10 Best Support Champions for Ziggs in League of Legends Season 13

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Picking the ideal support in League of Legends can turn the tides of a bot lane battle, especially when Ziggs is in play.

If your Ziggs is missing that special someone to share the lane with, fret not! We’ve scoured the current meta to bring you the top 10 support champions that truly click with the Hexplosives Expert.

1. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc’s unique ability to control the battlefield complements your Ziggs’ lane control by providing both defensive measures and empowering utilities. Piloting Ziggs, you’re cognizant of his susceptibility to forceful adversaries.

Renata, with her crowd control expertise, counters this with efficiency. Her abilities include a disengage tool with Handshake (E), which discourages enemy advances and secures a position from which you can freely attack the opposition with Ziggs’ capabilities.

Her Bailout (W) can also change the tide of battle, especially when you aim to take down turret plating. The skill to delay an ally’s demise ensures your assaults persist, reinforcing Ziggs’ ability to destroy objectives.

When considering this synergy, Renata Glasc emerges as a champion who can magnify Ziggs’ advantages while counteracting his vulnerabilities, presenting herself as an excellent support option in your matches.

2. Xerath

Often, you’ll find Xerath to be an exceptional support for Ziggs, as his far-reaching poke complements Ziggs’ own skills at pressuring opponents from afar. Analyzing their synergy, it’s clear they can control the lane through their impressive zoning abilities.

Xerath’s Arcanopulse (Q) and Eye of Destruction (W) can force opponents into constant movement, creating openings for Ziggs to take advantage with Bouncing Bomb (Q) and Hexplosive Minefield (W).

Xerath’s AbilitySynergy with Ziggs
Arcanopulse (Q)Zoning Potential
Eye of Destruction (W)Area Denial
Shocking Orb (E)Set Up for Satchel Charge
Rite of the Arcane (R)Far-Range Finishing
Mana Surge (Passive)Sustain in Lane

This table shows their combined pressure and how Xerath’s abilities can enhance Ziggs’ time in lane, making them a powerful duo for players aiming to take control in the game’s early moments and build into a lead.

3. Blizcrank

Working well together is crucial when you combine Ziggs with Blitzcrank, because you can capitalize on Blitzcrank’s well-known Rocket Grab (Q) to pull enemies into an optimal spot for Ziggs’ explosive skills.

This partnership is especially powerful because it turns any successful pull by Blitzcrank into a potential area where enemies could be eliminated. Ziggs can then follow up with his skill combination, piling on damage with Bouncing Bomb (Q) and Hexplosive Minefield (E).

Blitzcrank also has the capability to silence opponents with his ultimate, Static Field (R), making sure that the trapped enemy has little chance to react or escape from Ziggs’ following onslaught.

This combination demands precise timing and awareness of the surroundings to fully use the disruption from Blitzcrank’s crowd control and Ziggs’ ability to control space.

When carried out perfectly, it can lead to dominating a lane and exerting control over team skirmishes.

4. Janna

During your matches with Ziggs, teaming him up with Janna can significantly improve your lane’s ability to survive and exert control, due to her talents in disrupting enemy advances and providing protective barriers. Here are reasons why Janna is an exceptional support choice for Ziggs:

  1. Defensive Maneuvers and Safeguards: Janna’s Howling Gale and Monsoon are formidable in creating distance between Ziggs and his adversaries, making it difficult for them to close in on him. Her Eye of the Storm grants him a defensive shield, also giving his attacks an extra punch.
  2. Sustained Presence in Lane: Thanks to the healing effects of Janna’s Monsoon and her proactive use of shields to lessen incoming damage, Ziggs can remain active in the lane for extended periods, applying constant pressure to the opposition.
  3. Initiating and Retreating: Janna’s Zephyr can slow opposing champions, which allows Ziggs to land his abilities more effectively. Her ability to disengage also means you can both withdraw from clashes that aren’t in your favor, ensuring Ziggs remains out of harm’s way to cast from afar.

5. Rakan

Another excellent support choice for Ziggs is Rakan, whose dynamic playstyle and ability to engage work well with Ziggs’ capacity for area control through powerful attacks.

Rakan’s skill to quickly enter battles with his Grand Entrance (W), combined with a knock-up effect, prepares the area for Ziggs to release his damaging abilities.

You’ll notice Rakan’s ultimate, The Quickness, introduces disorder within the ranks of enemies, giving Ziggs an opportunity to target dispersed adversaries with his Mega Inferno Bomb.

Also, Rakan’s Battle Dance (E) allows him to return to a secure location, or to Ziggs’ proximity, to offer shields and healing.

This interplay of aggression and defense creates a scenario in which Ziggs can excel, bombarding the foe with attacks while maintaining a position of safety.

Together, Rakan and Ziggs create a partnership that excels not just in sheer power, but in the strategic dance of initiating combat and retreating as necessary.

6. Rell

Rell proves to be a powerful partner for Ziggs, with her robust crowd control skills creating perfect opportunities for his explosive abilities. A closer look at their combination uncovers several advantages:

  1. Initiation and Control: Rell can start skirmishes with ‘Ferromancy: Crash Down’ and ‘Attract and Repel’, which allows her to keep adversaries in place. This coordination makes it possible for Ziggs to precisely hit with his ‘Mega Inferno Bomb.’
  2. Defense and Safety: Ziggs may not be the most agile, but Rell’s capabilities in defense ensure that dangers are kept at a distance, allowing him to attack opponents from a position of safety.
  3. Zone Dominance: In team battles, they can control the area effectively. Rell with her ‘Magnet Storm’ and Ziggs with his minefield, creating a hazardous environment for opponents to cross the field of combat.

7. Bard

Versatility is a significant advantage when you pair Ziggs with Bard, because the Wandering Caretaker’s diverse abilities complement Ziggs’s ability to attack from a distance.

Bard’s skill to create opportunities with his Cosmic Binding (Q) can assist in securing kills or protect Ziggs, using the latter’s explosive potential.

Bard’s Magical Journey (E) provides unique movement options and escape routes, improving Ziggs’s already impressive ability to siege and disengage.

In addition, Bard’s Caretaker’s Shrine (W) offers the sustain Ziggs doesn’t have, allowing them to maintain lane pressure for longer periods.

The coordination between Bard’s Tempered Fate (R) and Ziggs’s Mega Inferno Bomb (R) can dramatically alter the course of a game, as Bard’s ultimate can create an ideal situation for Ziggs to use his full ability combo.

Analyzing their interaction, it’s evident that Bard’s kit, rich with utility, can enhance Ziggs’s strong points and cover for his shortcomings.

8. Lulu

Lulu’s enchanting abilities make her a valuable partner for Ziggs, providing both defense and an increase in offensive potential. As you play through League of Legends Season 13, think about how Lulu’s abilities complement Ziggs’:

  1. Polymorph (W) – Lulu can incapacitate foes by transforming them into harmless creatures, allowing Ziggs a more secure opportunity to hit his abilities.
  2. Whimsy (W) – When used on allies, this spell gives Ziggs a significant increase in speed, improving his ability to position for attacking enemies or making strategic retreats.
  3. Wild Growth (R) – Lulu’s ultimate not only grants Ziggs a sudden increase in health but also causes nearby enemies to be knocked into the air, creating an ideal situation for Ziggs to deploy his Mega Inferno Bomb.

Using Lulu’s magical arsenal in combination with Ziggs’ explosive power can create a powerful duo on the battlefield.

9. Nami

Pairing Ziggs with the aquatic sorceress Nami can greatly improve his early game and impact in team clashes during Season 13. Nami’s abilities complement Ziggs’s requirements for crowd control and lane endurance.

Her Aqua Prison (Q) offers a dependable way to set up Ziggs’s precision attacks, while Ebb and Flow (W) provides both offensive pressure and healing to maintain presence in battle.

Tidecaller’s Blessing (E) applies an additional slow to your attacks, making it difficult for enemies to evade your explosive onslaught.

In larger skirmishes, Nami’s Tidal Wave creates an ideal situation for Ziggs’s Mega Inferno Bomb, capturing adversaries for a significant area effect attack.

Grasping this synergy can help in controlling your lane and achieving wins for your group.

10. Milio

Consider Milio for support when pairing with Ziggs, as his incendiary assistance can shift the balance of the bot lane in your direction. Here’s an analysis of why Milio can be a strategic pick:

  1. Synergistic Poke: Milio’s talents for poking and harassing from afar complement Ziggs’ ability to launch attacks from a distance, enabling you to chip away at opponents from a position of safety.
  2. Area Denial: Both champions are adept at commanding the battlefield. Milio’s fire can dissuade enemy approaches, working well with Ziggs’ minefield to establish an area adversaries avoid.
  3. Peel and Protect: Milio’s abilities provide defensive options to shield Ziggs from danger, ensuring your bombardier can continue his assault without interruption.

With an understanding of these points, you have the tools to make the most of Milio with Ziggs, forming a partnership capable of controlling the bot lane with strategic positioning and unyielding harassment.

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