10 Best ADCs With Maokai in League of Legends (Right Now)

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In the tangled skirmishes of League of Legends Season 13, a steadfast ally can turn the tide of battle. Maokai, the Twisted Treant, offers more than just shade; he provides a bastion for ADCs to unleash their fury.

Yet, the question lingers: which marksman pairs best with this arboreal guardian? Fear not, for this guide illuminates the path to victory, pinpointing the top ADCs who thrive alongside Maokai.

Arm yourself with this knowledge, and watch as your enemies fall like leaves in autumn’s chill.

1. Vayne

Why wouldn’t you pair Maokai’s crowd control abilities with Vayne’s impressive late-game growth to take over the League of Legends Season 13 bot lane? Being part of the community, you understand that synergy is key to victory.

Maokai’s abilities, filled with locking down opponents, create the ideal setting for Vayne. Her silver bolts excel against targets that can’t move freely, allowing for powerful condemn plays against enemies rooted in place.

You’re not merely playing; you’re conducting a ballet of destruction, where each of Maokai’s twisted advances signals a skillful tumble from Vayne. Together, you form a duo not only recognized among skilled pairs but also as a symbol of strategic brilliance and sheer might.

Welcome to the synergy that dominates the current meta.

2. Miss Fortune

Harnessing Maokai’s entangling roots, you’ll find Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time can decimate immobilized foes with precision. With your expertise as an ADC, you understand the significance of crowd control for initiating the perfect ultimate.

Maokai’s ability to lock down adversaries isn’t only for peeling; it’s the perfect preparation for your impactful plays. Your Miss Fortune thrives when enemies are grouped and restrained, allowing your area-of-effect damage to take full advantage of their exposed state.

Analyze the battlefield, synchronize your actions with Maokai’s, and you’ll release a barrage of bullets that can shift the balance of any clash.

Together, you form a partnership that commands respect and strategic engagement from your opposition, enhancing your integration into a team that acknowledges your joint strength.

3. Jhin

Joining forces with Maokai, you’ll perceive how Jhin’s careful planning enhances trap-filled encounters. This champion, who excels in precision and groundwork, can control territories with his Captive Audience (E) traps, which work in harmony with Maokai’s territorial command.

You aren’t merely playing two characters; you’re conducting a strategic ballet where every move is deliberate.

Jhin’s extended reach and ability to manage the crowd with Deadly Flourish (W) are a perfect fit for Maokai’s Twisted Advance (W) initiation, securing targets for a reliable root.

In this partnership, there’s a shared joy in orchestrating kills and dominating the battlefield. It’s about ensuring each deed is impactful, and with Maokai, Jhin’s display turns into an exhibition of tactical finesse.

4. Draven

Draven’s high damage capability and Maokai’s ability to control enemies form an aggressive pair that allows you to take charge from the game’s onset.

As Draven, excelling in the early stages is your forte, and with Maokai as your ally, you create a lane presence that’s incredibly threatening.

The use of Maokai’s Twisted Advance (W) ensures foes find it difficult to dodge your Spinning Axes, making it easier to secure eliminations and extend your advantage.

When examining this duo, Maokai’s skills for safeguarding allies with his ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, augment Draven’s need for defense in larger skirmishes, enabling you to maintain position and deal continuous damage.

This partnership not only solidifies your status as a forceful laner but also reinforces your importance as the main damage contributor on your team.

Team up with Maokai and witness your opponents succumb to your combined prowess.

5. Ezreal

As an Ezreal player, you’ll notice Maokai’s crowd control skills greatly enhance your arcane attacks’ effectiveness on the battlefield.

When Maokai captures opponents with his twisted advance or releases his ultimate, it creates an ideal moment for you to hit your skill shots.

Your Mystic Shot and Trueshot Barrage are much more destructive when targets can’t move, ensuring you inflict the most damage without the typical challenge of targeting quick foes.

When you analyze the cooperative aspects between these two champions, Maokai’s ability to restrain enemies also allows you a chance to reposition with Arcane Shift, which makes it simpler to mix in auto-attacks and Qs.

Aligning your strategy with Maokai turns you into a powerful duo, creating unity and teamwork that can dictate the game’s rhythm and direction.

6. Twitch

Use the subtle capabilities of Twitch with Maokai’s effective crowd control to surprise and overwhelm opponents in your lane.

Twitch’s Ambush skill allows you to take strategic positions for an optimal Contaminate, enhanced by Maokai’s saplings and Twisted Advance to secure targets.

Playing the game means orchestrating a concert of traps and hits that resonate with strategic skill.

When examining their synergy, Twitch’s poison becomes more lethal with the extended engagements that Maokai supports.

Your clever placements and precise timing can shift the balance of any conflict, particularly when taking advantage of Twitch’s Spray and Pray to wreak havoc on multiple targets during group confrontations.

You’re part of a community that values these thoughtful plays—accept this, and let your joint attacks be remembered as legendary.

7. Varus

With Varus by your side, the lockdown capabilities of Maokai complement Varus’ piercing arrows, setting up powerful chain reactions in your lane.

You’ll notice that Varus, with his extensive range attacks and an ultimate that can ensnare several adversaries, works well with Maokai’s entangling and uplifting abilities.

This pair is excellent at gradually wearing down opponents from a distance, and when the moment is ideal, securing them for an effortless victory.

Grasping the subtle aspects of this partnership is key. Varus’ Blighted Quiver is highly effective when combined with Maokai’s ability to control crowds; the greater the number of stacks, the more intense the blast when activated.

This strategy isn’t only about raw power but also about the tactical layering of abilities to take command of the battlefield.

Adopt this synergy, and you’ll not only rule the lane but also earn recognition among clever strategists.

8. Kai’Sa

When you examine the synergy between Maokai and Kai’Sa, you’ll notice their joint offensive capabilities transform bot lane conflicts into exhibitions of destructive coordination.

You aren’t merely controlling two champions; you’re conducting a performance of annihilation.

Maokai’s twisted advance ensures the target remains within reach of Kai’Sa’s onslaught. His saplings provide vision, enabling you to anticipate enemy maneuvers and position yourself optimally for the assault.

Playing as Kai’Sa, your Killer Instinct flourishes with the confinement Maokai affords. You dash in, assured that Maokai’s crowd control will allow you to deploy your arsenal of damage unimpeded by return fire.

Together, you become an entity not only adept at securing eliminations but also capable of instilling intimidation, creating an atmosphere of cohesion and might capable of reigning supreme on the Rift and instilling apprehension in those who’d challenge you.

9. Ashe

Ashe’s barrage of arrows perfectly complements Maokai’s entangling roots, creating a relentless and icy zone of control on the battlefield. This pair brings a synergy that’s both formidable and strategic.

Ashe’s slowing effects from her Frost Shot and the wide-reaching stun from her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, pave the way for Maokai to easily immobilize opponents.

When Maokai launches an attack with Nature’s Grasp, it’s Ashe’s time to shine, aligning her crowd control abilities to either secure eliminations or compel the enemy to retreat.

Grasping the nuances of this partnership is key. With Ashe’s kit focused on utility, you become part of a unit working in unison, rather than acting as a lone damage source.

Together, your approach is centered on control, providing protection, and preparing your team for victories.

Welcome to the echelons where measured aggression meets precision as cold as ice.

10. Jinx

Building upon the synergy of bot lane pairings, Jinx’s dynamic kit and potential for carrying games make her an excellent partner for Maokai’s ability to control enemies.

Choosing to play Jinx with Maokai means adopting a strategy that excels during the early game and becomes a significant presence during team clashes.

Maokai’s Twisted Advance (W) immobilizes adversaries, perfectly setting up Jinx to launch her formidable Super Mega Death Rocket (R) and Zap! (W), securing eliminations that activate her ‘Get Excited!’ passive. This partnership permits bold plays that can lead to a substantial advantage.

Playing Jinx, you’ll value how Maokai’s saplings grant vision and control the area, offering a safer environment to amass gold and reach your peak potential. Together, this duo instills trepidation in the hearts of your opponents.


You’ve seen the lineup, now imagine the synergy. With Maokai’s twisted reach, your adc choice is crucial.

Will Vayne’s tumbles weave through the rooted chaos, or will Miss Fortune’s bullet time decimate restrained foes? Each adc offers a unique dance with the Twisted Treant.

As you ponder, remember, the right duo can turn the tides of battle. Choose wisely, summoner, for your climb up the ranks might just hinge on this very decision.

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