10 Best Support Champions Against Blitzcrank (Counter Picks)

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Facing Blitzcrank on the battlefield can turn a game of strategy into a test of survival. His hooks spell disaster for the unprepared, but for those with the wisdom to choose the right allies, victory is still within reach. This guide is your blueprint to countering the steam-powered menace!

1. Taric

As a support champion, Taric is notably effective against Blitzcrank due to his ability to shield and stun.

When Blitzcrank attempts to engage with Rocket Grab, Taric can respond with Bastion to protect against the damage and use Dazzle to disrupt Blitzcrank’s subsequent actions.

This tactical edge can influence skirmishes during the lane phase. Reviewing game data shows that Taric’s Cosmic Radiance can turn the tide in team fights by rendering allies invulnerable, reducing Blitzcrank’s ability to single out targets.

Statistically, Taric can maintain his ADC’s health with Starlight’s Touch, which helps against Blitzcrank’s harassment.

Effective positioning and managing cooldowns are critical; positioning behind minions and using Taric’s abilities wisely can diminish Blitzcrank’s effectiveness and help you control the lane.

2. Janna

Counter Blitzcrank’s aggressive plays by opting for Janna, whose rapid disengage tools and protective abilities can counter his initiation attempts.

Janna’s Howling Gale (Q) can interrupt Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab (Q) mid-flight, neutralizing his primary engage mechanism. Use her Zephyr (W) strategically to slow Blitzcrank, which limits his ability to position for a successful hook.

When Blitzcrank manages to close in, Janna’s Monsoon (R) serves as a powerful tool to create distance and disengage from unfavorable engagements.

Statistical evidence shows that Janna has a higher success rate in matchups against Blitzcrank, reflecting her effectiveness as a counter selection.

Her Eye Of The Storm (E) shields can absorb the burst damage from Blitzcrank’s combo, making your ADC less susceptible.

Mastering Janna’s abilities will significantly mitigate Blitzcrank’s impact in the lane.

3. Bard

Bard’s distinct set of abilities provides you with the means to outplay Blitzcrank’s forceful hooks and shift the momentum of the skirmish to your advantage. When considering the matchup, keep in mind these strategic benefits Bard brings:

  1. Magical Journey: This skill allows you to craft escape routes that not only allow you to disengage from Blitzcrank’s grab but can also lure him into disadvantageous positions.
  2. Cosmic Binding: Should Blitzcrank fail to land a hook, you have the opportunity to retaliate by stunning him against terrain, which significantly reduces his capacity to threaten.
  3. Caretaker’s Shrine: Setting up shrines in anticipation can provide you or an ally with the necessary restoration and quickness to either sidestep a hook or bounce back after an exchange.

Employing each ability effectively can substantially interrupt Blitzcrank’s strategy. With adept timing and an understanding of space, you can tip the balance in your team’s favor, confirming Bard’s effectiveness as a strategic choice against Blitzcrank.

4. Rakan

Rakan proves to be a nimble and captivating support capable of adeptly maneuvering around Blitzcrank’s assertive approach. His agility and ability to avoid attacks are key in evading Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab.

Rakan can quickly move to allies with his Battle Dance, complicating Blitzcrank’s efforts to secure a pivotal hook. Rakan’s Grand Entrance also offers a knock-up effect that can interrupt Blitzcrank’s initiation tactics.

When examining matchup statistics, Rakan’s success rate against Blitzcrank often relies on his aptitude for taking advantage of errors.

He shines when reversing the tide of battle with The Quickness, his ultimate ability, which can charm and impede several adversaries, Blitzcrank included.

A strategic approach involves playing in a responsive manner, utilizing Rakan’s mobility to outplay Blitzcrank’s straightforward crowd control strategies.

5. Braum

Building on Rakan’s agility, Braum’s expertise with his shield makes him a strong opponent against Blitzcrank. You can use Braum’s Unbreakable to block the Rocket Grab and safeguard your teammates.

When you’re up against Blitzcrank, a strategic method is necessary when playing as Braum:

  1. Positioning: Maintain a stance between Blitzcrank and your ADC, ready to intercept hooks with Unbreakable.
  2. Timing: Predict when Blitzcrank will attempt to use Rocket Grab and lift your shield at the right moment.
  3. Counter-Engage: After successfully blocking a hook, retaliate with Winter’s Bite and your passive, Concussive Blows, to stun Blitzcrank and respond to his advance.

These tactical maneuvers serve to neutralize Blitzcrank’s main way to initiate conflicts and can shift the momentum of bot lane clashes to your advantage.

With Braum, you establish a protective barrier, which diminishes the enemy’s aggressive maneuvers and provides a sense of security to your team.

6. Swain

Often overlooked as a support, Swain can be an effective counter to Blitzcrank due to his ability to interrupt hooks with his passive, Ravenous Flock, and penalize aggressive maneuvers.

When Blitzcrank goes for a Rocket Grab, position Swain to take advantage of the pull by using his passive to draw an enemy nearer, creating an opportunity for his damaging sequence. This responsive approach turns Blitzcrank’s offensive actions into a disadvantage.

The matchup data shows that Swain tends to have a higher win rate against Blitzcrank supports, indicating his strength as a counter.

Analyzing matchup statistics, we can see that Swain’s area control with Vision of Empire and crowd management with Nevermove can discourage Blitz from initiating.

Your strategic emphasis should be on maintaining lane control and capitalizing on any overcommitment, using Swain’s capabilities to not just neutralize Blitzcrank’s ability to isolate targets but to control the lane phase effectively.

7. Xerath

Xerath, when played as a support, leverages his long-range abilities and crowd control to counteract Blitzcrank’s attempts to initiate fights. When preparing to face Blitzcrank, here are some strategic points to keep in mind:

  1. Area Denial: Xerath’s Arcanopulse (Q) has a significant range, which can deter Blitzcrank from moving forward or he might take considerable damage before being able to initiate.
  2. Crowd Control Edge: The combination of Eye of Destruction (W) to slow and Shocking Orb (E) to stun can interrupt Blitzcrank’s advances, providing your ADC with a window to move out of harm’s way from his Rocket Grab (Q).
  3. Risk-Free Pressure: Xerath has one of the farthest ability ranges, allowing him to apply pressure on Blitzcrank and his ADC while maintaining a safe distance to avoid being caught by a grab.

Mastering Xerath’s abilities with accuracy and strategic foresight can significantly alter the dynamic against Blitzcrank’s forward and aggressive style of play.

8. Alistar

Alistar proves to be a powerful counter to Blitzcrank, due to his strong defensive skills that can counteract Blitz’s aggressive hook actions.

Should Blitzcrank succeed in a Rocket Grab, Alistar can immediately use his Unbreakable Will ability, increasing his resilience and lessening the impact of the incoming damage.

Additionally, Alistar’s combination of Pulverize and Headbutt interferes with Blitzcrank’s efforts to single out a target, ensuring protection for his teammates.

The win rate data for Alistar against Blitzcrank shows his capability to counter; he can turn an engage from Blitzcrank to his team’s advantage.

Proper positioning when playing Alistar can make Blitzcrank hesitant to throw hooks, as initiating on Alistar could lead to a beneficial exchange or even securing a kill for your side.

9. Neeko

While Alistar offers a protective response to Blitzcrank’s aggressive moves, opting for Neeko as your support can create confusion for Blitzcrank with her tricky abilities. Neeko brings unique strengths to the table:

  1. Shape Splitter (W): This skill lets Neeko project a decoy, which could bait Blitzcrank into wasting his key Rocket Grab, leaving him without his primary means of engagement.
  2. Pop Blossom (R): Should Blitzcrank commit with a grab, Neeko can retaliate with her ultimate, triggering a substantial area stun, which can change the course of a skirmish.
  3. Tangle-Barbs (E): Neeko has the ability to root multiple adversaries, including Blitzcrank, if he dives in, giving your side a chance to take advantage of his aggressive positioning.

Strategically, Neeko compels Blitzcrank to question his hook attempts, helping you to keep up pressure in the lane and diminish his influence in the match.

10. Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger’s turrets provide a strategic advantage when facing Blitzcrank’s assertive maneuvers, allowing you to retain control of the lane even when facing adversity.

These self-operating defenses make Blitzcrank reconsider before making a move for a Rocket Grab, as advancing towards them may result in the turrets quickly targeting him, making his attempt a gamble.

Tactically positioning your turrets not only obstructs Blitzcrank’s vision, preventing his hook attempts, but also punishes him should he stray within their attack range.

In addition to turret placement, Heimerdinger can employ his Hextech Micro-Rockets (W) and CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade (E) to maintain distance from Blitzcrank.

Statistics indicate that a player who’s proficient with Heimerdinger can significantly decrease Blitzcrank’s impact during the laning phase by curtailing his ability to make successful grabs and by exerting persistent pressure with superior control over the area.

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