10 Best Supports For Jinx in Season 13

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You’ve chosen Jinx, the Loose Cannon, and you’re set to take the bot lane by storm.

But, who’s the ultimate sidekick that can unleash the real power of Jinx in Season 13?

This guide will shed light on the top 10 supports that can turn your Jinx gameplay into a winning strategy.

We’ll dissect the distinctive traits of each support, showing how they mesh with Jinx’s abilities to give your team an unbeatable advantage. But, before we do that, I recommend you to watch this quick 4-minute video that’ll give you a better understanding on how Jinx works!

1. Thresh

Thresh, a fan favorite, provides unique crowd control skills which prove beneficial when you’re playing Jinx. His abilities – the hook, Flay, and his ultimate – offer extended crowd control. This creates a chance for Jinx to use her abilities and auto-attacks effectively.

Thresh’s control not only aids Jinx in inflicting substantial damage but also interferes with the enemy’s plan of action, giving your team an upper hand in battles.

Another key benefit of Thresh is his ability to defend Jinx. Given her limited mobility, Jinx often ends up being a prime target for enemy champions. Thresh can secure Jinx and discourage possible threats, thereby ensuring her safety.

A defining attribute of Thresh is his lantern. This unique tool allows Jinx to move herself quickly when faced with danger. It acts as a safety net, saving Jinx from potential defeat, especially when she’s out of position.

The late-game showcases the synergy between Thresh and Jinx. As Jinx evolves into a hypercarry, the crowd control and defense offered by Thresh become even more vital. Mastering this synergy can result in powerful performances that will elevate your gameplay with Jinx.

2. Lulu

Continuing with our list, we’ve Lulu, an exceptional support character who can amplify the impact of your Jinx gameplay. The abilities of Lulu can provide a perfect mix of defense, kiting, and buffing, making her an ideal support for Jinx.

  • Defense: Lulu’s abilities present substantial defense for Jinx. Her shields act as buffers, absorbing harm that could otherwise reach Jinx. Her polymorph capability transforms adversaries into harmless critters, neutralizing danger during engagements. Lulu’s ultimate enlarges Jinx, offering a significant amount of bonus health and disrupting nearby enemies.
  • Kiting and Buffing: Lulu’s kit is ideal for aiding Jinx in kiting adversaries. Her slow and polymorph make it challenging for enemies to get near. Buffing is another area where Lulu excels. Her Whimsy ability increases Jinx’s attack speed, and her Glitterlance ability slows enemies, making it simpler for Jinx to pursue enemies or evade perilous situations.

Understanding the synergy between Lulu and Jinx can change the outcome of bot lane engagements, and potentially, the game. The duo’s potential is clear, and with the correct understanding, your Jinx gameplay can be greatly enhanced.

3. Milio

Milio may not be the first choice when thinking of a support for Jinx, yet he is an effective substitute for Lulu due to his distinct enchanter skills. Similar to Lulu, Milio offers a variety of support abilities, but his Cozy Campfire ability gives him an edge, extending Jinx’s attack range.

This unique feature proves to be priceless when used correctly, enabling Jinx to annoy and disturb adversaries from a more secure distance.

Support AbilitiesMilio
Enhancing RangeCozy Campfire
Healing and ProtectionUltimate
Late-Game ScalingStrong synergy with Jinx

Milio’s ultimate ability is more than just a healing power; it’s a lifeline that purges crowd control and greatly improves Jinx’s longevity in team battles. As you concentrate on farming and scaling, you’ll notice how the potency of this pair becomes prominent in the late game where they both scale effectively.

If Lulu is taken or banned, there’s no need to worry. You have Milio as an option, an unconventional but potent choice. With strategic use of his abilities, you can exploit his distinctive strengths to swing any match in your favor and assist Jinx in maximizing her capabilities.

4. Nautilus

If you’re seeking the ideal support for Jinx, give Nautilus a shot. He’s one of the most dependable engage supports in the game. Nautilus offers a skill set that aligns well with Jinx’s damage capabilities, especially regarding crowd control and peel abilities.

Here’s why Nautilus is a great support choice for Jinx:

  • Engage: Nautilus’s Dredge Line (hook) and Depth Charge (ultimate) are powerful engagement tools. Nautilus can start fights while Jinx capitalizes on her high damage output. His hook is effective at catching out enemies, creating opportunities for Jinx to secure easy kills.
  • Peel and Crowd Control: His Staggering Blow (passive) and Riptide (E ability) provide crowd control that synergizes with Jinx’s traps and rocket launcher. The peel potential of Nautilus is significant, offering Jinx the protection she needs during fights.

The fusion of Nautilus’s engage and Jinx’s damage can shift the tide of the game.

5. Rakan

Rakan’s laning phase may be a bit tricky, but his adaptability and capacity to initiate team fights make him a strong support for Jinx.

His quick movements make repositioning in combat easier, providing Jinx an opportunity for rapid eliminations. Rakan’s Battle Dance allows for swift movement, perfect for protecting Jinx from enemies or initiating combat.

His Grand Entrance and Quickness are ideal tools for crowd control and setting up eliminations for Jinx.

Mastering these skills, though, requires repetition and excellent synchronization with your Jinx teammate. The effectiveness of this pair depends heavily on their synergy and timing. But when performed right, it can be destructive.

Here’s a brief overview:

Adaptable toolkitDifficult early game
Superior engage and protectionNecessitates proficient coordination
Fast movementSomewhat fragile

6. Janna

While Janna may not be as assertive as other support champions, her defensive abilities and ability to guard her ADC make her a superb support option for Jinx in Season 13. Janna’s signature skill lies in her ability to guard her ADC – an essential for Jinx, given her limited mobility.

Let’s go through how Janna can back Jinx up:

  • Guarding: Janna’s Q (Howling Gale) and R (Monsoon) are potent tools for disrupting enemy advances and keeping threats at a distance, providing Jinx the needed space to inflict damage while remaining unharmed. Suppose an enemy attempts to get close to Jinx, Janna’s Q can knock them into the air, or her R can repel them and restore Jinx’s health.
  • Defense: Janna’s E (Eye of the Storm) provides a shield that can absorb damage and heighten Jinx’s AD. This not only aids Jinx in surviving trades and all-ins but also increases her damage potential, leading to more successful trades.
  • Value in the Later Stages: Janna’s usefulness intensifies as the game continues. Her shields and disengage tools become more effective, and her AD augmentation on Jinx can alter the course of the game. This aligns seamlessly with Jinx’s scaling nature, making Janna a beneficial partner in the later game stages.

7. Alistar

Transitioning from Janna, Alistar emerges as another exceptional support choice for Jinx, thanks to his impressive engagement potential and robustness.

Alistar’s capacity to start battles is almost unrivaled in the bot lane. His Headbutt-Pulverize combo can catch adversaries unprepared, giving Jinx the ideal chance to respond with her Flame Chompers. This combo can effectively swing any minor battle to your advantage, preparing you for a possible kill or significant harm.

Alistar’s robustness also has a crucial part in shielding Jinx during both the laning phase and team battles. His ultimate, Unbreakable Will, renders him extraordinarily tough, soaking up a substantial amount of harm that would otherwise target Jinx.

This enables Jinx to concentrate on inflicting damage from a protected position, optimizing her impact in battles.

Alistar’s crowd control synchronizes well with Jinx’s kit. His knock-up and stun can pave the way for Jinx’s traps, creating a lockdown that’s hard to escape. With excellent coordination, this pair can cause significant damage.

Anticipate our next section, where we’ll talk about the benefits of having Blitzcrank as a support for Jinx.

8. Blitzcrank

As you play Jinx, Blitzcrank may prove a dynamic support choice, thanks to his high-level zone control and engagement abilities. His hook and knock-up skills work well with Jinx, creating ideal chances for you to release your damage.

Blitzcrank’s main strengths are:

  • Engagement: His hook is a strong engagement tool complementing Jinx’s subsequent crowd control. This combination increases the kill potential in lane, especially if you can link his hook to your flame chompers for a stun.
  • Zone Control: Blitzcrank excels at zoning enemies, creating room for you to farm and poke. This strategy helps you amass gold and experience safely, powering up a formidable late-game carry.

Playing alongside a Blitzcrank requires comprehension of the range and timing of his hook, along with correct positioning to profit from his zone control. When both of these are mastered, the Jinx-Blitzcrank duo can prove quite domineering within the bot lane.

9. Nami

Nami, another superior support for Jinx, provides healing, crowd control, and damage enhancements that can significantly improve Jinx’s bot lane performance. The combination of Nami’s abilities and Jinx’s aggressive approach creates a potent duo.

Nami’s E ability, Ebb and Flow, offers healing to Jinx and inflicts harm on enemies, thus making trades more beneficial for you.

Aqua Prison, Nami’s Q, is one of her most critical skills when supporting Jinx. This ability delivers crowd control, creating openings for Jinx to secure kills. When combined with Jinx’s Flame Chompers, it forms a lethal combination that can immobilize enemies and inflict substantial damage.

Nami’s E, Tidecaller’s Blessing, temporarily augments Jinx’s basic attack damage, which is a perfect match with Jinx’s high attack speed. The added magic damage and slow effect offer Jinx an advantage in trades and all-ins.

Tidal Wave, Nami’s ultimate, can change the course of team fights. Its knock-up and slow effects can disrupt the opposing team, providing Jinx an opportunity to clean up.

In brief, Nami’s toolkit complements Jinx’s approach, amplifying her strengths and reducing her weaknesses.

10. Yuumi

Yuumi mightn’t be the first choice that comes to mind when considering supports for Jinx, but her healing and buffing capabilities make her a remarkable pick.

Yuumi has the ability to amplify Jinx’s powers, keep her active in the battle for extended periods, and provide an unmatched degree of utility.

The Healing and Buffing Capabilities of Yuumi

Yuumi’s capacity to consistently heal and shield Jinx aids in keeping her at the frontlines, dealing damage. Her ultimate ability, Final Chapter, induces crowd control in teamfights, enabling Jinx to secure kills.

Role Enhancement with Yuumi

Yuumi can amplify Jinx’s damage output through her Q ability, Prowling Projectile. Her W ability, You and Me!, grants adaptive bonuses to Jinx, which can increase her damage or defense, depending on the circumstance.

Yet, playing Yuumi demands a solid grasp of positioning and timing. Your role is to keep Jinx in the game and amplify her powers. Balancing this is delicate, but mastering it can make you a valuable asset to any Jinx player.

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