10 Best Support Champions for Nilah in League of Legends

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In the dance of League of Legends, picking the right partner for Nilah can elevate your game to an art form. Season 13’s bot lane is a canvas waiting for the perfect pair to paint their victory.

While Nilah whirls into battle, the right support champions are her brushstrokes, defining moments of triumph or defeat. This guide offers a palette of the top 10 allies tailored to enhance her strengths and shield her vulnerabilities.

With these champions by her side, victory isn’t just a possibility—it’s within reach.

1. Karma

One champion you simply can’t ignore for pairing with Nilah is Karma, with abilities that work well to intensify Nilah’s powerful presence in lane.

The set of skills Karma possesses, which includes crowd control and shields, is a perfect match for Nilah’s bold approach.

You’ll notice Karma’s Q, Inner Flame, when enhanced with Mantra, provides both an attacking poke and a slow effect, allowing Nilah to engage effortlessly.

At the same time, Karma’s shield, Inspire, can change the course of the game. It grants a speed increase, which is critical for Nilah’s movement, and also acts to reduce incoming damage—key for successful exchanges.

Most significantly, using Focused Resolve to tether enemies can lead to a root, giving Nilah the opportunity to make the most of her dueling capabilities.

From a strategic standpoint, Karma’s ability to support heightens Nilah’s level of menace, creating a duo that’s formidable.

2. Seraphine

If you aim to enhance Nilah’s lane control, you might pair her with Seraphine for support. Seraphine’s magical tunes offer both recovery and crowd management, which sync well with Nilah’s assertive approach.

Beat Drop (E)

  • Roots enemies: Holds adversaries in position for Nilah to take advantage.
  • Peels for Nilah: Increases her chances of survival in fights.
  • Sets up engages: Makes it easy for Nilah to initiate combat.

Seraphine’s abilities are a natural fit for what Nilah requires in the bot lane. Her passive, Stage Presence, accumulates to strengthen her abilities, creating opportunities for Nilah to start or retreat from fights.

The Surround Sound (W) provides the dual advantage of a shield and increased movement speed, which keeps Nilah nimble and tough against opposing actions.

Analyzing their synergy, combining Seraphine’s supportive skills with Nilah’s quick damage output intensifies the pressure on the lane and the potential for securing eliminations.

3. Senna

After transitioning from Seraphine’s harmonious support, the adaptable nature of Senna’s abilities serves to enhance Nilah’s aggressive play in the bot lane.

Senna brings a mix of sustain, poke, and utility to the table, which complements Nilah’s requirements for endurance and the ability to initiate fights.

Her ability, Piercing Darkness (Q), not only heals to support Nilah’s aggressive moves but also delivers attacks to weaken adversaries for Nilah’s burst damage.

Senna’s Curse of the Black Mist (E) provides camouflage, a key tactic for Nilah to approach undetected or retreat if circumstances change.

Senna’s global ultimate, Dawning Shadow, inflicts damage and provides a shield, facilitating support across the map capable of altering the outcome of key fights.

Together, Nilah and Senna have the potential to control the laning phase, presenting a strategic mix of offense and defense.

4. Thresh

If you’re searching for a champion that can immobilize enemies and create opportunities for Nilah, Thresh’s adaptable abilities make him a top pick for her support in Season 13.

His command over the battlefield is unmatched, offering both defensive and offensive strategies that work well with Nilah’s assertive playstyle.

Reflect on Thresh’s skills:

Death Sentence (Q)

  • Capture a crucial target from afar
  • Open chances for Nilah to take advantage of enemies out of position

Dark Passage (W)

  • Provide a quick retreat for Nilah after she engages
  • Bolster her endurance with the shield

The Box (R)

  • Manage space during team skirmishes
  • Slow adversaries, making sure Nilah can move in and out of fights with ease

Thresh’s abilities require a player who thinks strategically, and when combined with Nilah, they form a pair that can control the bot lane through clever use of crowd control and positioning.

5. Nami

After discussing Thresh’s ability to control the crowd, let’s consider how Nami’s synergistic skills can enhance Nilah’s aquatic assault. Nami’s abilities are a great match for Nilah, providing options for both engaging with enemies and retreating when necessary.

Her ‘Ebb and Flow’ ability has the potential to oscillate between Nilah and her opponents, simultaneously healing and inflicting harm. This allows Nilah to endure through smaller battles, which is vital for a melee ADC.

Nami’s AbilitySynergy with Nilah
Aqua PrisonSets up engages
Ebb and FlowSustains & Harasses
Tidecaller’s BlessingEmpowers Nilah’s attacks
Tidal WaveInitiates/Disengages
Surging TidesEnhances mobility

When you consider the combination of Nami and Nilah, it’s clear that Nami’s versatile skills provide Nilah with what she needs for a strong presence early in the game.

They can take advantage of early aggression, using Nami’s enhancements and control over the crowd to build early advantages.

6. Sona

While you’re becoming proficient with Nilah in the bot lane, Sona’s harmonic abilities can enhance your game impact through her auras and crowd control. Her selection of skills provides a supportive symphony that works well with Nilah’s aggressive approach:

Hymn of Valor (Q)

  • Melodic Damage: Amplifies Nilah’s trades with a power chord.
  • Aural Enhancement: Raises Nilah’s burst potential during aggressive engagements.

Aria of Perseverance (W)

  • Sustain Harmony: Offers healing to withstand lanes with heavy poking.
  • Defensive Crescendo: Provides shields to reduce incoming burst damage.

Song of Celerity (E)

  • Rhythmic Mobility: Improves Nilah’s ability to chase and retreat.
  • Tempo Control: Assists in positioning for Nilah’s Whirling Death (R) or to retreat from threats.

When analyzed, Sona’s utility fosters a setting where Nilah can excel, optimizing her ability to control the lane and develop into a significant power.

7. Yuumi

You will notice that Yuumi, the Magical Cat, becomes an incredibly supportive ally for Nilah, providing unique benefits with her adaptive support skills.

The healing and shields from Yuumi’s E – Zoomies, can notably improve Nilah’s chances of survival during fights.

When Yuumi uses her W – You and Me! to attach to Nilah, it results in a synergistic offense, enhancing Nilah’s aggressive moves with extra adaptive force and keeping Yuumi out of harm’s way.

This pair also gains an advantage from Yuumi’s Q – Prowling Projectile, which is useful for harassing and decelerating adversaries, preparing them for Nilah to secure kills.

Analyzing this partnership shows how it capitalizes on the strengths of both champions, with Yuumi’s independence from mobility complementing Nilah’s ability to lead the charge, making them a powerful presence in the bot lane.

8. Taric

After examining the synergies between Yuumi and Nilah, Taric emerges as a strong support choice, with his healing abilities and stuns forming an implacable pair in the bottom lane.

Taric’s abilities complement Nilah’s assertive playstyle:

  • Bastion not only strengthens Nilah’s defense but also lets Taric’s abilities originate from her, facilitating an aggressive engagement.
  • Dazzle offers a dependable stun that can prepare enemies for Nilah’s rapid attacks, keeping adversaries within striking distance.
  • Cosmic Radiance grants temporary invulnerability, which can change the direction of skirmishes when synchronized with Nilah’s finishing moves.

When evaluating this duo, one observes that Taric’s capacity for damage mitigation and improving Nilah’s chances of survival is priceless. His control over the crowd and his climactic ability can alter the course of the game, creating optimal conditions for Nilah’s success.

9. Rakan

Rakan’s dynamic style of play is an excellent match for Nilah, offering both initiation and retreat abilities that suit her assertive behavior in lane.

Rakan’s capability to rapidly move through the battlefield is in perfect harmony with Nilah’s need for a partner who reacts swiftly.

Considering their combined effectiveness, Rakan’s control over the crowd can create opportunities for Nilah to engage in beneficial exchanges or initiate combat, and his agility ensures he is present exactly where required.

Rakan’s FeatureSynergy with Nilah
MobilityEnhances positioning
Crowd ControlInitiates combat
Peel PotentialDefends Nilah
Engage/DisengageSuits playstyle
SustainSupports exchanges

Rakan’s abilities are a natural complement to Nilah’s, making them a powerful pair in the bottom lane.

10. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank’s mechanical accuracy renders him a powerful ally alongside Nilah, seizing enemies and disrupting their ranks with precision.

His Rocket Grab is pivotal to this synergy, drawing opponents into the heat of battle where Nilah can release her barrage of attacks.

Blitzcrank’s Power Fist and Static Field further guarantee that once a foe is ensnared, they’re unlikely to escape without sustaining damage.

Analyzing the duo’s dynamics, Blitzcrank’s knack for targeting individuals enhances Nilah’s strategy to quickly take down foes.

He excels as a support who not only initiates conflicts but also protects, ensuring Nilah’s safety as she charges into the opposing ranks.

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