10 Best ADCs With Seraphine in League of Legends (Season 13)

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Seraphine’s star is rising in League of Legends Season 13, not just as a solo act but as part of a power duo in the bot lane. The right ADC partner transforms her supportive tunes into a symphony of victory.

We’ve scouted the league to bring you the top 10 ADCs that sync perfectly with Seraphine’s harmonious playstyle. From the shadows of Vayne to the frost arrows of Ashe, each pairing promises to amplify your game.

Curious about which duos hit the high notes? The crescendo awaits just a few notes away.

1. Vayne

Often, you’ll notice that when Seraphine teams up with Vayne in the bot lane, a powerful duo emerges due to their complementary abilities and growth potential.

As you make your way through the challenging rift, grasping why this pair excels together is beneficial.

Vayne’s prowess in later stages of the game is well recognized, and Seraphine’s utility provides early resilience that meshes well with Vayne’s progression.

The abilities that Seraphine brings to the table, including crowd control and healing, help balance out Vayne’s typically challenging early game.

With Vayne, your positioning becomes less risky because Seraphine can deter aggressive moves with her ultimate, Encore, and her ability, Surround Sound.

Her Beat Drop also offers protection that’s vital for Vayne, who can be vulnerable due to her limited attack range.

When playing these two champions, you’re conducting a duet where Seraphine’s abilities amplify Vayne’s growth into the later stages of the game.

This connection isn’t solely about mechanics—it includes the shared feeling when the champions’ themes and styles of play harmonize.

For players who prize cooperation and a common goal, Seraphine and Vayne do more than coexist; they flourish, transforming the bot lane into a stage where their combined strength can control the game.

2. Nilah

Pairing Seraphine with the whip-wielding Nilah, their combined efforts in the bot lane result in a thrilling display of crowd control and wave management.

Nilah, equipped for close combat and sustain, pairs well with Seraphine’s ranged capabilities and her skill in both initiating and retreating from fights.

Controlling Nilah, you depend on your proficiency to engage aggressively and emerge without harm. Seraphine’s expansive spells can protect your assertive moves, making it difficult for adversaries to counter.

Tactically, this pair excels at wave manipulation and establishing lane dominance. Observe how Seraphine’s ‘Beat Drop’ (E) and ‘Encore’ (R) can perfectly tee up Nilah’s ‘Formless Blade’ (Q) and ‘Jubilant Veil’ (W) for hits on multiple champions.

This dynamic secures enemies in place, providing the window needed to accumulate ‘Convergence’ stacks with Nilah’s passive, culminating in significant damage.

You aren’t merely controlling champions; you’re conducting a performance that requires precision and harmony. As you and your lane partner synchronize your attacks, you’ll find a rhythm in the organized chaos of skirmishes.

The interplay between Nilah and Seraphine’s abilities creates a dynamic that can overwhelm opponents with a blend of force and grace, establishing your presence as a significant threat on Summoner’s Rift.

3. Ashe

Following Nilah, Ashe steps forward as another excellent ADC to complement Seraphine’s support capabilities in Season 13, bringing a strategic mix of range and control.

While engaging in the intricate battles of League of Legends, you’ll notice that Ashe’s utility along with Seraphine’s enchanting support blend to forge a lane that’s both powerful and tactically gratifying.

Ashe’s abilities naturally mesh with Seraphine’s. Her Volley (W) and Seraphine’s Beat Drop (E) can work in tandem to slow and then root adversaries, providing both poke and crowd control.

When you choose Ashe, you’re selecting a champion who can begin skirmishes with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R), creating an opportunity for Seraphine’s area-of-effect (AoE) stun to follow.

Reflect on these strategic benefits:

  • Zoning Potential: Ashe’s Hawkshot (E) uncovers hidden areas, making sure surprises are minimized.
  • Engage and Disengage: The Crystal Arrow and Beat Drop combination allows for clear-cut initiations or withdrawals.
  • Poke and Sustain: Ashe’s reach allows you to maintain a safe distance while Seraphine’s restorative abilities keep you present on the lane.

Your collaboration in the bot lane isn’t just about individual talent; it’s about the combined might you develop as a unit. Each arrow you launch and every chord Seraphine strikes tells a tale of unity and strategic command.

4. Jhin

Jhin proves to be an outstanding selection when teamed with Seraphine’s tuneful support in League of Legends Season 13. The Virtuoso’s strategic approach to the game meshes well with Seraphine’s battlefield management capabilities, enabling peak performance.

Jhin’s requirement for preparatory actions and protective assistance meshes well with what Seraphine offers. Her ultimate ability, Encore, can initiate a sequence for Jhin’s lethal Curtain Call, creating opportunities for standout gameplay.

As you coordinate your skills, it becomes evident how Seraphine’s Beat Drop can immobilize adversaries, presenting Jhin with the perfect opportunity to accurately hit his targeted abilities.

Seraphine’s Surround Sound also benefits both champions with increased movement speed, aiding Jhin in finding an optimal position to attack or retreat securely.

Their potential for protracted exchanges is enhanced by Seraphine’s passive, Stage Presence, which boosts her standard abilities and your control of the lane.

Integrating Jhin’s precise placement with Seraphine’s ability to immobilize foes and recovery leads to a lane partnership that isn’t only synchronized but also a natural fit.

Together, you lead the bot lane with a fusion of creativity and authority, turning each match into a memorable performance.

5. Draven

Every Draven enthusiast understands the synergy when teaming up with a Seraphine, transforming the bottom lane into a spectacle of assertive control and melodic crowd manipulation.

Your goal isn’t solely to triumph; it’s to perform a masterpiece of havoc, combining the impact of your axes with Seraphine’s musical notes in flawless unity.

Draven excels with early assertive plays, and Seraphine’s abilities complement this effectively. Her capacity to deal long-range damage and heal allows for continuous lane dominance, facilitating your ability to catch your Spinning Axes without concern.

Her control over the crowd can either prepare the stage for your Whirling Death to claim a definitive victory or extricate you from precarious situations with her Encore.

Reflect on these synergistic elements:

  • Long-Range Damage and Healing: Seraphine’s long-range damage with High Note and healing from Surround Sound allow for sustained lane presence, enabling constant farming and skirmishing.
  • Control Over the Crowd: A precisely timed Beat Drop or Encore from Seraphine can create the perfect moment for you to unleash your ultimate.
  • Threat Zones: Together, your abilities generate areas of danger, compelling adversaries to adopt a defensive stance or take the risk of being caught off guard.

Analyzing the combination, your duo poses a dual threat. Your contribution is sheer damage while Seraphine contributes a multifaceted utility.

This partnership forges a bottom lane duo that instills fear and admiration, solidifying your status as the highlight of the match.

6. Ezreal

Harnessing versatility, Ezreal stands out as an exceptional partner for Seraphine, as this duo excels at poking and kiting enemies to gradually diminish their strength before securing the kill.

As you progress through Season 13, grasping the synergy between these two champions can elevate your gameplay.

Ezreal’s Arcane Shift offers both an aggressive advantage and a means to evade danger, which, when coupled with Seraphine’s crowd control skills, forms a robust defense against enemy aggression.

Your role in this partnership is to leverage Ezreal’s mobility, moving in and out of combat, utilizing Mystic Shot to strike from a secure distance while Seraphine’s Encore and Beat Drop interrupt adversaries, preparing you for accurate, impactful attacks.

The charm of this combination is in the flow of their joint attacks. You’re not merely playing the game; you’re orchestrating a dance of destruction.

Each ability from Seraphine enhances your actions, and your Arcane Barrage could serve as the powerful conclusion to her harmonious preparations.

For players who value unity and aim to be part of a team that’s greater than the sum of its parts, Ezreal and Seraphine can ascend the ranks and establish control over the bot lane. Accept this synergy, and you’ll find yourself closer to triumph.

7. Twitch

As an ADC, pairing Twitch with Seraphine in Season 13 offers you a powerful combination of stealth and sound capabilities, creating opportunities for unexpected attacks and mastery over crowd control.

Twitch’s skill to enter combat unseen with Ambush complements Seraphine’s extensive area-of-effect abilities superbly.

The cooperation between them is evident as Twitch can quickly apply his passive, Deadly Venom, to several adversaries, which Seraphine can then trigger with her Beat Drop for significant burst damage.

This duo excels at:

  • Engaging: Seraphine’s ultimate, Encore, can charm adversaries lined up by Twitch’s Spray and Pray, ensuring a high damage impact.
  • Peeling: Seraphine’s abilities provide excellent protection with her slows and stuns, allowing Twitch to reposition or flee if under threat.
  • Scaling: Both champions develop their strength impressively as the game progresses, tipping team fights in your favor with their substantial area damage and utility.

Analyzing this duo, it’s clear that you’re not merely playing characters; you’re conducting a symphony of destruction.

Each match is a chance to synergize with a partner whose abilities enhance your clandestine strategies, fostering a sense of unity and shared intent.

In Season 13, Twitch and Seraphine can be a harmonious and lethal force on the battlefield.

8. Kog’Maw

Following Twitch, another outstanding ADC to consider pairing with Seraphine in Season 13 is Kog’Maw. This champion’s long-range strikes and mix of damage types synchronize well with Seraphine’s supportive tunes.

When you control Kog’Maw, you become a force waiting to release powerful area damage. With Seraphine’s assistance, you transform from a solitary sharpshooter to a duo capable of orchestrating enemy defeat from afar.

Your strategy should center on using Seraphine’s zoning capabilities to dominate the field. Her ultimate, Encore, can initiate fights or provide you with an escape mechanism.

When she successfully stuns or slows an opponent, it’s your signal to activate Kog’Maw’s Bio-Arcane Barrage, gaining significant benefits from Seraphine’s passive ability, Stage Presence, which amplifies your damage output.

Additionally, Seraphine’s Surround Sound grants you a valuable shield and increased movement speed, thus improving your ability to evade and endure.

Positioning is key; you must find spots where you can maintain damage output while under Seraphine’s protective influence.

In concert, you can create a symphony of destruction, hitting the precise notes needed to rule the bot lane and claim victory for your squad.

9. Caitlyn

Caitlyn’s exceptional range and her ability to lay traps make her a suitable partner for Seraphine’s harmonious support, allowing you to constantly attack while benefiting from her empowering auras.

With Caitlyn, you’re not only a sharpshooter targeting enemies from a distance; you become part of a duo that commands the battlefield with a combination of crowd control and sheer damage.

Teaming up Caitlyn with Seraphine brings several synergistic benefits:

  • Seraphine’s Encore can seamlessly set up Caitlyn’s Yordle Snap Trap for reliable crowd control.
  • The movement speed increase from Seraphine’s Beat Drop enables Caitlyn to reposition for more accurate Piltover Peacemaker shots.
  • Seraphine’s healing and shielding from Surround Sound help Caitlyn to continue fighting longer, maximizing her damage potential.

When you examine this combination, you’ll see that Caitlyn’s ability to attack from a distance is a perfect match for Seraphine’s abilities, which shine in team conflicts.

Their powerful ultimate abilities can change the outcome of a fight, and their control over the lane is unrivaled.

You’re playing not just for victory, but to be an integral part of your team’s strategic rhythm. With Caitlyn and Seraphine, you pose a threat and also act as a guardian, a symbol of hope for your team.

10. Varus

Why opt for a conventional ADC when Varus can seamlessly synergize with Seraphine’s melodic support in League of Legends Season 13?

Your presence in the bot lane will be a harmonious performance that leaves opponents in awe. Varus, with his precise arrows, is the ideal complement to Seraphine’s enchanting tunes.

Analyzing the synergy, Varus’ extensive reach complements Seraphine’s crowd control capabilities, allowing you both to chip away at enemies from a safe distance.

Her ‘Encore’ can set up Varus’ ‘Chain of Corruption’, initiating a domino effect of crowd control that can swing team fights in your favor.

AnticipationWaiting for the ideal moment to combine ultimates for an engaging performance is exciting.
SatisfactionPerfectly executing a combo and securing kills strengthens the synergy with Seraphine.
PrideDominating the bot lane demonstrates your collaborative skill and fosters unity.

In this partnership, each player enhances the other’s capabilities, offering both damage and utility.

This feeling of being part of a well-functioning duo can instill confidence in your gameplay and contribute to a unified team effort. In League of Legends Season 13, the focus isn’t solely on the individual—it’s on how well you synergize as a pair.


You’ve seen the lineup; it’s like the Avengers of bot lane pairings with Seraphine. Each ADC brings a unique flair, making your climb in Season 13 a symphony of destruction.

Whether you’re dancing through shadows with Vayne or orchestrating a bullet rhapsody with Jhin, these champions harmonize with Seraphine’s crescendo.

Choose your partner wisely, summoner, and let the music of victory play on the rift.

Now, go forth and conquer the charts.

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