Is Ornn AP or AD Champion? – Quick Guide + Builds (Season 13)

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Ornn, the fiery blacksmith of Summoner’s Rift, has long been a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. As a top lane colossus, his presence raises a burning question: does he bring the heat with AP or AD in Season 13?

The answer isn’t as straightforward as his hammer. While Ornn’s tanky nature and AD prowess are evident, there’s a spark of AP potential in his arsenal. For those eager to optimize Ornn’s volcanic force, the key lies in a strategic blend of items and runes.

Curiosity piqued? The forge awaits, where the secrets to Ornn’s true power are meticulously crafted.

Is Ornn AP or AD?

In League of Legends Season 13, Ornn leans more towards an AD (Attack Damage) champion, even though his abilities benefit from both AD and AP (Ability Power). His abilities are crafted to offer flexibility, which means the choice of his build can be adjusted according to what his team requires.

Currently, selecting AD and tank items is preferred to amplify his role in smaller confrontations and larger team engagements.

Ornn’s unique trait, Living Forge, which enables him to enhance items, intensifies his AD-oriented build, offering significant advantages to both him and his teammates.

It’s advantageous to utilize his strength in delivering steady physical damage while being the durable character at the forefront, instead of focusing on his AP scaling, which doesn’t have as much influence.

Can You Play AP Ornn in Season 13?

Ornn’s standard build focuses on AD and tankiness, but experimenting with an AP build can be a fun way to take advantage of his abilities’ scaling in Season 13.

His abilities ‘Bellows Breath’ and ‘Call of the Forge God’ benefit from AP, potentially catching opponents off guard with higher than expected damage.

Consider these factors:

  1. Ability Scaling: Review Ornn’s abilities to understand how they scale with AP. This will inform your decision on how much AP to build.
  2. Item Choices: Search for items that provide AP and also give defensive statistics or other beneficial effects.
  3. Team Needs: Make sure your team composition can support an AP Ornn, especially if there’s a need for more traditional tankiness or AD from your role.
  4. Adapting Your Play: Adopting an AP build will alter how you engage in skirmishes, likely shifting your focus to delivering burst damage rather than sustaining as a frontline tank.

Is AD Ornn Better Than AP Ornn?

You’ll often see AD Ornn performing better than his AP counterpart because his abilities scale with attack damage.

This alignment with his playstyle, which is centered on sustained damage and being resilient during confrontations, makes AD builds more harmonious.

Also, as a durable fighter in the forefront, Ornn gains more from items that offer both defensive stats and attack damage, instead of just AP.

Here’s a brief comparison:

AspectAD OrnnAP Ornn
Item SynergyHigh; improves resilienceLow; missing tankiness
Damage OutputReliable, ongoing damageLess effective burst damage
Role in TeamfightsSturdy disruptor at the forefrontWeaker initiator
Meta SuitabilityOften the favored choiceRare and less typical

Understanding the meta and how Ornn’s abilities work shows why AD builds tend to be the better choice.

Best Item Build & Runes For Ornn in Season 13

To maximize Ornn’s capabilities in Season 13, a particular combination of items and runes that enhance his robustness as a tank and ability to inflict damage is necessary.

Here is a recommended build that fits well with the current meta, ensuring you can absorb significant damage while also dealing a respectable amount:

  1. Iceborn Gauntlet – This should (almost) always be your main item on Ornn
  2. Sunfire Aegis – A fundamental part of Ornn’s build, offering health, armor, and a passive that increases his damage during extended combat.
  3. Thornmail – Effective against teams with high AD and applies grievous wounds, critical for limiting enemy healing.
  4. Abyssal Mask – Increases magic resistance and works well with Ornn’s crowd control to increase damage output from allies.
  5. Warmog’s Armor – Provides a vast health pool and excellent health regeneration, allowing you to persist in fights and sieges.
  6. Mercury’s Treads – These boots will give you very-much-needed tenacity

When selecting runes, Grasp of the Undying should be your primary choice, with Demolish, Conditioning, and Overgrowth reinforcing your resilience.

For your secondary path, the Inspiration tree with Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight offers additional sustain and reduced cooldowns. This configuration will make you a powerful force in team engagements.

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