10 Best Engage Abilities In League of Legends

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In the electrifying world of League of Legends, team fights can make or break your victory. It’s in these decisive moments that the right engage abilities can turn the tide.

This comprehensive guide details the top 10 engage abilities that have the power to dominate the battlefield. It’s not about the player count—it’s about the right engagement.

Let this guide be your secret weapon to seizing control in those pivotal team fights.

1. Swain’s Nevermove (E)

Among engaging abilities, Swain’s Nevermove (E) stands out. This special move sends a surge of demonic energy, rooting enemies in place.

This characteristic gives Swain a significant advantage, akin to a long-distance trap, catching enemies from a distance. It opens the opportunity for an attack and the use of more skills.

The real advantage surfaces not only when you’re in the midst of a solo battle. When engaged in team battles, you can root several enemies, making it less complex for your allies to defeat them.

It becomes a valuable tool for initiating your combo in one-on-one battles. Gaining proficiency in this ability can significantly change the game’s trajectory in your favor, giving you an edge.

2. Pantheon’s Grand Starfall (R)

One of the notable engage abilities found within the game of League of Legends belongs to Pantheon – the Grand Starfall (R).

This unique skill allows Pantheon to surge into the skies, only to descend with might at a location of your preference.

The beauty of this ability is its long-range reach and its broad impact radius. The potential to slow multiple foes at once makes it an asset during group clashes.

Yet, its utility isn’t confined to group scenarios. When you’re battling alone and your adversary attempts to flee, Grand Starfall can assist in closing the gap and hindering their escape.

Thus, group skirmishes or solo duels, the Grand Starfall of Pantheon proves to be a formidable resource to possess.

3. Braum’s Glacial Fissure (R)

Progressing to Braum’s Glacial Fissure (R), this ultimate move changes the game in terms of battlefield control.

It’s not just an impressive display of power; it’s a strategic asset. Using it, Braum forms a massive fissure which not only elevates enemies but also produces a field that slows them.

This grants you command over a broad space, complicating the enemy team’s maneuvers. It’s akin to erecting a barrier your enemies struggle to navigate. The most appealing aspect? Its effectiveness doesn’t discriminate between team battles or single combat.

It can restrain multiple foes or isolate one target, providing you an advantage in varied scenarios.

4. Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q)

Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) can alter the course of a game. This skill pulls the initial enemy it makes contact with towards Blitzcrank.

The sudden relocation of the enemy into your team’s midst can cause quite a shock. This tactic is particularly effective when an enemy isn’t suitably positioned, providing a considerable advantage to your squad.

When battling solo, Rocket Grab initiates Blitzcrank’s attack sequence, reducing the opponent’s opportunity for a counter-attack. But be warned, accuracy is essential as a failed grab could leave you exposed – so make sure to train.

In larger battles, pulling a significant enemy can tilt the scales in your team’s favour. So, take the victory with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab!

5. Leona’s Solar Flare (R)

Post the impact of Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab, Leona’s Solar Flare (R) emerges as another influential game element due to its mighty engagement features.

Visualize the scenario where you summon a ray of pure sunlight that stuns adversaries located centrally and slows those at the edge. Intriguing, isn’t it?

This power proves beneficial when your aim is to trap adversaries from a distance. It offers you the upper hand in controlling the crowd, hence proving to be an efficient instrument during team clashes.

Consider yourself in an intense fight, your adversary’s team is in a cluster, and suddenly, you stun multiple adversaries at once. This ability proves its worth in individual fights as well, aiding you to restrain a single rival with ease.

Thus, when choosing champions, keep in mind the power of Leona’s Solar Flare. It’s a brilliant strategy!

6. Nautilus’ Depth Charge (R)

Venturing into the sphere of engagement abilities, Nautilus’ Depth Charge (R) stands as a significant game modifier. This ultimate ability acts like a determined pursuer, tracking an adversary regardless of their attempts to escape. But it’s not just about the pursuit.

The real gem here is the knock-up effect, causing disruption to adversaries it encounters and the final objective.

Visualize a scenario where you’re engaged in a team battle, the situation is turbulent, but you have Depth Charge at your disposal. You release it, and it triggers a chain reaction, like dominoes tumbling. Each adversary is successively thrust into the air, breaking their attack tempo.

The final objective? They’re treated uniquely, being immobilized for a few vital moments. Even during solo engagements, the effectiveness of Nautilus’ Depth Charge doesn’t diminish, making it a necessary engagement ability.

7. Lissandra’s Ring of Frost (W)

Let’s focus on Lissandra’s Ring of Frost (W), a potent mechanism at your disposal. This skill allows you to immobilize nearby adversaries, holding them in their tracks. It’s not solely about inflicting damage, it’s about managing the battlefield.

This skill accomplishes exactly that. It’s effective whether you’re engaged in a group skirmish or operating alone.

During a group clash, you have the potential to immobilize multiple adversaries simultaneously, providing your team an edge. When playing solo, it can assist in singling out an opponent.

8. Orianna’s Command: Shockwave (R)

After getting a hang of Lissandra’s Ring of Frost, Orianna’s Command: Shockwave (R) becomes another potent weapon in your kit.

This ultimate is all about dominating the area, enabling you to draw enemies closer while inflicting damage. It proves beneficial during team fights, where you can pull in several opponents at once, creating chaos and disrupting their team structure.

This ability also comes in handy during one-on-one fights. If your opponent attempts to flee, the Shockwave can be launched to halt them, making escape challenging. It’s akin to casting a broad net, with enemy champions as the catch.

With Orianna’s Command: Shockwave, the battlefield becomes your puppet show. This is one move which has the power to influence the outcome of any match.

9. Thresh’s Death Sentence (Q)

Thresh’s Death Sentence (Q) is a powerful ability that can significantly alter the dynamics of the game. When playing Thresh, this ability becomes your ally, providing you with the means to stun your adversaries, potentially swinging the outcome of the battle in your favour.

The ability goes even further, allowing you to zip towards your stunned enemy, placing you right in the heart of the action. This can be particularly useful when an opponent is positioned poorly. It’s as if they’ve presented themselves to you as a gift.

During skirmishes with multiple players, the potency of this ability increases. If you manage to snag an essential target, you’re creating a path to victory for your team.

When engaging in one-on-one fights, it sets the stage for Thresh’s combination attacks, giving you a distinct upper hand.

10. Zyra’s Stranglethorns (R)

Playing as Zyra, her Stranglethorns (R) ability shouldn’t be underestimated. It lets Zyra cultivate a large vegetation at a selected location, causing adversaries to be launched airborne as it grows. View it as a plant-like snare, set to trap those who venture too close.

It’s a potent mechanism for area control, complicating enemy movements without getting ensnared.

This ability can also alter the dynamics of team fights. Its capacity to launch several adversaries airborne sets up an ideal opportunity for your team to swoop down and eliminate them.

Even in individual fights, it serves as an effective tool to catch adversaries attempting to flee.

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