Is Dr. Mundo AP or AD? – Quick Guide + Builds (Season 13)

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Dr. Mundo stands out in League as a unique, tanky champion with a mix of melee and ranged abilities.

Despite Riot Games’ rework a while back, confusion about his abilities persists. Here, we aim to clarify these questions and shed light on his true potential.

Key Takeaways

  • Dr. Mundo’s abilities scale with bonus health, not AP or AD.
  • Building AP or AD items on Dr. Mundo is strongly advised against.
  • Mundo’s damage type is a combination of magic and physical damage, but it doesn’t benefit from building AP or AD items.
  • Mundo’s scaling is based on health – the more HP he has, the more damage he deals.

Dr. Mundo’s Abilities

Dr. Mundo’s skills scale with your additional health, which means that building ability power (AP) or attack damage (AD) isn’t the most effective way to maximize his combat capabilities.

When playing Dr. Mundo, grasping the concept that your power in-game depends on the accumulation of extra health is key.

His Q and W inflict magic damage, and his E inflicts physical damage, but none of these see direct benefits from AP or AD items. Shifting focus to items that provide health will enhance the efficiency of all his damaging skills.

This strategy does more than just increase your survivability during fights; it also amplifies the damage you deal.

It’s a common error to think that damage output must come from AP or AD, but for Mundo, it’s the health stack that unlocks his fullest potential on the battlefield.

Is Dr. Mundo AP or AD Champion?

When you concentrate on augmenting Dr. Mundo’s health, you’ll notice he doesn’t conform to the typical AP or AD champion mold. His distinct skill set rewards you for adding health, which in turn strengthens both his durability and the damage he deals.

Here are the crucial points:

  1. Health Scaling: Dr. Mundo’s skills all gain from extra health, not from AP or AD.
  2. Magic and Physical Damage: He inflicts both kinds of damage, but AP or AD enhancements don’t boost his damage.
  3. Inefficient AP/AD: Following his rework, Dr. Mundo’s skill set doesn’t include AP or AD multipliers, making such item builds less effective.
  4. Tank Itemization: A preferred strategy is to focus on health-centric tank items that work well with his skills.

Grasping these details ensures you’ll play Dr. Mundo to his full potential during combat.

Can You Play AP Dr. Mundo In Season 13?

Why would one choose to play AP Dr. Mundo in the current season when his skills don’t scale with ability power?

Understanding that after his rework, Mundo’s skills scale with health, not AP, is key. Thus, selecting AP items wouldn’t enhance his damage or contribute meaningfully to his playstyle.

Focusing on health and resistance items is beneficial, as it allows you to use his inherent scaling and sturdiness, turning him into a resilient frontline champion.

Mundo excels when he can absorb damage and recover health, meaning building to support these qualities is strategic.

While it’s technically possible to equip AP items on Mundo, it’s not an effective strategy for those aiming to win.

Best Item Build & Runes For Dr. Mundo

When building your Dr. Mundo, select a balance of health and resistance items to play to his strong points and enhance his durability. Here is a concise guide:

  1. Sunfire Aegis – This item gives additional health, armor, and magic resist, plus an aura damaging nearby foes, which works well with Mundo’s preference for close combat.
  2. Spirit Visage – This item boosts Mundo’s healing and regeneration, and provides health, magic resist, and cooldown reduction.
  3. Warmog’s Armor – It grants a substantial increase in health and health regeneration, especially beneficial when withdrawing from skirmishes.
  4. Thornmail – It reflects damage to attackers and inflicts grievous wounds to cut down on enemy healing, valuable against teams with strong healing capabilities.

For runes, Grasp of the Undying is good for sustain, Demolish helps with turret destruction, Second Wind provides resilience in lane, Overgrowth increases health over time, and Approach Velocity enhances chasing capabilities.


So there you have it, you’re now armed with the knowledge that Dr. Mundo is a colossal AD terror in Season 13. Toss those AP fantasies aside and focus on harnessing his true attack-damage potential.

With the best AD-centric items and runes in your arsenal, you’ll be an unstoppable juggernaut, leaving a trail of destruction in your wake.

Master the monstrous Mundo, and watch as your enemies flee in terror from your indomitable presence on the Rift.

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