10 Best ADCs With Rakan in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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In the strategic world of League of Legends, the synergy between an ADC and Rakan is a tale of triumph or defeat. This season, understanding the nuances of this partnership is crucial for those seeking to climb the ranks.

We’ve combed through the data and player experiences to present the top 10 ADC champions who, when paired with Rakan, can truly turn the tide of battle.

Prepare to gain mastery over your matches with these powerhouse duos.

1. Xayah

Why wouldn’t you pair Rakan with his canonical partner, Xayah, whose synergistic abilities make them an impressive duo in the bot lane? It’s a question that reflects the understanding of many bot lane players who know the nuanced dance of engage and disengage.

With Xayah, you’re not just controlling two champions; you’re conducting a ballet of destruction that takes advantage of their shared passive, ‘Lovers’ Leap.’

Analytically, their connection isn’t just thematic but also mechanical. Xayah’s feathers, when retracted, not only inflict damage but also provide opportunities for Rakan to charm and disrupt with his ‘Grand Entrance.’

This isn’t merely convenient; it’s a strategic asset that can change the outcome of skirmishes. You’ll notice that their ultimates, ‘Featherstorm’ and ‘The Quickness,’ set up an area of control that’s challenging to counter.

Articulate in your gameplay and strategic in your positioning, teaming Rakan with Xayah gives you the liberty to initiate at will, secure with the knowledge that your ally has the capability to follow up and make each move significant.

It’s this harmony of purpose and action that makes them not just champions, but a statement on the battlefield.

2. Sivir

Joining forces with Sivir, you’ll take full advantage of her boomerang skills, enabling Rakan to skillfully engage adversaries who find themselves in harm’s way.

The abilities Sivir possesses enhance Rakan’s own agility and ability to control the crowd, creating a powerful pair on the battlefield.

As an ADC, Sivir’s Ricochet and Boomerang Blade skills are superb for clearing minion waves and harassing enemies from a distance, creating opportunities for Rakan to swoop in and captivate the enemy team.

  • Wave Management: The speed at which Sivir can dispatch minion waves gives you the freedom to decide the timing and location of battles, providing a strategic edge in your lane.
  • Engagement Cooperation: When Rakan makes his Grand Entrance, it works wonderfully with Sivir’s On The Hunt, amplifying your ability to initiate combat and enabling quick and decisive encounters.
  • Ultimate Combination: With the activation of Sivir’s ultimate, Rakan’s capacity to pursue and immobilize opponents is greatly improved, which can change the direction of team conflict.

Examining their partnership through a strategic lens shows that Sivir’s ultimate augments Rakan’s talent for initiating plays, providing a combination of velocity and control that frees your team from a defensive approach to the game.

Harnessing this partnership means you aren’t just selecting two characters; you’re devising a tactical approach that embraces offensive maneuvers and graceful disengagements with expert skill.

3. Twitch

When you pair Rakan with Twitch, you initiate a duo with the capacity for devastating ambushes that can sway any skirmish.

Twitch’s talent for positioning with Ambush, along with Rakan’s quick Grand Entrance and The Quickness, lead to unexpected plays difficult to predict and counter. This synergy isn’t merely for shock; it’s a strategic edge, giving you control over the game’s tempo.

Evaluating the pair, Twitch gains significantly from Rakan’s engagement and disengagement abilities—a type of freedom Twitch, a marksman with limited mobility, doesn’t naturally possess.

Rakan’s protective abilities ensure Twitch can deal his full damage with Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat without being an immediate target.

Here’s a breakdown of their synergy:

Burst DamageHighModerate

This breakdown highlights Rakan’s dual role as initiator and guardian, while Twitch provides substantial firepower.

With effective coordination, their strengths can be fully utilized, allowing for strategic eliminations and dominance in team fights. It’s all about combining Rakan’s crowd control with Twitch’s high damage output.

4. Ashe

When you switch from the covert strikes that Twitch provides, consider the utility and control of Ashe as a superb match for Rakan’s engaging abilities.

Ashe’s skill to begin skirmishes with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow fits perfectly with Rakan’s dynamic playstyle, providing chances for impactful crowd control sequences that can overwhelm the opposing team.

Digging into the synergy of this pair:

  • Hawkshot Grants Vision: Ashe’s E skill, Hawkshot, provides essential insights on the whereabouts of adversaries, allowing you to make strategic choices about when and where to enter combat or steer clear of it.
  • Perma-Slow with Frost Shot: Ashe’s innate ability, Frost Shot, slows her targets with each attack, which complements Rakan’s abilities, helping him to catch and charm targets with ease.
  • Chain CC with Ultimates: Employing Rakan’s Grand Entrance (R) followed by a precision Enchanted Crystal Arrow can secure crucial opponents, making for valuable captures during team clashes or minor fights.

In partnership with Ashe, you’ll find a dependable and strategic addition to both the laning phase and larger confrontations, enhancing your ability to create game-changing plays.

Her abilities encourage a controlled, thoughtful approach to engagements, favoring players who prioritize accuracy and tactical planning on their path to triumph.

5. Draven

When you’re seeking a champion that can dominate the lane, Draven’s exceptional damage and Rakan’s agility form an aggressive pair capable of asserting control early in the game.

Draven excels when he sets the tempo of the bottom lane, using his Spinning Axes to apply relentless pressure on adversaries.

Rakan, with his swift movements and dramatic entrances, offers both disengage and engage tactics that keep foes uncertain.

The real magic happens when Rakan’s abilities to charm and knock up with Grand Entrance and The Quickness prepare an opportunity for Draven to capitalize on his Adoration stacks.

Understanding that precise timing and positioning are crucial, Rakan’s interruptions must be spot-on to give Draven the space to manage his axes and deal the highest possible damage.

Also, take into account Rakan’s Battle Dance. This move isn’t merely a way to flee; it empowers Draven to take bold positions. Your task is to conduct a destructive performance where each action is strategically aimed for the most significant effect.

Capitalizing on the early stages of the game is vital. You have what it takes for early eliminations, leading to a snowballing advantage that can steer you towards triumph.

Don’t waste this advantage. Engage boldly, yet intelligently, and observe as the opposing team finds it challenging to respond to the combined force you introduce to the Rift.

6. Vayne

Your synergy with Vayne relies on skill, as her formidable abilities in the later stages of the game paired with Rakan’s engaging capabilities can prove to be overwhelming for opponents.

The Night Hunter excels in tumultuous battles, where she can position and strike with precision—qualities that are enhanced by Rakan’s adaptability.

Together, you form an effective team, capable of altering the direction of small conflicts and larger team engagements.

Keep these points in mind to enhance your cooperation:

  • Engage and Peel: Rakan’s ability to start a fight and then quickly move away with his Battle Dance and Grand Entrance is extremely valuable for Vayne, who takes advantage of the opportunity to focus on high-priority threats in the midst of disorder.
  • Chain Crowd Control: When you combine Rakan’s Grand Entrance and The Quickness with Vayne’s Condemn, it’s possible to incapacitate even the most slippery opponents, ensuring that Vayne can finish them off.
  • Scaling Synergy: Both champions become more effective as the game goes on, with Vayne’s Silver Bolts and Rakan’s growing utility ensuring a strong presence for your team as time goes on.

7. Ezreal

Turning attention to another powerful combo, Ezreal’s style, centered on ranged harassment, pairs effectively with Rakan’s dynamic support abilities in Season 13.

Ezreal’s ability to attack from a distance and farm without putting himself in harm’s way is essential against hostile bot lane pairs. His Arcane Shift offers a way to evade danger, and together with Rakan’s agility, the pair becomes incredibly elusive.

The pairing of Ezreal with Rakan is notable for the tactical flexibility it provides. You’re free to adjust your gameplay as the situation demands, alternating between assertive long-range shots with Ezreal’s Mystic Shot and retreating with Rakan’s nimble skills.

Rakan’s Grand Entrance and The Quickness can set up opportunities for Ezreal to unleash his Trueshot Barrage on several foes. When Rakan initiates, you can decide to follow with a burst of damage or to keep your ground, applying continuous pressure without risking too much.

An analysis of this duo’s dynamic shows that triumph relies on making the most of the area control Rakan offers and Ezreal’s ability to persistently harass targets.

Together, these champions have what it takes to control the early game and carry that advantage into a strong mid and late-game influence.

8. Jinx

In the lane with Rakan, Jinx’s dynamic playstyle and ability to fire rockets benefit significantly from his crowd control and protective actions. Controlling Jinx, your goal is to take advantage of every chaotic situation to secure eliminations and objectives.

Rakan’s skills for both engaging and quick retreats create an ideal situation for Jinx to flourish.

His Grand Entrance (W) and The Quickness (R) are superb for immobilizing adversaries, giving you the chance to use your Switcheroo! (Q) and Super Mega Death Rocket! (R).

Consider these key synergies:

  • Chain CC: The combination of Rakan’s knock-up with Jinx’s Flame Chompers (E) can hold enemies in place for longer durations, creating opportunities for powerful combos.
  • Mobility and Protection: Rakan’s Battle Dance (E) provides swift shields and movement, which helps keep you out of harm’s way while dealing damage from a distance.
  • Power Spikes: Each champion experiences significant increases in strength at certain points in the game. When Rakan reaches level 6, his ability to initiate improves dramatically, just as Jinx becomes more lethal with each item she obtains.

To effectively use this pair, you need to judge when to engage with Rakan and when to maintain distance, allowing your arsenal to do the work.

This partnership can offer a thrilling experience and the potential for many victories for those who can sync their actions with precision.

9. Jhin

Pairing Jhin with Rakan utilizes the Virtuoso’s flair for drama and precision, complemented by Rakan’s talents for crowd control and hasty retreats.

Guiding Jhin through Summoner’s Rift, you’ll notice how Rakan’s varied abilities enhance your ability to seize moments of opportunity.

His Grand Entrance, followed by The Quickness, coordinates a lethal performance where you, embodying Jhin, can meticulously direct your fatal projectiles.

Rakan’s aptitude for initiating and exiting combat with elegance gives you the flexibility to position yourself for the ideal Curtain Call.

You aren’t merely waiting for the opportune moment; you’re crafting it with a partner whose skills reflect your need for accuracy and influence.

When Rakan secures a charm or a knock-up, take it as your signal to release Jhin’s Whisper with its assured crit on the fourth shot, guaranteeing substantial damage.

The harmony between this pair isn’t solely about the aggressive approach. Rakan’s Battle Dance shields grant you the confidence to engage more boldly, with the knowledge that you have either a rapid withdrawal or imminent recovery.

You aren’t just an ADC; you’re part of a duet where your crescendos of damage are as artistic as they’re decisive in seeking victory.

10. Samira

Samira’s energetic playstyle gains an added edge when paired with a Rakan whose rapid engagements and ability to disengage complement your bold moves. Thriving amid the tumult of combat, Samira requires a partner like Rakan, who can keep pace.

Rakan’s quick knock-up using his Grand Entrance (W) or his shielding capability with Battle Dance (E) aligns with your desire for a lively and assertive early game.

Keep these vital synergies in mind:

  • Initiation and Follow-up: Rakan’s Grand Entrance paves the way for a seamless execution of your Inferno Trigger (R).
  • Mobility and Protection: Rakan’s Battle Dance allows you to engage with confidence, providing a fallback option.
  • Crowd Control Combos: Combine Rakan’s The Quickness (R) with your Blade Whirl (W) to effectively secure opponents for a dramatic finish.

Evaluating this pairing, it’s clear that your mutual affinity for rapid maneuvers and eye-catching actions creates an impressive team.

Rakan’s ability to switch between defensive moves and offensive launches enhances your versatile fighting style, enabling you to capitalize on openings with accuracy.

Together, your presence in the bot lane is more than just a partnership; you command the stage and draw the admiration and caution from those willing to challenge you.

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