10 Best ADCs With Thresh In League of Legends Season 13 (Right Now)

Chris Lee
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Struggling to find the perfect ADC to pair with Thresh in League of Legends Season 13? Look no further! In a game with over 160 champions, it’s crucial to find an ADC that synergizes well with Thresh’s playmaking potential.

Our expert analysis reveals the top 10 ADC champions that complement Thresh’s kit and playstyle, from early game bullies to late-game hypercarries.

So, get ready to dominate the bot lane and climb the ranks with the ideal ADC partner for Thresh. Let the games begin!

1. Jhin

Jhin and Thresh, a bot lane synergy that’s not to be trifled with. Let’s break down this dynamic duo.

Thresh, the chain warden, is a pro at crowd control with his Death Sentence and Flay, setting up Jhin’s Deadly Flourish and Curtain Call to be game changers.

Thresh’s Dark Passage isn’t just a lantern, it’s Jhin’s ticket out of sticky situations. And honestly, who doesn’t want a free escape button as an ADC?

But here’s the kicker, Thresh’s The Box, is your battlefield. It creates a zoning area that turns the tide of team fights, allowing Jhin to pick off enemies from a safe distance.

Now, let’s compare this to a Jhin and Yuumi lane. Yuumi can heal and buff Jhin, which is nice, but she lacks the zoning and crowd control that Thresh brings to the table.

Remember, Jhin thrives with a support that can initiate fights and control the battlefield, and that’s Thresh’s bread and butter.

The Jhin and Thresh duo isn’t just potent, it’s your ticket to climbing the ranks. But remember, synergy means nothing without practice, so get out there and start dominating the bot lane.

2. Lucian

Stepping away from Jhin, we’re now diving into the exhilarating bot lane duo of Lucian and Thresh.

Now, if you’ve ever seen a Thresh ‘Death Sentence’ connect, you know it’s like the jungler just served you dinner. It’s even better when Lucian capitalizes on it with a swift ‘Piercing Light’ and darting ‘Relentless Pursuit’ combo, turning the tide in your favor.

Picture this: you’re in a skirmish around dragon. Thresh throws out his lantern, and Lucian is suddenly zipping into the fray. A well-timed ‘Flay’ from Thresh followed by Lucian’s ‘The Culling’ can decimate the enemy team before they even realize what hit them.

In my opinion, where this duo shines is in the early game. Their synergy allows for aggressive plays and lane domination, setting the pace for the rest of the match. But remember, communication is key.

Keep an eye on Thresh’s hooks, and be ready to follow up. Trust me, nothing feels better than scoring that First Blood.

Compared to other ADCs, Lucian’s mobility is a great advantage, especially when Thresh’s ‘Dark Passage’ is in play.

You’ll be dancing around skill shots and diving turrets like a fed Master Yi. However, be warned: this duo requires practice and precision. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be the bot lane terror everyone fears.

But don’t just take my word for it, give it a shot in your next ranked game. Remember, practice makes perfect.

3. Senna

Senna and Thresh, when paired, create a bot lane combo that’s a deadly mix of poke damage and crowd control.

Senna’s ‘Piercing Darkness’ isn’t just a poke tool, it’s a dual-purpose spell. Don’t just fire it off aimlessly, instead, line up your shots to heal Thresh while whittling down your enemies.

Now, imagine you’re up against an aggressive bot lane. Thresh lands his ‘Death Sentence’, and in comes Senna’s ‘Last Embrace’. Boom! The enemy is rooted, unable to escape your onslaught. That’s synergy, my friends!

Senna’s ‘Dawning Shadow’ is another tool in your arsenal. It’s not just about the damage, it’s about timing it right with Thresh’s initiation. Use it when Thresh goes all in, and you’ll see your enemies’ health bars drop while Thresh stays in the fight longer.

I’ve seen this duo rip apart even the most aggressive bot lanes. But remember, Senna isn’t your traditional ADC.

She’s part support, and that’s what makes this duo click. It’s about optimizing your spells, timing your attacks, and most importantly, communicating with your partner.

In comparison to other ADCs, Senna offers a unique blend of support and damage, perfectly complementing Thresh’s playstyle. They’re a force to be reckoned with if played correctly. Do remember, it’s not just about landing spells, it’s about making every spell count.

4. Ashe

Ashe, the Frost Archer, is a force to be reckoned with when paired with Thresh, the Chain Warden. In my opinion, their synergy isn’t to be underestimated.

Imagine a scenario where you’re pushing the bot lane. Ashe’s Volley (W) whittles down the enemy’s health, poking them from a safe distance. Now, here’s where Thresh steps up. He throws his Death Sentence (Q), latching onto the weakened enemy.

Follow this up with Ashe’s ultimate, the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, and you’ve got yourself a crowd control chain that can make even the most confident opponents second guess their moves.

But remember, this duo isn’t about brute force. It’s a dance, a delicate balance of aggression and protection. Ashe lacks mobility, and that’s where Thresh’s Dark Passage (W) comes into play. Use it wisely to keep your Ashe safe from ganks or to reposition her during a team fight.

Compared to other ADCs like Ezreal or Lucian who have their own escape mechanisms, Ashe relies more on her support. But that’s the beauty of this duo.

Thresh’s control and Ashe’s crowd control complement each other, turning the bot lane into a deadly chess game. But remember, positioning is key. You don’t want to end up in a ‘face-checking the brush’ situation.

This duo is all about controlling the battlefield and dictating the pace. Play smart, summoner.

5. Varus

When taking the duo of Thresh and Varus, the Arrow of Retribution, into bot lane, you’re setting the stage for a deadly dance of crowd control and damage.

Here’s where the fun starts: Thresh’s Flay disrupts and displaces the enemy, leaving them vulnerable.

I’ve seen Varus players capitalize on this by popping their Blighted Quiver-enhanced basic attacks to trigger some on-hit magic damage. Now, this is a personal favorite of mine, as it can turn the tide of a fight in an instant.

But it’s not all about the offensive. Varus isn’t the most mobile champ on the Rift, and that’s where Thresh’s Dark Passage comes into play. Got a pesky Zed trying to dive your ADC? Toss out that lantern and give Varus a much-needed lifeline.

Now, let’s talk ultimates. When Thresh drops The Box, it’s a party no enemy wants an invite to. Add Varus’ Chain of Corruption to the mix, and you’ve got a duo that can lock down and whittle away at the enemy team.

6. Jinx

Rolling out the bot lane with Thresh and Jinx, the Loose Cannon, feels like a match made in League of Legends heaven.

Speaking from experience, this combo is a bot lane’s nightmare. Thresh’s Flay (E) and The Box (R) can create a zone of terror, letting Jinx dance around with her Q ability, Switcheroo! raining havoc. It’s like a beautiful dance of destruction, if you ask me.

But remember, Jinx lacks mobility. This is where Thresh’s Dark Passage (W) comes into play. It’s not just a lantern, it’s your get-out-of-jail card. Use it wisely!

In comparison to other ADCs, Jinx might seem a bit vulnerable. But paired with Thresh, it’s like adding a defensive shield to a cannon.

You’re not just playing a game; you’re orchestrating a symphony of destruction. And believe me, there are few things more satisfying than watching your rockets explode on the enemy’s face.

7. Draven

In the bot lane, when Thresh and Draven join forces, it’s like watching a well-choreographed dance of destruction.

Draven, with his menacing ‘Spinning Axes’, can lay down some serious DPS. Add Thresh’s ‘Death Sentence’ into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an early first blood.

Now, let’s imagine an aggressive play. Draven uses ‘Stand Aside’ to disrupt enemy’s positioning, opening a window for Thresh to land a sweet ‘Death Sentence’. A well-timed ‘Flay’ afterwards and you’ve got your opponent on the ropes.

But let’s not forget, Thresh isn’t just there for the offensive plays. His ‘Dark Passage’ is a game-changer, offering Draven a swift escape route from sticky situations.

That being said, I believe that this duo’s effectiveness hinges on precise positioning and timing. So, trust in your support and keep your axes spinning, Draven mains!

I consider this duo to be more potent than most – if you can master their synergy, you’re on your way to bot lane supremacy.

However, if you’re up against a poke-heavy duo, like Caitlyn and Morgana, you’ll need to tread carefully. Their range and crowd control can really rain on your parade. In such matchups, smart aggression is key: seize opportunities, but don’t overextend.

8. Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Thresh, now that’s a bot lane synergy that can really push the lane. Caitlyn, with her superior range, can rain down damage from afar while Thresh causes chaos with his crowd control abilities.

Now, imagine this – Thresh lands a ‘Death Sentence’ on the enemy ADC. As Thresh, you then pull them in and use ‘Flay’ to keep them in place.

Caitlyn, meanwhile, can safely set up her ‘Yordle Snap Trap’ under the unfortunate victim, followed by a ‘Piltover Peacemaker’ shot for good measure. This combo can devastate opponents, giving you control of the lane.

But don’t just read about it, test it out! Remember, as Caitlyn, you want to stay behind Thresh. Let him soak up the enemy’s attention while you dish out damage. It’s all about positioning here.

In my opinion, this duo outshines other bot lane pairs, especially against aggressive melee champions.

Their combined range and control allows for excellent poking and zoning. But remember, League of Legends isn’t just about the champions you pick, it’s also about how you play them.

9. Kalista

Let’s dive right into the fast-paced world of Kalista and Thresh, a bot lane duo that’s all about strategic control and agility.

Now, as any seasoned LoL player knows, Kalista’s Martial Poise, her passive, is a dream for kiting and dodging skill shots.

But, let’s add a layer of complexity to that. Imagine Thresh, our favorite Chain Warden, throwing his lantern towards Kalista.

She scoops it up and, in an instant, they’re initiating an unexpected engage using Fate’s Call, Kalista’s ultimate ability. Now, that’s what I call a ‘gg ez’ moment!

Yet, mastering this duo isn’t just about understanding each other’s abilities, but how to optimize them.

It’s about knowing when to activate Thresh’s Flay to maximize the damage from Kalista’s Rend. This pairing requires excellent coordination but trust me, once you get the hang of it, there’s no turning back.

Personally, I love this duo against heavy melee comps. With Thresh’s crowd control abilities, Kalista gets the freedom to deal damage without worrying about survivability.

I mean, who can resist a Thresh box followed by a flurry of Kalista’s spears? But remember, it’s not all fun and games, this duo can be difficult to master, but the rewards? Absolutely worth it!

10. Twitch

Stepping off the beaten path, our focus now lands on an unconventional yet deadly duo: Thresh and Twitch. Their synergy, if played right, can send enemies back to the spawn platform quicker than a five-man gank.

Picture this: Twitch has just activated his Ambush ability, ready to Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat out of nowhere.

Suddenly, a wild Thresh appears, throwing out his Flay to disrupt the enemy, giving our sneaky rat ample time to spray and pray.

But, the magic doesn’t stop there. Thresh’s Dark Passage is just the cherry on top, not only acting as a safety net but also allowing Twitch to live on the edge, as it’s not just about dealing damage but surviving as well.

Now, I’m a support main myself, and I can tell you, there’s nothing more satisfying than a well-executed Thresh Lantern save.

Now here’s the deal: to really get this combo to pop off, coordination is key. Thresh landing his Box ultimate just as Twitch unloads his Spray and Pray, it’s a beautiful sight.

Of course, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes practice, communication, and a bit of luck. But when you get it right? Oh man, it’s like hitting a pentakill.

Compared to traditional bot lanes, Thresh and Twitch may seem like an odd pair. But remember, in the right hands, they can turn the tide of a game.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, the League is full of surprises. Just remember, keep that communication open, and let the rat and the chain warden do their thing.

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