10 Best Support Champions For Ashe in League of Legends

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Selecting the right support for Ashe in League of Legends Season 13 is more than a mere choice; it’s a strategic decision that can dictate the flow of the game.

As the frost arrows of Ashe fly across the battlefield, the presence of a compatible support can transform her from a lone archer to a formidable force.

The question stands: which champion will best complement Ashe’s icy prowess? This article illuminates the top 10 support champions whose skills not only mesh with Ashe’s but elevate her potential to new heights, ensuring that your duo becomes the cornerstone of triumph.

Keep an eye out for the ally that will turn the tides of battle in your favor.

1. Soraka

Soraka stands out as a superb support partner for Ashe, thanks to her potent healing abilities and the ability to help Ashe maintain presence in the lane.

Examining her abilities, one notes that her Astral Infusion not only sustains Ashe’s health, allowing her to stay active in the lane longer, but it also empowers Ashe to adopt a more offensive playstyle with the knowledge of having consistent support.

Soraka’s Equinox can silence opponents and block them from using critical spells, providing Ashe with opportunities to hit her targets with arrows or prepare her ultimate attack.

Additionally, Soraka’s global ability, Wish, can change the course of the game by offering assistance across the map, influencing not just the immediate lane but other skirmishes as well.

Teaming her up with Ashe results in a duo that has significant endurance and strategic advantage, positioning Soraka as an exceptional ally in the prevailing game environment.

2. Janna

As an Ashe player, you’ll appreciate Janna as a support who excels in safeguarding you with her shielding winds and interrupting opponents with her crowd control abilities, which pair well with Ashe’s long-range capabilities.

Janna’s Howling Gale offers a method to start or avoid fights over a distance, meshing smoothly with Ashe’s kiting and control requirements.

Her Zephyr passive improves your pursuit capabilities, while Eye of the Storm protects against harm, making your trades more effective.

Proper positioning is critical when teamed with Janna; her Monsoon has the potential to be a transformative ultimate if utilized to protect you at pivotal times. Assess the battlefield and maintain good communication with your Janna to ensure her skills are used effectively.

Together, you’ll command the lane, lead the fights, and gain a strategic edge for your team.

3. Sona

Sona may not have the strong crowd control abilities other supports offer, but her auras and crescendos will harmonize perfectly with your playstyle as Ashe, enhancing both your offense and defense. Analyzing the duo’s synergy reveals:

  1. Sona’s Aria of Perseverance provides sustain, helping you remain in lane to maximize your farm.
  2. Her Hymn of Valor adds an extra dimension to trades, making your arrow volleys more threatening.
  3. Crescendo (Sona’s ultimate) can change the course of skirmishes, setting up your Enchanted Crystal Arrow for a highly probable hit.
  4. The movement speed increase from Song of Celerity ensures effective positioning to either kite enemies or retreat from threats.

Strategically, teaming up with Sona ensures a reliable ally, transforming each harmonic strike into a symphony on the battlefield.

4. Zilean

Playing alongside Zilean, his time-manipulating abilities provide distinct benefits that enhance your gameplay with Ashe.

His Time Warp can increase the movement speed of allies or decrease that of enemies, which is critical for positioning and kiting.

This allows you to make full use of your long-range attacks. With Zilean’s Rewind, these advantages are frequently accessible, maintaining relentless pressure on opponents.

Tactically, Zilean’s ultimate ability, Chronoshift, can change the course of battle. Applying it to you when you’re at risk of being eliminated can prevent a potential loss of progress, offering a renewed opportunity during pivotal skirmishes.

The combination of Zilean’s control over the battlefield and your ability to slow opponents forms a powerful partnership. This makes it difficult for adversaries to initiate combat or retreat, creating a solid base for your team’s performance in Season 13.

5. Leona

Collaborating with Leona, you’ll be able to effortlessly control adversaries with her powerful crowd-control skills, creating opportunities for your devastating attacks from a distance.

When considering how well Ashe and Leona work together, keep these points in mind:

  1. Initiation: Leona’s zenith blade (E) and solar flare (R) offer remarkable engagement capabilities, which are vital for Ashe to make the most of her long reach.
  2. Peel: Leona can use her shield of daybreak (Q) to stun attackers, providing Ashe with the defense she requires to effectively attack from afar.
  3. Zone Control: When they use their ultimates in tandem, they form an area that foes will want to avoid, which can make securing objectives less challenging.
  4. Kill Potential: After reaching level 6, the pair has the ability to link their crowd-control skills, which can lead to almost guaranteed eliminations with well-coordinated efforts.

Grasping the nuances of this partnership can greatly influence your success in the bottom lane.

6. Morgana

With Morgana by your side, you gain an ally whose dark binding (Q) and soul shackles (R) work in harmony with Ashe’s abilities to slow and stun targets.

Morgana’s Q, a skill shot that roots enemies, goes hand in hand with Ashe’s Ranger’s Focus and Volley. This synergy allows you to take advantage of immobilized opponents.

Her Black Shield (E) plays a critical role, blocking crowd control on Ashe and ensuring your carry can move freely and deal damage without being interrupted.

The tactical advantage Morgana provides is evident with her ultimate, Soul Shackles, which when used with Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can immobilize multiple opponents in team skirmishes.

This partnership creates a zone of control challenging for opponents to counter, making Morgana a prime candidate for bot lane synergy with Ashe.

7. Seraphine

Every Seraphine support you meet provides a harmonious mix of crowd control and healing, improving your experience playing as Ashe.

This idol’s abilities not only enhance your playstyle but also resonate with your need for a dependable laning partner. Take into account the following:

  1. Encore (R): Seraphine’s ultimate can charm and damage enemies in a straight line, perfectly setting up your Enchanted Crystal Arrow for a stunning duo of stuns.
  2. Surround Sound (W): This dual-function skill offers both a shield and a speed increase, ensuring you’re always correctly positioned.
  3. Beat Drop (E): This skill either roots or slows, making it perfect for ensnaring opponents or detaching attackers from you.
  4. High Note (Q): A damaging move that inflicts more harm on targets with lower health, making it perfect for finishing off enemies or wearing them down.

Strategically, Seraphine’s set of abilities enhances your ability to dominate the battlefield, making her an outstanding choice to pair with Ashe.

8. Milio

Team up with Milio for support that offers a distinct combination of defensive strength and lane endurance when playing Ashe in League of Legends Season 13.

Examining Milio’s skills, you will find a strategic ally whose abilities complement what Ashe requires for protection and offensive poking.

Milio’s capacity for healing and providing shields ensures you can keep farming and exerting pressure on adversaries without frequent retreats.

HealingMilio consistently restores Ashe’s health for better endurance.
ShieldingOffers additional defense against sudden, high damage.
Crowd ControlMilio’s skills can slow and impede the progression of enemies.
Lane PressureHis abilities support assertive poking and control over the lane.
Synergy with AsheMilio’s tools enhance Ashe’s fighting capabilities.

Use Milio’s abilities to reinforce your strategy with Ashe, concentrating on smart placement to control the bottom lane.

9. Braum

If you’re in search of a guardian to stand steadfast with Ashe, Braum is a solid pick whose defensive capabilities make the bot lane nearly untouchable. Here are reasons why Braum stands out:

  1. Unbreakable Synergy: Braum’s ‘Unbreakable’ ability not only shields from incoming attacks but also complements Ashe’s need for defense as she attacks her foes.
  2. Glacial Fissure Control: His ‘Glacial Fissure’ ultimate has significant zoning capabilities that can alter the course of skirmishes, particularly when used with Ashe’s ‘Enchanted Crystal Arrow’.
  3. Passive Lockdown: Braum’s ‘Concussive Blows’ passive works well with Ashe’s ability to slow enemies, resulting in effective stuns on opponents.
  4. Lane Dominance: Their combined abilities to control crowds give them an edge in the lane, keeping back aggressive adversaries and helping to secure key map objectives.

Grasping the synergy between these two can lead to strategic control over the bot lane, allowing Ashe to safely progress into a formidable force for the later stages of the game.

10. Thresh

As an Ashe player, you’ll appreciate Thresh’s flexible abilities for initiating fights and keeping adversaries at bay with his well-known Death Sentence and Flay skills.

Thresh is adept at providing openings for Ashe to exploit. His Death Sentence (Q) offers dependable crowd control that can snag opponents, while Flay (E) disrupts the positioning of enemies, creating an ideal setup for your volley.

The combination of Thresh’s Lantern (W) with Ashe’s need for an escape mechanism provides either a retreat path or a method to initiate from unanticipated directions.

Using Thresh’s ultimate, The Box, strategically, establishes zones that channel adversaries into the line of fire from Ashe’s Ranger’s Focus.

Perfecting how these two champions work together can lead to commanding the bot lane, utilizing Ashe’s extended range attacks and Thresh’s capacity to control enemies.

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