10 Best Supports For Jhin in League of Legends Season 13

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Step onto Summoner’s Rift and embrace the art of the perfect play as Jhin, the Virtuoso. The challenge? Finding the ideal support champion to harmonize with your deadly performance in League of Legends Season 13.

But fear not, we’ve crafted a list of the top 10 support champions tailored to elevate your game. From Zyra’s entangling roots to Morgana’s celestial bindings, each champion adds a unique flair to the duo lane.

Join us as we uncover the perfect partner to set the stage for your ultimate curtain call.

1. Zyra

Among the finest supports for Jhin in Season 13, you’ll find Zyra, whose plant-based crowd control complements his need for reliable engage and disengage tools.

As you master the Virtuoso’s calculated playstyle, it’s vital to synergize with a partner who can manipulate the battlefield to your advantage.

Zyra’s Grasping Roots and Stranglethorns offer exceptional zoning potential, setting the stage for Jhin’s deadly flourish.

Her rampant growth plants not only poke and harass but also create a minefield that deters enemy advances, providing you with the space needed to choreograph the perfect kill sequence.

Welcome this botanical tactician and you’ll unlock a strategic duet where Jhin’s crescendo is always the final note.

2. Senna

If you’re on the lookout for a support that can match Jhin’s penchant for long-range engagements, Senna is an unparalleled choice with her ability to both poke from afar and sustain you through the lane phase.

Her synergy with Jhin arises from the complementary nature of their kits. Senna’s Curse of the Black Mist provides essential positioning advantages, allowing Jhin to capitalize on his Deadly Flourish for crowd control chaining.

Furthermore, Senna’s Last Embrace and Dawning Shadow are crucial for setting up Jhin’s deadly curtain call, ensuring kills that might otherwise slip through your fingers.

Strategically, pairing Senna with Jhin means dominating the vision game, thanks to her passive, Absolution, which grants increased range and damage. Together, you’ll command the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of those who dare contest your lane dominance.

3. Bard

As a Jhin player, you’ll find that the Wandering Caretaker, Bard, offers a unique and dynamic support style to complement your gameplay in Season 13.

Bard’s roaming capabilities and chime collection quest synergize well with Jhin’s need for lane control and setup for his deadly flourish. His Magical Journey can be a tool for inventive flanks and escapes, positioning Jhin for the perfect curtain call.

With Bard’s ability to stun enemies with Cosmic Binding, he can set up easy targets for Jhin to capitalize upon. Additionally, Bard’s Tempered Fate can either secure kills or disengage fights, offering strategic flexibility.

This collaboration requires precision and foresight, rewarding players who can predict enemy movements and turn skirmishes into artful exhibitions of skill.

4. Maokai

When teaming up with Maokai in Season 13, you’ll find that his kit excels at peeling for you and locking down targets within your firing range.

His reliable crowd control through his Q – Bramble Smash and R – Nature’s Grasp creates a zone of threat that synergizes with your Deadly Flourish, ensuring enemies can’t easily escape.

Thoughtful placement of his E – Sapling Toss can zone opponents or provide vision, crucial for establishing lane dominance and safety from ganks. Maokai’s passive, Sap Magic, gives him sustain in lane, allowing him to stay alongside you longer.

This partnership leverages Jhin’s burst damage with Maokai’s lockdown, providing a tactical edge. It’s a combination that can dominate the bot lane through calculated aggression and resilient defense.

5. Brand

Pairing Jhin with Brand in Season 13, you’ll notice that his explosive area-of-effect abilities complement your long-range execution, setting the stage for devastating combo attacks.

Analyze the battlefield and strategically position Brand to maximize the impact of his passive, Blaze, which synergizes with Jhin’s knack for bursting down immobilized targets.

Brands’ Conflagration and Pillar of Flame can whittle down opponents, allowing Jhin to sweep in for the finale with his Curtain Call.

When Brand lands his Sear after stacking Blaze, it ensures a stun, offering Jhin an unmissable opportunity to capitalize with his Whisper shots.

Innovatively utilizing this duo requires precise timing and spatial awareness to orchestrate a ballet of destruction that can dominate the bot lane.

6. Zilean

Brand provides remarkable crowd control. Zilean’s capacity to manipulate time makes him an outstanding ally for Jhin, enabling you to dictate the pace of the bot lane skirmishes with strategic speed buffs and timely revives.

Zilean’s Time Warp can accelerate Jhin’s positioning, crucial for landing those final Whisper shots, or for a swift retreat when the curtain call threatens to fall on you.

The Chronokeeper’s ultimate, Chrono Shift, offers a second chance, turning a fatal blow into a tactical bait.

This synergy creates a dynamic duo that can pivot from aggressive plays to defensive stands in a heartbeat.

Zilean’s ability to control the flow of the game complements Jhin’s burst damage, ensuring that together, you’re not just surviving the early game but actively shaping the battlefield to your whim.

7. Nami

Nami proves to be an exceptional ally for Jhin. Her aquatic abilities ensure that your lane presence ebbs and flows with both grace and ferocity.

Nami’s Tidecaller’s Blessing synergizes brilliantly with Jhin’s need for movement speed. This enables him to glide in and out of skirmishes while delivering deadly ballets of bullets.

Her Aqua Prison, a tool of impeccable crowd control, sets the stage for Jhin’s Captive Audience traps. Together, they create a punishing zone for adversaries.

The strategic interplay between Nami’s Ebb and Flow and Jhin’s Dancing Grenade allows for sustained poke and healing. This keeps you both in the fray.

In the tapestry of bot lane matchups, the Jhin-Nami duo weaves a pattern of dominance. They turn the tide of battle in your favor with calculated precision and innovative tactics.

8. Leona

As you master Jhin’s artful sniping, Leona’s solar-powered lockdown provides the perfect canvas for your deadly flourishes. Her zenith blade and shield of daybreak combo ensure enemies can’t escape your calculated shots.

This synergy isn’t just about crowd control; it’s a tactical dance where Leona’s incandescent presence forces adversaries into vulnerable positions, letting you capitalize with Jhin’s critical hits.

Analyzing their synergy, it’s clear that Leona’s ability to initiate and tank damage complements Jhin’s need for a frontline. Her Eclipse provides durability in skirmishes, while her ultimate, the Solar Flare, can be the linchpin for Jhin’s Curtain Call, securing kills from a safe distance.

Together, you’ll dominate the bot lane, turning each engagement into a potential masterpiece.

9. Rakan

Pairing Jhin’s meticulous marksmanship with Rakan’s charismatic crowd control creates a bot lane duo that elegantly dances around danger as effortlessly as they do enemies.

Rakan’s ability to engage and disengage with finesse perfectly complements Jhin’s need for a setup to unleash his deadly flourish.

Your strategic lens must focus on Rakan’s ‘Grand Entrance’ to disrupt the battlefield, providing Jhin the perfect canvas to paint his final masterpiece, the ‘Curtain Call’.

Insightfully, Rakan’s ‘Battle Dance’ ensures he’s a constant enigma, weaving in and out of combat, sustaining both of you.

This partnership isn’t just about the early game harass; it’s a late-game powerplay, where Rakan’s ‘The Quickness’ sets the stage for Jhin’s dramatic execution, securing your team’s victory with a flourish.

10. Morgana

With Morgana by your side, you’ll skillfully navigate through treacherous skirmishes with her binding magic and protective spells, keeping enemies at bay while you take your calculated shots.

Morgana’s Q, Dark Binding, offers unparalleled crowd control, ensnaring opponents and setting up for Jhin’s W, Deadly Flourish, to root them even longer.

This lethal combination can immobilize a target for a significant duration, allowing you to capitalize on their vulnerability.

Her E, Black Shield, is a game-changer, providing you immunity from crowd control effects and enabling you to position fearlessly. It’s about timing with Morgana—using her shield preemptively to counter enemy engage tools can turn the tide of bot lane duels.

Analyze the battlefield and synchronize with Morgana’s cooldowns to orchestrate a symphony of crowd control and damage.


In the dance of bot lane duos, you’re the maestro with these champions by Jhin’s side. From the entangling roots of Zyra to Morgana’s dark bindings, each ally weaves a unique harmony with your performance.

Embrace the strategic symphony, where your choice amplifies Jhin’s crescendo. Analyze, adapt, and align; your success hinges on the synergy you craft.

So step into Summoner’s Rift with these partners and orchestrate victory with every gunshot and spell cast.

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