How Do You Counter Malzahar Ultimate?

Chris Lee
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Feeling immobilized by Malzahar’s ultimate move in the LoL universe? Break free from this bind!

Here, we dive into effective strategies that can act as your shield against this powerful attack. We’ll dissect whether QSS or cleanse can shake off Malzahar’s ult and highlight other tactics.

So, brace yourself to rise above this challenge and reclaim your game like a true champion.

Can You QSS Malzahar’s Ult?

If you’re dealing with Malzahar’s Ult, you may question whether Quick Silver Sash (QSS) can be used as a counter. The answer is affirmative. QSS can cleanse Malzahar’s ult’s suppression, neutralizing its effect of controlling the crowd. But, it should be noted that QSS won’t reduce the damage inflicted by Malzahar’s ult.

Timing carries a lot of weight here. If QSS is used too soon, you’ll still be suppressed. If used too late, you might’ve already undergone significant damage.

The goal is to activate QSS the moment Malzahar’s ult strikes you. This way, you’ll undergo minimal damage while regaining the ability to counterattack or retreat.

This requires precision and quick reflexes. Success in countering depends on understanding the mechanics and timing.

Can You Cleanse Malzahar’s Ult?

If you’re curious about whether you can cleanse Malzahar’s ult, the answer is a definite no. Cleanse, a summoner spell, is meant to eliminate all disables except for suppression and airborne effects. Malzahar’s ultimate, Nether Grasp, falls under the category of a suppression ability, meaning Cleanse won’t work against it.

But don’t lose hope, there’s a plan of action you can adopt. You may not be able to cleanse the ult, but you can disrupt it. Certain champions with abilities to displace or silence Malzahar can put a stop to his ult. Purchasing items like Quicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar can help get rid of the suppression.

Acknowledging the limitations of Cleanse can help you prepare a strategy to counteract Malzahar’s ult and potentially turn the tide of team fights.

Other Ways To Counter His Ultimate

Apart from those already mentioned, there are multiple other tactics to employ to counter Malzahar’s ultimate. Comprehending the game’s mechanics is pivotal.

The immobilization effect of Malzahar’s ultimate, Nether Grasp, also affects him, leaving him exposed. This vulnerability can be exploited by coordinating a swift counter-attack with your allies.

Employing champions with abilities that can disrupt Malzahar during his ultimate is another effective method. Abilities like Alistar’s Headbutt or Lee Sin’s Dragon’s Rage are examples. Perfecting the timing is crucial here, so consistent practice is required.

Proactivity in maintaining vision across the map is another strategy. This allows you to spot Malzahar before he can catch you off guard with his ultimate. Anticipation and proper positioning holds significant weight in this battle.

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