10 Best ADCs With Zyra in League of Legends Season 13 (Right Now)

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Struggling to conquer the bot lane in League of Legends Season 13? The perfect synergy between Zyra and the right ADC might just be your winning ticket.

This definitive guide will reveal the top 10 ADCs that pair best with Zyra, potentially transforming your gameplay into an insurmountable power.

Prepare to elevate your ranking and rewrite your gaming destiny!

1. Miss Fortune

Within the sphere of ADCs, you’ll notice Miss Fortune, coupled with Zyra, can establish a formidable bot lane duo in Season 13 of League of Legends. The high burst damage of Miss Fortune, paired with the crowd control capability of Zyra, makes them an intimidating team.

The Double Up ability of Miss Fortune inflicts significant damage that can rebound off creeps and strike enemy champions. When you mix this with Zyra’s Grasping Roots, enemies are immobilized and become effortless targets.

The Stranglethorns of Zyra supply a broad area of effect knock-up, which perfectly complements the Bullet Time ultimate of Miss Fortune, showering a large area with bullets.

This leaves you to obliterate your opponents while they’re defenseless against Zyra’s thorny hold.

Yet, your triumph isn’t assured merely by choosing these champions. You must gain expertise in their capabilities and synergies.

Be aware of your position, as Miss Fortune isn’t particularly mobile. Zyra’s plants can offer some protection, but it’s risky to depend entirely on them.

Your ability to control the bot lane with this duo depends on your skill. With regular practice, you’ll be capable of utilizing this powerful combination to its maximum capacity, manipulating the battlefield according to your desire.

2. Varus

Transitioning from Miss Fortune, the combination of Zyra and Varus emerges as a formidable bot lane duo in Season 13 of League of Legends.

The long-range poke and crowd control capabilities of Varus mesh effectively with Zyra’s plant-induced zoning and lockdown. This pairing can control the lane while offering both pressure and potential for elimination.

There are three primary reasons why Zyra and Varus make such a strong team:

  1. Integration of Piercing Arrow and Grasping Roots: Varus’s Q ability, Piercing Arrow, can inflict substantial damage when fully charged. Zyra’s E ability, Grasping Roots, immobilizes adversaries, allowing Varus to accurately land his skill shot.
  2. Harmony of Chain of Corruption and Stranglethorns: Varus’s ultimate ability, Chain of Corruption, extends to surrounding adversaries, rooting them on the spot. Zyra can then cast her ultimate ability, Stranglethorns, causing a devastating knock-up effect over a wide area.
  3. Advantage in Range: Both Zyra and Varus have a greater range than many bot lane champions, enabling them to poke and chip away at their rivals from a secure distance.

This powerful synergy between Zyra and Varus can grant you the ability to control the rhythm and result of the bot lane, guiding your team to triumph.

3. Ashe

We move forward to the discussion of why Ashe is a superb ADC to team up with Zyra in your Season 13 games. Ashe’s distinctive set of abilities allows her to command the battlefield with her crowd control abilities and long-range engagement.

Her supreme move, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, provides the liberty to initiate battles from a distance, making her an exceptional choice for Zyra’s aggressive approach.

The collaboration between Ashe and Zyra is based on their capacity to control and penalize the opponent’s positioning.

Zyra’s Grasping Roots and Stranglethorns combination can immobilize enemies, providing Ashe with an ideal chance to launch an array of arrows or a destructive Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

Also, Ashe’s Hawkshot provides unmatched map awareness, enabling your team to make educated decisions about when to engage or withdraw.

Regarding itemization, creating attack speed and damage on Ashe will amplify Zyra’s crowd control effectiveness, transitioning their duo into a crowd control and damage-dealing force. With accurate positioning and timing, this bot lane pairing can rule your Season 13 games.

4. Jhin

Next, we draw attention to Jhin, another ADC worth evaluating for synergy with Zyra in your Season 13 battles. The unique abilities and gameplay style of Jhin makes him an attractive option for those aiming to capitalize on Zyra’s powers.

Jhin offers a few critical benefits:

  1. High Burst Damage: The fourth shot of Jhin guarantees a critical strike with additional damage. This meshes well with Zyra’s crowd control abilities, enabling him to land powerful blows.
  2. Long-Range Capabilities: His ultimate ability, Curtain Call, is an excellent tool for long-distance poke and finisher potential. It effectively locks down targets from a distance, complementing Zyra’s approach.
  3. Trap Setup: Strategic placement of Jhin’s Lotus Traps offers excellent control over the area. They can discourage enemy progress or create opportunities for Zyra’s lethal combinations.

Attention must be given to Jhin’s power, which is counterbalanced by his unchangeable attack speed. Making every shot matter is critical. Your victory with Jhin is dependent on the right timing, placement, and productive communication with your Zyra support.

Master these facets, and you’ll be on the path to controlling the bot lane in Season 13. It’s a challenging but satisfying combination that adds a different spin to your usual ADC and support dynamics.

5. Draven

Moving our attention to Draven, his aggressive approach to the game pairs well with Zyra’s abilities in Season 13. Draven’s significant damage output, paired with the crowd control from Zyra, can take control of the bot lane during early game clashes.

While playing as Draven alongside Zyra, it’s crucial to maximize the usage of Draven’s Spinning Axes ability. Zyra’s Grasping Roots can hold enemies in place, allowing Draven to land powerful blows.

Draven requires players with expert skills and accurate positioning to optimize his damage. Maintain a safe range while ensuring Zyra’s plants are ready to lend the needed support. Here’s a simple explanation of how these two champions can work together:

Draven’s StrengthZyra’s Support
High damage outputCrowd control
Aggressive playstyleArea denial
Snowball potentialHigh burst damage
Positioning reliancePlant zoning

The secret to success when playing Draven and Zyra lies in communication. Zyra should be creating chances for Draven to cash in on his Adoration stacks. With thoughtful strategies and teamwork, Draven and Zyra can become a strong bot lane team in Season 13.

6. Ezreal

Focusing on Ezreal, his playstyle synergizes well with Zyra’s abilities in Season 13. Their combination in the bot lane leverages their range and AoE damage to exert persistent pressure on the enemies.

Here’s why Ezreal is a fantastic match for Zyra:

  1. Poke and Harass: Ezreal’s Mystic Shot and Zyra’s plants can constantly pester enemies from a safe distance, stifling them and denying them any chance to farm or engage without taking damage.
  2. Kite and Peel: The duo’s abilities, namely Ezreal’s Arcane Shift and Zyra’s Grasping Roots, offer a lot of self-peel. This makes them difficult to catch and allows for repositioning during fights.
  3. Burst Damage: Both champions bring high burst damage to the table. Zyra’s combo can immobilize enemies, and Ezreal’s True Shot Barrage can inflict a lot of damage. When they’re in the lead, this duo is truly fearsome, giving you control over the game’s rhythm.

In Season 13, if you pair Ezreal with Zyra, your bot lane can become a real nightmare for your enemies.

7. Samira

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect ADC to match with Zyra, Samira could be a great choice. Her aggressive playstyle works well with Zyra’s capabilities in Season 13.

Samira’s passive, Daredevil Impulse, enables her to chain her abilities into a destructive combo, causing chaos among the enemy ranks. Zyra’s crowd control abilities enhance Samira’s combos by keeping adversaries immobilized, allowing Samira to inflict damage.

A preferred strategy involves Zyra initiating with her Grasping Roots (E) and Stranglethorns (R) for crowd control. Samira can then engage with her Blade Whirl (W) and Inferno Trigger (R). Zyra’s plants contribute continuous damage, enhancing the pair’s lethal potential.

Samira’s Wild Rush (E) ability is another essential aspect, offering a tool for gap closing and escaping. This complements Zyra’s ability to control enemy movement, creating opportunities for Samira to engage or retreat as needed.

This grants the liberty to play with aggression, with the reassurance of having the means to withdraw when situations become tense.

Keep in mind, effective teamwork doesn’t just depend on the champions themselves, but also on your grasp of their playstyle. Enjoy your game!

8. Lucian

Continuing with potential ADC allies for Zyra, Lucian is a remarkable choice. His swift movements and intense damage output mesh well with Zyra’s crowd control capabilities in Season 13.

The aggressive approach Lucian takes in games, coupled with Zyra’s root and knock-up, form a formidable duo on the lane. This powerful combination can gain control early on and extend their dominance into the mid-late phase of the game.

Here are three aspects that make Lucian a compatible ally for Zyra:

  1. Agility: Lucian’s E skill, named Relentless Pursuit, enables him to zigzag across the battlefield, avoiding enemy crowd control and aligning himself to execute his full combo. This agility offers flexibility to initiate or retreat from fights, synergizing effectively with Zyra’s CC.
  2. Intense Damage: Lucian’s Q skill, Piercing Light, and his passive ability, Lightslinger, provide him with intense damage. When this is merged with Zyra’s root and plants, they can rapidly take down unsuspecting adversaries.
  3. High-Value Ultimate: Lucian’s ultimate ability, The Culling, inflicts substantial damage in a straight path. When Zyra uses her skills to immobilize enemies, it becomes a valuable instrument for securing eliminations.

Perfecting this duo demands accurate coordination and comprehension of each champion’s abilities. With repeated practice, you can gain control of the bot lane and lead your team to triumph.

9. Caitlyn

Caitlyn emerges as a potent ADC to team up with Zyra in League of Legends Season 13. The extensive range of her abilities and her potent damage output make her a force to reckon with when paired with Zyra. This duo can dominate the bot lane, creating significant challenges for their adversaries.

Caitlyn’s range gives her the advantage of harassing enemies from a secure distance behind Zyra’s plants and roots. This tactic helps to maintain a state of pressure and control, compelling the adversary to adopt a defensive stance.

The traps set by Caitlyn also harmonize well with Zyra’s crowd control abilities. A strategically set trap can induce a root from Zyra, leading to an effortless kill.

Mastering this duo requires impeccable timing. Coordination between Caitlyn’s Piltover Peacemaker and Ace in the Hole, and Zyra’s Grasping Roots and Stranglethorns is crucial. This strategy optimizes your damage output and ensures that no adversary can flee.

The power of the Caitlyn and Zyra duo lies in their ability to control the lane and inflict high damage from a secure distance. With effective communication and skilled play, domination of the bot lane and leading the team to victory is possible.

10. Kog’Maw

Kog’Maw stands out as a noteworthy ADC to team up with Zyra in League of Legends Season 13. This champion exhibits a distinct playstyle that meshes well with Zyra, forming a formidable bot lane pair capable of ruling the game.

There are three main areas where Kog’Maw shines:

  1. Late game scaling: Kog’Maw’s damage potential surges in the late game, transforming him into a threat the enemy team can’t ignore. This syncs well with Zyra’s crowd control abilities, making way for lethal combo attacks.
  2. Poke and siege: Kog’Maw, armed with his Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery, has the ability to poke adversaries from a safe range. Zyra, on her part, can zone the enemy with her plants, making engagement a challenge for them.
  3. Self-peel: Kog’Maw might be lacking in mobility, but his Void Ooze brings some self-peel into the mix, slowing down enemies who try to get to him. Zyra’s Grasping Roots also provide an extra layer of protection.

Knowing these elements of Kog’Maw’s kit will help you use him more efficiently with Zyra in your matches. Keep in mind, the secret to victory is in communication and synergy, so coordinating with your Zyra teammate is a must for maximum impact.

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