10 Best ADCs With Nautilus in League of Legends

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Are you looking for the perfect duo to dominate the bot lane in League of Legends? Look no further than Nautilus, the titan of the depths.

With his unmatched crowd control abilities, pairing him with the right ADC can make all the difference in securing victory. Keep reading to discover the top ADC companions for Nautilus and find the perfect match for your playstyle

1. Samira

Pairing Nautilus with Samira, you’ll appreciate their combined control and area damage capabilities, making them a powerful duo in the bot lane.

Nautilus’s skills for engagement and disruption are exceptional, offering Samira the ideal opportunity to execute her powerful combinations.

When considering this duo, recognize the harmony between Nautilus’s Riptide and Dredge Line with Samira’s Inferno Trigger.

This isn’t just a pairing of two champions with abilities that complement each other, but a strategic unity that can influence the rhythm of the bot lane.

Nautilus’s passive, Staggering Blow, momentarily roots any target he strikes, allowing Samira to easily increase her Style meter. Once she achieves ‘S’, her ultimate is ready, turning a straightforward engagement into a potential double kill.

Your strategic thinking should concentrate on controlling minion waves to prepare for these deadly encounters. When Nautilus connects with a hook or ultimate, be ready to take advantage of the crowd control with Samira’s relentless attack.

Simply reacting isn’t sufficient; you need to predict enemy positions, aware that your triumph depends on executing this control sequence with precision.

Perfecting this partnership demands both patience and assertiveness, but the reward is dominating the lane, which can lead to victory in the game.

2. Draven

When Nautilus teams up with Draven in the bot lane, their combined aggressive playstyle shines, especially during the game’s early stages.

Draven is adept at increasing leads with his Spinning Axes, and when you add Nautilus’s capacity to lock down opponents with Dredge Line (Q) and Depth Charge (R), they become a formidable duo that can dominate the lane.

Looking at this partnership, Nautilus stands out as the initiator. His knack for catching adversaries off-guard allows Draven to capitalize with his well-known damage output.

To get the most out of this pair, strategic positioning is key, along with ensuring Nautilus connects his crowd control skills to set up Draven for successful takedowns.

Here’s a table of their combined strengths:

EngagementDredge Line (Q)Blood Rush (W)
Crowd ControlDepth Charge (R)Stand Aside (E)
Damage OutputRiptide (E)Spinning Axes (Q)

Mastering this duo involves honing your skill at seizing the right moment, based on level advancements and power differences.

Recognize when to press the attack or when patience is wiser. Effective communication and coordinated assault timings are vital to capitalize on chances to secure eliminations and claim victory.

3. Caitlyn

You’ll notice that Caitlyn’s ability to harass from a distance complements Nautilus’s initiation tools quite well, granting you control over the bot lane with relative ease.

When Nautilus connects with a hook or ultimate, Caitlyn can take advantage of the moment by setting traps beneath the immobilized foe, preparing for a potent follow-up attack.

This cooperative dynamic between the two characters can apply immense pressure on adversaries, often leading to a used flash or an early elimination.

Here are three strategic advantages of pairing Caitlyn with Nautilus:

  1. Zone Control: Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Traps (W) along with Nautilus’s Dredge Line (Q) can deter enemies from essential farm or prepare a lethal snare if they venture too close.
  2. Siege Potential: Caitlyn is adept at destroying turrets from a distance. With Nautilus’s ability to protect her, you can assault enemy structures while keeping the risk of counterattack low.
  3. Early Game Dominance: The combination of Caitlyn’s reach and Nautilus’s ability to control crowds can secure dominance in lane right from the start, often leading to an advantage that grows and can be used across the map.

Grasp that mastering Caitlyn and Nautilus as a pair takes practice. The right timing, strategic placement, and clear communication are vital to fully harness the capabilities of this duo in the bot lane.

4. Lucian

Lucian’s high burst potential and Nautilus’s strong control of enemies form an intimidating pair that can rule the bottom lane.

With Lucian working alongside Nautilus, it’s key to coordinate your Piercing Light with Nautilus’s Dredge Line to optimize harassment and secure eliminations.

Positioning is crucial; you should aim to move in and out of skirmishes, taking advantage of Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit to evade enemy attacks and reposition for Lightslinger follow-ups when Nautilus connects with a hook or lands his ultimate.

When analyzing how these two champions work together, the following table can help optimize your approach:

Engagement TimingBrief; take advantage of LightslingerExtended; Riptide & Depth Charge
Power Spike TimingLevels 2 & 6; BORK or Essence ReaverLevel 6; Aftershock activation
PositioningOffensive when abilities are synchronizedFrontline for initiation & defense

It’s vital to align your power spikes. When Nautilus achieves level 6, his Depth Charge can set the stage for a devastating Culling from Lucian. Always be prepared to follow up on Nautilus’s lead-in, but be careful not to extend too far without his assistance.

With an understanding of these interactions, you can become skilled at turning battles in your favor, establishing control in the bottom lane, and carving a route towards triumph.

5. Ashe

Pairing Nautilus’s impressive set of crowd-control skills with Ashe’s utility-rich abilities results in a dominant presence on the bot lane through strategic use of arrows and relentless hooks.

When you control Ashe next to Nautilus, your goal is to use their joint strengths to take over lane control and prepare for kills.

Here’s how you can make the most of their synergy:

  1. Initiate with Accuracy: Begin with Nautilus’s Q – Dredge Line, followed by Ashe’s W – Volley to apply a slow, and her R – Enchanted Crystal Arrow for an almost certain stun. This sequence of crowd control gives you the opportunity to reduce the health of adversaries.
  2. Map Awareness: Ashe’s E – Hawkshot offers exceptional vision across the map, enabling you to keep an eye on enemy jungler activity. Combining this information with Nautilus’s skill at setting up ambushes through his passive – Staggering Blow, prepares you for unforeseen skirmishes or reactive ganks.
  3. Defend and Guard: Nautilus acts as a shield at the front, while Ashe provides slows and stuns to defend both herself and her ally. If the situation becomes unfavorable, her R can break off the conflict, allowing a moment to regather.

Grasping the intricate interaction between crowd control and utility of these two champions is central to conquering the bot lane. Applying their abilities strategically has a significant impact on the direction of the game.

6. Aphelios

When Nautilus joins forces with Aphelios, they form a formidable pair capable of overpowering adversaries with a mix of control over the crowd and multifaceted damage capabilities.

Aphelios introduces a distinctive tactical edge to the lane with his diverse arsenal. Combined with Nautilus’s capacity to immobilize adversaries, this can lead to early eliminations or force the opposition to miss valuable minion farm.

Grasping how Aphelios’s arsenal complements Nautilus’s skills is key to excelling with this pair.

Analyze prime moments for engaging, particularly when Aphelios has access to his Calibrum (Sniper) or Severum (Scythe Pistol) for extended harassment or sustained performance during exchanges.

Here’s a strategic overview of Aphelios’s armaments and their synergy with Nautilus:

Aphelios WeaponIdeal UtilizationSynergy with Nautilus
CalibrumLong-distance harassmentPrepares for Nautilus’s hook
SeverumSustained performance in exchangesHelps survive engagements
GravitumSlowing down adversariesComplements Nautilus’s Riptide
InfernumArea damage during group skirmishesAugments Nautilus’s ultimate
CrescendumBursts in close encountersFollows up on Nautilus’s initiation

Adaptability is key, alternating between assertive action and thoughtful positioning as conditions in the lane change.

An analytical mindset toward the mechanics of the champions and managing minion waves is what will advance your level of play and intimidate those you face in the lane.

7. Kalista

When you pair Nautilus with Kalista, you’ll find their combination is highly effective for both engaging and pulling back, owing to her Rend ability and his capacity to immobilize adversaries.

The interplay between Nautilus’ ability to control crowds and Kalista’s agility forms a powerful duo in the bot lane, able to outmaneuver and outwit rivals.

Here’s a breakdown of how they work together:

  1. Initiation and Follow-Up: Nautilus can start a conflict using either his Dredge Line (Q) or Depth Charge (R), which Kalista can respond to swiftly with Fate’s Call (R), propelling Nautilus back into action for another round of engagement or to apprehend escaping foes.
  2. Piercing and Peeling: Kalista’s Martial Poise (passive) allows her to move around Nautilus, positioning herself to effectively use her Pierce (Q) and Rend (E) for finishing off opponents. Nautilus lends support by using his Riptide (E) and his passive, Staggering Blow, to keep adversaries away from Kalista.
  3. Objective Control: The pair excels in controlling objectives. Kalista can use her Rend to ensure the final blow on Dragons or Barons, while Nautilus’ ability to control crowds interrupts enemy challenges, helping your side claim these important objectives.

To effectively utilize this pair, players must grasp the timing for engagement and retreat, make the most of Kalista’s Rend, and effectively time Nautilus’ crowd-controlling abilities for maximum effect during team battles.

8. Miss Fortune

When you partner with Miss Fortune as your ADC, you’ll find that her Bullet Time (R) works hand in hand with Nautilus’s crowd control abilities, leading to powerful area-of-effect attacks during skirmishes.

Miss Fortune’s abilities are designed to take advantage of poor positioning, while Nautilus specializes in immobilizing adversaries so they can’t evade her powerful attacks.

Analyzing this duo’s strengths, it’s clear they excel at controlling space. Nautilus can engage enemies and move them around with his Dredge Line (Q) and Depth Charge (R), setting up adversaries for the full brunt of Miss Fortune’s ultimate.

The strategy is further enhanced with her Make it Rain (E), which slows opponents, assisting Nautilus in hitting his abilities.

When playing this pairing, managing waves to maintain lane dominance is your aim. Adopt an aggressive stance when both Miss Fortune’s and Nautilus’s ultimates are ready, warning opponents that advancing could lead to their undoing.

Yet, be aware of your surroundings, as this duo tends to attract significant attention from the opposing jungler.

In larger battles, you aim to secure a multi-target ultimate with Miss Fortune. Nautilus’s role is to protect her and choose the right time to use his crowd control abilities, making sure Miss Fortune can use her Bullet Time without interruption for the greatest effect.

This partnership requires meticulous execution, but when done right, it can dominate the opposition.

9. Kai’Sa

Pairing Nautilus with Kai’Sa, you’ll make the most of her agility and sudden, high output of harm to secure kills in the bot lane.

Nautilus’ ability to immobilize with his Q – Dredge Line and R – Depth Charge, sets up an ideal situation for Kai’Sa to apply her full harm capacity.

Here is a strategic outline:

  1. Initiation and Follow-Up: Nautilus is adept at beginning fights. When he connects a hook or times his ultimate perfectly, as Kai’Sa, it’s your signal to use your R – Killer Instinct to reposition and follow with your burst sequence. The immobilization ensures your passive accumulates stacks, which amplifies your harm.
  2. Layered CC for Secured Kills: Nautilus’ control over crowds (CC) works well with your passive, adding additional plasma stacks. This duo not only confirms kills but can also change the direction of a battle. It’s key to synchronize your abilities to chain the CC, minimizing chances for the adversary to flee or strike back.
  3. Peel and Protection: While Kai’Sa can move quickly, she remains susceptible to aggressive moves. Nautilus’ abilities provide significant protection, allowing you to move about battles and smaller fights with more confidence. It’s crucial to position yourself near Nautilus to gain from his defensive moves.

Using this duo, you’ll control the bot lane through strategic plays that take advantage of the strengths of both champions to outsmart and inflict more harm on your adversaries.

10. Vayne

With Nautilus by your side, Vayne’s potential to outperform and control the bot lane grows significantly, thanks to his ability to immobilize adversaries for your precise takedowns.

His crowd control abilities, which include his Q (Dredge Line), passive (Staggering Blow), and R (Depth Charge), present numerous chances for you to take advantage of with Vayne’s concentrated burst damage.

Your strategic approach should concentrate on Nautilus’s aggressive moves. When he’s landed a hook or an auto-attack to apply his passive, you should be prepared to follow with Vayne’s E (Condemn) to pin the opponent against a wall for a devastating combination that’s hard for many to withstand.

The true damage from your W (Silver Bolts) is effective against both durable and fragile opponents, especially when Nautilus has them immobilized.

Working in harmony with Nautilus’s aggressive play and your own positioning is critical. Vayne’s Q (Tumble) offers the mobility to maximize the use of terrain for Condemn stuns.

Keep in mind, your R (Final Hour), along with the stealth from Tumble, allows you to evade and reposition or to avoid incoming attacks after Nautilus’s engagement.

Mastering this partnership will make you a powerful presence in the bot lane.


You’ve seen the list and might be thinking, ‘But what about synergy?’ Exactly.

Pairing Nautilus with any of these ADCs isn’t just about raw power—it’s about the strategic harmony they create.

Samira’s daring with Nautilus’s lockdown, Draven’s axes meeting unmissable hooks, or Vayne’s late-game with steadfast protection; it’s a dance of destruction.

Choose wisely, strategize, and dominate the bot lane.

Your duo isn’t just a combo; it’s a statement.

Now, go make it.

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