10 Best ADCs With Xerath in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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As the Season 13 curtain rises, the quest for the ideal ADC to complement Xerath’s long-range barrages is more crucial than ever.

We’ve scoured the current meta to spotlight the top 10 ADC champions that sync with Xerath, paving the way for victories that resonate far beyond the Summoner’s Rift.

Stay with us as we reveal the pairs that promise to amplify your game to new heights.

1. Ezreal

A powerful ADC to team up with Xerath in League of Legends Season 13 is Ezreal. His abilities, based on skill shots, work well with Xerath’s ability to harass from a distance.

Engaging in the game means you’re coordinating an assault from range, commanding respect from those you face. With Ezreal, your magic attacks do more than just chip away at health; they dictate the flow of battle.

Each Mystic Shot Ezreal lands, combined with the force of Xerath’s Arcanopulse, sends a definitive message: you’re not confined in lane with your adversaries; rather, they find themselves restricted by your presence.

This duo leverages precision and a relentless advance that can pressure opponents into retreating to their tower. Master this partnership, and you’ll dominate the lane, paving your way to triumph through constant pressure.

2. Miss Fortune

Another powerful ADC you can team up with Xerath to control Season 13’s bot lane is Miss Fortune. Her bullet-rain ultimates can wipe out teams when combined with Xerath’s crowd control abilities.

Intelligent positioning and timing between the two can lead to powerful combos that many opponents find hard to counter.

Take these synergies into account:

  • Area of Denial: Xerath’s ability to control space with his Arcanopulse (Q) and Eye of Destruction (W) can push enemies into close quarters, ideal for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time (R).
  • Chain CC: A stun from Xerath’s Shocking Orb (E) on a crucial target can be the perfect setup for a fully channeled Bullet Time.
  • Poke and Harass: Both champions are adept at gradually wearing down adversaries from a distance, making them prime for a decisive strike.
  • Objective Control: Employ your joint ultimates to keep enemies at bay from essential objectives like Dragon or Baron.

When you examine these interactions, it’s clear Miss Fortune isn’t only a formidable choice but also one that synergizes well with Xerath’s long-range combat style. In tandem, your gameplay transcends mere play; you orchestrate the flow of battle to your advantage.

3. Ashe

As an ADC to pair with Xerath, Ashe stands out with her utility and crowd control, enhancing your lane’s ability to control space and orchestrate long-range engagements.

Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow can start conflicts from afar, aligning well with Xerath’s arcane assaults.

Ashe’s AdvantagesXerath CollaborationJoint Effect
Slowing EffectsPoke CapacitySuperior Maneuvering
Hawkshot VisionTerritory DenialImproved Surveillance
Global Stun UltStun PreparationAssured Initiations
Consistent DPSExtensive ReachArea Domination

Evaluating this duo, it becomes clear that your approach isn’t merely focused on the early stages of the game. You’re forging a partnership that excels in strategic surveillance and strong engagement capabilities.

Accept the control you have over the pace of the game, as Ashe and Xerath together can dominate the battlefield with a firm hand, leaving adversaries with minimal options for retaliation.

4. Aphelios

Transitioning from the utility-focused synergy of Ashe, a different kind of complement to Xerath’s artillery exists in Aphelios, whose array of weaponry adapts to various combat situations.

The Weapon of the Faithful, with his arsenal of five unique weapons, can alternate between poking at a distance, sustaining himself, delivering sudden damage, and controlling large groups of opponents.

This flexibility enables you to gain an advantage in any given scenario and complements Xerath’s ability to control zones and hit targets from afar.

Key points with Aphelios:

  • Calibrum allows for engaging enemies at a distance, similar to Xerath.
  • Severum provides the means to maintain oneself during laning.
  • Gravitum presents control over groups to take advantage of immobilized adversaries.
  • Infernum and Crescendum are instrumental in providing sudden damage in team conflicts.

Analyzing Aphelios’ set of tools, it’s clear they offer a dynamic that rewards both proactive and reactive strategies. It’s an engaging pairing for players who value the ability to adjust to changing circumstances and control the bottom lane through strategic skill.

5. Caitlyn

Turning to Caitlyn, you’ll appreciate her unmatched range and siege capabilities as they form a powerful duo with Xerath, compelling opponents to maintain their distance.

Teaming these two champions up allows you to take control of the bot lane with a relentless assault of abilities that can keep enemies at bay or even eliminate them before they’ve the opportunity to counterattack.

Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker and Xerath’s Arcanopulse, when coordinated effectively, can swiftly eliminate minion waves and harass enemies under their turret without repercussion.

Selecting a champion is more than a simple choice; it’s about adopting a strategy that revolves around dominance and strategic aggression.

With Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap and Xerath’s Eye of Destruction, you possess the means to create an area brimming with crowd control hazards.

This combination commands respect on the Rift, allowing you the liberty to shape the course of the lane.

6. Ziggs

Continuing with another unique choice, you’ll notice Ziggs provides a special synergy with Xerath, as both champions specialize in long-range attacks and controlling areas.

When you put these two artillery mages in the bottom lane, you choose a tactic that focuses on gradually wearing down opponents from a distance and dominating the battlefield with their explosive abilities.

They can effectively make the lane a zone where the enemy pair should tread cautiously.

Here’s why this duo can be highly effective:

  • Siege Capability: Both champions have the ability to quickly take down turrets with their skills.
  • Wave Management: They can efficiently clear minion waves, maintaining relentless pressure.
  • Area Dominance: Their combined skills compel enemies to keep moving to avoid damage.
  • Harassment Power: They can steadily diminish the health of their enemies while maintaining a safe position.

Adopt this duo, and you’ll appreciate the advantage of controlling engagements on your terms.

7. Jhin

As an ADC, Jhin’s meticulous setup and burst potential work exceptionally with Xerath’s long-range attacks and crowd control. This isn’t just a game; it’s an orchestration of a lethal ballet where every move is deliberate.

With Jhin’s capacity to root adversaries snagged by Xerath’s stun, you craft opportunities that are nothing short of artistry. Your laning phase becomes a show, penalizing rivals who dare to misstep.

Jhin’s fourth shot, a sure critical hit, becomes a fearsome threat for anyone ensnared by Xerath’s skills. Envision the contentment as your foes can only watch their health bars deplete from a perfectly timed combination.

Your aim isn’t just victory; it’s to reign with flair and precision, ensuring each shot exemplifies your unrestrained potential.

8. Jinx

While peppering the opposition with Xerath’s arcane assaults, Jinx’s explosive firepower and ability to quickly destroy towers make her a great partner in the bot lane.

She performs well next to Xerath, as his ability to strike from afar complements her need to create distance to ramp up her minigun or rocket launcher for the best impact.

When you consider how well they work together, several aspects are clear:

  • Zone Control: Xerath and Jinx can keep enemies away from minion waves and objectives.
  • Chain CC: A well-timed stun from Xerath followed by Jinx’s chompers can be disastrous for enemies.
  • Siege Potential: The pair can demolish turrets quickly while maintaining a safe position.
  • Late-Game Impact: Both become significant threats as the game progresses, with their power increasing significantly over time.

Mastering this pair can provide the advantage necessary to control the bot lane and win for your team.

9. Varus

Teaming up with Xerath’s extensive range attacks, Varus proves to be an impressive ADC as his piercing projectiles add extra pressure on adversaries in the bot lane. They establish a domain of control that’s hard to rival.

Varus’s Q, when fully charged, can take down enemies from afar, matching Xerath’s arcane assaults. This ensures you’re not merely harassing; you’re threatening serious combat without the need to fully engage.

In addition, Varus’s ultimate ability, Chain of Corruption, offers outstanding initiation or escape capabilities, which work well with Xerath’s strategy to maintain distance from threats. You become more than an ADC; you’re a strategist, setting the lane’s tempo.

With precise positioning and teamwork, you can secure wins before opponents have a chance to counter.

10. Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa’s agility and killer instincts work extremely well with Xerath’s ability to attack from a distance, allowing you to take advantage of any mistake made by an adversary with precise lethality.

With Kai’Sa, you’re actively seeking out chances to strike. Xerath chips away at targets from a distance, and you’re the one who swoops in at the perfect time. Your abilities mesh well with Xerath’s, forming an unforgiving pair on the battlefield.

When you play Kai’Sa with Xerath, keep these points in mind:

  • Engage: Capitalize on Xerath’s stun to initiate your killer instinct dive.
  • Poke: Continuously harass with Xerath to build kill pressure.
  • Finish: Use your ultimate to secure kills after Xerath has weakened the enemies.
  • Synergy: Combine your bursts of damage to dominate the early game.

Take advantage of this duo’s capabilities and steer the direction of your match. Having freedom in the bottom lane allows you to set the rhythm, and with Kai’Sa and Xerath, you have all the necessary tools.

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