10 Best ADCs With Zilean in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

Chris Lee
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As Zilean’s popularity surges in Season 13, finding the right ADC partner becomes a tactical quest for League of Legends enthusiasts. The synergy between Zilean and his ADC can pivot a match towards victory or defeat.

In this detailed guide, we reveal the top 10 ADC champions that synchronize with Zilean’s timeless abilities, creating unstoppable forces on the battlefield.

Whether you favor a high-risk, high-reward playstyle or a more calculated approach, our insights will help you craft a partnership that opponents will dread facing.

1. Kog’Maw

Pairing Zilean with Kog’Maw, you’re making the most of the artillery champion’s potential through strategic use of time-based abilities.

Zilean’s Time Warp significantly increases Kog’Maw’s attack speed, allowing you to concentrate on tearing through enemies without the early investment in speed-enhancing items.

The partnership benefits from more than just this; Zilean’s Chronoshift can ensure Kog’Maw stays in the fight, continuing his onslaught even when facing heavy enemy attacks.

Your strategic approach will appreciate Zilean’s area-of-effect stun from Time Bomb combinations, which can keep opponents at bay and provide Kog’Maw the space needed to operate effectively.

This collaboration epitomizes freedom, with Kog’Maw able to assert his presence and control the tempo of engagements without the worry of swift defeat.

When considering the duo’s dynamic, leveraging their strengths early on is key. Take control of the lane by coordinating Zilean’s explosive attacks with Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage, turning each assault into a significant threat.

As the game progresses, your anticipation in choosing the right spots for engagement becomes critical.

With Zilean’s ability to hasten and revive, you can position Kog’Maw to use his long-range advantage while minimizing danger, showing the significant influence of well-planned freedom in clinching wins.

2. Caitlyn

Caitlyn’s exceptional range paired with Zilean’s time-based abilities offer a bot lane duo capable of controlling the game from a distance.

Caitlyn, with her impressive base auto-attack range, easily pokes and harasses opponents, while Zilean’s explosive devices contribute to pressure and zone control. Their combined tactics go beyond simple harassment; they effectively manage space on the battlefield.

This pairing can be your strategy for success in the bot lane for several reasons:

  • Zone Management: The combination of Caitlyn’s traps and Zilean’s area stun can close off areas, directing where adversaries can move without risk.
  • Harassment and Long-Range Attack: Use Caitlyn’s superior reach to gradually damage turrets, with Zilean providing escape assistance using his acceleration or a timely revival ability to prevent tower dive attacks.
  • Synchronized Crowd Control: A precisely timed explosive from Zilean can make it certain for Caitlyn to catch an opponent in a trap, causing considerable harm.
  • Progressive Strength: Caitlyn shines early in the game, while Zilean’s supportive capabilities become more effective as the game continues, ensuring their usefulness doesn’t wane.
  • Increased Chance of Survival: Zilean can use Chronoshift to avert Caitlyn’s defeat, giving her the confidence to take bold actions knowing she’s a backup plan.

To effectively use Caitlyn and Zilean’s abilities, players must be mindful of their positioning and timing, taking full advantage of their joint harassment, zone management, and defensive measures.

This duo empowers players to set the tempo of the bot lane engagement and influence the broader game’s rhythm.

3. Ezreal

Switching from the zone control tactics of Caitlyn and Zilean, you’ll appreciate how Ezreal’s skillful use of skillshots is enhanced by Zilean’s supportive abilities, forming a nimble and unpredictable bot lane partnership.

Playing as Ezreal, you value the agility to dart around conflicts, and Zilean’s capabilities to increase your speed or decelerate an adversary are a perfect match for such a playstyle.

When considering this duo, it’s clear that smart positioning takes priority. Zilean’s temporal abilities allow you to adjust your stance to hit Ezreal’s Mystic Shots more effectively.

Zilean’s ultimate, Chronoshift, can also be critical for Ezreal who, even with his Arcane Shift, might sometimes be caught off-guard due to his assertive harassment tactics.

Here’s a breakdown of why Ezreal and Zilean work well together:

AspectEzreal BenefitZilean Complement
MobilityArcane ShiftTime Warp
PokeMystic ShotTime Bomb
SurvivabilityAgile PlaystyleChronoshift

Adopt this duo if you enjoy a playstyle that requires swift reactions, accurate skillshots, and tactical use of abilities to dictate the flow of the lane.

Ezreal and Zilean provide an experience where smart offensive moves and well-timed retreats are key to triumph.

4. Lucian

With Zilean’s time-altering talents, your Lucian can make the most of every opportunity to deliver a relentless stream of bullets.

Teaming up Lucian with Zilean in the bot lane brings a special mix of attack power and staying power. If you’re a tactical thinker, you’ll recognize mastering this pair is about timing and precision.

Here are some strategic benefits this pair brings:

  • Early Game Pressure: Zilean’s bombs create zones of control, giving Lucian room to chip at enemies and farm with less risk.
  • Engagement and Retreat Capabilities: Zilean’s speed enhancements and stuns grant Lucian the agility to either charge or withdraw.
  • Synchronized Ultimates: Zilean’s ultimate can make Lucian a daring aggressor, diving into perilous situations with a backup plan.
  • Surge of Damage: The stun from Time Warp sets up Lucian to deliver his entire arsenal for impactful damage.
  • Rapid Progression: Zilean’s passive can help Lucian reach critical levels quicker, ruling the laning phase.

By using the combination of Lucian’s damage capabilities and Zilean’s support functions, you’re not merely participating in the game; you’re outwitting your rivals.

Freedom in League of Legends is about crafting your strategy for engagement. And with Lucian and Zilean, you have the strategies to accomplish precisely that.

5. Kalista

Every confrontation with Kalista turns into a deadly ballet when accompanied by Zilean’s timely aid. Kalista excels at agility and precision, leading attacks with aggressive persistence.

Zilean enhances these traits by providing extra survival capabilities and control, which can alter the course of the game. His Time Warp skill increases your already impressive ability to pursue, making it almost unfeasible for foes to evade your Rend’s deadly effect.

From an analytical perspective, this pair benefits from Zilean’s Chronoshift to offset Kalista’s natural vulnerability. You’ll engage in conflicts with a kind of reckless strategy, knowing the time-shifting protector is watching over you.

The tactical depth involves luring adversaries into committing too much, only for Zilean to reverse the situation, restoring your vitality and position.

This approach requires quick reaction times and vision, as the precise use of his ultimate could determine the outcome of a group battle.

From a strategic standpoint, Zilean’s wide-range stun from Time Bomb complements your combat agility, allowing you to move across the battlefield, inflicting spears with deadly accuracy.

This collaboration commands respect and instills apprehension in your opponents. Your aim isn’t merely to outlast; it’s to control the pace of the encounter, striving for supremacy on the battlefield.

Presently, Kalista and Zilean form a partnership that can liberate the flow of the game, altering its course with swiftness and time-bending power.

6. Vayne

As a Vayne player, Zilean’s time-altering skills can be transformative, letting you engage with assurance, knowing you have a backup plan.

His Chronoshift could transform a critical situation into a strategic feint, permitting a bolder playstyle and the chance to capitalize on daring maneuvers that can change the course of battle.

Reflect on the strategic compatibility between Vayne and Zilean:

  • Chronoshift Safety Net: Engage in clashes with the knowledge that Zilean’s ultimate may rescue you from death.
  • Time Warp Engage: Use Zilean’s speed enhancement to place yourself ideally for a stunning Condemn.
  • Silver Bolts Window: Take full advantage of your Silver Bolts trigger with the deceleration from Zilean’s Time Bomb sequence, making it tough for foes to flee.
  • Late Game Scaling: Both champions become more formidable as the game progresses, endorsing a careful and strategic style.
  • Area Control: Zilean’s area stun abilities can create opportunities for Vayne to deal extensive damage in team engagements.

Teaming up with Zilean offers a new level of liberty in how you approach the game. Bold strategies are on the table, with the assurance that time is quite literally an ally.

Analyze the combat zone, and keep in mind that with Zilean, opportunities are always present.

7. Jinx

Pairing Jinx with Zilean in the bot lane can significantly enhance your ability to control space and take down structures.

Jinx’s Fishbones, the rocket launcher from her ‘Q’ skill, paired with Zilean’s area stun from his ‘Q’ – Time Bomb, make for a formidable force. This duo allows you to maintain distance, forcing enemies to retreat while you chip away at their health and structures.

When you analyze the synergy between Jinx and Zilean, you can see the depth of strategy they provide:

Jinx’s AdvantagesHow Zilean Complements
High area damageAugmented with Zilean’s stuns
Effective at destroying structuresSpeeded up by Zilean’s passive
Susceptible to divesGuarded by Zilean’s ultimate

Jinx’s risk of being targeted by assassins and hard engage is lessened by Zilean’s Chronoshift, which means you can take risks knowing you have a backup.

Zilean’s Time Warp increases Jinx’s mobility, making up for her lack of escape options. Together, they create a zone where opponents find it difficult to advance.

If you want the liberty to control the game and set the pace, this combination gives you the necessary tools to carve out a path toward winning.

8. Ashe

Expanding on the strategic depth offered by characters like Jinx and Zilean, Ashe’s long-range engagement with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a perfect complement to Zilean’s battlefield control abilities.

When planning your strategy, consider how Ashe can initiate fights from afar, allowing Zilean to follow with his area-of-effect stuns and slows.

This duo forms a formidable crowd control sequence that can incapacitate key targets, giving your team an advantage in skirmishes and larger battles.

To utilize the full potential of this pairing, it’s necessary to grasp why Ashe works so well alongside Zilean:

  • Engagement and Disengagement: Ashe’s ultimate is adept at initiating or halting battles, which Zilean can enhance with Time Warp.
  • Vision Control: Hawkshot provides vision that can protect Zilean, who doesn’t have escape abilities.
  • Kiting Abilities: Ashe becomes nearly impossible to catch with Zilean’s speed enhancements.
  • Chain Crowd Control: Timing an arrow with Zilean’s Double Bomb can keep a target immobilized for a longer time.
  • Control Over Objectives: Their combined abilities can secure objectives by either zoning out or surprising enemies.

Through analysis, the strategic flexibility and control that Ashe and Zilean bring to the table becomes clear. Their value lies not only in their damage output but also in their ability to dictate the pace and direction of the match.

9. Jhin

Your collaboration with Jhin is defined by precision, as his meticulous sniping and Zilean’s temporal manipulation result in a lane controlled by detailed crowd management and sudden damage.

Tactically, this pair excels in arranging intricate traps and carrying out well-timed attacks. Zilean’s abilities to either quicken Jhin or decelerate adversaries perfectly complement Jhin’s requirement for precise positioning to maximize his damage output.

The collaboration can be outlined as follows:

CC ChainDeadly Flourish (W)Time Bomb (Q) + Time Warp (E)
EngageCurtain Call (R)Time Warp (E) for better positioning
DisengageCaptive Audience (E)Chronoshift (R) for revival
Burst ComboFourth Shot + QDouble Time Bomb
PokeDancing Grenade (Q)Time Bombs from afar

Observing this breakdown, one can see how each of Jhin’s capabilities are enhanced when combined with Zilean’s arsenal. The chain of crowd control is potent, with Jhin’s W prepared to immobilize adversaries marked by Zilean’s explosive devices.

When initiating combat, Jhin’s ultimate creates opportunities for Zilean to decelerate targets, which improves accuracy. Retreat tactics are highly effective; Jhin’s snares and Zilean’s ultimate deter advancing opponents.

Their combined sudden attack can eliminate an opponent before they have a chance to respond, and their consistent harassment keeps adversaries at a distance. This partnership provides both liberty and command, commanding respect from those they confront.

10. Draven

Continuing with a potent duo, teaming Zilean with Draven in the bot lane transforms you into a formidable presence, leveraging the Glorious Executioner’s sheer might and Zilean’s chronomantic support.

When you wield Draven’s axe, your goal is unequivocal supremacy—and Zilean is your key to achieving that potential.

Let’s examine why this combination could be your path to supremacy in the bot lane:

  • Early Game Aggression: Zilean’s ability to accelerate Draven allows for swift pursuit of enemies or retreats from precarious situations.
  • Catch Potential: The synchrony of Zilean’s time bomb cascade with Draven’s spinning axes means you can secure targets for an effortless profit from Draven’s passive.
  • Survivability: Zilean’s chronoshift can rescue Draven from what would be a lethal hit, permitting a more daring playstyle with a protective backup.
  • Scaling Advantage: While Draven amasses wealth through his passive, Zilean’s supportive abilities grow in effectiveness, keeping you as a persistent menace.
  • Zone Control: With Zilean’s ability to stun in an area and Draven’s Whirling Death, you command the battlefield, steering where skirmishes unfold.

Engaging with this pair demands a tactical approach, concentrating on optimal moments to strike and how to best leverage your joint capabilities to gain advantages and apply pressure.

Accept the synergy, and you’ll find yourself setting the tempo of the match, turning the bot lane into your territory.

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