10 Best ADCs With Soraka in League of Legends

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Did you know Soraka’s success rate skyrockets with the correct ADC pairing in League of Legends? Intriguing, right?

Our comprehensive list of 10 best ADCs to team up with Soraka is here to power up your gameplay. Expect both tried-and-true picks and exciting new combinations, all set to enhance your victories.

Your journey towards a higher win rate starts here. With this knowledge, you’re not just playing; you’re strategizing a win.

1. Kog’Maw

When evaluating Kog’Maw as your ADC allied with Soraka, a comprehension of his potent late-game scaling potential is critical. You aren’t merely selecting a champion, but committing to a game strategy centered on survival and progression.

Kog’Maw’s strength is rooted in his capacity to inflict substantial damage from afar, making him an ideal pairing for Soraka’s restorative abilities. The initial stages must be approached with caution, focusing on farming minions and avoiding unnecessary conflict.

Be aware, every passing minute brings you closer to the transformation into the formidable force you’re destined to become. Your role isn’t to dominate the early stages, but to withstand them, gain power, and then take control in the later stages.

Never forget, you’re part of a team and collectively, you have the power to shift the outcome of any match.

2. Kai’Sa

Changing focus to Kai’Sa, her playstyle is dramatically different from Kog’Maw’s. Her real power comes from her agility and fast damage capabilities, making her an ideal partner for Soraka.

With the healing and silencing abilities of Soraka, you can attack, withdraw, and counter-attack smoothly, optimizing your damage while keeping the risk low. Timing your skills correctly is vital. When Soraka successfully silences, respond with your Icathian Rain for instant damage.

If the situation becomes critical, your Killer Instinct combined with Soraka’s Wish can change the outcome of any battle. Teamwork is vital. With Soraka supporting you, you aren’t just an isolated ADC, but a part of a fluid, unstoppable pair.

3. Samira

Transitioning into the character of Samira, one needs a balance of aggression and finesse to work effectively with Soraka. Playing as an ADC, your main focus is to inflict damage, while Soraka provides consistent healing. Their synergy is impressive.

Using Samira’s Daredevil Impulse, you can confront battles, knowing Soraka’s Astral Infusion is ready to heal you. It’s vital to monitor Soraka’s health; her healing ability takes a toll on her own health. Skillfully balance aggression, using Samira’s Flair and Blade Whirl, and retreat when it becomes necessary.

Don’t forget, Soraka’s ultimate, Wish, has the potential to shift a battle’s outcome, but maximizing its impact is your responsibility. Maintain aggression and rely on your Soraka for timely healing.

4. Ashe

Transitioning to Ashe, the gameplay strategy will shift.

The combination of Ashe and Soraka cultivates a remarkable duo founded on crowd control and healing. The slowing of foes via Ashe’s capabilities, paired with the power of Soraka’s healing, forms a powerful twosome in the combat area.

You aren’t merely a participant, but a part of a powerhouse controlling the game flow. Ashe’s Volley, providing an area slow, assists Soraka’s Starcall in landing, increasing your inflicted damage.

When Ashe fires her ultimate, Soraka has the potential to respond with Equinox, leading to a silence-root combination. This cooperative strategy, when properly performed, is almost unbeatable.

Your contribution to this team duo is vital. Accept this role and experience the exhilaration of being part of a victorious team.

5. Vayne

Think Ashe and Soraka are a powerful pair? Just wait until you see the dynamic between Soraka and Vayne, one of the most effective ADCs in League of Legends.

If you play Vayne, Soraka’s healing and silencing abilities will be extremely beneficial. You’re not the only one who thinks so. This pairing has become popular due to its ability to control the bot lane.

Soraka’s healing abilities provide Vayne with the ability to adopt a more aggressive playstyle, while still remaining safe. Also, Soraka’s E, Equinox, creates a silence field that can halt enemy counterattacks, making your Tumble and Condemn combination even more deadly.

Keep your communication with Soraka open. Proper teamwork can change the tide of a battle in an instant. With Soraka by your side, you’re ready to redefine the ADC role.

6. Jhin

Let’s shift focus to Jhin, an ADC who can truly excel when teamed up with Soraka.

Jhin’s long-range capabilities can heavily influence the game, particularly with Soraka’s healing support.

Soraka’s Starcall and Astral Infusion techniques keep Jhin active in the battlefield longer, facilitating lethal attacks with his Whisper.

Soraka’s E, Equinox, can aid Jhin in effectively using his W, Deadly Flourish, by silencing and trapping rivals.

This ADC-support pairing can’t only dominate the laning phase but also the final stages of team fights.

Success is intertwined with the harmony between these two champions.

Mastering this synergy puts you one step closer to triumph.

7. Tristana

Analyzing the synergy of Tristana and Soraka in League of Legends indicates a highly effective pairing. With Tristana, an aggressive playstyle is perfectly complemented by the healing and silence abilities of Soraka.

Tristana can confidently engage in skirmishes, secure in the knowledge that Soraka’s abilities will provide necessary support.

Strategic use of Soraka’s silence ability can disrupt enemy abilities, providing an advantage in conflicts. Additionally, Soraka’s ultimate ability, Wish, provides healing on a global scale, ensuring Tristana’s survival during critical game moments.

So, while Tristana focuses on inflicting damage and securing kills, Soraka ensures her continued participation in the fight. The combination of Tristana’s high damage output and Soraka’s potent healing powers forms a duo that presents a significant challenge to opponents.

Teamwork is the key to success, and having Soraka on your team brings victory closer.

8. Miss Fortune

Have you ever thought about joining forces with Soraka when playing as Miss Fortune in League of Legends? Their potential as a bot lane duo is immense.

The health restoration and silence zones provided by Soraka work well with Miss Fortune’s assertive approach. Your role as Miss Fortune involves pestering and intimidating the enemy ADC, maintaining lane control and exerting pressure.

Soraka’s healing abilities ensure you remain in combat, supporting your assertive tactics. Using Soraka’s E ability, Equinox, a silence zone can be tactically placed to stop enemy champions from interrupting your ultimate ability, Bullet Time.

The interplay between these two characters is impressive and can pack quite a punch when executed properly. So, keep this combination in mind when you’re choosing champions.

9. Jinx

Transitioning to Jinx, you’ll observe that teaming up with Soraka in the bot lane can yield some interesting advantages.

Soraka’s healing and silence powers provide a nice balance to Jinx’s high damage output, granting you a powerful lane presence. You have the freedom to poke and trade with foes, with the knowledge that Soraka can heal you.

Also, Soraka’s E ability, Equinox, can mute enemies, stopping them from using their powers, and that’s your cue to attack.

Launch your rockets to inflict severe damage while they’re defenseless. Good communication is essential. Synchronize your attacks with Soraka’s silence for maximum effect.

The potential of this duo is huge, but it demands patience and teamwork. With enough practice, you’ll observe that Jinx and Soraka can control the bot lane, bringing you a step nearer to winning.

10. Varus

What about a Varus and Soraka duo in the bot lane? This pairing offers a unique dynamic.

The long-range poke of Varus’s Piercing Arrow can be a constant nuisance for foes.

The healing capabilities of Soraka extend Varus’s presence in combat, enabling sustained pressure.

Soraka’s Equinox, providing a silence and potential snare, complements Varus, setting up his Chain of Corruption ultimate.

This synergy can immobilize enemies for a substantial period.

Soraka’s Wish can also come to Varus’s rescue in dire situations, providing an extra layer of defense.

Coordinating and communicating effectively is vital.

With smart tactics, Varus and Soraka can become a formidable pair, taking control of the bot lane and paving the way for your team’s triumph.

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