Can You Play ARAM To Reduce Ranked Restriction Games?

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Are you tired of facing ranked restrictions in League of Legends and wondering if playing ARAM can help reduce those horrible penalties? You’re in the right place!

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of ARAM and its potential impact on ranked restrictions. We’ll examine the latest updates and changes in the game, and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your gaming strategy.

What Are Ranked Restrictions?

Ranked restrictions serve as penalties you could encounter if you repeatedly or severely breach the game’s code of conduct. They act like a time-out, preventing you from participating in any ranked queues. If you’ve been flagged, playing a certain number of unranked games is required to remove this restriction.

These penalties apply not only to ranked games. Your behavior in unranked games can also result in a restriction. Casual play doesn’t exempt you from adhering to the game’s code of conduct.

Lifting these restrictions involves more than just playing a few games. Only specific game modes count towards meeting your requirement. Blind Pick and Draft Pick are acceptable, but Rotating Game Modes, ARAM, and Custom matches won’t contribute.

These restrictions can also be enforced alongside other penalties, such as a queue delay or chat restrictions. This may not be enjoyable, but it’s a system designed to maintain fairness and enjoyment for all players.

Is It Possible To Play ARAM In Order To Reduce Ranked Restriction Games?

From our prior conversation, you might be curious if ARAM can be used to decrease your ranked restriction games. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Since the release of the 13.21 patch, ARAM can no longer be used to decrease the number of your ranked restriction games.

These restrictions serve a purpose of promoting better behavior by requiring you to participate in a certain number of unranked games.

The hope is that you’ll refine your conduct within a less intense environment. Not every game mode, however, counts towards this requirement. Only Blind Pick and Draft Pick are valid game modes.

Sadly, ARAM, along with Rotating Game Modes and Custom made matches, don’t count towards this requirement. This means you must adhere to the specified modes to remove your restriction.

You can monitor your progress via the penalty notification, or the warning symbol above your player icon on the Overview screen.

If you were thinking of adding some variety by playing ARAM, it may not be the news you were hoping for. But keep in mind, these restrictions are in place for a reason. Use this opportunity to refine your gameplay and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of unranked games.

How To Avoid Getting Ranked Restriction

To prevent the imposition of ranked restrictions, compliance with the game’s code of conduct is key, along with maintaining respectful interactions with other gamers. Actions like flaming, intentional feeding, or abandoning games can lead to restrictions.

Allowing frustration to dictate your actions isn’t advisable. In high-pressure situations, it’s often more beneficial to remain calm and concentrate on your own gameplay, rather than entering into disputes with other gamers. Keep in mind, cohesion is vital in a team game.

Playing the game with honesty and fairness is another preventive measure. Utilizing third-party software or taking advantage of bugs can lead to ranked restrictions. Integrity should be at the forefront of your game, no matter how high the stakes.

Another thing to avoid is going AFK (Away From Keyboard). Deserting your team isn’t only a sign of unprofessional conduct, but it could also lead to restrictions. If you’re aware that you can’t finish a game, it’s recommended not to initiate one.

To wrap up, avoiding ranked restrictions is achievable. A positive attitude, fair play, and respect for others are key elements in enjoying the game without the threat of penalties.

How Long Do Ranked Restrictions Last?

Ranked restrictions in League of Legends last until you complete a set number of normal (non-ranked) games, typically 5 games. The exact duration depends on the severity of the offense.

For minor infractions like leaving games early or idling/AFKing, you may receive a 5 game ranked restriction. This means you must complete 5 normal Blind Pick or Draft Pick matches before ranked queues become available again.

The LeaverBuster system tracks these types of offenses, and each time you leave/AFK it can increase the restriction duration. For more serious or repeated disruptive behaviors like intentional feeding and verbal abuse, Riot may issue longer ranked restrictions of 10-25 games. 

The most severe restrictions can last up to 100 normal games for extreme cases. Riot reviews these types of bans manually rather than relying solely on LeaverBuster.

The goal with ranked restrictions is to give players who are struggling with ranked pressure and toxicity a chance to “reconnect with a more relaxed version of League” before returning to competitive play. 

It’s also worth noting that if the behavioral team notices ranked restricted players forcing quick losses, they will continuously have their ranked restriction extended.

This could also mean that if players force quick losses to games, then the behavioral team will enforce players to earn five wins, instead of just playing five normals before they can play ranked again

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