10 Best Ranged Junglers in League of Legends Right Now

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The jungle of League of Legends is a battlefield where precision can make or break your ascent to glory. For those drawn to the strategic dance of ranged jungling, selecting the right champion is a puzzle that, when solved, can unleash untapped potential on the rift.

This guide illuminates the top 10 ranged junglers, champions who command the wilds with a sharpshooter’s eye and a sorcerer’s finesse. With a focus on these tacticians, you’ll be equipped to claim victory from the shadows.

Ready to find your marksman or mage? Your journey to jungle mastery begins here.

1. Nidalee

Among the highly proficient ranged junglers, Nidalee stands out with her spear-throwing capabilities and transformative skills, providing a dynamic element to your game strategy.

Her Javelin Toss deals substantial damage from afar, with its impact magnifying when it connects with targets at its maximum range. Expertise in positioning is crucial to leverage this aspect, distinguishing skillful Nidalee players from beginners.

Within the jungle, her swift movement and efficient area clearance stand out due to her form-shifting ability, which grants her both sweeping spells and precise strikes.

Using Bushwhack to gain vision control is vital for dominating objectives and keeping an eye on the opposition’s whereabouts.

Analyzing Nidalee’s abilities indicates a need for an anticipatory approach to gameplay, pushing you to initiate bold maneuvers, transition across the map with purpose, and establish advantages through early assertiveness.

2. Elise

Elise is often a dominant force in the jungle, thanks to her versatile abilities that allow her to harass from a distance and finish off opponents up close.

Her unique capability to alternate between human and spider forms presents her with a variety of strategies during smaller conflicts and surprise attacks.

Examining her advantages:

  • Rappel (E): Offers outstanding agility and ways to evade danger.
  • Cocoon (E): A dependable stun for starting surprise attacks or protecting allies.
  • Venomous Bite (Q): Inflicts considerable damage when finishing off targets, ideal for claiming eliminations.
  • Volatile Spiderling (W): Useful for poking at a distance and effectively clearing jungle camps.
  • Spider Form: Improves her one-on-one fighting strength, providing her with recovery and increased damage.

Her capacity to adapt renders her a powerful option for those adept at her intricate playstyle and quick decision-making when transforming between forms.

3. Kindred

After exploring Elise’s powerful presence within the jungle, turn your attention to Kindred, who captivate with their distinct capability to command the battlefield from a distance and designate their targets for demise.

Lamb and Wolf, as a duo, possess a repertoire of abilities that enable tactical positioning and agility, which are vital for a jungler intent on influencing various lanes.

Their innate skill, Mark of the Kindred, encourages the pursuit of specific adversaries and scales their damage, rewarding accuracy and strategic planning.

Mark PassiveExpectation
Ult LifesaverSolace
Map PresenceTactical Excitement

An examination of Kindred’s abilities highlights their capacity for significant impact during gameplay. Perfecting their marks and effectively using their ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, can shift the balance in team skirmishes, evoking feelings of solace and victory.

4. Morgana

Morgana brings a unique mix of crowd control and high area damage, enabling you to immobilize adversaries and swiftly deal with jungle camps.

Selecting Morgana for your jungle role means choosing a champion capable of significantly swaying the flow of combat. Her abilities not only offer superb crowd control but also allow for the protection of allies by reducing incoming magic damage.

When playing Morgana in the jungle role, consider these abilities:

  • Tormented Shadow (W): Speeds up the time it takes to clear camps.
  • Dark Binding (Q): Critical for successful ganks and securing enemy targets.
  • Black Shield (E): Shields your damage dealers or yourself from potent crowd control effects.
  • Soul Shackles (R): Can flip the outcome of skirmishes.
  • Clearing Efficiency: Robust sustain permits longer periods of activity without the need to retreat.

Examining her abilities, Morgana’s adaptability stands out as a valuable asset for any team.

5. Karthus

Within your jungle collection, Karthus emerges as a powerful presence, equipped with devastating area-of-effect abilities to annihilate camps and adversaries.

His Lay Waste (Q) enables quick camp clears and scales powerfully into the later stages of the game, where he can eliminate vulnerable targets.

Wall of Pain (W) provides vision and a slow, ideal for securing objectives or detaining opponents caught out of position.

The true horror of Karthus, though, is encapsulated in his ultimate, Requiem, capable of altering the outcome of any skirmish or collective combat, irrespective of his location on the map.

As a jungler, your obligations include farming with high efficiency and keeping track of enemy summoner spells to use Requiem to its full potential.

To excel with Karthus, you must find equilibrium between your ability to farm and exerting influence across the map – a challenging yet gratifying challenge.

6. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks’ distinct abilities make him a force on the battlefield, capable of swaying the outcome of team skirmishes with a strategic Crowstorm.

His knack for catching adversaries off guard with a powerful area-of-effect ultimate from unseen locations or behind obstacles establishes him as an impressive ranged jungler.

Pay attention to these aspects of Fiddlesticks’ playstyle:

  • Vision Control: His effigies grant special warding abilities, critical for orchestrating ambushes.
  • Sustain: Drain (W) provides excellent jungle sustain, leading to more effective clears and ganks.
  • Crowd Control: Terrify (Q) offers dependable control for capturing targets.
  • Ultimate Impact: Crowstorm (R) has the potential to swing team fights in your favor when deployed strategically.
  • Mind Games: Fiddlesticks thrives on instilling psychological tension and fear with his hidden presence.

Considering Fiddlesticks’ capabilities, he stands out as a tactical choice for players who prioritize command and the element of surprise in their approach to jungling.

7. Taliyah

As a jungler, Taliyah offers a mix of movement capabilities and crowd control, enabling you to modify the battlefield with her seismic abilities and rapid terrain changes.

Her skill set is perfect for impactful invasions and controlling areas, establishing her as a tough competitor when used effectively.

Taliyah’s ‘Threaded Volley’ allows for a respectable speed when clearing the jungle, and her ‘Seismic Shove’ can interrupt the positioning of enemies, creating opportunities for eliminations or protecting teammates.

Her ultimate, ‘Weaver’s Wall,’ can change the course of the game, able to block retreat paths or divide opposing teams. Tactical use of this skill can help secure strategic points or alter the outcome of group skirmishes.

Proficiency with Taliyah’s arsenal means you’re always a significant presence on the map, skilled at directing the pace of the match.

8. Graves

Another formidable ranged champion to consider in the jungle role is Graves, whose shotgun-based abilities offer a unique combination of burst damage and sturdiness.

Unlike traditional marksmen, Graves performs better in close-quarters combat, blending resilience with powerful offensive capabilities. Here are the reasons he excels in the jungle:

  • Quickdraw (E): Increases armor and allows for repositioning, making him more effective in skirmishes.
  • End of the Line (Q): Inflicts considerable area damage, making it great for clearing camps and controlling space against adversaries.
  • Smoke Screen (W): Confuses opponents, providing options for both defensive moves and aggressive plays.
  • Collateral Damage (R): Delivers a high-damage finishing move, ideal for eliminating weakened opponents.
  • New Destiny (Passive): His distinctive ammo mechanism demands thoughtful management but can result in powerful bursts of damage.

Examining Graves’ set of abilities reveals that he’s designed for a balance of toughness and attack power, which makes him a strong choice for the jungle position.

9. Twitch

Transitioning from Graves’ direct approach, you’ll notice Twitch’s stealth and poison grant him a distinctive advantage as a ranged jungler.

Twitch excels in surprise attacks, using his Q ability, Ambush, to vanish and then secure a substantial attack speed bonus when he reappears.

This skillset allows you to ambush adversaries who aren’t in the right position, marking Twitch as an effective ganker after reaching level six.

His passive ability, Deadly Venom, inflicts stacks with every hit that can be activated with his E ability, Contaminate, for a powerful burst of damage. Mastering Twitch in the jungle requires skillful positioning and precise timing.

His ultimate ability, Spray and Pray, has the potential to wipe out entire groups from afar during skirmishes.

Careful analysis of the map and anticipation of enemy paths, coupled with accurate execution, will transform Twitch into a fearsome force dominating the battlefield.

10. Neeko

Neeko’s role as a ranged jungler brings a distinctive edge to your lineup of champions. Her deceptive skills paired with her ability to control the battlefield make her stand out. While improving your use of Neeko, pay attention to these abilities:

  • Pop Blossom (R): This skill causes a substantial area-of-effect stun, which is excellent for starting team fights or escaping from them.
  • Tangle-Barbs (E): This move can capture several foes at once, preparing for a powerful subsequent attack.
  • Inherent Glamour (Passive): Masquerade as a teammate to trick adversaries and set up surprise attacks.
  • Shapesplitter (W): Dodge incoming attacks and bewilder adversaries with a decoy.
  • Blooming Burst (Q): Efficiently eliminate monsters in the jungle and harass opponents from afar during smaller clashes.

Analyzing Neeko’s abilities, you see a champion built for dominance and unpredictability, a formidable duo when wielded with skill.


So, you’ve just scrolled through the elite hit-list of ranged junglers, the sharpshooters and spell-slingers of the League. Armed with this knowledge, you’re practically cheating – it’s like bringing a sniper rifle to a knife fight.

Nidalee’s spear, Kindred’s wolf, and Graves’… well, entire gun shop, they’re not just champions; they’re your ticket to elo heaven. Go forth, out-range, out-smart, and out-play.

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility – to carry your team, of course.

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