Best ADCs With Pyke in League of Legends Season 13

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Seeking to seize control of the bot-lane in League of Legends? This article is your guidepost. We’ve handpicked the 10 best ADCs to align with Pyke, your favourite support.

Uncover the strengths of these top-tier champions and understand their potential to amplify your gameplay. The road to dominating the battlefield begins here. Let’s get you equipped with the right partner for Pyke.

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1. Draven

Draven’s proactive approach and notable damage dealing make him a suitable match with Pyke in the game of League of Legends.

The combination of Draven’s Spinning Axes skill and Pyke’s Bone Skewer can create a multitude of opportunities, focusing on accuracy and timing.

While playing, keep in mind Draven’s Blood Rush skill amplifies his attack speed and movement. This synergizes well with Pyke’s Death from Below ability, which necessitates precise timing of attacks.

A devastating combination can be created when Pyke’s Phantom Undertow is used in conjunction with Draven’s Whirling Death, causing destructive area-of-effect damage that can eliminate enemy champions abruptly. This lethal duo commands respect on the battlefield.

Being proactive is vital when controlling Draven. Rather than waiting for things to occur, with Pyke’s support, you have the ability to start fights and regulate the game’s tempo. It’s a freeing way to play, allowing you to dictate the course of the game.

However, this freedom shouldn’t translate into recklessness. Always be mindful of your environment and make decisions based on information.

Draven’s Stand Aside ability can be a game-altering tool when used strategically. It isn’t just about inflicting damage, it’s about managing the battlefield and outsmarting your adversaries.

2. Caitlyn

Should you believe Draven and Pyke make a strong team, the collaboration of Pyke and Caitlyn will impress you just as much. This pair, when played correctly, can exert control over the bot lane, providing a substantial advantage for your team.

Caitlyn, renowned for her extended reach and poking abilities, pairs well with Pyke’s aggressive, roaming gameplay.

Her extended reach offers her the safety to farm and poke the opponent, while Pyke keeps up the constant pressure. Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap (W) serves as an excellent zoning tool and setup for Pyke’s attacks.

Skillful placement of traps in anticipation of where Pyke might land a Bone Skewer (Q) or Phantom Undertow (E) can result in a lethal combination that can either eliminate the enemy or compel them to leave the lane.

Pyke’s Death From Below (R) can be employed to finish off enemies ensnared in Caitlyn’s trap, ensuring an almost certain kill should the enemy’s health be low. Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole (R) can be used to eliminate escaping enemies who are beyond Pyke’s kill range.

But it’s vital to remember that this duo requires effective communication and coordination. Pyke needs to anticipate where Caitlyn will set her traps, and Caitlyn must stay aware of Pyke’s location and plans.

If a bot lane duo offering both defensive and offensive benefits is what you seek, consider Pyke and Caitlyn. Their combined abilities can terrorize the opposing lane, forcing them back and denying them essential farming opportunities. With the correct strategies and execution, success could be within reach.

3. Jhin

You’ll often see that Pyke and Jhin make a strong duo in the bot lane. Using the unique abilities of both champions, you’ll experience a robust laning phase and a strong end game. Allow me to detail why this pairing is quite deadly in the hands of a good player.

Jhin, known for his long-range poke and crowd-control abilities, matches well with Pyke’s bold, forward playstyle.

When playing as Jhin, your fourth shot ensures a critical hit that can cause heavy damage. Mix this with Pyke’s Bone Skewer (Q) and Phantom Undertow (E) abilities, and you’ll find a consistent method to secure kills.

During the laning phase, Pyke can go on the offensive with his hook or stun, and Jhin can follow through with his Deadly Flourish (W) to root the enemy in place. This strategy gives you the chance to control the lane, deny farm, and engage in rewarding trades.

During the mid to end game, Pyke’s Death from Below (R) and Jhin’s Curtain Call (R) can wipe out opposing teams during skirmishes and team fights. Jhin’s ultimate provides long-range finishing potential, while Pyke’s ultimate offers a reliable finish.

The Pyke-Jhin duo is all about taking control and setting the game’s pace. This duo rewards active play and strategic teamwork. With the correct timing and coordination, you’ll see that this combination isn’t just powerful but also incredibly fun to play.

Take control of the bot lane and let your opponents dread the Pyke-Jhin duo.

4. Vayne

Transitioning our focus, we’ll examine the benefits of matching Pyke with Vayne, a strategic move that could significantly influence the state of the bot lane.

Vayne is recognized for her impactful damage output in the late game and her impressive dueling skills. These characteristics mesh incredibly well with Pyke’s ability to control a crowd and execute moves effectively.

Here are three aspects that make this duo truly special:

  1. Lane Dominance: Vayne’s Silver Bolts have the capacity to tear through adversaries. This ability becomes even more potent when combined with Pyke’s Bone Skewer and Phantom Undertow abilities. Pyke sets the stage and Vayne delivers the final blow. Their movements in unison create a lethal blend of damage and control that can rule the lane.
  2. High Kill Potential: Death from Below, Pyke’s skill, works hand in hand with Vayne’s Condemn. Pyke can eliminate enemies with low health, while Vayne ensures they’ve no chance of escape. This lethal combination allows for high kill potential, tipping the scale of the game in your favor.
  3. Late-Game Power: Vayne’s power peaks in the late game. When she gains momentum, she’s nearly invincible. Pyke’s capacity to secure kills guarantees that Vayne has sufficient resources to reach her late-game potential quicker.

This blend isn’t for those who are easily intimidated. It needs superior coordination and communication between the two players. Mastering it, though, could result in a formidable bot lane duo that provides you with the ability to steer the game and set its rhythm.

5. Varus

Let’s discuss why matching Pyke with Varus could give you an edge in your upcoming match.

Varus provides a distinctive blend of capabilities that harmonize splendidly with Pyke’s abilities. Pyke, as a melee support with potent playmaking potential, complements Varus’ long-distance poke and crowd control abilities well.

Varus’ Q ability, Piercing Arrow, lets him prod opponents from a safe range, affording Pyke plenty of chances to connect his Q ability, Bone Skewer.

This combination renders them a significant threat in the bot lane. Varus’ E ability, Hail of Arrows, slows down enemies and curtails their healing, making it simpler for Pyke to finish them with his ultimate, Death from Below.

Varus’ ultimate ability, Chain of Corruption, binds enemies in place, providing Pyke an excellent chance to hook them with Bone Skewer. If Pyke lands a successful hook, it paves the way for Varus to follow up with an effortless Chain of Corruption.

Yet, keep in mind this duo isn’t foolproof. It requires aggressive but judicious play. Pyke and Varus can quickly get overwhelmed if they’re reckless. Be vigilant about warding your lane and maintaining awareness of the minimap to evade ganks.

Wrapping up, Pyke and Varus can be a potent pair in capable hands. Their joint crowd control, poke damage, and execution abilities can rule the bot lane.

Therefore, if you’re in the market for a fresh bot lane combination, think about coupling Pyke with Varus. It’s a decision that could bring freedom, a challenge, and most vitally, victory.

6. Ashe

You mightn’t immediately think of Ashe as the best ally for Pyke, but upon closer inspection, her distinct abilities align well with Pyke’s aggressive tactics.

With her far-reaching poke and crowd control abilities, Ashe can create openings for Pyke to launch his powerful all-ins, making them an intimidating bot lane pair.

Let’s examine why Ashe and Pyke work well together:

  1. Ultimate Synergy: The Enchanted Crystal Arrow of Ashe can act as the ideal setup for Pyke’s Death from Below. An accurately aimed arrow can stun an enemy from a distance, which can enable Pyke to close in and secure the kill.
  2. Vision Control: The Hawkshot of Ashe offers invaluable vision, which can assist Pyke in planning his aggressive moves. This ability can spot enemies, aiding Pyke to sidestep unexpected encounters and make more informed decisions.
  3. Slowing Effects: The Frost Shot, a passive ability of Ashe, slows down enemies hit by her basic attacks or abilities. This can simplify landing Pyke’s Bone Skewer or Phantom Undertow, thus enhancing the probability of a successful engage.

Grasping the potential of this pair can provide you with a significant advantage in matches. Keep in mind, effective teamwork isn’t just about abilities aligning on paper.

It’s about understanding the champions, their abilities, and your skill to execute their combo effectively. So, don’t hesitate to experiment, adjust, and take control of the bot lane with Ashe and Pyke.

7. Twitch

The following ADC we’ll talk about is Twitch, who synchronizes effectively with Pyke and can alter the progression of the game to your advantage.

Twitch’s stealth ability, known as Ambush, gives him a surprising edge, which is an invaluable trait when combined with Pyke’s initiating abilities. This stealth ability proves useful during team battles, allowing you to strategically position yourself unnoticed.

Twitch’s contaminate ability, paired with Pyke, further enhances the duo’s effectiveness. This ability inflicts damage to all adversaries affected by Deadly Venom, Twitch’s passive ability.

Thus, when Pyke stuns or draws an enemy, you can rapidly stack up Deadly Venom and then use Contaminate to deal immediate damage.

The following table summarizes the synergy between Pyke and Twitch:

Pyke’s AbilityTwitch’s AbilitySynergy
Bone SkewerAmbushPyke pulls, Twitch ambushes
Ghostwater DiveVenom CaskStealth and slow, perfect for ganks
Phantom UndertowContaminatePyke stuns, Twitch burst damage
Death From BelowSpray and PrayUltimate combo for team fights

Twitch and Pyke provide a lethal combination in the bot lane due to their proficiency in burst damage and crowd control. The secret to maximizing this duo’s potential lies in communication and timing.

Coordinate your stealth abilities to surprise enemies and dominate the lane. Consider, it’s not just about individual abilities, but how they blend together to make Twitch and Pyke a formidable team.

8. Sivir

When you play League of Legends, you’ll notice that Sivir works impressively well with Pyke. Together, they provide a balanced mix of attack and defense that allows them to control encounters on the bot lane effectively.

The skills Sivir possesses work harmoniously with Pyke’s, and when used with strategy, they can form powerful combinations. This synergy is attributable to:

  1. Wave Clear: The ‘W’ ability of Sivir, known as Ricochet, offers outstanding wave clear. This provides Pyke the opportunity to roam without concern about the minion wave, leading to map pressure.
  2. Spell Shield: The ‘E’ ability of Sivir, Spell Shield, can soak up a single enemy ability, vital for survival against intense damage or crowd control. This gives her the confidence to play aggressively, knowing she’s a defensive mechanism.
  3. Ultimate Synergy: When Sivir uses her ‘R’ ability, On The Hunt, it enhances the movement speed of all nearby allies. This aligns perfectly with Pyke’s ultimate, Death From Below, helping him to reach escaping enemies and kill them.

Grasping these dynamics will greatly improve your control over the bot lane. The wave clear, spell shield, and speed enhancement that Sivir provides, combined with the roaming and execution capability of Pyke, make them a dominating pair.

They offer both freedom and strategic advantage, which can lead to a win. Therefore, don’t hesitate to pair Sivir with Pyke and experience their impressive synergy.

9. Lucian

Lucian proves himself as another ADC that splendidly matches with Pyke in League of Legends. The high mobility and burst damage of Lucian align remarkably with the crowd control abilities of Pyke, forming a powerful bot lane duo.

Lucian’s ability to relentlessly chase his rivals, intensified by his dash ability ‘E’, grants him the capacity to effortlessly move in and out of combat.

When combined with Pyke, this mobility becomes even more beneficial as it enables Lucian to effectively respond to Pyke’s hooks and stuns.

When an enemy is hooked by Pyke into your range, you can make use of this dash ability to swiftly enter and exit the combat zone, reducing the chances of a counterattack.

Another beneficial aspect is Pyke’s ‘E’ ability, a stun, which works harmoniously with Lucian’s kit.

Pyke has the capacity to stun an enemy, providing an optimal opportunity for you to use Lucian’s ‘Q’, Piercing Light, to inflict considerable damage while they’re unable to move.

Lucian’s ‘W’, Ardent Blaze, leaves marks on enemies that when hit by basic attacks or abilities, triggers additional damage, further enhancing your attack strategy.

Another point of interest is Pyke’s ultimate ability, ‘R’, which can finish off enemies below a certain health level and rewards gold to both Pyke and the last ally to assist him.

This implies that when you play as Lucian, you can benefit from Pyke’s kills thus resulting in a faster gold income and quicker item progression.

Considering all these points, it becomes clear that the combination of Lucian’s mobility and burst damage with Pyke’s crowd control and execution abilities makes for an unbeatable bot lane duo. With these two champions joined forces, dominating the bot lane becomes a tangible possibility.

10. Kai’Sa

The combination of Lucian and Pyke has already been mentioned as a strong bot lane duo in League of Legends, but the partnership between Pyke and Kai’Sa also offers a powerful combination.

With the high damage output of Kai’Sa and Pyke’s swift engagement and disengagement abilities, they form a strong team.

Kai’Sa’s passive ability, Second Skin, complements Pyke’s strategy well. While Pyke harasses the enemy, Kai’Sa can stack Plasma, inflicting bonus magic damage. This strategy allows for persistent lane pressure from both players.

Kai’Sa’s ultimate, Killer Instinct, enables her to dash towards an enemy champion affected by crowd control. Given Pyke’s Bone Skewer and Phantom Undertow abilities, there are numerous chances for Kai’Sa to engage or reposition during team battles.

Here are three points to consider when playing this duo:

  1. Communication is Key: Pyke needs to inform Kai’Sa when he plans to engage so she can respond with her abilities.
  2. Positioning Matters: Kai’Sa needs to maintain her distance while Pyke initiates, then she can respond with auto attacks or her ultimate.
  3. Timing is Crucial: Kai’Sa should utilize her abilities only after Pyke has deployed his crowd control to ensure maximum damage.

The success of the Pyke and Kai’Sa duo hinges on timing, positioning, and communication. Mastering these elements will result in a formidable bot lane capable of dominating the match.

Game freedom is achieved through understanding your champions and their synergy. Enjoy the victory rush that League of Legends provides.

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