Is Sejuani AP or AD? – Quick Guide + Builds (Season 13)

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In the frost-laden realm of Freljord, a question has echoed through the howling winds: does Sejuani, the Winter’s Wrath, channel her might through AD or AP?

With Season 13 upon us, the stakes have never been higher to optimize Sejuani’s build for the battles ahead.

This guide promises to shed light on her most effective strategies, whether it’s the brute force of AD or the sorcery of AP that will lead you to triumph.

As we delve into the heart of Sejuani’s power, remember, the true secret to mastering the tundra lies just beyond the horizon of this very page.

Key Takeaways

  • Sejuani’s abilities suggest a shift towards AD scaling.
  • Ability Power investments yield more benefits for Sejuani.
  • Focusing on Ability Power enhances Sejuani’s durability and control in team engagements.
  • AP Sejuani is a viable choice in Season 13.

Sejuani’s Abilities

Grasping Sejuani’s abilities is central to deciding if she should be optimized for AP (Ability Power) or AD (Attack Damage).

Changes have been made to her abilities, including alterations in range and base damage, which suggest a shift towards a more intricate style of play.

Her W, Winter’s Wrath, now inflicts physical damage and repels non-champion units, indicating a possibility for AD scaling.

The decrease in Permafrost’s base damage and a shorter crowd control duration for Glacial Prison complicate her quick damage potential, often linked with AP champions.

In the current innovative environment, it’s necessary to evaluate how Sejuani’s abilities interact with various items, taking into consideration how changes in her statistics affect her in-game performance.

Sejuani’s versatility poses a challenge to craft builds that enhance her abilities, focusing either on immediate power or on damage over time.

Is Sejuani AP or AD Champion?

When evaluating Sejuani’s role, it’s clear that she predominantly utilizes Ability Power. This preference is evident when reviewing her abilities’ power ratios and the way she plays.

Currently, the popular opinion supports the idea that Ability Power investments yield more benefits for her.

The strength she brings to her team as a durable initiator comes from her Ability Power scaling, which reinforces the effectiveness of her crowd control skills, especially her ultimate.

Some players might experiment with Attack Damage items to increase her basic attack effectiveness, but typically, this approach doesn’t match the efficiency of a conventional Ability Power tank configuration.

Sejuani’s strength is most effectively harnessed by focusing on her Ability Power scaling, which not only improves her durability but also her ability to control the flow of team engagements, allowing her to be a formidable presence.

Can You Play AP Sejuani in Season 13?

Sure, AP Sejuani is a viable choice in Season 13, taking advantage of her abilities’ strong scaling with ability power to magnify her presence in matches.

Her abilities, notably her W, ‘Winter’s Wrath’, and her R, ‘Glacial Prison’, inflict considerable magic damage that improves with ability power.

Burst DamageEnhanced by ability power, her capacity to quickly eliminate fragile foes.
Crowd ControlHer R’s effectiveness in team engagements grows with ability power.
SustainItems that increase ability power often include health and resistances, which support her natural resilience.

Evaluating her abilities shows the potential of AP Sejuani to significantly alter engagements with her impactful spells. Next, we will consider the optimal items and runes for AP Sejuani to prepare you for victory.

Best Item Build & Runes For AP Sejuani

After examining the potential of AP Sejuani in Season 13, we’ll now consider the optimal item build and runes to enhance her magical prowess. Here is what’s recommended:

  1. Mythic Item: You have the option of Night Harvester for increased immediate damage or Riftmaker for more drawn-out engagements.
  2. Boots: Sorcerer’s Shoes are crucial for boosting your magic penetration.
  3. Core Items: A mix of Void Staff, Rabadon’s Deathcap, Morellonomicon, and Demonic Embrace will increase your AP and add utility.
  4. Situational Items: Opt for Banshee’s Veil or Zhonya’s Hourglass depending on the opposing team’s lineup.

When selecting runes, the Domination tree is suggested, with Electrocute or Dark Harvest, supplemented by Sudden Impact, Eyeball Collection, and Ultimate Hunter for significant burst damage.

Combine this with choices from the Sorcery tree, such as Manaflow Band and either Celerity or Gathering Storm.

Next, we’ll examine the preferred item build & runes for AD Sejuani.

Best Item Build & Runes For AD Sejuani

Shift your attention to AD Sejuani’s build and runes to maximize her physical damage potential in Season 13.

The foundation of this strategy is the Radiant Virtue, an adaptable item that enhances both your attack and defense.

Plated Steelcaps make you tougher against foes who rely on basic attacks.

Sunfire Aegis offers a burning effect that works well with Sejuani’s close-combat style, while Thornmail and Frozen Heart increase your armor and apply negative effects to assailants.

The Resolve tree strengthens your role at the vanguard—Grasp of the Undying grows with your health, improving combat abilities. Demolish, Second Wind, and Overgrowth support your sturdy construction.

The Inspiration tree’s Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight provide sustainability and reduced cooldowns, vital for extended fights.

Adapt your selections based on the challenges of the battlefield, ensuring Sejuani’s power is evident in each conflict.


In a nutshell, Sejuani’s kit leans towards AP, but don’t count her out on the AD front. While AP builds unlock her burst potential, AD setups can turn her into a bruiser.

Season 13 offers flexibility—opt for AP if you’re after crowd control and magic damage, or AD for sustained fights. Remember, there’s more than one way to skin a cat; your choice should hinge on your team’s needs and your personal playstyle.

Choose wisely and dominate the tundra.

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