10 Best Supports For Vayne in League of Legends Right Now (Season 13)

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Mastering the art of pairing can elevate a Vayne player from good to legendary in League of Legends.

The right support character can turn the tide of battle, but with an ever-growing roster, choosing can be a puzzle. Fear not, for we’ve analyzed the data and gameplay to bring you the top 10 supports that harmonize with Vayne’s hunt for victory.

The key to dominating the bot lane lies ahead, nestled within the insights of seasoned strategists.

1. Maokai

As a Vayne player in Season 13, teaming up with a Maokai support can prove to be a powerful alliance.

His crowd control abilities assist in setting up your successful attacks. When examining win rates and how well characters work together, it’s clear that Maokai’s abilities enhance Vayne’s style of play. His ‘Twisted Advance’ roots adversaries, giving you the opportunity for unobstructed attacks.

Additionally, Maokai’s ultimate, ‘Nature’s Grasp,’ can disrupt enemy formations, providing opportunities for Vayne to take advantage with ‘Final Hour.’ You belong to a select group skilled in precision and teamwork.

Partnering with Maokai, you take to the battle alongside an ally who values the power of immobilizing the enemy, which allows you to maximize Vayne’s capabilities.

Positioning is vital. Maokai’s support can help you move through team battles and claim objectives, cementing your role as a key player on your team.

2. Soraka

Teaming up with Soraka, you’ll appreciate her healing skills for maintaining your presence in the lane and altering the course of skirmishes.

When you’re in control of Vayne, the presence of Soraka allows for a bolder playstyle, with the knowledge that her restorative spells will lessen some of the hazards.

Here are the reasons Soraka is a dependable supporter for Vayne:

  1. Healing: Soraka’s W, Astral Infusion, offers steady health restoration, which lets you remain in the lane to farm more efficiently.
  2. Silencing Capability: Her E, Equinox, can silence foes, interrupting their attack sequences and guarding you against crowd control effects.
  3. Global Aid: Soraka’s ultimate, Wish, can provide assistance across the map, offering an advantage on a wider scale.

Mind your positioning – keep within reach of Soraka’s abilities without risking too much, and you’ll form a powerful pair capable of enduring and outmaneuvering adversaries.

3. Zilean

Choosing Zilean for your support allows you to benefit from his exceptional ability to manipulate time, which plays a key role in your survival and heightens your offensive capabilities.

With Zilean’s Time Warp, you have the power to pursue adversaries or retreat from dangerous situations, which helps you gain a tactical edge.

His explosive devices offer control over the area, discouraging enemy advances and helping ensure you can accumulate resources.

Tactically, Zilean’s Chronoshift can alter the course of battles – bringing you back into the fight to continue inflicting damage can change the direction of conflicts.

Reviewing gameplay from highly skilled players, it’s evident that Zilean’s abilities significantly enhance Vayne’s chances of survival through both the laning phase and larger conflicts.

Choosing this partnership will make you feel like an essential component of a well-oiled machine, where each timely save and acceleration is a direct contribution to your joint victories on the Rift.

4. Janna

Transitioning from Zilean’s time-altering support, Janna’s tempest-force shields and abilities to disengage provide a fortress of protection, allowing Vayne to move through team fights with agility and assurance.

Janna isn’t just a gentle breeze in the bot lane; she’s a strategic whirlwind that works well with Vayne’s playstyle.

Here are the reasons:

  1. Eye of the Storm: Janna’s shield not only absorbs damage but also significantly increases Vayne’s attack damage, enhancing her ability to trade hits.
  2. Monsoon: This ultimate can change the course of fights, pushing away threats and restoring health to Vayne, which is vital during tight skirmishes.
  3. Zephyr and Howling Gale: These skills disrupt the enemy’s positioning and provide protection, enabling Vayne to reposition or secure eliminations.

Analyzing win rates and synergy metrics, Janna stands out as a premier support for Vayne, fostering unity and triumph in battle.

5. Milio

Milio’s intense energy and recuperative abilities position him as a valuable team player for your Vayne, providing both support and control to take charge of the bot lane.

When honing your skills with Vayne, you seek a partner who can mirror your assertiveness while ensuring your continued participation in combat.

Milio’s abilities are crafted to achieve precisely that. Data indicates his ability to heal is among the best for supporting characters, allowing you to withstand harassment and remain in the lane to gather resources.

His control tools, if employed with strategy, afford you the opportunity to inflict damage without unnecessary risk.

This partnership isn’t only perceptible but also measurable. With Milio backing you up, your win statistics are likely to improve, as he enables you to outlive and outplay your adversaries.

Keep in mind, your triumph in the bot lane relies on teamwork and shared strategy – Milio might be your secret to success.

6. Sona

Having Sona support your Vayne play in Season 13 can result in a harmonious blend of offensive pressure and healing abilities, significantly enhancing your performance on the battlefield. This duo excels through coordinated play, transforming you into a force to be reckoned with.

Pay attention to these strategies:

  1. Poke and Zone Control: Utilizing Sona’s Q, Hymn of Valor, you can safely harass opponents from a distance, gradually reducing their health and making it easier for you to finish them off.
  2. Sustain and Survivability: Her W, Aria of Perseverance, provides essential healing and a protective barrier, allowing you to remain in the lane to gather resources and grow stronger for the later stages of the game.
  3. Engage and Disengage: Sona’s E, Song of Celerity, offers increased movement speed, which is beneficial for pursuing adversaries or retreating from dangerous scenarios.

When looking at win rates and how well champions work together, Sona is recognized as a support that can greatly complement Vayne’s abilities.

Sona’s ultimate, Crescendo, has the potential to create ideal situations for you to roll in and use Condemn on enemies against walls, securing eliminations and establishing control over the lane.

Keep in mind, efficient communication and precise timing are vital for taking full advantage of Sona’s abilities when she’s your support.

7. Lulu

As a Vayne player in Season 13, you’ll appreciate how Lulu’s abilities complement your own, providing both defensive measures and increased capability through her magical skills.

Examining the synergy, Lulu’s ‘Whimsy’ can transform adversaries into harmless creatures, which allows you to attack without immediate threat.

Her ‘Help, Pix!’ grants a shield and adds extra on-hit effects, which are of great benefit for Vayne’s close combat style.

AttributeLuluVayne Synergy
ProtectionShieldingReduces incoming damage
CCPolymorphAids in securing eliminations
EmpowermentOn-hit effectsIncreases damage output
Ult UtilityKnock-upAssists in defense or assault
Lane SustainPokeApplies pressure

Tactically, Lulu’s ultimate, ‘Wild Growth’, provides a crucial knock-up and extra health, which is ideal for the intense battles you excel in.

Together, you and Lulu become a duo not just focused on joining the fray but on ruling the bottom lane.

8. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc’s array of crowd control and supportive skills makes her a top choice for enhancing your Vayne, amplifying both your attack and defense capabilities during the laning phase and larger skirmishes.

When you pair up with Renata, think about the tactical combination:

  1. Hand of Whimsy: Renata’s capacity to provide a shield and increase Vayne’s speed paves the way for assertive exchanges and better positioning.
  2. Bailout: As Vayne commits for a takedown, Renata’s ultimate can be the difference maker, ensuring Vayne survives, turning precarious situations into strategic wins.
  3. Leverage: Renata’s innate ability strengthens Vayne’s strikes against opponents at full health, which suits Vayne’s style of rapid, significant attacks.

Utilizing these skills means you aren’t merely participating in a game; you’re conducting a concert of devastation, with Vayne taking center stage as the lead performer.

9. Alistar

Playing alongside Alistar, your chances in bot lane skirmishes can swing in your favor. His skill set provides crowd control and a strong defense, acting as a bulwark against enemy attacks.

With Vayne, your goal is to safely progress to the late game where your character excels. Alistar’s capabilities give you the necessary cover and room to gather resources and grow in power.

AspectAlistar’s ImpactStrategic Value
Crowd ControlHighInitiation/Withdrawal
ProtectionSuperiorSafeguarding Vayne

Upon examining the table, it’s clear Alistar not only supports a stable early phase but also creates opportunities for taking control.

His Headbutt-Pulverize combination can alter the course of a match, and with his ultimate, Unbreakable Will, he’s equipped to absorb damage on your behalf. Within the team, the assurance that Alistar is looking out for you reinforces a sense of unity.

10. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank gives you a distinct edge with his mechanical precision, as a single well-aimed Rocket Grab can become a pivotal moment in the game. Teaming up with Vayne, his abilities create chances to make the most of your significant single-target damage.

Here’s how Blitzcrank can improve your play:

  1. Engage Reliability: Blitzcrank’s Q skill, Rocket Grab, excels at picking off key opponents for Vayne to quickly eliminate.
  2. Zoning Potential: His very presence forces the enemy to adopt a more cautious strategy, which allows you more freedom to farm.
  3. Peel Strength: Blitzcrank’s Power Fist (E) and Static Field (R) interrupt those who’d dive or target you, giving you the security needed to survive and output damage.

Analyzing match-up data showcases the clear synergy between Blitzcrank and Vayne, providing not only a strategic advantage but also a sense of partnership on the battlefield.

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