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The quest for the elusive Masterwork Chest in League of Legends can be as tantalizing as it is mysterious. With the promise of exclusive skins and coveted loot, it’s no wonder players are eager to unlock these treasures.

Yet, the question lingers – are they truly worth your hard-earned Riot Points? Cracking the code to these chests could be the edge you need in your virtual battles.

This guide illuminates the path to discerning whether a Masterwork Chest holds the key to your League of Legends glory.

What is a Masterwork Chest?

In League of Legends, the Masterwork Chest is an upgraded type of loot container, offering a better likelihood of high-quality skins and accessories than the regular Hextech Chest.

It has a price tag of 165 RP, approximately $1.5, and serves as a gateway to a collection of in-game cosmetics.

Each Masterwork Chest requires a Hextech Key to open, and it can reveal potential rewards such as champion skins, ward skins, emotes, and various other items.

Riot Games promotes these chests as top of the line when it comes to crafting items, providing a 70% chance of obtaining a skin shard, which is a significant increase from the Hextech Chest’s 50% probability.

However, for those looking for champion shards, the regular chests might be a better choice, as Masterwork Chests have a lower likelihood of containing them.

It’s important to note that there is an element of chance with Masterwork Chests. It is not guaranteed that you will obtain something extraordinary each time. However, for players looking to expand their collection or find Legacy skins, the investment might be justified.

On the other hand, if you already have an extensive collection of skins or if those particular skins don’t interest you, the value of these chests might not seem as great.

It’s essential to manage your expectations, as these chests are not a source for prestige skins or large amounts of mythic essence.

Masterwork Milestone Rewards

Engaging with the process of acquiring Masterwork Chests rewards you with exclusive Masterwork Milestone Rewards. Consistency in accessing these chests yields special incentives.

The reward track, which can be completed numerous times, becomes highly rewarding after a set number of chests are opened.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Open 5 Masterwork Chests to receive 5 Mythic Essence and a skin shard of any rarity, starting your collection with a diverse set of items.
  • When you reach the 10-chest mark, you earn an extra 5 Mythic Essence to save for later.
  • At 15 chests opened, you’re rewarded with yet another 5 Mythic Essence and a 975 RP+ tier skin shard, tempting you with a higher rarity cosmetic item.
  • Achieving the 20-chest milestone, you’ll acquire an additional 5 Mythic Essence for your collection.

This track is designed to reward your commitment to acquiring Masterwork Chests, so the greater your investment, the greater the potential returns. It guarantees that beyond the chance for a perfect item from each chest, you’ll receive something extra.

Maintain your efforts, and the cumulative rewards can significantly enhance your experience in League of Legends.

Masterwork Chests vs. Hextech Chests – Drops & Differences

Masterwork Chests generally provide a higher likelihood of skin shards, with a 70% chance, making them an attractive option for players seeking new skins.

Hextech Chests offer skin shards less frequently, with a 50% chance, yet they’re more generous with champion shards.

In addition, Masterwork Chests give players a 10% chance to receive a ward skin shard along with some orange essence.

FeatureMasterwork ChestsHextech Chests
Cost (RP)165 RP per chest, Keys in 225 RP bundles125 RP per chest, Keys 125 RP, Bundle 195 RP
Drop Rate – Skin Shard/Ultimate Skin Permanent70%50%
Drop Rate – Champion Shard0%25%
Drop Rate – Ward Skin Shard10%11.5%
Drop Rate – Emote10%10%
Drop Rate – Summoner Icon0%35%
Additional DropsAdditional Masterwork Chest and Key or 5 Mythic Essence (10% and 4.2% respectively)Additional Hextech Chest and Key, or 10 Mythic Essence (10% and 4.2% respectively)
AvailabilityCannot be obtained freely; rare in Hextech ChestsCan be earned for free with S rating in game; one per Champion

The excitement of opening these chests is enhanced by the chance to obtain mythic essence, although the probability for this has been reduced from 4.2% to 3.6%. Also, the quantity of essence provided has recently been cut by half.

When choosing between Masterwork and Hextech Chests, consider what kind of loot you desire most.

If skins are your primary target, then Masterwork Chests might be the better option. It’s wise to manage your budget and set spending boundaries when engaging with loot boxes.

Do Masterwork Chests Give Mythic Essence?

Masterwork Chests give you a chance to obtain Mythic Essence, though the drop rate has been recently adjusted from 4.2% to 3.6%.

This decrease might seem slight, but it’s worth considering when you’re opening these chests. You’re still able to acquire that rare currency, but it’s a bit more challenging now.

You might be curious about the potential rewards. When you hit that 3.6% chance, you have an opportunity to receive five Mythic Essence, which is less than before.

Even with this reduction, Masterwork Chests are a reliable option if you’re aiming for skins, with a 70% chance of dropping skin shards.

Keep in mind, these chests require a Hextech Key to open. And while you’re hoping for the best rewards, remember there’s a limit of 25 Masterwork Chests you can open per day, which is there to help manage your expenses.

Is It Worth To Buy Masterwork Chests?

With recent adjustments to the likelihood of obtaining Mythic Essence, you might question if it’s a wise choice to invest in Masterwork Chests.

The appeal of these chests varies depending on what you’re seeking in your League of Legends play.

Here’s a brief rundown to assist you in making a decision:

  1. Skin Shard Possibility: There’s a 70% chance to receive a skin shard from these chests, making them appealing for players who enjoy collecting skins.
  2. Cost: At around $1.5 for each chest, it’s a small risk for the chance at valuable cosmetics.
  3. Mythic Essence Scarcity: With reduced chances and amounts of Mythic Essence, these chests aren’t the most effective method for collecting this currency to acquire Mythic skins.
  4. Personal Appeal: If your goal is to amass a wide array of skins or you like the element of surprise, these chests could be appealing. But if you already own a large collection or are specifically seeking Mythic items, their appeal may be less.

Masterwork Chests can add excitement to your in-game rewards, but it’s wise to consider their value in relation to your objectives within League of Legends. Keep in mind, they offer a shot at excellent items, but results can vary and aren’t certain.

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