10 Best Support Champions for Miss Fortune in League of Legends

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Selecting the right support champion for Miss Fortune is more than just a choice—it’s a strategy that can secure your victory in League of Legends Season 13.

With Miss Fortune’s popularity soaring amongst ADC players, the quest for the ultimate sidekick is on.

The right pairing in the bot lane isn’t just about companionship; it’s about finding the yin to your yang, the peanut butter to your jelly, the support that turns your aggressive playstyle from a mere threat to an absolute lane dominator.

Peruse our carefully curated list, where each support champion is not merely a choice but a game-changer waiting to be unlocked.

1. Pyke

Often, you’ll notice Pyke’s assertive approach and knack for securing eliminations render him a superb ally for Miss Fortune.

His abilities mesh well with her requirement for a laning partner who can initiate and apply pressure, enabling her to capitalize with her potent Bullet Rain and maximize her damage output.

Pyke’s agility and stealth from his Ghostwater Dive offer strategic advantages for positioning that can surprise adversaries.

His Death from Below can change the game, finishing off those with low health and sharing the bonus gold, enhancing both your financial standings.

Making the most of Pyke’s capacity to create plays early on is key. When both of you’re coordinated, you take charge of the lane, setting the rhythm and turning your advantage into a greater lead as the game progresses.

2. Sona

Choosing Sona to pair with Miss Fortune is a wise move for your bot lane strategy. Sona’s set of skills enhances your presence in the lane and ups your damage capability.

Her auras and abilities are in harmony with your burst-oriented approach, giving you both poking power and staying power.

Sona’s ultimate, Crescendo, can initiate a powerful sequence with your Bullet Time, ensuring enemies are caught for the duration of your ultimate.

Sona’s SkillsSynergy with Miss Fortune
Hymn of Valor (Q)Increases poke, improves trading
Aria of Perseverance (W)Offers healing, allowing longer lane presence
Crescendo (R)Initiates Bullet Time in team encounters

Upon close examination, Sona’s abilities encourage an offensive yet resilient laning phase, which allows you to take advantage of her poking abilities and your own passive, Love Tap, to assert dominance in the bot lane.

3. Blitzcrank

Transitioning from Sona’s harmonious support, you’ll find Blitzcrank’s mechanical prowess provides a different but effective synergy with Miss Fortune’s aggressive playstyle.

Blitzcrank’s ability to displace enemies with his signature Rocket Grab creates prime opportunities for Miss Fortune to unleash her full damage capabilities.

Positioning is key with this duo; as Blitzcrank, your goal is to pull adversaries into Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time, ensuring maximum area damage.

Looking at their combined abilities to control the crowd, Blitzcrank’s Power Fist and Static Field can disrupt enemy formations, giving Miss Fortune the breathing room she requires.

The strategic advantage of this duo lies in the threat of engagement. Enemies must be wary of Blitzcrank’s zone of influence, which often leads to zoning advantages and lane control, critical for Miss Fortune to collect resources and grow into a force in the later stages of the game.

4. Morgana

Morgana’s Black Shield is an excellent tool against crowd control, allowing Miss Fortune to find the right spot for her Bullet Time.

When you partner Morgana with Miss Fortune, you’re choosing a pair that can take control of the bot lane with smart tactics and relentless precision.

Take these points into account:

  • Aggressive Play: Morgana’s Dark Binding makes it easier for Miss Fortune to land Double Ups.
  • Combined Ultimate Abilities: Sync their ultimates for an overwhelming area lockdown.
  • Spell Shield Coordination: Black Shield prevents interruptions to Miss Fortune’s channeling.
  • Controlling Vision: Tormented Shadow allows for wave management and area denial.
  • Endurance: Morgana’s Soul Siphon helps the pair remain in lane for more extended periods.

When you examine how well these two champions work together, it becomes clear that Morgana ranks as an excellent support option for Miss Fortune in Season 13.

5. Taric

Following Morgana, Taric distinguishes himself as another excellent support for Miss Fortune, with his capabilities to guard and sustain her during both the laning phase and team clashes.

His Bastion skill doesn’t only provide a shield to Miss Fortune but also creates a link between her and Taric, enabling him to use his spells from her position. This tactic is often critical in smaller fights.

Taric’s Dazzle offers a dependable stun that can interrupt foes, creating an opportunity for Miss Fortune to execute her Bullet Time ultimate.

Taric’s Cosmic Radiance plays a vital role in team fights, bestowing invulnerability at the perfect moment as Miss Fortune unleashes her full damage capacity.

This partnership assures that she can inflict damage while being protected from incoming attacks, establishing Taric as a significant partner in the effort to control the bot lane.

6. Maokai

Direct your focus to Maokai, who shines as a support alongside Miss Fortune with his inherent durability and ability to control the crowd, making it possible to pin down adversaries for her impactful ultimates.

  • Twisted Advance (W): Maokai’s targeted root not only immobilizes a threat but also allows him to protect allies or lead an attack.
  • Sapling Toss (E): This ability grants control over bushes and pokes at opponents, preparing them for Miss Fortune’s sudden attacks.
  • Nature’s Grasp (R): This extensive ultimate can change the flow of battle with its capability to engage or disengage.
  • Bramble Smash (Q): This move disrupts the positioning of enemies, aiding Miss Fortune in executing her Bullet Time.
  • Magic Sap (Passive): Provides lane sustainability, which supports a more offensive approach.

Analyzing the duo of Maokai and Miss Fortune, they present a strong combination that can take control of the bot lane through strategic territory control and a multi-layered ability to manage the crowd.

7. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is a powerful ally for Miss Fortune, enhancing your control over the bot lane. Her arsenal is well-matched with Miss Fortune’s requirements for protection and control over opponents.

The Handshake (Q) ability Renata possesses can move foes, making them easier targets for Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time. Use her Bailout (W) to tip the balance in tight skirmishes, offering you another opportunity to wipe out adversaries.

Renata’s ultimate, Hostile Takeover, can cause chaos during team battles, making enemies disperse and more susceptible to area-of-effect damage.

Strategic positioning is vital; having Renata by your side supports bold moves while providing the assurance needed to apply your maximum damage capabilities with less risk of instant counterattack.

8. Thresh

Thresh’s adaptable abilities make him an outstanding support companion for Miss Fortune, allowing you to take advantage of enemy mistakes and secure kills with relative ease.

With his skill set that includes both offensive and defensive maneuvers, Thresh is able to adjust to the changing situations of the bot lane, ensuring Miss Fortune can either farm in safety or aggressively pursue a kill when the chance presents itself.

  • Chain Warden: Thresh’s hooks can change the course of a skirmish, drawing adversaries into the path of Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time.
  • Lantern Lifeline: His Dark Passage offers a protective shield and a way to reposition, which is vital for getting out of dangerous situations.
  • Flay Forward: Timing Flay correctly can stop enemy advances, creating an ideal setup for a successful Double Up.
  • Box Them In: The Box creates an area that controls movement and slows opponents, working well with Miss Fortune’s area-of-effect attacks.
  • Soul Synergy: Thresh’s passive enhances his armor and ability power, reinforcing his impact as the match progresses.

Selecting Thresh as your ally can improve your tactical approach and maximize Miss Fortune’s capabilities in Season 13.

9. Rakan

When you aim to dominate the bot lane, Rakan’s dynamic style and crowd control skills can perfectly complement Miss Fortune’s aggressive approach in Season 13.

Rakan shines at creating opportunities with his Grand Entrance (W), which works well with Miss Fortune’s need for a stationary target to release her Bullet Time (R).

He’s not just limited to engagement, though. His Battle Dance (E) provides quick repositioning to either protect Miss Fortune or to take advantage of her Make it Rain (E) slow.

When combined, their ultimate abilities can wreak havoc in team fights, with Rakan’s The Quickness (R) charming opponents into Miss Fortune’s line of attack.

When examining their kit compatibility, it’s clear that Rakan is a strategic choice to amplify Miss Fortune’s strengths and mitigate her weak points.

10. Rell

In your quest for bot lane supremacy, teaming up Rell with Miss Fortune creates a formidable synergy that transforms the battlefield into a challenging war zone for your opponents. Examining this duo’s strategic collaboration, consider these advantages:

  • Magnetizing Entrapment: Rell’s ability to immobilize opponents complements Miss Fortune’s requirement for stationary targets to optimize her Bullet Time ultimate.
  • Armored Frontline: Rell serves as a robust shield, taking damage and drawing attention away from Miss Fortune.
  • Layered Crowd Control: Their combined crowd control abilities can wreak havoc on enemy formations.
  • Peel and Protect: Rell’s abilities offer protection to keep Miss Fortune safe during fights.
  • Relentless Assault: Together, they can exert a powerful lane presence, often causing opponents to adopt a defensive posture.

Utilizing these synergies with precision in positioning and timing ensures that you’re not just participating in the game, but you’re mastering the intricacies of bot lane conflict.

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