10 Best Supports For Twitch in League of Legends (Right Now)

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Twitch, the notorious Plague Rat of League of Legends, remains a dominant force in Season 13’s bot lane. His stealth and burst damage make him a formidable ADC, but his true strength is unlocked with the perfect support partner.

This season, certain supports stand out for their exceptional synergy with Twitch, enhancing his playstyle and turning him into an unstoppable force.

Here, we reveal the top 10 supports that not only complement Twitch’s unique abilities but also significantly increase your chances of dominating the game.

1. Soraka

When formulating a plan to gain control over the bottom lane with Twitch in League of Legends, teaming him up with Soraka could be a game-changer due to her powerful healing capabilities. This allows for a more confrontational playstyle, knowing there’s a dependable fallback.

Soraka’s Astral Infusion (W) not only enables you to remain in lane, gathering resources and harassing opponents, but it also lessens the risk of aggressive moves from your opponents.

Strategic positioning is key; Soraka must find the right spot between being close enough to heal and keeping a safe distance from hostile crowd control.

Her Equinox (E) provides a silencing effect to interrupt enemy actions, offering you an opportunity to counterattack or withdraw. Introducing smart tactics with Soraka’s assistance transforms Twitch from an irritant to a dominant presence in the lane.

2. Nami

Pairing Twitch with Nami can turn confrontations in the bottom lane into chances for decisive wins, as her aquatic skills synergize well with ambush strategies. Reviewing this duo from a strategic angle, the advantages are evident.

  • Aquatic Empathy: Nami’s Ebb and Flow (W) restores Twitch’s health and bounces to adversaries, supporting extended exchanges.
  • Surging Engagements: With her Tidecaller’s Blessing (E), Nami can enhance Twitch’s primary attacks with additional magic damage and a slow, improving his ability to pursue.
  • Tidal Crowd Control: Her Aqua Prison (Q) has the potential to immobilize opponents, preparing Twitch to apply a full-stack Contaminate (E).
  • Wave of Opportunity: Nami’s ultimate ability, Tidal Wave, provides a substantial slow and knock-up, creating an ideal situation for Twitch to activate Rat-ta-tat-tat (R) across several opponents.

Mastering the waves and stealth tactics can lead to dominance in the bot lane meta.

3. Rakan

Every Twitch player should view Rakan as an alternative support choice, whose dynamic abilities provide a mix of defense and capability to initiate plays.

His agility across the battlefield with The Quickness and Grand Entrance can unsettle opponents, preparing the stage for Twitch to execute impactful spray and prays.

Rakan’s skills to shield and heal with Gleaming Quill and Battle Dance ensure Twitch remains in good condition to keep delivering damage.

Tactically, Rakan can initiate or provide defense with adeptness, shifting according to the game’s rhythm. His charm and knock-up offer crowd control that works well with Twitch’s requirement for time to increase his damage.

For a player with skill, Rakan is a versatile partner that amplifies Twitch’s strong points and helps counteract his weak spots.

4. Leona

When you’re in the bot lane, keep in mind Leona’s exceptional ability to initiate fights. She can immobilize opponents with her Zenith Blade and Solar Flare, creating perfect chances for Twitch to initiate his ambush.

Leona’s abilities work very well with Twitch’s need for enemy lockdown to ensure successful kills during the early game and subsequent phases.

  • Zenith Blade (E): This ability goes through minions to attach to distant enemies, pulling you towards them.
  • Shield of Daybreak (Q): This move stuns the targeted enemy, preventing them from fleeing while Twitch applies his poison.
  • Solar Flare (R): A solar burst that slows and stuns, which is perfect for the use of Twitch’s Spray and Pray.
  • Eclipse (W): Grants extra durability during exchanges, so you can withstand hits while Twitch inflicts damage.

Getting the hang of Leona’s ability to start fights and protect allies is vital for maintaining control on the field of battle and ensuring Twitch can dominate throughout the match.

5. Zilean

Following Leona’s forward and confrontational tactics, Zilean provides a contrasting style of support for Twitch, with abilities that manipulate time to offer both utility and increased chances of survival.

His Time Bomb grants control over enemy positioning and minion waves, enabling effective command over lane presence. Clever bomb placement can pressure foes into a difficult decision: risk harm or surrender their ground, either guarding Twitch or preparing for an offensive move.

Zilean’s Time Warp ability has the dual function of slowing foes or speeding up allies, critical in pursuing enemies or withdrawing from less advantageous situations.

Most pivotal is his Chronoshift, potentially turning the tide of battle; applying it to Twitch grants a reprieve in combat. Skillful use of Zilean’s ultimate demands foresight of potential dangers, allowing Twitch to continue dealing damage with less immediate concern of being taken out.

6. Braum

Braum’s steadfast defense and crowd control abilities make him an excellent ally for Twitch, ensuring control of the lane and safety during smaller fights. Choosing Braum as your support brings multiple strategic benefits:

  • Unbreakable (E): Braum’s shield can block incoming harm, allowing Twitch to retaliate without pressure or tactically withdraw.
  • Winter’s Bite (Q): Slowing adversaries with this skill, Twitch can more easily apply his passive poison, setting up for powerful Contaminate (E) damage.
  • Concussive Blows (Passive): The synergy between Braum’s passive and Twitch’s attack speed is perfect, securing targets for elimination.
  • Glacial Fissure (R): Timely use of Braum’s ultimate can either disengage or confirm elimination, pairing well with Twitch’s Spray and Pray (R) for a wide-reaching damage effect.

7. Zyra

Turning to Zyra, you’ll appreciate her thorny snares and botanical firepower for their unique zoning abilities that go hand in hand with Twitch’s style of ambush.

Zyra is adept at controlling the battle area with her abilities that affect a wide radius, most notably her Stranglethorns ultimate, which can scatter enemies and create the perfect opportunity for Twitch’s unexpected strikes.

Her plants provide vision, critical for identifying dangers or objectives, and the slowing effect from her plants can mean the difference in whether a kill is secured or an enemy slips away.

Strategically, Zyra’s Grasping Roots can keep enemies within Twitch’s Contaminate range, maximizing the damage from his E ability. Synchronizing Zyra’s harassment with Twitch’s stealthy approaches can result in powerful exchanges.

To master this pairing requires an acute understanding of how to position themselves to use their joint area control and burst damage effectively, transforming the bottom lane into a treacherous snare for opponents who don’t suspect a thing.

8. Janna

Janna’s tempest guardian persona provides a protective whirlwind and control over the opposing crowd, perfectly complementing Twitch’s guerrilla warfare style.

Her abilities allow Twitch to farm safely when the match begins and offer significant disengagement capabilities during clashes among teams. Pairing Twitch with Janna creates a duo capable of rapidly shifting battle dynamics.

  • Howling Gale sends forth a tempest that lifts enemies, preparing them for Twitch’s surprise attacks.
  • Zephyr passively augments her speed and can actively slow an opponent, making it perfect for pursuing foes or making a quick getaway.
  • Eye of the Storm envelops Twitch in a shield, increasing his attack capabilities to make the most of his sudden damage output.
  • Monsoon restores health to allies while repelling adversaries, giving Twitch the opportunity to adjust his position or distance himself from danger.

Use Janna’s arsenal to amplify Twitch’s capabilities and counteract his weaknesses.

9. Taric

Alongside Janna, Taric’s formidable defensive skills position him as a valuable partner for Twitch, reinforcing the lane with solid protection and control over the crowd.

Taric’s abilities are centered around defense, with capabilities to shield and heal, and his Dazzle skill can stun opponents at critical times.

When combined with Twitch, Taric’s Bastion connection and the protective power of Guardian’s Vow can significantly alter the course of the game, particularly during Twitch’s surprise attacks.

Timing Taric’s Cosmic Radiance with Twitch’s offensive moves is key, providing invulnerability while Twitch eliminates adversaries.

Using Taric’s abilities strategically to reduce incoming harm as Twitch exploits weaknesses in the opposition creates a powerful synergy.

Mastering this pair can lead to dominance in the bot lane, transforming Twitch into a relentless force under Taric’s attentive protection.

10. Blitzcrank

Why not choose Blitzcrank as your next support character when you play Twitch? His Rocket Grab ensures adversaries can’t flee from your ambushes.

This mechanical terror delivers unmatched area control to the bot lane, making the game a hazard for the opposition team.

Think about the synergy: Twitch’s stealth tactic followed by Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab pulling an unsuspecting target into a flawlessly executed Contaminate.

Consider the Power Fist disrupting enemy lines, giving Twitch plenty of time to release a full Rat-ta-tat-tat.

Envision the Static Field silencing opponents, stopping any disruption as you clinch the kill.

Visualize the Overdrive, which allows Blitzcrank to change position swiftly, creating opportunities or defending Twitch.

Strategically, Blitzcrank’s set of abilities complements Twitch’s style of surprise attacks, forcing adversaries to consistently consider the threat of a lethal hook.

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