15 Most Expensive Skins in League of Legends Of All Time

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In the colorful world of League of Legends, skins are more than just cosmetics; they’re symbols of status and rarity.

We’re spotlighting the 15 most expensive skins ever released – a mix of limited editions and luxurious designs that represent the pinnacle of in-game style. Join us as we unveil these exclusive skins, each with its own story and prestige in League’s rich history.

15. Rusty Blitzcrank – $70

The collector’s item Rusty Blitzcrank, a skin once available in the League of Legends store more than ten years ago, now has a significant price of $70 because of its scarcity.

This simple skin, showing Blitzcrank in armor that isn’t as shiny, was removed from sale due to its resemblance to the default model, unintentionally creating a collector’s coveted item.

Its worth isn’t merely visual—it’s a relic of history, a type of digital rarity in the ever-changing scene of in-game customizations.

When you acquire this skin, you’re getting more than a new look; you’re securing a piece of League’s past, a symbol of either your commitment or your keen eye for virtual collectibles.

The scarcity and passage of time have transformed Rusty Blitzcrank into more than just a skin—it’s a declaration.

14. UFO Corki – $90

While Rusty Blitzcrank marks a significant point in history, UFO Corki is another treasure for your League of Legends skin collection, priced at $90 due to its unique release as a present to the initial player base.

This skin with a theme of extraterrestrial origins was given as a gesture of gratitude from Riot Games to those who’d joined before January 14, 2010, marking them as long-time participants within the community.

The value of UFO Corki isn’t solely due to its distinctive, flying saucer animation or its appeal to nostalgia; it’s also a reflection of its rarity and the progression of time.

Since it’s no longer possible to obtain through regular channels, having this skin is a clear indicator of inclusion in a select group, one that acknowledges the commitment of those who were among the first to play.

13. Medieval Twitch – $100

Moving from the unique charm of UFO Corki, Medieval Twitch brings its own exclusivity, tagged at $100 due to its distinctive way of earning it. Previously only available through the Refer-A-Friend scheme, which has now ended, the skin has become a symbol of player commitment.

Acquiring Medieval Twitch isn’t as simple as making a purchase; it requires a dedicated effort to improve your Honor level or luck with skin shards.

Its return to the available skins through Honor capsules or crafting with Honor tokens has made it more accessible but retains its rarity.

This skin represents more than aesthetics; it’s a badge of your dedication to the game’s ethos. Its worth comes not just from limited availability but from the hard work required to gain it, highlighting its status among collectors and long-time players.

12. King Rammus – $100-$800

Reflecting on the commitment required to earn Medieval Twitch, King Rammus is in a similar category, with a price tag ranging from $100 to $800 because it was a gift for those who tested League of Legends in its early stages.

This skin represents the game’s beginnings, a virtual artifact sought after by collectors and long-time players. Its worth transcends the financial aspect—it’s a symbol of early involvement in the game’s community.

The broad price spectrum indicates the skin’s scarcity and the different levels of eagerness among players to possess a part of League history.

If you aim to show off King Rammus, you aren’t merely buying a skin; you’re securing a token of your lasting dedication to the League of Legends narrative.

11. Triumphant Ryze – $100-$300

Encountering a player with the Triumphant Ryze skin, which is valued from $100 to $300, is a rare event because it’s given only to those who’ve won tournaments.

This skin represents more than a visual enhancement; it’s akin to a trophy, symbolizing a player’s skill and prowess in competition.

Within the League of Legends community where many skins can be purchased, Triumphant Ryze stands out as a reward that must be earned, differentiating it from the multitude of available cosmetic items. Its price range indicates its scarcity and the commitment required to win it.

Possessing this skin makes a statement to other players: you aren’t merely a participant in the game; you’re a victor. This skin is a prestigious icon among players, and its worth goes beyond its looks, encompassing the honor of being victorious in battle.

10. Championship Riven – $130

If you’re in search of a skin that captures the splendor of earlier League of Legends championships, the $130 Championship Riven could attract your attention with its scarcity and meaningful past.

This skin is more than just an aesthetic enhancement; it represents a collector’s aspiration and a tribute to the history of League.

Scarcity and Exclusivity

  • Originally accessible only to attendees of the Season Two World Championship
  • Commands premium prices on the resale market
  • Made available again in 2015, but with very few chances to acquire

Meaningful Past

  • Signifies a key event in League of Legends esports
  • A fragment of the game’s legacy, celebrating the 2012 championship

Market Dynamics

  • Value diminished after being made available again, yet maintains significant appeal
  • Highly sought by both collectors and veterans of the game

Reviewing the market path of Championship Riven provides insights into how the worth of digital collectibles can fluctuate over time.

9. Silver Kayle – $140

Often, collectors treasure Silver Kayle, available for $140, due to its connection with the original League of Legends retail edition and the fact that it’s no longer available.

This skin is more than just a cosmetic alteration; it captures a period when physical editions were a path to gaming platforms. Silver Kayle stands as a tribute to a time of rarity, with codes that have been unusable since 2014.

The significant cost isn’t solely for the visual appearance of silver but also an investment in a part of history. Possessing it signifies a strong link to the origins of the game, making it a significant item in any experienced player’s array of items.

8. Victorious Jarvan IV – $160

If you’re a collector who appreciates the historical value of items like Silver Kayle, you might see the $160 price of Victorious Jarvan IV as reflective of its status.

Given out to skilled and committed players who stood out in the original rated season of 2011, this skin is more than a visual enhancement; it represents the skill and dedication that were necessary in the early competitive play of League of Legends.

Rarity and Exclusivity:

  • Cannot be bought, which makes it highly sought after by collectors.
  • Represents early triumphs in competitive play, a symbol of prestige from a past period.
  • Its limited availability means it’s held by a few, adding to its exclusivity.

Looking into the significance of Victorious Jarvan IV reveals layers of respect gained through skill and a legacy woven into the history of the game.

7. Young Ryze (Human Ryze) – $180

The Young Ryze skin, with a price tag of $180, is a rare find because it was exclusively available to those who ordered League of Legends before its official release.

Known as Human Ryze too, the skin is a tribute to the game’s early stages and holds a significant part of its legacy.

Its value isn’t solely attributed to its scarcity; it also carries the weight of nostalgia and the honor associated with owning a piece of the game’s origin.

When considering its value, understand that its rarity signifies inclusion in a distinguished circle that backed the game from its beginnings.

Possessing Young Ryze goes beyond a mere aesthetic preference; it represents a mark of distinction among players.

6. Pax Sivir – $185

Priced at $185, Pax Sivir is a skin that will add a unique piece of gaming heritage to your collection, having been exclusively available to those who attended the PAX event in 2011.

This skin isn’t just a representation of a particular moment in gaming history but is also a rare commodity that’s in high demand. When considering the purchase, here is what you’re getting:

Rarity and Exclusivity

  • Attainable only by PAX 2011 attendees
  • More uncommon than the original PAX skins
  • A valued item in secondary marketplaces

Historical Significance

  • A symbol of the early endorsement of League of Legends
  • A reflection of gaming culture and event gatherings

Investment Potential

  • Potential to appreciate in value as time passes
  • A physical piece of the evolving narrative of LoL

Acquiring Pax Sivir isn’t merely about the visual appeal in-game; it’s a tangible piece of League of Legends’ story that you can display with honor.

5. Pax Jax – $190

For a price of $190, you get the exclusive Pax Jax skin, a highly coveted collectible from the 2010 PAX event.

This skin represents more than just a visual change—it signifies the formative years of League of Legends, paying homage to those who were active in the community’s early stages at gaming conventions.

To get your hands on Pax Jax now, you might have to search through online marketplaces like eBay for a legitimate code, which speaks volumes about its rarity and the dedication of fans to acquire such unique items.

The worth of this skin goes beyond its look. It’s a representation of video game history and culture.

Owning it isn’t merely about being noticed in the Summoner’s Rift; it’s about possessing a fragment of League of Legends history, confirming your deep appreciation for the chronology of the game.

4. Riot Squad Singed – $200-$500

Searching for the Riot Squad Singed skin? Expect to pay between $200 and $500 because of its exclusivity from a specific event and its resulting rarity. This price reflects the skin’s limited availability and the dedication of collectors seeking to include it in their collection.

  • Unveiled at Gamescom 2010, it has remained out of the in-game store, solidifying its status as a prized possession.
  • Event-limited: Accessible solely to those present at the event, not obtainable with RP.
  • Scarcity: A finite number of codes and absence from the store intensify its rareness.
  • Value variation: The cost shifts with changes in market interest and the number of codes.

With these points in mind, the value of Riot Squad Singed transcends a mere aesthetic enhancement; it represents a significant part of League of Legends heritage and signifies a mark of distinction among the game’s community.

3. Pax Twisted Fate – $300

Continuing from Riot Squad Singed’s rare status, Pax Twisted Fate’s $300 valuation adds to its desirability among League of Legends skin collectors.

This skin isn’t merely a visual update; it represents the early PAX gatherings, reflecting the game’s legacy and your commitment as a collector.

With its rarity and sought-after status, Pax Twisted Fate transcends a simple skin—it’s a mark of ultimate rarity in your collection.

AspectDetailImpact on Value
RarityOnly available to PAX attendeesIncreases scarcity
SignificanceSymbol of early PAX gatheringsAdds nostalgic value
PopularitySought after by collectorsElevates price
RarityHardly any availableSignifies exclusivity

Evaluating its significance, you see that possessing Pax Twisted Fate isn’t merely for display; it’s a fragment of League history that you can exhibit with honor in each match.

2. Hextech Sejuani – $400

Hextech Sejuani, with a price tag of $400, stands out as a distinguished skin in the League of Legends. It is marked by its intricate design that elevates it to a must-have for collectors.

This skin represents not only a visual upgrade but also a symbol of rarity and exclusivity within the game.

Visual Appeal:

  • Elaborate armor and special effects
  • A distinctive mount, a significant departure from Sejuani’s original model


  • Available for a limited time
  • Considered prestigious by players, often viewed as a symbol of status

Investment Potential:

  • Possibility of increasing in value over time
  • Highly sought after by those who collect and have a deep interest in such items

As you look into it more, you realize that owning Hextech Sejuani isn’t just for in-game advantages; it represents owning a piece of League of Legends history.

1. Black Alistar – $900

With Black Alistar priced at $900, you are observing one of the most exclusive skins ever made available in League of Legends.

This skin represents more than a visual enhancement; it symbolizes a player’s dedication to the game from its infancy. Its rarity is the primary reason for its high demand.

Here’s an explanation to grasp its significant value:

AspectDetailImpact on Value
AvailabilityOnly for early ordersExtremely scarce
RarityLimited numbers existIntense interest
Historical SignificanceMark of an early supporterSentimental significance

Possessing Black Alistar is about more than its appearance; it signifies owning a fragment of League of Legends history. This skin is a collector’s aspiration and reflects the honor associated with being among the first supporters.


As you stand on the precipice of rarity, embodying the spirit of legends with skins like Black Alistar or PAX Twisted Fate, remember these are your Excalibur, your Infinity Stones in the League cosmos.

They’re not mere vanity—they’re a tribute to your journey and commitment.

So, wear these digital treasures with pride, summoner, for in the art of war and style, you’ve just etched your name into the annals of the elite.

Game on.

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