10 Best ADCs With Leona in League of Legends Season 13 (Right Now)

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In the symphony of League of Legends’ bot lane, finding the perfect partner for Leona is like discovering the right violin for a maestro. This radiant warrior’s aggressive support style demands an ADC with just the right tempo to orchestrate a lane victory.

As we navigate the current meta, selecting the ultimate duo becomes more than a mere choice—it’s a strategic move that could lead to your ascent on the leaderboard.

In this carefully crafted guide, we unveil the top 10 ADCs whose abilities harmonize with Leona’s, setting the stage for triumph.

1. Twitch

While you may not immediately associate Twitch with Leona as a perfect match, his ability to stealthily move and sudden strikes pairs exceptionally with her forceful control capabilities.

When you examine the combination more closely, you find a pair that excels at catching opponents off guard and locking them down.

Twitch’s Ambush skill allows him to disappear from view, preparing for Leona’s Solar Flare to stun targets without warning. You can take advantage of the ensuing confusion with Twitch’s Contaminate to inflict a powerful burst of damage.

Leona’s Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak provide further restraint, making certain Twitch can freely use his Rat-ta-tat-tat.

This duo requires precise timing and coordination, but when performed with perfection, it transforms the bot lane into a treacherous zone for the unprepared.

2. Lucian

Teaming up with Leona, Lucian’s nimble playstyle and swift burst damage work well with her crowd-control abilities to take control of the bot lane. Maneuvering through the minions, Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit ensures that each time

Leona lands a Zenith Blade or Solar Flare, he can follow with a quick succession of Piercing Light and Ardent Blaze. His capability to quickly trigger Leona’s Sunlight passive not only increases their combined burst damage but also cements their control over the lane.

When you analyze the partnership between these two champions, you exploit the moment after Leona initiates combat.

With Lucian, your aim is to eliminate adversaries from the lane aggressively, forcing them into a difficult decision: adopt a more cautious strategy or risk being overwhelmed by the strength of this bot lane pair.

3. Vayne

Lucian’s synergy with Leona creates a strong foundation for Vayne’s own powerful partnership. Vayne’s Tumble and inherent true damage take full advantage of Leona’s ability to immobilize opponents.

When considering the pair’s dynamics in Season 13, it’s clear that Vayne’s abilities are well-suited to Leona’s assertive approach.

Your Silver Bolts are effective against durable champions, while Leona’s crowd control capabilities ensure adversaries remain fixed in place.

Every successful Zenith Blade from Leona sets you up to pin enemies against barriers, allowing for a continuous sequence of stuns and rapidly diminishing health bars.

Within this duo, precise timing is key. Your Condemn should immediately follow Leona’s Eclipse and Shield of Daybreak combination to secure eliminations instead of simple exchanges.

This tactic requires a high level of skill and promises great rewards, ideal for those who excel in exactness and aim to outmaneuver their rivals with refined mechanics.

4. Miss Fortune

When it comes to punishing power lanes, there are few better allies for Leona than Miss Fortune. Her Bullet Time is capable of wiping out teams when used in tandem with Leona’s solar-flare initiation.

This lethal pair excels in aggressive plays. Leona’s ability to immobilize foes sets the stage for Miss Fortune to deal her maximum damage.

Examining their synergy, it’s apparent that Miss Fortune’s area-of-effect ultimate gains a significant advantage from Leona’s capacity to gather foes with her ultimate and stun.

You’re combining crowd control with sheer firepower, a partnership that can alter the course of any fight.

To tap into their full potential, pay attention to where you position yourself and the timing. A strategic Leona ult followed by Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time isn’t just a menace, it can alter the game. Adopt this strategy to dominate the bottom lane.

5. Jinx

Jinx’s unpredictable offensive power is a perfect match for Leona’s ability to control enemies, providing a combination of crowd management and powerful area effects that can change the outcome of fights in the bot lane.

When Leona captures an adversary with her ‘Zenith Blade’ and ‘Solar Flare’, Jinx takes advantage with her ‘Chompers’ to prolong the stun effect, making it nearly impossible for their target to get away.

Additionally, Jinx’s ‘Super Mega Death Rocket!’ excels amid the confusion Leona creates, resulting in significant follow-up harm.

The partnership between the two isn’t just about controlling enemies; Jinx’s ‘Switcheroo!’ is ideal for rapidly taking down turrets after a battle, indicating an assertive strategy to advance.

As you play through Season 13, using Jinx’s offensive capabilities with Leona’s engaging tactics can help you dominate your lane and increase your chances of winning.

6. Ashe

When your goal is a bot lane pair skilled in crowd control, matching Leona with Ashe results in a powerful combination that greatly restricts enemy movement and chances of escape.

Ashe’s natural talent for slowing opponents with her Frost Shot, together with Leona’s consistent stun abilities, creates a lane where foes consistently feel they’re on precarious ground.

The instant Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow flies across the map, Leona can follow with Solar Flare, creating a stun sequence that can turn team battles to your advantage.

Intelligent positioning and synchronized attacks from these two champions can methodically take apart the other team’s strategy, crafting a path to triumph through proactive play.

7. Ezreal

Pairing Leona’s capacity to immobilize opponents with Ezreal’s nimbleness results in a duo that excels in both defensive and offensive strategies. Ezreal’s arcane shifts allow him to avoid danger, maintaining a position at the edge of combat while Leona takes the lead.

Her arsenal of crowd control abilities allows her to stun and root adversaries, setting up Ezreal to accurately fire his Mystic Shots and Trueshot Barrage.

This pair excels when shifting quickly between defensive stances and aggressive plays. Ezreal’s ranged harassment works well with Leona’s aggressive engagement style, establishing control over the lane and capitalizing on any errors by opponents.

The combination of Ezreal’s independence and Leona’s powerful initiations can significantly alter the course of a game, securing their status as a powerful duo in the current competitive environment.

8. Jhin

As an ADC, Jhin’s careful positioning and burst damage work perfectly with Leona’s continuous crowd control abilities, creating a powerful bot lane pair.

You’ll notice how Jhin’s thoughtful playstyle is a great match for Leona’s aggressive initiation, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of enemy missteps with lethal accuracy.

When Leona immobilizes an opponent with her Solar Flare or Zenith Blade, Jhin can follow with his Captive Audience and Deadly Flourish to extend CC and secure eliminations.

Your tactical combination of abilities can overwhelm adversaries before they can respond. Jhin’s Curtain Call from a distance, along with Leona’s engagement at the front, forms a threatening area for opponents.

This duo commands respect in Season 13, presenting innovative opportunities for playmaking that can control the bot lane and influence the game’s outcome.

9. Samira

Pairing Samira with Leona creates a formidable force in the bottom lane. Samira’s bold tactics and agile swordsmanship complement Leona’s capacity for control, laying the groundwork for overwhelming dominance in their lane.

Samira shines with her aggressive trading and eye-catching outplays, especially when Leona’s solar-flare initiation creates the disarray that Samira thrives in.

Their combined abilities in crowd control and burst damage can catch opponents off guard, particularly after reaching level six, where their combined ultimate abilities have the potential to wipe out an unprepared team.

Looking at Samira’s passive, Daredevil Impulse, it gains a significant advantage from Leona’s ability to pin down adversaries, allowing Samira to perform her sequences flawlessly and increase her Style meter.

Utilizing this partnership forms a lane that pressures opponents with powerful damage and the constant menace of an all-in attack that can shift the game’s direction to your advantage.

10. Kalista

You’ll notice that Kalista pairs exceptionally well with Leona, as their combined abilities provide superior control of the lane and a high chance of securing kills.

Kalista’s Rend accumulates damage with each attack, which complements Leona’s consistent crowd control capabilities, laying the groundwork for dominating the early phases of combat.

Kalista’s agility is a perfect match for Leona’s aggressive approach, allowing for quick repositioning to either secure kills or avoid danger.

When Leona successfully hits an opponent with Solar Flare, Kalista can swiftly follow with a Pierce and a barrage of spears, ensuring enemies can’t escape.

Kalista’s ultimate, Fate’s Call, can be pivotal in rescuing Leona from challenging situations or acting as an additional method of initiating combat.

Together, they set the rhythm for the bottom lane, often guiding their team to an early lead that can lead to overall success in the game.


In sum, synergizing with Leona’s lockdown leads to lethal lanes. Whether it’s Twitch’s toxic takedowns, Lucian’s lightning launches, or Vayne’s vicious verdicts, your duo’s dominance is almost destined.

Miss Fortune’s fierce firepower, Jinx’s jarring jolts, Ezreal’s energetic eruptions, Jhin’s jazzy judgment, Samira’s stylish slashes, or Kalista’s kinetic kills all complement Leona’s crowd control capabilities.

Choose these champions, carve through clashes, and climb the competitive ladder with confidence. Remember, the right marksman makes Leona’s light shine brightest.

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