10 Strongest Early Game Jungle Champions in League of Legends

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Striding through the early mist of Summoner’s Rift, the right champion in the jungle can dictate the rhythm of the game. Mastering the jungle requires not just skill, but the might of a champion tailored to command the early skirmishes and objectives.

This choice can be the cornerstone of victory or the crumble of defeat. Within these lines lies the knowledge to harness the might of the top ten early game jungle champions, ready to shape your path to triumph.

1. Lee Sin

Why wouldn’t you consider Lee Sin when discussing dominant early game junglers in League of Legends?

His kit provides exceptional mobility, strong ganking potential, and the ability to secure kills or assist allies to gain an advantage.

Mastering Lee Sin’s mechanics places you among the elite, moving through the jungle and lanes with resonating strikes and safeguard dashes.

Utilizing his early game strength allows you to apply immense pressure across the map, embodying a proactive playstyle crucial for laying the groundwork for victory.

Keep in mind, your impact with Lee Sin isn’t solely about aggression—it’s about gaining a strategic edge by controlling the jungle tempo and forcing the enemy into a defensive mode.

Join the ranks, and let your presence as Lee Sin become the foundation of your team’s early advantage.

2. Diana

Diana stands as the second champion on our roster, and she’s a force to be reckoned with in the early stages of the jungle, bringing a deadly mix of burst damage and the ability to initiate fights. Her abilities allow you to command the pace of the game from the outset.

Crescent Strike (Q) enables Diana to swiftly deal with jungle camps, while her Shield (W) offers resilience as you move through the terrain.

It’s her Lunar Rush (E) that really stands out, giving you the capacity to quickly engage enemies who mightn’t see it coming.

Choosing Diana means opting for an aggressive style of play that can dictate the flow for your team. With Diana, you possess the means to pave a way to triumph, taking down early objectives and asserting control on the battlefield.

Utilize her strengths and you can become a key factor in your team’s victories.

3. Vi

Vi often excels in the early stages of jungle control due to her potent mix of crowd control and targeted damage.

Her abilities facilitate impactful engagements and swift neutral monster clearances, traits sought after in early-stage junglers.

Vi’s Q, Vault Breaker, serves as an effective means for initiating or retreating, providing adaptability for varying scenarios within the game.

Her passive, Blast Shield, bestows a shield proportional to her maximum health following ability use, granting her increased resilience amid skirmishes.

This element of her abilities allows for committed engagement in early confrontations with reduced peril, promoting a sense of boldness and assertiveness.

Playing Vi means you become an unstoppable force, establishing the game’s pace and often determining the outcome of its initial phases.

4. Trundle

Trundle’s abilities allow you to take control of the early jungle with his superior dueling prowess and command over objectives.

His Chomp (Q) skill reduces the target’s attack damage while increasing his own, which makes you a tough adversary in single combat.

The Frozen Domain (W) enhances Trundle’s attack speed and movement, enabling you to rapidly clear camps and react to situations or opportunities across the map without delay.

His Pillar of Ice (E) also acts as an effective tactic for ganks, interrupting enemy positioning, and helping secure eliminations for your team. It’s your way to instill presence and intimidation in the minds of your opponents.

Utilize Trundle’s capabilities, and you’ll often find yourself setting the tempo of the game, guiding your team toward an early advantage.

5. Fiddlesticks

With your command of Fiddlesticks’ uncanny abilities, you’re prepared to take control of the early jungle with fear-inducing ganks and swift camp clearances.

His distinctive kit allows for a style of play that relies on surprise elements, using his passive, A Harmless Scarecrow, to gain the upper hand against foes caught off guard.

With Bountiful Harvest, maintaining health in the jungle is effortless, keeping you in prime condition for ambushes.

Additionally, Fiddlesticks’ Terrify mechanic, originating from his Q, Reap, offers unmatched crowd control to immobilize pivotal targets, aiding in the capture of early objectives and creating lane advantages.

Being part of a team that appreciates your unique battlefield command, you play a vital role in the team’s early triumphs. With Fiddlesticks, your role isn’t merely that of a player—you orchestrate a symphony filled with dread.

6. Nocturne

After honing your skills with Fiddlesticks’ spectral tactics, Nocturne’s relentless pursuit becomes a formidable force in the jungle’s early stages.

His passive, Umbra Blades, is the source of his swift camp eradication, offering substantial area-of-effect damage and a healing component. You’re not just managing the jungle; you’re establishing a base for control.

Nocturne’s Duskbringer isn’t merely a means for quick movement—it is your essential tool for surprising lanes with ganks. The path it creates strengthens you, setting the stage for deadly encounters.

When you pair this with his spell shield, Shroud of Darkness, you can counter critical crowd control and ensure your attacks reach their targets. Accept Nocturne’s strength, and you’ll instill trepidation in your opponents from the outset.

7. Maokai

Every treacherous turn of the jungle yields to Maokai, whose sapling traps and his Twisted Advance make you a formidable adversary during the early stages of the game.

As Maokai, you’re the embodiment of the forest’s heart, harnessing nature’s fury to dominate the battlefield. Your saplings grant exceptional vision, providing you and your allies with security and control over the map.

With your ability Twisted Advance (W), you immobilize crucial opponents, disrupting their strategies with your relentless crowd control.

Your strength isn’t merely in force; your passive, Sap Magic, restores your health, assuring your presence is continuous and threatening.

During the initial phase of the game, your ambushes are powerful, decisively altering the outcomes of lanes with your efficient tactics.

Utilizing Maokai’s innate toughness and his ability to disrupt, you position yourself as the central force in your team’s quest for triumph.

8. Jarvan IV

Why opt for a less active playstyle when Jarvan IV enables you to take charge with his early ganks and outstanding initiation abilities, setting your team up for success?

As one who thrives in the jungle role, Jarvan’s abilities are designed for making significant impacts.

His Demacian Standard to Dragon Strike combination provides not only effective crowd control but also a method for quick movement across the jungle.

Evaluating Jarvan’s skills, his expertise is apparent in creating chances for your team. Using his Cataclysm, you can form battlefields that can turn fights into advantageous situations for your side.

It’s about grasping the subtle aspects of each fight, determining when to restrict an essential enemy or to protect your teammates.

Accept the strategic complexity Jarvan IV brings to the table and guide your team to establish an early lead.

9. Hecarim

While Jarvan IV is adept at immobilizing adversaries, Hecarim brings an unstoppable offensive presence and quick ganks that are dominant early in a match.

Hecarim’s abilities allow for powerful maneuvers that can shift the battle in your team’s direction right from the start.

His Devastating Charge (E) ability accelerates his movement, ensuring you make an impact in every lane with surprising speed.

The Rampage (Q) ability increases in damage with each hit, enabling you to quickly clear jungle camps and then engage in strong early fights.

Utilize Hecarim’s natural tendency to extend advantages by using his rapid movement to claim objectives and exert influence across the map.

Keep in mind your critical role – as Hecarim, you’re the driving force that propels your team forward, fostering unity in the quest for triumph.

10. Bel’Veth

In the early stages of jungle-centric gameplay, Bel’Veth’s distinct abilities provide an edge, allowing you to grab early advantages for your squad.

With her passive, Death in Lavender, she can quickly deal with jungle camps, gaining an edge in both experience and gold to set the tempo.

Her Void Surge skill offers impressive mobility for rapid ganks that can confuse adversaries and tip the balance. Within the jungle role, you’re more than just a participant — you’re a strategist, a quiet sentinel who dictates the flow of battle.

Mastering Bel’Veth’s nuances puts you in a commanding position, where decisions made early can pave the way to a successful outcome.


As you venture into the jungle, these titans are your sword and shield, echoing the might of Hercules in his prime.

Each champion, from Lee Sin’s acrobatic prowess to Bel’Veth’s relentless swarm, offers a unique dominion over the early game.

Harness their strengths wisely, for in the League, a game’s fate often rests in these crucial opening gambits.

Choose your champion, assert your power, and carve a path to victory as these legends have before you.

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