10 Best ADCs With Swain in League of Legends Season 13 (Right Now)

Chris Lee
Chris Lee 18 Min Read

This season, certain ADC champions rise above the rest when paired with Swain’s strategic prowess. Uncovering this potent duo’s potential could be the key to dominating the Rift.

But which ADCs truly complement Swain’s unique abilities? We’ve scoured the latest patch data and player strategies to bring you the top 10 ADCs that harmonize flawlessly with Swain, ensuring your path to victory is not just a dream, but a well-strategized reality.

Let’s reveal these formidable pairs that are reshaping the meta right now.

10. Ashe

When it comes to ADCs, Ashe is a hidden gem, particularly when coupled with Swain.

Now, get this, her ‘Enchanted Crystal Arrow’, infamous for its long-range engage, allows Swain to dive right into the heat of the battle. It’s like a well-planned ambush!

Now, as a player who appreciates strategic vision, I find her ‘Hawkshot’ invaluable. It’s like having your own private scout, revealing sneaky enemies and helping you take the upper hand.

But where the magic truly happens, in my opinion, is when Ashe’s ‘Frost Shot’ and ‘Volley’ combine with Swain’s ‘Nevermove’. Imagine this – Ashe slows an enemy, Swain sees the opportunity, and bam! Lands his ‘Nevermove’. It’s a crowd control dream come true.

So, what’s the takeaway?

Well, use Ashe’s abilities not just for their individual perks, but to set up Swain’s moves. It’s all about creating opportunities for your partner, and trust me, the enemy won’t see it coming.

Now, compared to other ADCs, Ashe mightn’t be the flashiest choice, but when it comes to team utility and synergy with Swain, she’s top tier, and that’s what counts on the Rift.

9. Caitlyn

In the bot lane, you might want to consider locking in Caitlyn when partnered with Swain. The two of them can make a lane opponent’s life a living nightmare.

Caitlyn’s ability to lay down her Yordle Snap Traps (W) around the lane provides an oppressive zone control, forcing opponents to tread lightly.

Now, imagine Swain’s Nevermove (E) catching an enemy off-guard, and right into one of Caitlyn’s traps. Boom! A devastating combo that leaves foes at the mercy of your subsequent onslaught.

Personally, I’ve found there’s nothing quite as satisfying as perfectly landing this CC chain. It’s a spectacle to behold – a testament to the power of well-coordinated bot lane duos in League of Legends.

And when it comes to their ultimates, the synergy is just as impressive. Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole (R) can snipe fleeing enemies, while Swain’s Demonic Ascension (R) transforms him into a drain tank, absorbing damage and terrorizing the enemy team.

In a scenario where you’re on the defensive, Caitlyn’s range combined with Swain’s crowd control can help keep aggressive enemies at bay, allowing for a safer farm. Against a squishy bot lane, this duo can be particularly punishing.

8. Jhin

Pairing Swain with Jhin is like having a well-choreographed dance in the bot lane – a deadly ballet of bullets and dark magic.

Jhin, the Virtuoso, excels in long-range executions, while Swain, the Noxian Grand General, brings menacing crowd control into the mix. Now, let’s talk tactics.

Picture this: Jhin lays down his ‘Captive Audience’ (E), setting a trap that’s itching to explode. Now, it’s Swain’s turn. He casts ‘Nevermove’ (E), rooting an enemy in place. Boom! Jhin’s trap detonates, dealing substantial damage. That’s what we call a wombo combo!

Now, imagine you’re in a teamfight. Swain is in the middle, his ‘Demonic Ascension’ (R) active, draining life and causing chaos.

Meanwhile, Jhin is at a safe distance, channeling ‘Curtain Call’ (R). Each shot from Jhin sends a chill down the enemy’s spine, while Swain’s presence keeps them from escaping. The synergy is undeniable.

Remember, though, that Jhin is all about the fourth shot – timing and precision are key. You should also be mindful of your positioning. With the right strategy, you’ll make your enemies wish they’d never stepped foot in your lane.

Compared to other ADCs, Jhin’s playstyle requires more strategy. It’s not about spamming abilities, it’s about creating opportunities and seizing the moment. Paired with Swain’s control and sustain, you’ve got a bot lane that’s a nightmare for any opposing duo.

7. Miss Fortune

The bot lane synergy between Miss Fortune and Swain is a force to be reckoned with. The combo of Swain’s ‘Nevermove’ and Miss Fortune’s ‘Bullet Time’ is enough to leave any enemy ADC in the dust.

Now, if you’re playing Miss Fortune, make sure to maximize her high mobility to dodge incoming threats while Swain sets up the play.

I don’t think that there’s anything better than when Swain lands his ‘Nevermove’, rooting the enemy bot lane, and you, on Miss Fortune, immediately follow up with your ‘Bullet Time’. It’s a devastating combo that can swiftly turn the tide of any skirmish.

But remember summoners, timing is key here. Don’t just spam your abilities. Wait for Swain to land his ‘Nevermove’ before you unleash your ‘Bullet Time’ for maximum effect. This way, you’re almost guaranteed to land a hit on all enemies in the area.

Personally, I’ve seen this duo steamroll over traditional bot lanes like Ashe and Thresh. Miss Fortune’s high mobility and Swain’s crowd control make them a versatile pair that can handle a variety of threats.

The key is to play aggressively, capitalize on Miss Fortune’s high damage output and Swain’s crowd control abilities. Use them to your advantage to force the enemy bot lane to play defensively, and you’ll have them dancing to your tune in no time.

In my opinion, this bot lane duo is incredibly fun to play. The thrill of landing a perfect ‘Nevermove’-‘Bullet Time’ combo is simply unmatched. So, next time you’re about to queue up, consider trying out this deadly duo. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

6. Kalista

Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty of this deadly bot duo, Kalista and Swain. You’ve seen what Miss Fortune and Swain can do, but this pair brings a whole new level of gameplay.

Let me try to paint you a picture, imagine you’re in the bot lane, you have Kalista’s nimble footwork at your disposal, making dodging skill shots feel like a walk in the park.

Swain, on the other hand, is your reliable partner in crime, ready to lock down anyone foolish enough to step too close.

Together, this duo is all about exploiting openings. Kalista’s Rend is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to securing objectives. It’s like having a second Smite! Pair this with Swain’s Vision of Empire for zoning, and you’ve got yourselves some unmatched objective control.

But let’s not forget the pièce de résistance: their ultimate combo. Kalista’s Fate’s Call can toss Swain right into the thick of things, enabling him to pull enemies closer with his passive. This setup can dish out some serious damage and turn team fights in your favor.

Although it might take some practice to perfect this synergy, trust me, it’s worth it. You’ll be making plays that’ll have your enemies typing ‘gg’ in no time.

Personally, I think this duo requires a certain level of coordination and understanding of each other’s abilities. But once you’ve got that down, the Rift is your playground.

Just remember, it’s not just about understanding their abilities, but knowing how to use them together to create the perfect storm. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment. After all, that’s part of the fun, right?

5. Xayah

Now let’s dive into the feather-ruffling partnership of Swain and Xayah. When their abilities intertwine, it’s like watching a deadly ballet unfold on the Rift.

Picture this: Xayah, with her ‘Featherstorm’, causing chaos, leaving a trail of feathers behind, and Swain, with his ‘Nevermove’, ready to ensnare any foe foolish enough to overstep. That’s what I call a showstopper!

Here’s how to make the most of this duo. Start by using Xayah’s ‘Featherstorm’ as a tactical tool. Whether you’re disengaging or re-engaging, it’ll throw your enemies off balance.

Now, here’s where Swain steps in with ‘Nevermove.’ It’s the perfect follow-up, ensuring crowd control and buying time for Xayah’s feathers to return.

But wait, there’s more. Xayah’s ‘Clean Cuts’ and Swain’s ‘Ravenous Flock’ are a match made in Valoran. As Xayah slices through enemies, Swain’s ravens feast, increasing his damage output. It’s a win-win.

And let’s not forget Xayah’s ‘Bladecaller.’ It roots opponents, making them easy targets for Swain’s onslaught. Clever, isn’t it?

However, it’s not always sunshine and pentakills. This duo can struggle against high mobility opponents, making champs like Ezreal a thorn in their side.

But hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? With practice and perseverance, this duo can rule the bot lane.

4. Draven

Draven and Swain, a bot lane that can make your enemies ‘See the light’ real quick. Their synergy isn’t just about how their abilities mash together, but also how they can strategically optimize their playstyle.

Imagine this, you’re in the lane and Swain lands a clean Nevermove, pulling in an unsuspecting foe.

Don’t just stand there! As Draven, this is your cue to unleash your Spinning Axe and follow it up with a swift Blood Rush.

One thing I personally love is how Draven’s Stand Aside or Whirling Death can capitalize on Swain’s crowd control. It’s all about timing and seizing the moment, but trust me, when you pull it off, your opponents won’t know what hit them.

In terms of itemization, I’d say – lean into Draven’s aggressive nature. Pile on that Attack Damage and Lifesteal to really push your dominance.

Just like a well-executed Flash or a perfectly timed Teleport, the key is to keep those axes spinning and the enemy on their toes. But remember, this isn’t a solo game. Communication is critical to make this duo shine.

Compared to other bot lane duos, Draven and Swain can seem a bit off-meta, but that’s exactly why they can catch your opponents off guard. So, go out there and show them that this isn’t just any League of Legends game, it’s your League.

3. Sivir

Pairing Sivir with Swain in the bot lane can seriously up the ante, and here’s why: their combined wave-clear and poke potential is legendary.

Sivir’s ‘Boomerang Blade’ and ‘Ricochet’, when coupled with Swain’s ‘Vision of Empire’ and ‘Death’s Hand’, can obliterate minions in a blink and keep your adversaries on their toes.

Let’s say that it’s mid-game, the lane’s packed with minions – Sivir’s ‘Ricochet’ wipes out the frontline while Swain’s ‘Vision of Empire’ decimates the backline. In the blink of an eye, the lane is clear, and your opponents are left reeling.

But the real kicker here is the synergy between Sivir’s ‘Spell Shield’ and Swain’s ‘Nevermove’. Sivir’s shield can nullify any incoming crowd control, keeping Swain free to cast his spells.

Meanwhile, Swain’s ‘Nevermove’ roots the opponents, lining them up for Sivir’s deadly ‘Boomerang Blade’. As a player, I’ve seen first-hand how this duo can dominate the game.

In comparison to other bot lane duos, Sivir and Swain provide superior lane control and poke damage. However, the key here is to utilize their abilities in harmony.

Make sure to time Sivir’s ‘Spell Shield’ with the enemy’s crowd control spells, and then let Swain do his thing with ‘Nevermove’.

2. Lucian

Let’s talk about a bot lane combo that can really turn the tide of a match: Lucian and Swain. The synergy here is all about combining Lucian’s high mobility and burst damage with Swain’s crowd control and sustain.

As Lucian, you’re going to want to use your Piercing Light and Relentless Pursuit to poke and maneuver around your adversaries.

It’s like dancing in the River around a Scuttle Crab, except the crab is a lot less likely to want to kill you. This then sets up Swain’s Nevermove perfectly.

Imagine this: you’re in a heated fight, your opponent is just within the grasp of defeat. You, as Lucian, have been poking, dashing, and dodging, and now Swain lands Nevermove.

Now’s your time to shine. Unload The Culling on them while Swain’s in the middle of the fray with demonic ascension, tanking damage and causing chaos.

Personally, I think this duo is a force to be reckoned with when played right. It’s aggressive, it’s resilient, and it keeps your enemies guessing.

But remember, timing and positioning are key. You don’t want to be that Lucian who dashes right into a Blitzcrank grab, do you?

One additional piece of advice: don’t underestimate the power of practice. The more you play this duo, the better you’ll get at exploiting their strengths and covering each other’s weaknesses. It’s like the adage, ‘practice makes perfect,’ but with more explosions and demonic ravens.

In comparison to other bot lane pairs, Lucian and Swain may seem unconventional, but their contrasting abilities create a uniquely dynamic and powerful duo.

It’s always a thrill to witness this duo in action, especially when they start popping off in the bot lane. So, grab a friend, queue up, and give it a shot. You won’t regret it.

1. Kai’Sa

While Lucian and Swain tear up the battlefield, the alliance of Kai’Sa and Swain brings a unique and dynamic twist to bot lane skirmishes.

Our beloved Daughter of the Void, Kai’Sa, with her remarkable burst damage and agility, pairs like a charm with Swain’s robust crowd control and sturdiness. Let’s dive into the synergy that makes this duo a bot lane terror.

Not to mention, Kai’Sa’s ultimate, Killer Instinct, is a match made in heaven with Swain’s Nevermove.

Imagine the enemy ADC thinking they’ve escaped, only for Kai’Sa to zoom in, following up Swain’s root. The enemy will be spamming ‘missing pings’ on their mini-map!

Finally, consider a team fight scenario. Swain activates his ult, Demonic Ascension, turning into a large demonic entity. Kai’Sa then uses Supercharger, repositioning quickly during the chaos.

This combination can wreak havoc on clustered enemies, making for a perfect wombo combo!

In my humble opinion, mastering this synergy is your ticket to dominating the bot lane, making your enemies wish they never queued up. But remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to steamroll from the get-go.

Compared to other ADC-Support duos, Kai’Sa and Swain’s unique blend of agility, crowd control, and damage makes them a formidable choice for those who love aggressive playstyle. Just keep in mind, communication and coordination are key to unleashing their full potential.

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