10 Best ADCs With Rell in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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Pairing the right ADC with Rell can be the difference between triumph and defeat in League of Legends’ bot lane. With Season 13 reshaping the game, finding that perfect duo is more crucial than ever.

This carefully crafted guide unveils the top 10 ADC champions that harmonize with Rell’s ferocious playstyle, promising to elevate your game.

Whether you’re aiming to outmaneuver opponents or simply seeking a fresh strategy, these pairings are your secret weapon for mastering the current meta.

1. Vayne

Vayne’s agility and her ability to quickly reposition with her tumble skill are a perfect match for Rell’s aggressive initiation tactics in League of Legends’ Season 13.

Mastering Vayne’s tactical positioning can transform Rell’s aggressive starts into overwhelming encounters.

When Rell draws adversaries together with Magnet Storm, Vayne’s Silver Bolts become a powerful tool, utilizing her true damage based on a percentage to great effect.

The cooperation between Rell’s protective skills and Vayne’s need for cover to effectively participate in team engagements is something you’ll value.

Rell’s capacity to immobilize threats with Attract and Repel supports your hit-and-run and elimination approach.

This powerful combination hinges on well-timed communication, with your agility at the ready to move to advantageous positions as Rell prepares the battlefield for your performance.

This partnership has the potential to control the bot lane in Season 13, merging Rell’s ability to manage the crowd with Vayne’s consistent damage dealing.

2. Twitch

Turning our attention to Twitch, his stealth and ambush tactics pair well with Rell’s skills in immobilizing adversaries, creating opportunities for unexpected and powerful assaults.

Appreciate how Twitch’s ‘Ambush’ ability, synchronized with Rell’s ‘Ferromancy: Crash Down’ and ‘Attract and Repel,’ can surprise enemies.

His ‘Venom Cask’ impairs the movement of adversaries, making it easier for Rell to apply her crowd control abilities, while his ultimate, ‘Spray and Pray,’ has the potential to wipe out numerous opponents if they’re within the area of her ‘Magnet Storm.’

When examining their combined effectiveness, Twitch and Rell have the capability to control team engagements and eliminate isolated foes.

Given the current game meta, where strategic positioning and rapid damage are crucial, this pair can influence the outcome of bottom lane clashes and use that advantage to command the game during middle and late phases.

3. Lucian

With Lucian at your side, Rell’s ability to initiate battles is significantly improved. His quick burst damage works well with her skills to immobilize opponents. Lucian’s abilities, which involve rapid, consecutive shots, work well with Rell’s ability to disrupt and control crowds.

When Rell charges with ‘Ferromancy: Crash Down’ and continues with ‘Attract and Repel,’ Lucian takes advantage of enemies that can’t move using his ‘Piercing Light’ and ‘Relentless Pursuit’ to move quickly through the fight, striking critical hits before the opposition has a chance to respond.

The effectiveness of your duo hinges on your timing; Rell’s initial move must be well-timed to allow Lucian to deal his maximum damage.

To effectively use this duo, players must grasp the subtle aspects of where to position themselves and how to manage their skill cooldowns, making sure that Lucian is prepared to follow up on Rell’s actions for the greatest effect.

4. Jinx

Partnering with Rell, Jinx’s explosive capabilities transform the bottom lane into a zone of chaos, primed for your command.

Jinx becomes formidable as the match progresses, and her synergy with Rell’s crowd control skills opens up chances for Jinx to deal maximum harm.

Here are the key advantages of this duo:

  • Chain CC Combo: The combination of Rell’s crowd control with Jinx’s traps means adversaries struggle to move and find escaping difficult.
  • Engage and Peel: Rell provides robust initiation tools and the ability to protect, ensuring Jinx remains unharmed.
  • Area of Effect (AoE) Damage: Their combined firepower can wipe out enemy groups during clashes and larger battles.

When you consider the strengths of these two, you realize they form an aggressive pair that can steer the game’s momentum.

5. Varus

Often, you’ll notice Varus’ piercing arrows work well with Rell’s aggressive engagement, allowing them to control the bot lane. Varus’ talent for poking and wearing down adversaries from afar meshes nicely with Rell’s capacity for decisive attacks.

When Rell initiates with her W – Ferromancy: Crash Down, Varus can follow with his Q – Piercing Arrow, resulting in a powerful burst of damage. This tactic can be especially challenging for fragile opponents who have difficulty enduring such a coordinated attack.

Synergy AspectVarusRell
EngageChains of Corruption (R)Ferromancy: Crash Down (W)
PokePiercing Arrow (Q)Shattering Strike (Q)
Zone ControlHail of Arrows (E)Attract and Repel (E)

Reviewing their ability synergy, it’s apparent that Varus and Rell can apply significant pressure and command in the lane. Their skills are effective not only in trapping targets but also in forming an area where adversaries must be cautious.

6. Miss Fortune

Working with Rell’s robust engage tactics, you’ll notice how Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time can wreak havoc on teams when used with Rell’s skill to control areas.

The combination of these champions is evident through their capacity to immobilize adversaries and deliver widespread damage.

As you become familiar with this pair, you’ll note several advantages:

  • Area Control: Rell’s Magnet Storm pulls foes together, creating an ideal scenario for Miss Fortune’s ultimate attack.
  • Continuous Crowd Control: Rell’s stuns and knock-ups keep adversaries in place for the entire duration of Bullet Time.
  • Dominance in Early Lane: These two exert substantial pressure, which can lead to outmaneuvering adversaries and gaining initial advantages.

Examining their collaborative play, you’ll see how Miss Fortune’s sheer damage pairs well with Rell’s capability to disrupt. In team clashes, this duo shines, offering both the initiation and the firepower needed for impactful maneuvers.

7. Samira

With Samira as your ally, you’ll maximize on Rell’s ability to control opponents and inflict significant harm during clashes and larger battles. Samira’s abilities work in harmony with Rell’s capacity to manage groups.

As Rell initiates with her Ferromancy: Crash Down and Attract and Repel, you can coordinate with Samira’s Inferno Trigger to sweep adversaries caught in close quarters.

Focus your analytical skills on timing; coordinating Rell’s Magnetic Storm with your Blade Whirl can create opportunities that are nearly impossible for opponents to counter.

Positioning is critical – remain within Rell’s defensive zone to deal damage securely.

Understanding Rell’s initiation patterns and when her abilities are ready to use will enhance the duo’s ability to eliminate opponents and control the bottom lane in Season 13.

8. Kalista

While honing your skills with Rell’s crowd control talents, teaming her up with Kalista can take your bot lane collaboration to impressive levels. Kalista’s combat skills combined with Rell’s arresting abilities create an unstoppable team.

Kalista can reposition Rell with her ultimate, Fate’s Call, leading to unpredictable attacks that can surprise adversaries. Rell’s stuns and aerial disruptions provide Kalista with the opportunity to accumulate Rend for peak damage.

  • Fate’s Call Synergy: Use Rell’s starting moves along with Kalista’s repositioning capability for powerful attacks.
  • Rend and Lockdown: Accumulate Rend on stationary targets due to Rell’s crowd control, ensuring defeats.
  • Aggressive Laning: Take control of the lane phase with the duo’s strong potential for eliminating opponents and exerting influence.

When you examine the partnership between these two champions, you’ll see that their collective abilities provide an aggressive approach, perfect for asserting dominance in the bot lane.

9. Tristana

Pairing Rell with the dynamic marksman, Tristana, you get a duo that shines in all-in fights and taking down towers. Tristana’s Rocket Jump (W) works well with Rell’s ability to engage and secure targets, allowing for a powerful damage follow-up after Rell initiates.

Also, Rell’s Attract and Repel (E) can serve a protective role to ensure Tristana can continue dealing damage without interruption.

Your strategy should focus on using Rell’s durability and crowd control to open up opportunities for Tristana to unleash her burst damage. During the laning phase, concentrate on farming and watch for Rell’s moments to engage.

Once you gain an advantage, push the lane aggressively, and use Tristana’s Rapid Fire (Q) to quickly destroy turrets, thereby expanding your control over the map.

10. Ashe

Shifting focus from Tristana, players will appreciate that Ashe’s extensive crowd control abilities pair well with Rell’s initiation techniques. This combination can lead to mastery of the game’s laning phase and influence over the larger skirmishes.

The Enchanted Crystal Arrow from Ashe can either start or follow up on Rell’s aggressive moves, forming an effective strategy to immobilize priority targets.

Additionally, Ashe’s Vision of Empire is useful for detecting opposing junglers or pinpointing objectives, which complements Rell’s strengths in establishing vision and securing strategic locations.

Keep these synergistic elements in mind:

  • Extended Crowd Control: A sequence of Ashe’s arrow and Rell’s airborne maneuver ensures the opposition is controlled for an extended period.
  • Strategic Dominance: Insight from Ashe alongside Rell’s territorial command can clinch crucial monsters like dragons and barons.
  • Lane Control: The slowing effects from Ashe in combination with Rell’s stunning abilities can overpower lane adversaries.

Evaluating this partnership, it becomes clear that their joint utility and control over enemies present a robust force during team engagements.

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