10 Best Supports For Kai’Sa in Season 13

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Navigating the League of Legends bot lane can be tricky, especially when playing Kai’Sa. The right support can make all the difference, enhancing her potential and providing necessary protection.

Season 13’s meta favors tanky supports like Alistar, Blitzcrank, and Nautilus. But choosing the right support isn’t just about strength鈥攊t’s about understanding the game and champion synergies.

This guide will help you choose the best support for Kai’Sa in Season 13, setting you on the path to victory!

10. Alistar

When Kai’Sa plays with Alistar as her support, the robustness and crowd control abilities of Alistar prove extremely beneficial for both initiating and withdrawing from combat situations.

His W (Headbutt) and Q (Pulverize) combination is notably effective, showing the power to either start or break away from battles quickly. This pair of skills not only gives you the upper hand on the battlefield, but it also offers Kai’Sa chances to secure kills or evade hazards.

What stands out about Alistar is his inherent durability and his ultimate ability, Unbreakable Will, which positions him as an outstanding forward player. His ability to endure significant damage guarantees Kai’Sa’s safety, allowing her to concentrate on inflicting damage instead of being concerned about her own survival.

Another striking characteristic of Alistar is his ability to peel. With his crowd control abilities, he can successfully keep enemies at a distance, ensuring they can’t easily reach Kai’Sa. Essentially, Alistar serves as a protective shield for Kai’Sa, enabling her to excel in team combats.

With a comprehensive understanding of how to employ Alistar’s toolkit, you can maximize Kai’Sa’s potential and rule the bottom lane. So, prepare yourself and step into the battle with confidence, knowing you’re backed by one of the best supports for Kai’Sa in Season 13.

9. Blitzcrank

What makes Blitzcrank a powerful support for Kai’Sa in Season 13? Primarily, his Rocket Grab ability is a game-changer. The power to snatch enemies and displace them allows Kai’Sa a prime chance to swiftly eliminate them. This combination can place any opponent in a risky position and tip the lane balance towards you.

Besides his grab, Blitzcrank’s E, Power Fist, provides a disruptive knock-up, and his R, Static Field, induces silence on the field, restricting enemy abilities. These crowd control features enable Kai’Sa to distribute her damage without restriction, making enemies immobile and easy targets.

Blitzcrank’s value extends beyond his abilities. The mere threat of his hook imposes mental strain, prompting enemies to adopt a defensive playstyle. This zoning effect grants Kai’Sa ample room to farm and poke, taking advantage of the opponent’s apprehension of being grabbed.

Wrapping it up, the disruptive abilities of Blitzcrank, along with his psychological tactics, render him a priceless ally for Kai’Sa in Season 13.

8. Nautilus

Transitioning to Nautilus, he serves as another powerful support for Kai’Sa in Season 13. Nautilus possesses strong engagement tools, enabling him to initiate battles effectively, which Kai’Sa can capitalize on with her high damage.

One such tool is his Q ability, Dredge Line, which can hook onto opponents or terrain, drawing Nautilus towards his target and setting up potential kills for Kai’Sa.

Nautilus also provides impressive crowd control, which assists Kai’Sa in landing her skills and triggering her passive. His R ability, Depth Charge, is especially handy, causing an upward thrust effect that can disrupt adversaries.

What truly distinguishes Nautilus is his ability to withstand damage, providing Kai’Sa with the freedom to inflict damage without harm. This, combined with his crowd control skills, enables Kai’Sa to optimize her damage output while minimizing her risk.

Nautilus’s blend of engagement techniques, crowd control, and damage absorption make him a powerful ally for Kai’Sa.

He’s definitely a character worth considering when planning the best support strategy for Kai’Sa in Season 13. His skills align perfectly with hers, offering a beneficial partnership that can dominate the bottom lane.

7. Thresh

Why disregard Thresh as a prime support for Kai’Sa during Season 13? Thresh’s distinct skill set forms a potent partnership with Kai’Sa, positioning him as a preferred choice when backing this ADC.

His Q ability, Death Sentence, coupled with his E ability, Flay, generate crowd control that primes Kai’Sa’s intense damage. The hook from Death Sentence and the knockup from Flay afford Kai’Sa the opportunity to dispense her notable damage, frequently leading to kills.

  • Death Sentence: Snagging an enemy with a hook not only paralyzes them but also permits Thresh to spring to their position, often fabricating an ideal chance for Kai’Sa to engage.
  • Flay: This skill thrusts enemies in a direction, supplying extra crowd control. Yet again, this grants Kai’Sa the ability to take advantage of the restrained enemy.

Thresh can also safeguard Kai’Sa with his W ability, Dark Passage. It functions as an evasion or engagement mechanism, allowing flexibility in positioning.

Thresh also shines at protecting Kai’Sa, assuring she remains unharmed while inflicting damage.

6. Rell

Transitioning from Thresh, the Iron Maiden, Rell steps in as a superb support for Kai’Sa for Season 13. Her robustness and initiation capabilities work wonders with Kai’Sa’s style of play.

The crowd control (CC) abilities of Rell work remarkably well in stacking Kai’Sa’s passive in a flash, raising your damage output during bot lane conflicts.

Rell’s ultimate ability, Magnet Storm, can turn the tide of any game. This can be used to initiate combat, pulling adversaries towards you, or to withdraw when the situation turns unfavorable. Its disruptive quality creates the ideal disorder for Kai’Sa to release her full damage capacity.

Rell’s ability to zone is another valuable trait. It enables Kai’Sa to inflict her damage from a safe range. Plus, Rell’s capability to peel for Kai’Sa is vital in shielding her from threats posed by enemies.

Here’s a brief outline:

StrengthsValue for Kai’Sa
CC abilitiesRapid passive stacking
Ultimate abilityInitiation/withdrawal potential
Zoning potentialSecure damage infliction
Peeling abilityDefense against threats

With Rell on your team, you can rule the bot lane, maximizing the use of Kai’Sa’s abilities for Season 13.

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5. Pyke

Pyke is often seen as a superior support for Kai’Sa due to his unique skill set that proves beneficial in the bot lane. His crowd control (CC) capabilities assist in stacking Kai’Sa’s passive rapidly, which leads to significant burst damage.

Additionally, his ultimate ability has the potential to eliminate enemies with low health, providing a gold bonus for both him and Kai’Sa. This gold advantage can potentially turn the tide of the game in your favor.

Let’s take a closer look at these points:

  • His Q ability, ‘Bone Skewer’, has the capability to hook enemies, making it easy for Kai’Sa to eliminate them.
  • His E ability, ‘Phantom Undertow’, provides a stun and escape mechanism, which allows for aggressive plays or quick disengagements.
  • Pyke’s ultimate and stealth
  • His ultimate, ‘Death from Below’, eliminates enemies below a certain health threshold, splitting the gold bounty with the last assisting ally.
  • His W ability, ‘Ghostwater Dive’, grants him stealth and movement speed, allowing for surprise engage opportunities.

The ability of Pyke to roam can put pressure on other lanes, which allows Kai’Sa to farm without danger.

We can now proceed to our next support champion, Zyra, and evaluate how she supports Kai’Sa in the bot lane.

4. Zyra

Zyra proves to be a strong support for Kai’Sa due to her strong crowd control, ability to zone opponents, and long-distance attacks.

Zyra’s E (Grasping Roots) and R (Stranglethorns) are vital in securing kills and ensuring Kai’Sa’s safety. These skills immobilize enemies, allowing Kai’Sa to make her moves and inflict damage.

Zyra can control the battlefield, making it challenging for enemies to approach Kai’Sa without severe backlash. Her plants act as extra sources of damage, providing a barrier between Kai’Sa and her foes.

Zyra also has the advantage of long-distance attacks that can gradually decrease enemy health, preparing them for Kai’Sa to eliminate. This constant threat causes the enemy to adopt a defensive stance, creating chances for your team.

E and RCrowd ControlKill securing and Kai’Sa’s protection
PlantsZoningActs as a barrier and causes extra damage
Long-Range AttacksPressureCauses enemies to adopt a defensive stance

Understanding Zyra’s strengths, you can now optimize her effectiveness when paired with Kai’Sa. We will talk about another strong ally for Kai’Sa – Leona, next.

3. Leona

When Kai’Sa teams up with Leona, she gains a powerful ally known for exceptional engagement abilities, crowd control, and resilience. Leona’s kit works seamlessly with Kai’Sa’s playstyle.

Leona’s engagement abilities are top-tier. Her E (Zenith Blade) and R (Solar Flare) offer excellent opportunities for initiation. These abilities allow Kai’Sa to aggressively follow up, using Leona’s initiation to secure kills:

  • Zenith Blade: This ability enables Leona to engage on distant enemies, pulling herself towards them and stunning them. This creates the perfect scenario for Kai’Sa to follow up and deploy her burst damage.
  • Solar Flare: Leona’s ultimate is a long-range AoE stun. This ability can initiate fights or follow up on Zenith Blade’s engage, immobilizing enemies and setting them up for Kai’Sa’s damage.

Leona’s crowd control and resilience are also fundamental. She can immobilize enemies for Kai’Sa to deal damage while holding the frontline and creating a safe zone for Kai’Sa to operate. With Leona at her side, Kai’Sa can concentrate on her primary task: dealing damage and eliminating enemies.

Leona has proven to be one of the most suitable supports for Kai’Sa in Season 13.

2. Lulu

Often, when playing as Kai’Sa, you’ll notice the significant advantage you gain from having Lulu as a supporting character. Lulu’s abilities mesh seamlessly with what Kai’Sa requires in the bot lane battles.

One of the main reasons Lulu is beneficial is her ability to enhance Kai’Sa’s performance. Lulu’s Whimsy (W) has the power to hasten Kai’Sa’s attack speed, allowing you to inflict more damage in less time.

Her Help, Pix! (E) ability can quicken Kai’Sa’s movement speed, granting the agility required to evade enemy attacks and reposition during battle.

Beyond this, Lulu offers vital protection for Kai’Sa through her Wild Growth (R) and shield abilities. These elements of Lulu’s kit can help ensure Kai’Sa’s survival in fights, providing the durability needed to keep dealing damage and aid your team’s success.

Lulu’s crowd control abilities are another valuable asset. Her Glitterlance (Q) and Wild Growth can slow or knock up enemies, making it easier for Kai’Sa to land her skills effectively.

1. Morgana

The subsequent ideal support to regard for Kai’Sa in Season 13 is Morgana, whose abilities significantly augment Kai’Sa’s endurance and damage capacity in bot lane conflicts. Morgana’s skill repertoire meshes impeccably with Kai’Sa, forming opportunities to excel in combat.

  • Morgana’s E, Black Shield, is a vital instrument for Kai’Sa’s survival. This magic barrier can guard Kai’Sa from crowd control, enabling her to sustain her damage output and agility in battles.
  • Proper timing of the shield can thwart enemy attempts to immobilize Kai’Sa, granting her an advantage in exchanges and full-blown confrontations.
  • The shield also offers magic damage absorption, further enhancing Kai’Sa’s endurance against AP threats.
  • Morgana’s Q, Dark Binding, and R, Soul Shackles, offer crowd control and zoning capabilities.
  • Successful Dark Binding roots adversaries, facilitating Kai’Sa to follow up with her damage without the worry of retaliation.
  • Soul Shackles zone adversaries and offer additional crowd control, easing Kai’Sa’s engagements and deterring enemy escapes.

Appreciating the correlation between Morgana’s talents and Kai’Sa’s kit is the paramount to mastering this bot lane pair. With precise timing and coordination, you can dominate the bot lane and carry games in Season 13.

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