10 Best Support Champions For Samira in League of Legends

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Choosing the right partner for Samira in League of Legends can turn the tides of battle in your favor, turning a challenging lane into a showcase of skill and strategy.

As Season 13 unfolds, the quest to find a support that not only complements but elevates Samira’s bold playstyle is more crucial than ever.

Within these lines lies a carefully crafted guide, unveiling 10 support champions whose abilities create a synergy with Samira that could very well be the secret to your next triumphant march up the ranked ladder!

1. Maokai

Maokai, the Twisted Treant, is a powerful support choice for Samira, providing crowd control and area denial that complement her aggressive playstyle.

His distinct abilities allow him to disrupt enemy formations and protect Samira, ensuring she can engage in skirmishes with less risk.

Maokai’s Sapling Toss acts as both a scouting tool and a deterrent, discouraging opponents from getting too close. When teamed up with Samira, his Twisted Advance immobilizes enemies, allowing her to execute her lethal Blade Whirl and Inferno Trigger.

Maokai’s ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, can also alter the outcome of team conflicts, creating the controlled chaos Samira thrives in. You’ll appreciate that Maokai’s strong engagement and safeguarding qualities are an excellent match for Samira’s dynamic combat style.

2. Taric

If you’re a Samira main, you’ll appreciate that Taric, the Gem Knight, offers a blend of resilience and utility to the bot lane, delivering protective spells to sustain you through battles.

His abilities complement Samira’s bold playstyle, giving her the assurance to engage in skirmishes.

Pay attention to these aspects of Taric’s support capabilities:

  • Bastion (E): Creates a link with Samira, granting a shield and making Taric’s spells able to cast from both champions.
  • Dazzle (E): A dependable stun that can initiate Samira’s combo or protect her.
  • Cosmic Radiance (R): Provides invulnerability, ideal for Samira’s commitment to fights.
  • Healing and Armor Buffs: Taric’s Q and passive improve health recovery and defensive stats.
  • Frontline Presence: Taric is capable of taking hits, shifting attention away from Samira.

When considering Taric’s synergistic relationship with Samira, it becomes clear they’re formidable in long engagements and larger confrontations.

3. Thresh

Thresh is an exceptional support for Samira, enhancing her assertive playstyle. Thresh’s Death Sentence (Q) not only prepares opportunities for Samira to strike but also defends her when necessary.

His Dark Passage (W) acts as a safety net, providing a chance for Samira to reposition or withdraw. The Box (R), Thresh’s ultimate ability, sets up a controlled area that can hinder adversaries, creating an ideal scenario for Samira to execute her powerful attacks.

AspectEmotion ElicitedImpact on Samira
Death SentenceAnticipationInitiates Fights
Dark PassageReliefEnsures Safety
The BoxSatisfactionSecures Kills

Reviewing Thresh’s capabilities, it becomes evident that his skills not only complement but also enhance Samira’s abilities, marking him as a superior choice for players aiming for synergy and control.

4. Zyra

Zyra serves as a formidable ally to Samira, with her control over the battlefield through plants that can prepare the ground for powerful combinations.

Her abilities to manage crowds and deny territory work well with Samira’s assertive approach, fostering a level of lane control difficult to rival.

Here are the standout abilities of Zyra:

  • Strangling Thorns: Zyra’s ultimate can elevate enemies, making an ideal setup for Samira’s Inferno Trigger.
  • Deadly Spines: Offers harassment and control over territory, which suits Samira’s need to have room to execute moves.
  • Rampant Growth: Seeds provide vision and can transform into defensive structures, enhancing pressure in the lane.
  • Grasping Roots: Capturing opponents with this ensures Samira can engage effectively.
  • Passive Seed Planter: Spontaneous seed generation leads to a challenging and unpredictable lane for adversaries.

5. Renata Glasc

Turning our attention to Renata Glasc, her array of crowd-control abilities works well with Samira’s assertive playstyle, ensuring that adversaries remain precisely where desired.

Renata’s Handshake (E) can displace and slow opponents, creating the perfect scenario for Samira to activate her Blade Whirl (W) and deflect incoming attacks.

Additionally, Renata’s ultimate, Hostile Takeover, has the potential to alter the course of team battles by sowing disarray among the opposing team’s ranks.

From an analytical perspective, Renata’s abilities enhance Samira’s ability to progressively dominate the game. The protection from Renata’s Bailout (W), which provides a shield, also means Samira can engage more boldly in skirmishes with a measure of protection.

Skillful use of Renata’s zoning and protection tactics permits Samira to participate in team battles and achieve kills while taking fewer risks, establishing Renata as an outstanding support pick for Samira in Season 13.

6. Leona

Leona’s engagement abilities and resilience make her a fitting ally for Samira, enabling you to restrain adversaries and open the door for powerful combinations.

Her abilities work in harmony with Samira’s Daredevil Impulse, which benefits from crowd control to take full advantage of her passive.

  • Solar Flare (R): A long-distance ultimate that stuns, ideal for starting confrontations or clinching kills.
  • Zenith Blade (E): Leona’s method for closing distance ensures no adversary evades your joint offense.
  • Shield of Daybreak (Q): A dependable stun that, when synchronized with Samira’s strikes, can be a nightmare for the opposition.
  • Eclipse (W): Offers added resilience during clashes, making your pair difficult to defeat.
  • Passive – Sunlight: Leona marks adversaries with Sunlight, which Samira can trigger for extra harm.

Assessing the dynamics, your pair turns into a force that can dominate the lane and set the tempo of the game.

7. Nautilus

Leona excels with her ability to control the battlefield, but Nautilus stands out as an excellent support partner for Samira, offering a collection of disruptive skills that work well with her assertive approach to combat.

His Dredge Line (Q) skill allows him to initiate and provide protection, giving Samira the chance to execute her powerful damage sequence.

Additionally, the Staggering Blow from his passive skill makes sure that once Samira engages, her adversaries have a tough time getting away.

Nautilus AbilitySynergy with Samira
Dredge Line (Q)Starts skirmishes, enabling Samira to engage.
Depth Charge (R)Causes enemies to be airborne, preparing them for Samira’s ultimate attack.
Staggering Blow (Passive)Holds enemies still, allowing Samira to take advantage.

Nautilus’s role in both the laning phase and team clashes sets up a scenario for Samira to excel, positioning him as a preferred support pick for her in Season 13.

8. Rell

Harness Rell’s formidable crowd control skills to enhance Samira’s assertive playstyle and gain control over your lane adversaries in Season 13.

Rell, as a support, brings a distinct mix of initiation, protection, and resilience that can work in harmony with Samira’s abilities.

Analyze the battlefield strategically and make the most of Rell’s disruptive abilities to pave the way for Samira’s triumphs.

  • Magnetic Engage: Use Rell’s [W] Ferromancy to start engagements that Samira can rapidly respond to.
  • Attract and Repel: Combine [E] Attract and Repel with Samira’s [E] to move quickly during fights.
  • Stun Synergy: Use Rell’s [Q] Shattering Strike to create opportunities for Samira to chain stuns.
  • Ultimate Combo: Merge Rell’s [R] Magnet Storm with Samira’s [R] to inflict widespread damage.
  • Defense and Protection: Rell’s ability to guard ensures Samira can continue fighting for extended periods.

Applying these tactics, you can fully utilize the duo’s capabilities and maintain a strong grip on the bot lane.

9. Alistar

Alistar is an outstanding partner for Samira, offering formidable crowd control skills and resilience that match well with her bold playstyle. When Alistar engages, he uses his Pulverize and Headbutt abilities to disrupt opponents and protect Samira.

His Trample skill is also effective at breaking through shields, a vital tactic against defensive adversaries.

Tactically, Alistar’s ultimate ability, Unbreakable Will, grants the toughness needed to join Samira in battle, absorbing heavy damage that might target her instead.

This partnership allows for dynamic plays where Samira can build her Style meter and release her powerful Inferno Trigger.

Timing and communication are vital for a successful Alistar-Samira pair, capable of dominating the bot lane and setting the game’s tempo.

10. Nami

Transitioning from the robust enabler Alistar, the enchantress Nami emerges as another exceptional support choice for Samira, with her ability to augment attacks and control the lane through her aquatic abilities.

Nami’s kit works well with Samira’s aggressive playstyle, offering both defensive and offensive options.

  • Ebb and Flow (W): Nami’s healing and poking abilities can maintain Samira’s presence in combat while gradually weakening opponents.
  • Tidecaller’s Blessing (E): Increases Samira’s already formidable damage output, adding a slowing effect that aids in securing eliminations.
  • Aqua Prison (Q): Offers essential crowd control that can initiate Samira’s lethal combinations.
  • Tidal Wave (R): Can alter the course of a battle with its extensive knock-up, complementing Samira’s Inferno Trigger.
  • Synergy with Passive: Nami’s Surging Tides passive provides Samira additional movement speed, critical for positioning.

Assessing Nami’s capabilities shows her as a dynamic ally for Samira, capable of tipping skirmishes in their favor.

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