10 Best Supports For Aphelios in League of Legends (Right Now)

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Matching Aphelios with the ideal support in League of Legends Season 13 isn’t just smart—it’s game-changing.

Every summoner knows that the right partnership on the bot lane can shift the course of combat in their favor. But with an ever-growing roster of champions, who stands as the best ally for our Lunari marksman?

Within this guide, you’ll find a curated list of the top 10 supports that synergize with Aphelios’s intricate abilities. These champions not only protect but also amplify his celestial firepower, setting the stage for victory.

Your quest for bot lane dominance may just find its answer here.

1. Janna

As an Aphelios player, you’ll appreciate the synergy that a skillful Janna can bring to your game experience.

Her abilities are intricately crafted to provide both protection and disruption, perfectly aligning with Aphelios’s need for a secure environment to utilize his array of weapons.

Janna’s Eye of the Storm is more than a barrier; it enhances your damage, making it critical for engaging enemies in the bot lane.

Abilities such as Howling Gale and Zephyr offer both peel and the potential to engage, which are vital for a champion like Aphelios who doesn’t have his own escape tools.

A Janna who can perfectly time her Monsoon can change the course of skirmishes, often tipping the scales in your favor. Success with this duo relies on a shared understanding of where to be, when to act, and how to manage objectives.

2. Renata Glasc

Directing your focus to Renata Glasc, you’ll notice her range of crowd control and area denial abilities make her a valuable ally for Aphelios in the bot lane.

Renata’s Handshake skill can interfere with enemy positioning, which is perfect for setting up Aphelios to unleash his powerful follow-up attacks.

Renata’s Bailout skill provides a lifeline to a struggling Aphelios and can unexpectedly turn the tide with a resurrection feature.

Additionally, Renata’s ultimate move, Hostile Takeover, throws enemies into confusion, opening up chances for Aphelios to take advantage of disorganized team fights.

Pairing Renata’s tactical disruptions with Aphelios’s adaptable weaponry creates a bot lane with great potential to outsmart and dominate the opposition, signaling them as a strong pairing in the current game meta.

3. Soraka

Team up with Soraka to make sure Aphelios can continue fighting longer, thanks to her unmatched healing and ability to silence opponents.

Soraka’s abilities are advantageous for any ADC, but Aphelios benefits greatly due to his lack of self-sustain. Her Astral Infusion not only helps him stay in his lane but also becomes a critical advantage during team fights with her substantial healing.

The Equinox is a strategic tool that silences foes, which can interrupt their attacks, and offers protection to Aphelios from crowd control and threats from assassins.

Her global ultimate, Wish, acts as an emergency support across the map, with the potential to turn the tide of a skirmish.

Looking at Soraka’s compatibility with Aphelios, it becomes apparent that her support capabilities allow him to fully utilize his offensive arsenal while being backed by a solid layer of defense.

4. Sona

Soraka may provide healing and silence, but Sona brings a mix of offensive and recovery abilities to the table, making her a valuable support for Aphelios.

Her auras are well-suited to Aphelios’s need for a versatile laning ally. Crescendo, Sona’s ultimate, creates opportunities for Aphelios to apply his maximum damage output, securing an advantage in team fights.

Her Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance strike a fine balance between offense and defense, improving Aphelios’s ability to exchange blows while protecting him against return attacks.

Tactically, Sona’s abilities promote a playstyle centered around poking and sustaining, which meshes well with Aphelios’s varying power stages.

Her role in the bottom lane fosters a safe space for Aphelios to gather resources, progress in strength, and emerge as the formidable late-game champion you aim to build.

5. Rakan

Every Rakan support you partner with can provide engaging opportunities that complement Aphelios’s need for crowd control and opportunities for impressive plays.

Rakan’s set of abilities, such as his Grand Entrance (W) and The Quickness (R), can create chaos needed for Aphelios to deal his damage safely and with high efficiency.

When you examine their synergy, you’ll notice Rakan’s ability to move in and out of combat with Battle Dance (E), supporting a fluid and responsive strategy that ensures Aphelios remains well-defended.

In addition, Rakan’s charm and knock-up effects open opportunities for Aphelios to make the most of crowd control with his Gravitum gun.

The potential of this duo is found in their ability to reverse the tide of combat with well-coordinated crowd control and strong burst damage, making them a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane.

6. Bard

Rakan has an impressive ability to engage, but Bard’s roaming abilities and versatile skill set also provide significant benefits to Aphelios.

Using Magical Journey, Bard can move across the map, enabling deep vision control and surprise ganks to set Aphelios up for victory.

Cosmic Binding offers both offensive and defensive capabilities, keeping opponents unsure. The healing from Caretaker’s Shrine allows Aphelios to remain in lane, gathering essential items.

Most critically, Bard’s Tempered Fate can alter the course of a battle, offering either a disengagement option or a chance to prepare for Aphelios’s powerful attack combinations.

When considering Bard’s abilities, it’s clear they offer great utility and opportunities for playmaking, which aligns well with Aphelios’s needs for safety and strategic setup, placing Bard as a highly effective support partner.

7. Nami

Utilize Nami’s captivating abilities to enhance Aphelios’s early game. Her Tidecaller’s Blessing and Aqua Prison can both augment his combat exchanges and secure targets for his subsequent harm.

Nami’s compatibility with Aphelios goes beyond just amplifying his attack potential. Her Ebb and Flow adds a protective layer of healing that maintains his combat readiness during clashes.

Further examination of their partnership reveals that Nami’s ultimate, Tidal Wave, acts as an excellent initiation or retreat mechanism. This pairs well with Aphelios’s requirement for strategic positioning and protective assistance.

This pair excels at measured aggression, capitalizing on moments where Nami’s ability to control the crowd and Aphelios’s arsenal of weapons come together to outmaneuver adversaries.

Achieving proficiency with this duo can lead to a lane that’s challenging for opponents to overcome and a display of impressive cooperation and expertise.

8. Milio

While Milio mightn’t be the usual choice, his fiery spirit and protective abilities can forge a strong partnership with Aphelios, creating opportunities for both offensive plays and solid defense in lane.

Milio’s abilities are focused on protecting and strengthening allies, which fits well with Aphelios’s need for a reliable protector. His talent for reducing incoming harm and controlling the area of engagement works well with Aphelios’s adaptable yet fragile nature.

Aligning Milio’s supportive flames with Aphelios’s weaponry such as calibrum, crescendum, or severum, sets up a lane dynamic that can alternate between strategic offense and tough resilience.

This partnership not only interrupts the enemy’s flow but also lays the groundwork for Aphelios to grow into a formidable force in the later stages of the game.

Adopt this strategic partnership, and you’ll command a duo that excels in creativity and flexibility.

9. Zyra

Shifting focus, you’ll find Zyra can be a thorny ally for Aphelios. Her crowd control and zone dominance offer him the space he needs to utilize his arsenal effectively.

Zyra’s strategic plant placement and her ability to entangle multiple foes with Stranglethorns create a disruptive battlefield.

This supports Aphelios’s positioning, allowing him to cycle through his weapons with lethal precision while enemies are ensnared or repelled.

Her oppressive laning phase, empowered by deadly thorn spitters and vine lashers, complements Aphelios’s need for early game stability.

Together, they can control the flow of the bot lane, turning it into a dangerous area for opponents. Analyzing Zyra’s synergy with Aphelios, it becomes clear her botanical prowess prepares the ground for his success.

10. Blitzcrank

Recognizing the undeniable synergy between Aphelios and Blitzcrank, you’ll see how the Great Steam Golem’s Rocket Grab becomes a pivotal element, setting up kills for Aphelios to capitalize on quickly.

This partnership flourishes on Blitzcrank’s ability to isolate key targets, effectively tipping the scales in your favor during the laning phase and later on.

Blitzcrank’s arsenal, particularly his Power Fist and Static Field, complements Aphelios’s requirement for crowd control, permitting the Lunari marksman to utilize his diverse weaponry without hindrance.

The essence of success with this duo is Blitzcrank’s disruptive capabilities, which can establish the zoning necessary for Aphelios to operate in team fights with deadly accuracy.

Mastering these two champions requires precise timing and spatial knowledge to make sure each Rocket Grab leads to a strategic edge, propelling your team towards triumph.


As you pair Aphelios with any of these stellar supports, remember that ‘unity is strength.’ Each duo brings unique synergies to the Rift, enhancing Aphelios’s potential.

Janna’s tempests or Renata’s cunning, they all carve a path for victory. Analyze your team’s needs and the enemy’s weaknesses; your choice can turn the tide.

So pick wisely, for in the art of war and League, the right ally is half the battle won.

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