10 Best ADCs With Sona in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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Strategizing the perfect bot lane partnership in League of Legends can be a symphony or a cacophony.

The virtuoso support, Sona, requires an ADC maestro to truly orchestrate dominance in Season 13’s lanes.

If finding that ideal champion partner strikes a chord of challenge, fear not.

Our expert analysis decodes the meta, revealing the top 10 ADCs who, when paired with Sona, create a harmony so powerful, it could control the ebb and flow of the Rift itself.

1. Kalista

Pairing Kalista with Sona in the bot lane this season is a strategy you should consider. The aggressive nature of Kalista’s gameplay works well with Sona’s poking and healing abilities, resulting in a strong lane presence.

Sona’s auras paired with Kalista’s Rend skill can lead to dominance in trading blows with the opposition.

Additionally, Sona’s Crescendo serves as an effective method for initiating or disengaging combat, which complements Kalista’s ultimate that can either protect Sona or begin skirmishes.

The increased mobility provided by Sona’s Song of Celerity is a good match for Kalista’s passive, assisting in smooth movement and positioning. Utilizing this duo effectively can apply significant pressure on the enemy, compelling them to match your aggressive playstyle.

Grasping the synergy between these two champions can turn your bot lane into a strategic point of control, influencing the game’s outcome.

2. Tristana

Moving on from the synergy between Kalista and Sona, the combination of Tristana with Sona creates an explosive duo in the bot lane that shines with both high burst damage and the ability to endure.

Tristana’s assertive playstyle is enhanced by Sona’s harmonious auras and ability to control crowds, fostering an active bottom lane presence.

  • Dominance Early On: The pairing of Tristana’s Rocket Jump (W) with Sona’s Power Chord and Hymn of Valor (Q) has the potential to eliminate opponents early or force them to use defensive spells.
  • Turret Destruction: With Tristana’s Explosive Charge (E), turrets fall rapidly, and this is even more effective when Sona’s passive provides extra damage.
  • Control of Fights: The combination of Sona’s Crescendo (R) and Tristana’s Buster Shot (R) offers the flexibility to initiate fights or withdraw from them as needed.
  • Growth and Endurance: Each champion’s abilities mature favorably over time, with Sona providing healing and Tristana’s attack range expanding, making them a powerful force in the later stages of a match.

This duo is adept at turning initial advantages into a significant lead.

3. Miss Fortune

When you combine Sona with Miss Fortune, you take advantage of their collective strength to unleash a powerful area-of-effect assault during team clashes.

Sona’s Crescendo prepares the ideal scenario for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time, sweeping through adversaries with relentless power.

Assess the situation; Sona’s auras and ability to control the crowd simplify Miss Fortune’s task of positioning her ultimate effectively without disruption.

Strategically aligning Sona’s Power Chord with Miss Fortune’s Love Tap can increase poking damage in the lane. This coordination interferes with the opponent’s ability to farm and compels them into a more cautious approach.

Grasping the intricacies of this duo transforms the bottom lane into a territory where adversaries must be careful or risk being overwhelmed.

4. Yasuo

When you choose Yasuo as your ADC, pairing him with Sona can create a formidable presence in the bot lane. Sona’s abilities synergize well with Yasuo’s playstyle, providing the right conditions for him to execute his ultimate, Last Breath, with precision.

Here are some aspects to keep in mind:

  • Engagement Synergy: Sona’s ultimate, Crescendo, can initiate combat smoothly, perfectly setting up Yasuo’s Last Breath for a devastating impact.
  • Sustain and Harassment: The healing and buffs from Sona’s abilities allow Yasuo to sustain longer in the lane, making trading with opponents more effective.
  • Retreat Capabilities: When the situation calls for retreat or repositioning, Sona’s Song of Celerity and Aria of Perseverance can provide the necessary escape tools for Yasuo.
  • Power Spikes Awareness: Take advantage of the moments when Yasuo becomes significantly stronger, such as after achieving level 6 or completing key items, with Sona’s supportive auras to further enhance his abilities.

5. Ashe

When planning for control over the bot lane, consider Ashe’s ability to attack from a distance. When used with Sona’s harmonious support, this combination can dominate the battleground with a chilling effectiveness.

The combination of Ashe’s Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow with Sona’s Crescendo creates an opportunity for impactful fights. Use the slowing effect of Ashe’s Frost Shot to complement Sona’s ability to harass and heal.

This partnership is particularly strong during the early game phase, gradually reducing opponents’ health from a considerable distance.

Pay attention to timing Ashe’s Hawkshot with Sona’s awareness of the map to prevent surprise attacks and to capture objectives. With Sona enhancing Ashe’s range of abilities through her harmonies and speed enhancements, you can set the rhythm of the match.

This partnership isn’t purely about raw power; it centers on smart positioning and measured aggression, which can lead to an escalating advantage.

6. Nilah

Nilah’s aggressive approach to combat meshes well with Sona’s support capabilities, creating a pair that shines in tight skirmishes. Designed to charge into battle, Nilah works effectively alongside Sona’s healing, strengthening, and battlefield control capabilities.

  • Wave Incarnate: Take advantage of Nilah’s ability to share healing with Sona, which amplifies their staying power in lane.
  • Harmony in Chaos: Use Sona’s crowd control to enable Nilah’s explosive damage output.
  • Convergent Playstyles: The way Sona harasses the enemy complements Nilah’s strategy of committing to fights.
  • Ultimate Synergy: Combine Sona’s Crescendo with Nilah’s Formless Blade for a powerful effect on adversaries.

This pairing requires careful positioning and precise timing, but those who master it can control the bot lane effectively. Grasping these subtleties is key to becoming dominant in that position.

7. Seraphine

Seraphine’s skills enhance Sona’s auras, creating a powerful duo in the bot lane. Teaming these two champions results in a concert of crowd control and enhancements that can dominate in team clashes.

Seraphine’s passive, ‘Stage Presence,’ works in harmony with Sona’s ‘Power Chord,’ leading to powerful poke and control.

Synergy AspectDescription
Crowd ControlLayered control from ultimates
SustainImproved healing and shields
Poke PotentialEffective, consistent ranged pressure
Team Fight PowerIntensified auras benefit the whole team

Grasping this synergy is vital. Aim to maximize the overlay of your auras and synchronize your crowd control to optimize impact. Positioning is critical; make sure you’re both situated to take full advantage of each other’s capabilities.

8. Twitch

Pairing Sona’s harmonic support with Twitch’s surprise tactics offers an effective combination that can catch adversaries unprepared with powerful sneak attacks.

As Twitch, your stealth is a major advantage, allowing you to get into position for Sona’s crescendo to affect multiple foes. With her harmonies and your venom, you’ll control the rhythm of the bot lane.

Take into account these tactics when you play Twitch alongside Sona:

  • Sona’s Harmonies: Use the added damage and healing to gain an edge in trades.
  • Surprise Attacks: Employ Twitch’s Q to begin skirmishes your enemies won’t see coming.
  • Crescendo Connection: Combine your Contaminate with Sona’s ultimate for an impactful combo.
  • Area Influence: Use your joint harassment and control abilities to maintain dominance over objectives.

Become proficient with this pair, and you’ll be skillfully leading to the defeat of opposing bot lanes with precision and synergy.

9. Vayne

During your matches with Sona, selecting Vayne can alter bot lane conflicts significantly, utilizing her powerful single-target damage alongside Sona’s auras to great effect.

Vayne’s capability to inflict true damage with her Silver Bolts works well with Sona’s Power Chord, swiftly dealing with even the most resilient adversaries.

Together, they can control the later stages of the game, with Sona’s Crescendo providing an ideal opportunity for Vayne’s Final Hour attack.

Here’s a brief overview of why this pair is effective:

SynergySona’s auras improve Vayne’s durability and attack strength.
Kill PotentialVayne’s Condemn, along with Sona’s crowd control, can result in early eliminations.
ScalingBoth champions progress to become much stronger as the game advances.

When you analyze this duo, you’ll notice their abilities are complementary, they form a strong bot lane team in Season 13.

10. Swain

Pairing Sona with Swain in the bot lane creates a powerful combination, where their collective crowd control and poke potential can rapidly wear down opponents.

The capability of Swain to pull adversaries affected by Sona’s Crescendo greatly increases their capacity to secure kills, establishing them as a formidable pair.

Examining their synergy:

  • Zone Control: Swain’s Vision of Empire combined with Sona’s ultimate creates an effective area of denial during skirmishes, which can force adversaries into less favorable positions.
  • Sustain: Both champions possess abilities that allow them to recover health, with Swain’s Ravenous Flock and Sona’s Aria of Perseverance, enabling them to maintain their presence in lane.
  • Engage and Disengage: With Swain’s passive capability to pull and Sona’s E power chord, they can initiate or avoid conflicts effectively.
  • Scaling: Both champions improve as the game progresses, offering valuable contributions during larger conflicts.

Grasping the nuances of this duo can provide an advantage in various match-ups.

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