10 Best ADCs With Renata Glasc in League of Legends (Season 13)

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Struggling to make your mark on the League of Legends battlefield with Renata Glasc by your side? Fret not, for the right ADC can turn the tide of any game.

Within this treasure trove of strategic insight, discover which ten marksmen have the prowess to synergize with Renata’s unparalleled support.

With each pairing more potent than the last, your quest for dominance could very well end here, as you unlock the secret to claiming victory in Season 13.

1. Kog’Maw

Pairing Renata Glasc with Kog’Maw creates a powerful bot lane duo, capitalizing on the synergy between her empowering abilities and his high damage output.

Renata’s abilities are well-suited to enhance an ADC’s strengths, especially with her Handshake ability, which can reposition enemies to set up Kog’Maw’s impactful Living Artillery attacks.

Her Bailout can change the tide of battle, allowing Kog’Maw a chance to reverse even the most challenging skirmishes with a timely resurrection.

When you consider this duo, it becomes clear that Renata’s ability to increase Kog’Maw’s attack speed with her passive, Leverage, works in perfect harmony with his Bio-Arcane Barrage, enhancing his already strong on-hit effects.

Taking advantage of this combination can change conventional bot lane dynamics, presenting new strategies for gaining control over the game.

2. Draven

Draven shines when paired with Renata Glasc, whose abilities magnify his already strong lane control and propensity for securing eliminations.

A master of early-game aggression, Draven benefits from Renata’s crowd control and support buffs, making him a formidable opponent in the bot lane.

Her Handshake (E) ability can reposition adversaries, perfectly setting up Draven to catch his Spinning Axes and deliver substantial harm. Renata’s ultimate, Hostile Takeover, can alter the course of a skirmish, enabling Draven to effortlessly mop up opponents.

Reviewing their partnership, Renata’s supportive capabilities are the perfect complement to Draven’s burst-oriented style.

She offers the protection and initiation he requires to gain an advantage and snowball. This duo commands attention and can secure early advantages, steering their team toward triumph.

3. Tristana

Moving on from Draven’s intense power, you’ll discover that Tristana’s explosive approach meshes well with Renata Glasc’s utility, providing a balance of burst damage and options for strategic retreat.

Tristana’s abilities enable a forceful presence in lane when combined with Renata’s skills in controlling the crowd. Your approach to the game can be both active and responsive, adapting to the ebb and flow of combat with accuracy.

  • Rocket Jump (W): Take advantage of Renata’s control abilities to engage or retreat safely.
  • Buster Shot (R): Use in tandem with Renata’s ultimate to create impactful knockback effects.
  • Explosive Charge (E): Increase damage potential on targets restricted by Renata.
  • Rapid Fire (Q): With Renata’s ability to peel, you can accumulate and activate Explosive Charge without hindrance.

Take control of the bot lane’s rhythm, using Tristana’s versatile skillset with the comprehensive support of Renata Glasc.

4. Miss Fortune

Harnessing Miss Fortune’s powerful bullet showers with Renata Glasc’s area control abilities sets you up for control over team skirmishes and lane dominance.

Miss Fortune excels at pressuring opponents in lane, and with Renata’s ability to manage crowds, you can launch a relentless attack without worry of counterattack.

Assess the positioning of your adversaries—Renata’s Hostile Takeover can funnel adversaries into a confined area, making them perfect targets for your Bullet Time.

Your tactical skills are crucial when synchronizing your ultimate abilities. When Renata traps enemies, follow up with Double Up and Make It Rain to maximize your damage over a wide area.

This combination does more than just reduce health bars—it overwhelms, commands, and dominates.

Having the freedom to use this potent combination allows you to set the rhythm of the game and secure wins through strategic offense.

5. Jinx

Pairing Jinx with Renata Glasc in the bot lane sets the stage for a powerful duo capable of taking control of chaotic team fights and prolonged conflicts.

The potential Jinx has for area-of-effect damage, when combined with Renata’s crowd control skills, creates a formidable combo. Here are some reasons:

  • Chain Reaction: Jinx’s rockets receive extra area damage from Renata’s passive, allowing for a more effective assault on clustered foes.
  • Peel and Protect: Renata’s abilities provide protection for Jinx, ensuring her safety as her damage increases.
  • Lockdown Synergy: Renata’s ultimate can herd enemies into Jinx’s chompers, creating a sequence of crowd control that facilitates easy defeats.
  • Scaling Advantage: Both characters improve as the game progresses, making the pair an increasingly serious threat to the opposing team.

Analyzing this duo, it becomes clear that achieving victory hinges on strategic placement and synchronized actions.

Accept the chaos and watch adversaries falter under the intense barrage of firepower you command.

6. Vayne

As an ADC, your Vayne will excel when teamed with Renata Glasc, using her stealth and agility to take full advantage of Renata’s crowd control for effective surprise attacks.

When combining these two champions, think about how Renata’s capability for creating distance and Vayne’s requirement for strategic positioning can lead to high output of harm.

Here is a brief overview of how they complement each other:

Vayne’s StrengthsRenata’s Complementary Skills
Tumble (Q) for movementHostile Takeover (R) to gather foes
Final Hour (R) for invisibilityBailout (W) for increased survival
Silver Bolts (W) for damaging durable opponentsLeverage (E) to initiate stuns against barriers

Assess your adversaries and tailor your approach to take advantage of their weak points. Vayne and Renata form a partnership that supports independent play, enabling you to shift the tide of battles with well-thought-out, strategic maneuvers.

7. Sivir

Every team clash turns into an impressive display of bouncing boomerangs when Sivir teams up with Renata Glasc.

Sivir’s superior ability to clear minion waves and harass enemies from a distance works well with Renata’s capacity to control areas and manipulate enemy movements.

  • Spell Shield Synergy: Sivir’s E, Spell Shield, allows her to effectively block errors made by Renata, providing a layer of protection against opponents who are aggressive in their engagements.
  • On The Hunt Engage: Utilizing Sivir’s R, On The Hunt, in tandem with Renata’s abilities, can lead to powerful opportunities for initiating or retreating strategically.
  • Boomerang Blade: Timing Sivir’s Q with Renata’s ability to immobilize opponents can result in the boomerang hitting several stationary targets, which amplifies the inflicted damage.
  • Multi-Target Ricochet: Sivir’s W is particularly effective in team clashes, more so when Renata’s passive has a tendency to make enemies group together.

Together, these two champions form not just a self-reliant pair but also a force to be reckoned with during smaller skirmishes and larger team clashes.

8. Lucian

Renata Glasc’s strategic expertise complements Lucian, enhancing his capabilities as a powerful marksman. His quick-trigger abilities are in harmony with her crowd control and territorial denial talents.

When playing Lucian, make the most of the openings Renata provides. Observe the battle; when Renata successfully executes her hostile takeover, it’s your signal to initiate Lucian’s complete assault.

Your aggressive playstyle, coupled with Renata’s ability to disengage, allows you to control engagements on your terms.

Synergy ComponentLucianRenata Glasc
Crowd ControlLight SlingerBailout
Burst DamageThe CullingLeverage
PositioningRelentless PursuitHandshake

Use this synergy to outplay and outshoot adversaries, always seeking those critical moments to strike accurately and carve your route to triumph.

9. Varus

Varus, with his piercing arrows, becomes a formidable force when paired with Renata Glasc’s crowd control arsenal, setting the stage for devastating long-range engagements. When strategizing your next game, consider these synergies:

  • Varus’ Chain of Corruption (R) can spread through enemies caught by Renata’s Hostile Takeover (R), amplifying their effects.
  • Firing Piercing Arrow (Q) from a distance takes advantage of Renata’s zoning tools, keeping Varus safe.
  • Hail of Arrows (E) applies a slow, making it easier for Renata to hit her skillshots.
  • The zoning and poke abilities from both champions create a lane that’s oppressive and challenging to approach.

These combinations allow you to dominate the battle area, set the tempo, and methodically take apart the opposition.

10. Samira

Why settle for a passive approach during the laning phase when you can combine Samira’s daredevil style with Renata Glasc’s utility for an impactful bot lane partnership?

Samira excels amid chaos, and with Renata’s diverse crowd control abilities, you’re prepared to take control. Renata’s skill at incapacitating multiple adversaries with her Handshake (E) perfectly sets up Samira’s Inferno Trigger (R) for a remarkable conclusion.

This partnership encourages proactive behavior and rewards those who adopt aggressive stances.

Evaluating their kit compatibility, Renata’s passive provides Samira a safety net of resurrection, allowing her to join skirmishes with confidence. Their collective area damage and control abilities are unparalleled, often shifting the balance in small fights.

You’ll traverse Summoner’s Rift, sowing confusion among opponents. This duo appreciates a playstyle that allows for freedom—cause chaos and enjoy your lane’s ability to engage, outmaneuver, and overpower.

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