10 Best Supports For Draven in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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In the chess game of League of Legends, Draven mains seek the ultimate checkmate: a support that not only complements their aggressive playstyle but elevates it.

Navigating through Season 13’s shifting tides, one might wonder which support champions truly sync with Draven’s thirst for glory.

Fear not, for we have meticulously compiled a list of the top 10 supports that harmonize with Draven, ready to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

1. Janna

Wondering why to match your aggressive Draven strategy with Janna?

Janna’s abilities are well-suited for protection and counter-engagement, which are vital to keep Draven out of harm’s way while he collects Adoration stacks.

A closer look at her skills reveals that her Eye of the Storm (E) provides a shield to Draven and increases his attack damage, enhancing his already formidable damage dealing.

Her Tornado (Q) and Monsoon (R) can interrupt opponents’ attempts to engage, helping you to keep an advantage in exchanges and minor battles.

The slow from Janna’s Zephyr (W) is also beneficial in chasing down opponents.

Data from high-level play shows a notable win rate for the Draven-Janna pair, attributed to her capabilities to amplify Draven’s strong points and counterbalance his weak spots.

This partnership can lead to dominance in the bot lane and establish early game advantages when played correctly.

2. Maokai

Pairing Draven with Maokai in the bot lane offers a solid frontline capable of initiating combat and defending Draven, allowing him to focus on outputting damage without significant interruptions.

Maokai’s abilities are filled with crowd control features, which mesh well with Draven’s preference for a stable combat environment.

His Q, the Bramble Smash, excels at disrupting enemy formation. Twisted Advance (W) secures high-value targets, hindering them from approaching Draven.

Statistically, Maokai’s skill at generating zones of control with his E, Sapling Toss, discourages enemy advances and asserts territorial dominance, which suits Draven’s style of assertive positioning and lane control.

When examining win rates, Maokai emerges as a dependable selection, providing engagement and disengagement tactics that support Draven’s ability to progress his advantage.

3. Renata Glasc

In your games, Renata Glasc stands as a powerful ally for Draven, providing a mix of crowd control and utility that enhances his assertive playstyle.

When you pair Renata with Draven, you’re utilizing her abilities to manage the battlefield and augment Draven’s control in the bot lane.

Keep these strategic points in mind:

  1. Hand of Whimsy (E): This skill not only provides crowd control to protect Draven but also increases his attack speed, which is ideal for making the most of his Spinning Axes.
  2. Bailout (W): Renata’s skill with a revival mechanic can change the course of a fight, allowing Draven to engage with more confidence, knowing he’s a form of backup.
  3. Hostile Takeover (R): Her ultimate can initiate or disengage fights, granting Draven the room required to catch his axes and deal peak damage.

When looking at win rates and how well they play together, Renata Glasc’s array of abilities supports Draven’s requirements for a support that offers both defense and the ability to establish lane control.

4. Soraka

Soraka stands out as a remarkable support alongside Draven, offering unmatched sustainability that enables him to remain in the lane and apply pressure against adversaries.

Her Astral Infusion (W) restores Draven’s health, countering enemy lane harassment and reducing the impact of burst damage during aggressive encounters.

This partnership is advantageous since Draven benefits from playing offensively to collect Adoration stacks without being compelled to withdraw.

Strategically, Soraka’s global ability, Wish, enhances Draven’s chances of survival, affecting not only the lane but also other areas of the map.

Statistics show that Draven, when supported by Soraka, tends to have a better success rate due to her capacity to influence the outcome of fights with timely heals and silences.

Your strategy should center on optimizing Soraka’s healing abilities while ensuring you stay in positions that prevent you from becoming vulnerable.

5. Nami

Nami’s tide-turning skills enhance Draven’s aggressive approach, providing crowd control and healing to take control of the bot lane. When teamed with Draven, there are several key synergies to exploit:

  1. Engagement and Retreat: Nami’s Aqua Prison (Q) offers a dependable way to initiate or retreat from combat. This can prepare Draven for effective trades or help secure kills without risking too much.
  2. Persistence and Harassment: Her Ebb and Flow (W) enables Draven to remain in lane, outlasting adversaries, and her Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) increases his already significant harassment and pursuit capabilities.
  3. Conflict Utility: As the match progresses, Nami’s Tidal Wave (R) provides a sweeping crowd control ability that can sway conflicts in your favor, especially when Draven is ready to capitalize.

6. Zyra

Expanding on Nami’s supportive capabilities, teaming up with Zyra can transform your bot lane into a dangerous zone where Draven’s axes meet relentless plant-based crowd control.

Zyra’s strategic value is in her zoning abilities and kill setup. Her plants offer consistent harassment, whittling down opponents and opening up chances for Draven to capitalize on his Adoration stacks.

Analyzing win rates and synergy scores shows that Zyra’s roots work well with Draven’s need to keep enemies still, which maximizes the damage from his spinning axes.

Statistics show that Zyra’s abilities to disrupt enemy advances, including her ultimate, can counter the aggressive moves often used against Draven’s forceful style.

With Zyra as your ally, dominating your lane becomes not just a matter of raw power but also of intelligent territorial control and strategic aggression.

7. Blitzcrank

Pairing Draven with Blitzcrank often ensures that adversaries who aren’t in the correct position are swiftly punished, because Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab brings them straight into the path of Draven’s formidable axes.

This duo can control the bot lane through strategic collaboration that relies on accurate execution and timing.

Take into account these key aspects when playing Blitzcrank with Draven:

  1. Zone Control: The presence of Blitzcrank compels opponents to adopt a more cautious approach, which gives Draven the opportunity to farm and command the lane.
  2. Engage Potential: When Rocket Grab is executed successfully, it can lead to a surge of damage from Draven, frequently resulting in a takedown or causing an opponent to use a summoner spell.
  3. Peel Efficiency: Blitzcrank’s Power Fist and Static Field are excellent for peeling, helping to guard Draven against attackers, ensuring your marksman continues to be a significant threat.

8. Leona

You’ll notice that Leona’s aggressive approach works well with Draven’s need for early lane control, her relentless attacks providing numerous chances for you to earn Adoration stacks.

Leona’s Zenith Blade (E) and Shield of Daybreak (Q) combination enables her to lock down targets, making it easier for you to catch your spinning axes.

When looking at win rates, Leona’s presence in lane tends to correlate with a higher success rate for Draven, particularly during the early game.

Strategically, coordinating with your Leona to chain crowd control effects is key. Engage when you’re juggling two spinning axes to amplify burst damage.

After reaching level 6, Leona’s Solar Flare (R) becomes an impactful tool for initiating fights which, coupled with Draven’s Whirling Death (R), can help secure kills and build your advantage.

Always keep an eye on cooldown timers and communicate with your ally to take advantage of enemy weak points.

9. Sona

Why settle for a support that only provides crowd control when you can have Sona’s symphony of buffs and harass to amplify your lane dominance as Draven? Sona’s kit is a potent mix that complements your aggressive playstyle. Let’s examine her advantages:

  1. Poke and Sustain: Sona’s Q, Hymn of Valor, offers excellent poke, preparing targets for your Spinning Axes. Her W, Aria of Perseverance, provides the necessary healing to reduce incoming damage from your adversaries in lane.
  2. Movement Speed Buff: Sona’s E, Song of Celerity, allows you to evade skill shots and either pursue or retreat with enhanced speed, a key factor for positioning during fights.
  3. Ultimate Synergy: Her R, Crescendo, can initiate fights or serve as a counter to enemy moves, perfectly setting up opportunities for your own ultimate, Whirling Death, to deal damage to multiple foes.

Strategically, Sona equips you with a range of utilities during the lane phase, granting you the advantage you need to build and capitalize on an early lead.

10. Thresh

As a Draven player, you’ll appreciate Thresh’s diverse abilities for exerting control over the bot lane and securing eliminations.

Thresh’s Q, Death Sentence, is an effective method for initiating combat that, coordinated with Draven’s Whirling Death, can lead to substantial burst damage.

Statistics show a high rate of successful interactions between Thresh’s ability to control crowds and Draven’s requirement for a steady laning phase to gather adoration stacks.

Strategically, Thresh’s lantern (W, Dark Passage) plays a critical role in your positioning, providing a means to maneuver through team fights or evade ganks while applying pressure.

Lantern assists have a significant impact on Draven’s ability to survive, which is vital for keeping his gold income from passive stacks intact.

Thresh’s E, Flay, adds further disruption to adversaries, preparing you for those essential spinning axe catches and ensuring eliminations.

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